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20 Best NFL Streaming Sites to Watch Live Football

Back in the old times, people used to wait for the live streams to get telecasted on the television to watch the matches.

In recent years, the NFL has expanded its mobile offerings. Now, the NFL App and the Yahoo! Sports App both stream local games on a weekly basis free of charge.

Additionally, the major live TV streaming services in the United States carry most of the major networks that broadcast NFL games.  

There are plenty of options for how to watch games, but are there ways to do so free? If you are a fan of the NFL, then you too might have searched for NFL streaming websites before.

In reading this, you would understand what it takes to use a free NFL streaming site without downloading anything. These sites are also safe, not looking to scam you. These free sites have been listed below. Keep reading. 

What is a Streaming Sites to Watch Live Football? 

NFL streaming sites like the name implies, are those websites or services where you can watch NFL events online. Not everyone is disposed to have the opportunity to watch a live match on TV.

So far as you have a mobile phone and working internet, you just need a streaming site to ensure you don’t miss your favorite leagues.

You will find a lot of sites to use on the internet. Where some are totally free to use, the rest are paid for.  

20 Best Free NFL Streaming Sites to Watch Live Football 

#1. NFLbite 

Then NFLbite official websites make for your requirement. The complete registration-free HD NFL streaming site is NFL bite.

This site is very updated with all the latest NFL matches and College football are scheduled on their time. So simply go and watch any NFL live event online. 

#2. SportLemonTV 

SportLemonTV is a site that provides live sessions for various sports matches that you can watch online for free. In using SportLemon TV, you can see the list of available sports matches that you can watch right away with a single click.

With this free NFL streaming site, you can see the exact time when a sporting event will be available to watch so that you can keep track of each event and also stream them directly through the homepages links. 

#3. 123TV 

123TV is a website that provides various streaming channels that you can access for free online. Each channel will be available for you to stream via peer-to-peer streaming platforms, so you don’t need to worry that these stream sources will be deleted from the internet.

Since it uses peer-to-peer technology, you can get the best stream quality-adjusted to your current internet speed. This free streaming site is badass because asides the NFL, you can also be able to watch news, TV series, sports events, and other types of live streaming broadcasts. 

#4. Sports24 

Sports24 is another free NFL streaming site that gives you live football you can stream at the moment. Whether you want to watch the NFL, NBA, WWE, or any other sports type, you can do it with this website.

These live football matches can be streamed in HD quality. The website is also very user friendly, giving you the best experiences; adding to the fact that using the website is also free. 

#5. Yoursports Live 

YourSports Live provides a live streaming website for both
sports and TV, which you can access online for free. You can also watch movie
streams from this site, and you can use your PC or mobile device to stream the
movies. Another really catchy feature about this free streaming site is that matches
come from various countries, not just limited to the United States. It also has
features that lets you see the list of sports that are trending at every point
in time. 

#6. Locast  

With Locast, you can stream live football from wherever you are. This streaming site goes as far as to give you the list of TV channels to stream based on your location.

This streaming site to watch live football is also simple to use and most of the local TV stations will be available for you to stream online right away. It is also completely free to use as the service is provided by a non-profit organization.

Locast has constantly been ranked high as one of the free NFL streaming sites to watch live football.  

#7. NFL Mobile Apps 

NFL has its official mobile apps and website. This has also been rated to be one of the high ranked streaming sites through which you can watch live football.

The apps are available on Android and iOS platforms, and the apps are an extension to the official You can use the apps mostly for free, so you can get updated about the latest happenings in the world of NFL wherever you are.

It is also connected with the NFL GamePass and NFL RedZone services so that you can access these subscription services directly from the official apps. 

#8. Yahoo Sports App 

Yahoo Sports App has a lot of sports you can stream. Even if you were interested in streaming just football, you can find other sports which may
interest you and lead you to checking them out. It is connected with various
official streaming sources, and as such, has really clear streaming quality. It
is available for Apple and Android devices, and this app is an extension of the
main Yahoo Sports website. The perk of the free streaming site is that there
are regular contests that you can participate in to win real cash. 

#9. StreamNFL  

StreamNFL is the site that allows you to watch various American Football matches for free through online live streams. Whenever new matches are
available, you can always see the links to access the NFL live streams free, no
signup, right away.

With this streaming site, you can also have access to various channels and links which would be available for you to access the live streams. This is one of the very popular free NFL streaming sites to watch live football.  

#10. BatmanStream 

This streaming site to watch live football provides the streaming of various sport events alongside football that you can access online for free.

It has options for other sports like- soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc. You can also easily bookmark and share your favorite streams in a single click.

On BatmanStream, the football games are also showning high quality. It also streams matches that are not just limited to the United States. 

#11. NFL Webcast 

NFL Webcast is the site that allows you to stream various NFL games, which you can do without signing up for any subscription service.

The streams for the latest NFL matches will be available on this site whenever the official games are available.

On NFL Webcast, you can watch various available NFL matches in HD and also find information about each NFL club on this site. 

#12. FirstRowSports 

FirstRowSports provides a list of available sports matches on their website, which you can access and watch instantly when they become available.

The schedules are available on the homepage, allowing you to watch any sports that you like, including soccer, NFL football, basketball, baseball, motorsports, amongst others.

In FirstRowSports, you should expect to enjoy links that you can access to ensure that all streams are always available, the schedules for all sports are updated regularly as they become available for public viewing and you can also access the live scores of your favorite sports to see the current standings. 

#13. Stream2Watch 

This is another free NFL streaming site to watch live football. With this streaming site, you can search any NFL matches that you want to watch to see if the NFL live streams available on this site.

This NFL streaming site also covers upcoming events of NFL matches whenever they become officially available. Asides football, it also has provisions for streaming sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, amongst others. 

#14. VIPBox Sports 

VIPBox Sports allows you to access the live streams of various sports online for free, such as basketball, American football, soccer, baseball, and more. You can watch each live match in HD quality, and you can access the schedules of these matches anytime on the site.

This streaming site has also been very highly rated because you can watch NFL online free immediately through this site without having to download any apps or sign up for any subscription service. 

#15. 720p Stream 

This streaming site is also quite popular because it provides you with up-to-date links for various sport events, which you can stream online for free.

While streaming your favorite NFL matches, you can also chat with other users in real-time. Most other streaming sites to watch live football do not have these features, but it is still one of the things that make it really special.  

#16. Twitch – NFL Live Stream Free No
Sign Up

Twitch is a popular live streaming channel that provides various live streams, including video games, music, sports, Also, like the 720p stream, can also discuss the match with the streamer directly or participate in the live chat.

You can also see the schedule for the next streams if you want to participate in them. It is one of the very popular free NFL streaming sites to watch live football.  

#17. TheScore App 

This streaming site was made popular because of the great information it provides about live scores, highlights, news, and other information related to your favorite sports.

The app is available for iOS and Android platforms. On this streaming site, you can also chat and connect with other users worldwide to discuss your favorite sports events, such as NFL, NBA, MLB, and more. 

#18. Thuuz Sports App 

Thuuz Sports app is another mobile app that is the extension of the official Thuuz website, allowing you to access the live scores, information, news, highlights, and multimedia content for your favorite sports on your mobile device.

It covers the NFL, NBA, MLB, and many other sports you can access at your fingertips. The app is available for Android, Amazon, and iOS devices.

In using this streaming site to watch football, you can personalize your experience with the app to provide you with the most relevant sports information you need and also stream all the live football you want from wherever you are, on your mobile device. 

#19. YouTube NFL Channel 

You should know that Nfl has its very own streaming site on YouTube that they use to upload various videos about the latest NFL matches so that you can be kept up to date with the current happenings in the world of NFL or the National Football League.

You would be provided with the most relevant information about any live football. The best part is also that you can see highlights, predictions, best moments, and other videos related to current and upcoming NFL matches.  

#20. CrackStreams 

This is one of the free NFL streaming sites to watch live football. It has really cool features too.

With this streaming site, you can see the scheduled matches for the upcoming NFL games on the site home page and even join the site’s Discord server to discuss various things related to your favorite sports.

Besides NFL live stream free online, it also offers other sports such as basketball, boxing, soccer, amongst others.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Are free NFL streaming sites to watch live football legal? 

A. There are many illegal websites flooding the internet nowadays.
However, all of these 20 free NFL streaming sites to watch live football are
completely legal.  

Q. How do I use free NFL streaming sites to watch live football? 

A. You can go to any of these websites and search for what you are
looking for. If it’s a live match or tournament, you will probably see it on
the homepage itself and you can start watching with a single click. They are
easy to use, most of them having a smooth interface. If sign-up is required,
you have to register for watching, and if not then you can directly use the
websites and stream their content. 

Q. Do I need to pay to use any of these streaming sites? 

A. Most NFL streaming sites to watch live football are not free.
However, the 20 listed above are completely free. You may only be required to
sign up.  

Q. What do I do if the free NFL streaming site does not work? 

A. Most NFL sites either do not work properly or are blocked by
authorities for illegal activities. So choosing which site is worth watching
can be slim pickings. If the site you chose does not work, you have a lot of
options so you can leave that site and go to a different one for watching. 

Q. Can I watch NFL games on AT&T TV Now? 

A. Yes. AT&T TV Now carries Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN, so
streamers can watch all local-market and almost all nationally broadcast games.
AT&T TV Now doesn’t carry NFL Network, however, so streamers won’t be able
to see the first three “Thursday Night Football” games of the season
with this service. 


There are many free NFL live streaming websites available over the
internet but the websites we have mentioned on this page are among the best
free sports streaming sites and you can also use them to watch other sports



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