10 Best Free Secretary Apps to Aid Effectiveness

Last week, I had a chat with a senior friend who is in her late 70s. We talked about her work-life experience as a personal assistant for an enterprise.

She talked about how she manually handled all her tedious tasks – fixing meetings, taking notes, setting a reminder for her boss meetings, etc. and was still productive.

Her productivity level was so evident and exceptional that she even won the best staff of the year award three consecutive times.

Wow! I marveled.

Then, I imagined how productive she would’ve been if it was now that there were tons of secretary apps that make office tasks easier.

That’s why I count anyone who is or is aspiring to be a personal secretary lucky. The truth is, you won’t have to struggle to get your work done because there are personal assistant apps at your beck and call.

Here is the exciting part – you can have these online apps on your android, iPhone, and desktop just in one click without paying a penny.

All you have to do is to make a pick, and you’ll see your productivity level skyrocketing.

The only challenge you might face is knowing the right personal assistant tool, which is why you need this article most.

Considering the tons of secretary apps on the internet, making a pick will be difficult, and of course, you can download all.

That’s why I have put down in this article a list of the 10 best free secretary apps that can aid your work effectiveness and productivity.

I crave you to follow me closely as I take you through the list.

Best Free Secretary Apps

Here is a list of the best ten online personal assistant apps that can help make you effective and productive as a secretary:

  1. 24me
  2.  Assistant.ai
  3.  Cortana
  4.  Dragon Mobile Assistant
  5.  Indigo
  6.  Evernote
  7.  EasilyDo
  8.  Google Now
  9.  Zoom
  10.  Wunderlist

#1. 24me

24me is one of the best free secretary apps that help you organize your organizing tools, such as a calendar, notes, and reminders for completing a task.

This free secretary software pulls everything together in one spot (including your social networks, financial institutions, utilities, and more). It reminds you of what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Note there’s a gift store it comes with. This gift store helps remind up of upcoming events like your favorite colleague’s birthday. It also provides a voice-activated task list to make keeping track of your to-dos a breeze.

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#2. Assistant.ai

This personal assistant app can help you as a secretary perform effectively.

Assistant is a versatile program that learns what you like and serves you accordingly. It is a versatile app that lets you learn what you like and serves you accordingly in different languages and on multiple devices.

This free secretary software can search for information and send emails and SMS, translate, and navigate for you without you having to open the app.

And more so, it reacts to custom instructions (such as “schedule” to open your calendar or “email” to access your Gmail account).

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#3. Cortana

Although Windows Mobile is the least popular of the “big three” phone platforms, its virtual assistant, Cortana, is far from last. You can get it whether you’re an Apple or Android user.

Cortana is especially beneficial for keeping your entire digital life organized if you also have a Windows PC.

Notwithstanding, it can perform some useful functions, such as allowing you to set a reminder to ask your boss about Friday’s report the next time she calls or storing your interests in its Notebook section so it can provide you with better recommendations when you’re looking for a nearby coffee shop.

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#4. Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is one of the best free secretary apps in the world that aids in Effectiveness.

This personal secretary app helps you keep safe by switching to hands-free mode while driving.

It reads your messages and notifications to keep you up to date. It also keeps you linked by locating your connections in your immediate vicinity.

Additionally, for a little fee, you can get more assistance on your PC or Mac using Dragon Home software. The only drawback of this free secretary software is that it’s only available on android.

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#5. Indigo

Indigo is an online personal assistant app that can help get your secretary’s job done easier and faster. Many prefer it less because you can use it on all devices. Aside from that, it has wonderful features that make it exceptional.

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#6. Evernote

Next on our list of best free secretary apps that aid the Effectiveness is Evernote. In fact, when you talk about apps that can help you make organized notes, Evernote can’t but be mentioned.

This best personal assistant app android tool allows you to make organized notes on or before a meeting. You can even access everything you have saved in the app just by logging in with your android or desktop devices wherever you are.

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#7. EasilyDo

EasilyDo is another virtual personal assistant tool worth going for if you want to be more effective and productive as a secretary.

Basically, EasilyDo is a personal assistant company that focuses on communications.

So, if you’re drowning in a spam mail or have a habit of deleting messages you should have preserved, this message can save the day.

You can configure email notifications, backup essential messages, organize your contacts (finally! ), automatically delete garbage and expired emails, and bundle attachments and receipts into one quick-access area with just a few clicks on this free secretary software.

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#8. Google Now

Next on our list is Google Now!

Google Now, also known as Google App, Siri’s main rival, provides excellent services for Android users and can also be useful for iPhone users.

It replies to your inquiries, just like any other virtual PA, but it also anticipates what you need before you even realize it.

For example, notify you of traffic throughout your daily drive or automatically record your parking position.

Moreso, it also makes your phone a more powerful and simple-to-use tool by allowing it to interface directly with many of your apps.

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#9. Zoom

Zoom should be your best choice when looking for a free personal assistant app that can help you have a video conference meeting.

With Zoom, you can have video conferencing and screen sharing from a desktop or mobile device, and recording capabilities are all included.

Also, you can have access to a collaborative whiteboard and the opportunity to share group messages and photographs.

Above all, this is ideal for anyone who works in an office where people are constantly on the move because you can join meetings on your phone.

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#10. Wunderlist

Last but not least on our list of best free secretary apps you can go for is Wunderlist.

Wunderlist is the ultimate checklist software, allowing you to make reminders, collaborate on lists, and set due dates.

Folders and hashtags make it simple to keep track of all your tasks, and commenting capabilities mean fewer queries and more productivity. Never again will your long to-do list be a source of stress.

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