Clearview Consulting Review 2023: All you need to Know

According to recent reports, Clearview has been on the rise and is quickly building a solid name in the life sciences industry and a growing global footprint. Insiders are nonetheless optimistic about the company’s future despite the bleak forecast for the overall economy.

The organization is an excellent workplace since it provides quick prospects for promotion, a welcoming workplace environment, and the flexibility to manage work-life balance in a largely sustainable way. 

You have the makings of a business that will appeal to many people looking to move from academics to the corporate sector if you include a high salary and the opportunity to use backgrounds in hard sciences in a business-oriented atmosphere.

We have compiled the Clearview consulting review in this article, and all you need to know. Let’s dive in!

About Clearview Consulting

Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics are the four major areas of concentration for Clearview, a boutique consulting firm in the life sciences strategy sector. 

The company started in 2007 and has experienced exponential growth, is now well-established with a consistent clientele and a high demand for its services. 

The firm’s main competitive advantage is the field’s specificity, which makes it difficult for any consultant to meet the needs of life sciences organizations. 

Consultants who comprehend the medical and scientific concerns involved and how they interface with the business world are needed because of the intricacy of the questions in the life sciences industry. 

The founding partners of Clearview saw a void in the market and chose to start a business using their expertise.

The clients of Clearview include a wide variety of life sciences operating enterprises, from pharmaceutical and medical device firms to investors in the sector. 

In addition, Clearview manages over 650 projects annually, offering guidance and practical suggestions to pharma, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic experts. The business strives to form long-term partnerships with its clients, which has helped it see considerable year-over-year growth. 

With every customer, Clearview’s main objective is to collaborate with them to develop “actionable strategic insight” to promote growth. 

The company consults with clients’ decision-makers, including Senior Executives (e.g., CEO, CBO, CMO), New Product Planning (NPP) teams, Pricing and Market Access (P&MA) teams, and Strategic Marketing departments, using the business, life sciences, and content experience of its teams.

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Which are the Services Clearview Consulting Offer?

The consulting teams that Clearview puts together include business, technical, and clinical expertise. Background doesn’t matter, though; They chose new hires for their ability to communicate and solve problems just as much as they are for their prior work history. 

Along with the expertise of its team, Clearview also consults a network of medical professionals, insurance companies, regulatory authorities, patient advocacy organizations, and other specialists for input on ideas and, when necessary, reality checks. 

The business takes pleasure in offering clients creative and realistic solutions—strategies that won’t fail in the face of clinical and financial reality.

Furthermore, ClearView strongly emphasizes leadership and professional development as part of its services to all workers. 

An intensive 6-week case-based training program for new employees equips each worker with the fundamental abilities needed to succeed in the workplace. 

Long-term training allows employees to improve their composure and professional presence, setting them up for success within and outside of Clearview. 

Through an internal seminar series, people can learn about more general healthcare subjects collaboratively and excitingly. From top to bottom, mentorship is prioritized, and as a result, there is a culture of open feedback.

This emphasis on professional development has given entry-level employees a chance to acquire the abilities needed to rise within the company. It has fostered a strong feeling of community among Clearview employees. 

To further that commitment, the company also provides undergraduate students, MBA candidates, and advanced degree candidates in the life sciences with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to work as a strategy consultant in the sector. 

A three-day case immersion is available in the advanced degree program Connect to Clearview, during which knowledgeable Clearviewers guide participants through a simulated engagement.

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What are the other Specialist Healthcare Consulting Firms?

ZS Associates

ZS Associates, a management consulting and technology company, is well known for its work in international healthcare and other industries.

With 35 locations and a staff of more than 12,000 experts, ZS uses analytics, data, and science to assist clients in making wise decisions.

Consumer products and private equity are among the firm’s clients, although healthcare continues to be its main area of competence.

Many of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, drugmakers, and medical device manufacturers seek advice from ZS.

IQVIA (formerly IMS Consulting Group)

A biotech and pharmaceutical management consulting company called IQVIA is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and expanding the healthcare sector globally. 

Some client work activities are accelerating drug research, guaranteeing product quality and safety, strengthening commercial effectiveness, expanding access to healthcare, and promoting improved health outcomes.

With a staff of around 500 consultants, IQVIA has a global footprint spanning five continents and a rising presence in emerging markets, supported by local experts in Brazil, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Putnam Associates

For more than 30 years, Putnam has offered strategic advising and consulting services in the life sciences. It works with various clients, including venture-backed start-ups and international US, UK, and Ireland pharmaceutical companies. 

The company specializes in finding solutions to difficult strategic problems, such as portfolio prioritization, product pricing, and strategies for patent expiration.

With over 200 consultants, Putnam prioritizes its professional development program due to its boutique business culture. Recently, Vault named it as the top consulting internship.

The Chartis Group

The Chartis Group’s team comprises over 600 top healthcare consultants, physicians, data scientists, nurses, strategists, digital architects, informaticists, and practitioners.

It assists healthcare organizations in repositioning themselves in reaction to market shifts and fresh competition and enhancing operational aspects such as patient outcomes, quality, and digital transformation.

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Health Advances

A boutique strategy consulting company focusing solely on healthcare, Health Advances is motivated by a fundamental goal to have a long-lasting, beneficial effect on global healthcare.

More than 170 scientists, doctors, and business people are passionate about promoting the adoption and commercialization of healthcare innovations that enhance patient outcomes.

The business takes great pride in its corporate culture and professional advancement. It was ranked first on Vault’s  “Best Consulting Firms for Formal Training” list in 2023.

Health Advances works on projects worldwide and has offices in the United States, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

Huron Consulting Group

An international professional services company, Huron, assists clients with projects from planning through implementation. 

The healthcare, higher education, life sciences, and business sectors are all impacted favorably by Huron.

It focuses on industries under pressure from regulations or the economy and has competence in strategy, technology, operations, advisory services, and analytics.

Huron has collaborated with more than 450 hospitals, university medical institutions, life sciences organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and health systems. It employs people in 15 different nations.

Trinity Life Sciences

Trinity Life Sciences, a group of consultants, technological specialists, data integrators, and innovators from around the world, is driven by a love of healthcare.

With an emphasis on consulting services, insights & analytics, and technology, Trinity works with various customers, including established pharmaceutical companies and fledgling biotech enterprises.

Furthermore, Trinity has been in business since 1996 and offers tools and solutions for big, established clients and comprehensive end-to-end analytical and strategic help for early-stage businesses.

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Syneos Health

A biopharmaceutical management consulting company called Syneos Health Consulting assists companies in accelerating processes from the lab to patient care.

Its four consulting divisions offer services, including R&D advice, scientific and medical affairs advising, product and franchise strategy, and commercial advisory.

Being a part of the wider Syneos Health business allows it to take advantage of the network of therapeutic and clinical experts to provide clients with tailored solutions that reduce risk, expedite drug trials, and quicken time to market.

Back Bay Life Science Advisors

Back Bay Life Science Advisors is the only life sciences company that provides investment banking and strategic consulting services.

In the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology, and allied industries, it offers services to clients on a global scale. 

The company works with businesses of all sizes in the US and international life science markets. It engages with financiers, banks, universities, and the government to promote solutions for human care.

Back Bay’s knowledgeable strategy and banking teams advise businesses on all aspects of technology and pharmaceutical development, from early planning and concept to product commercialization, franchising and licensing, M&A, divestiture, and other activities.

The company maintains operations in Toronto and Europe and its headquarters in Boston’s Back Bay district.

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What are the Top 5 Tips to Land a Job in ClearView Consulting?

1. Be Clear About Your Interest in Healthcare, Including Your “Why?

Explain why healthcare consulting is a particular area in which you are interested. Is it because you wish to improve the industry? As a result of your connection to the industry? Whatever your motivation, make sure to convey it clearly.

2. Emphasize Any Relevant Healthcare Experience

Be prepared to discuss your prior employment in the healthcare sector when questioned. If you have any relevant experience or talents, such as internships or coursework in the medical field or research, be sure to mention these.

3. Network With Current Consultants

Contact those working in healthcare consulting to learn more about the industry and the companies and show that you are interested.

4. Stay Up to Date with Industry News

Keep up with the most recent advancements and trends in healthcare by reading the news. Most businesses release content and articles regarding their research and chosen projects.

5. Practice Your Cases

Make sure to rehearse examples outside of the healthcare industry if you’re applying to a generalist consulting firm because case interviews will include a variety of industries. Focus on healthcare cases instead if you’re preparing for a specialized healthcare consulting firm.

Keep in mind that all industries use the same case interview skills. You must be able to organize a problem and arrive at a reasoned, convincing recommendation.

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How to Apply to the Clearview Consulting Firm or Join the Practice in a Generalist Firm

The emphasis on sector-specific knowledge is greater for those looking to join specialized healthcare consulting businesses. You are at a significant advantage if you have a Ph.D. or another doctoral degree in the biological sciences or healthcare. 

You are an authority on the subject, and it is clear why you desire the job. Visit our post on How to Transition from a Ph.D. Program to Consulting for additional details (it also applies to other graduate degrees).

These specialized consulting firms for the healthcare industry are typically boutique businesses with smaller staff sizes and close-knit cultures.

We suggest reading reviews of this sort of company written by consultants and our advice on applying to boutique consulting firms.

There are two methods to apply to work for a generalist firm. Top consulting companies often advertise job openings that allow candidates to apply directly for positions in their healthcare practice. 

For instance, associate positions at McKinsey in Switzerland only focus on projects for the pharmaceutical business.

It is intended for graduate students with three to five years of linked healthcare and life sciences professional experience.

Alternatively, you may apply for general consulting positions and work for a company with a sizable healthcare practice.

Ensure to include any relevant experience you may have in the healthcare industry during the hiring process by associating oneself with senior managers and moving internally to the healthcare practice after a few initiatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who oversees Clearview Consulting as CEO?

Patrick L. Scully, the founder, and president of Clearview Consulting, has 25 years of experience working as an executive and manager for three of the top organizations in the US that focus on community problem-solving, civic engagement, and public participation.

What do ClearView consultants in the UK make?

The annual salary range for consultants at ClearView Healthcare Partners is between £70,000 and £73,000.

What is the ClearView Healthcare Partners’ mission?

To attract, support, and keep LGBTQ and ally coworkers and connect with the greater LGBTQ community, OUT for ClearView aims to promote cultural understanding and maintain an inclusive atmosphere.

What number of customers does Clearview serve?

3,100 current
According to The Wall Street Journal, Clearview charges law enforcement organizations for access to its database and has 3,100 active customers, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security.

Who is the UK’s highest-paid consultant?

Of the three, Bain’s consultant remuneration in the UK is the highest at £97,000. Payouts are £90,000 and £93,000 for McKinsey and BCG, respectively. In the UK, Deloitte Consulting pays its consultants £91,000 a year.


ClearView is a small consulting company in the biological sciences. The company has established two new offices in Europe, formalizing its presence around the globe and highlighting its expertise in a range of therapeutic areas and technology. 

ClearView enables strategic decision-making and growth in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics at the product, franchise, and company levels. 

A wide range of life sciences operating enterprises, from pharmaceutical and medical device firms to investors in the sector, make up ClearView’s clientele.



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