20 Best Jobs that Pay $50k a Year 2023

Having a job that makes you feel safe is one thing, and having a job that pays $50k is something we look forward to up to at one point in our careers. 

The utmost goal of a lot of salary earners is to be able to afford most of their basic needs without running into debts.

Looking for a good job that pays $50k is possible and achievable, and some of these jobs do not need a degree, just a few special skills and experience. 

Most of the jobs listed below will certainly require experience in addition to education, whiles some requires a college degree, GED, master’s degree and others (skills).

In most companies/enterprises, you might not need to have a degree in order to earn $50k, there are various options for individuals without a degree. 

This overview will give you a clear view of everything you need to know about getting the best job that pays 50k a year.

Can I get a Jobs that Pay $50k a Year Without A Degree?

In case you’re wondering if you can get a job without a degree, well, you have nothing to be concerned about because as long as you are focused and determined, you’ll not only get a job but it will be one that pays over 50k a year. 

Without sugarcoating anything, you’ll need to acquire relevant skills or get training or get a certificate relating to the job you’re looking out for. 

And with the right requirement, you will get a job that pays over 50k a year. You can also attend college, earn a bachelor’s degree and apply.

If you would love to learn about the first degree you need to get, check out: What is a Bachelor’s Degree: Meaning, Cost, and Types

How to Get Jobs that Pay $50k a Year With a Degree

Getting a job might not be as easy as it looks because there are always candidates better than you seeking the same job. So it is important to always find ways to be better. 

In order to get a job that pays up to $50,000 a year, you need to start researching for open jobs that fit your profile accurately. 

Choose the role that you desire and see if you have the skills required for the position. It is essential to do this to avoid applying for a job and getting turned down due to a lack of adequate skills

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Degree?

If it is in your plan to acquire a degree, it is important to make your research on the cost of the institution, in order to be sure if you can afford it or not. 

Colleges and universities that offer bachelor’s degrees usually fall into one of two categories: private or public institutions. 

Private institutions rely on private donations as opposed to government funding to run their institution. 

If you can’t afford a private institution, you can apply for a public university. 

Scholarships and other financial aid awards can easily reduce the cost of your college tuition regardless of whether you attend a private or public institution.

20 Best Jobs that Pay $50k a Year

The following listed jobs pay $50k per year salary, with or without a degree, you can apply for any of these positions.

1. Property manager

A property manager is an individual or a firm entrusted with operating a real estate property for a fee, while the owner is unable to personally attend to such details, or is not interested in doing so.

Duties of a property manager:

a) They fix the rent.

b) They collect rent.

c) They rent buildings out to worthy tenants.

d) They create long-term lease agreements.

e) They Conduct routine inspections on the building they are in charge of.


In other to be a property manager, you might need to have a certification, you can also take and pass a certification exam to obtain licensure

The average salary for a property manager is $51,903 per year which makes it one of the jobs that pay $50k a year.

2. Retail store manager

A retail manager is an individual ultimate who is in charge of the day-to-day operations (or management) of a retail store. In most scenarios, employees working in the store report to the retail store manager while a retail store manager reports to a district/area or general manager.

Duties of a Retail store manager:

a) They are in charge of the well being of their employees.

b) They take care of  the store and advertising displays

c) The deal with Recruiting, performance management, and workplace scheduling

d) They literally deal with almost everything concerning the stores.


You don’t need a special degree for this job, you need to start from an entry-level position within the chain first, and that will give you more experience with how to become a retail store manager.

The average salary for a retail store manager: $54,437 per year

3. Realtor

A Realtor is a real estate agent who represents sellers or buyers of real estate or real property.

Duties of a Realtor:

a) They represent buyers and help term with the best properties

b) They protect the interest of their buyers


In order to become a Realtor, you will need a  valid real estate license.

The average salary of a Realtor is $69,850 yearly which makes it one of the jobs that pay $50k a year.

4. Underwriter:

An Underwriter is an expert responsible for providing large financial services to some financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and investment houses, whereby they guarantee payment in case of damage or financial loss and accept the financial risk for liability arising from such guarantee.

Duties of Underwriters

a) They are responsible for deciding whether a borrower’s loan application is approved or not.

b) Underwriter(s) evaluates risk presented by the entire loan application.


High school diploma/GED, current underwriter certification

The average salary of an underwriter: $58,740 yearly

5. Law enforcement officer (LEO)

A law enforcement officer is a public-sector employee whose duties generally involve the enforcement of laws. 

Law enforcement officers may also be able to perform all duties that a law enforcement officer is tasked with, but may or may not be armed with a weapon.

Duties of a law enforcement officer:

a) They maintain law and order in local areas by protecting members of the public and their property

b) They  prevent crime in the state/country

c) They reduce the fear of crime and help citizens feel safe.


Law enforcement officer does not require a bachelor’s degree, but aspiring candidates on this career path are expected to attend a police academy training program.

The average salary of a law enforcement officer is $53,567 per year which makes it one of the jobs that pay $50k a year.

6. Title examiner

Title examiners are individuals who prepare property records in order to understand whether the property can be sold or not. Title examiners perform an important service to those who wish to buy or sell real property.

Duties of a title examiner:

a) They scour properties

b) They must have a solid understanding of local, state and federal laws relating to the property.

c) They polish properties in order to make them sellable.


In order to become a title examiner, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or a high school diploma.

The average salary of a title examiner: $56, 578 per year

7.  Web developer

The web developer is a skilled programmer who specializes in or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications using a client-server model.

Duties of a Web developer

a) They program the code that ‘tells’ a website how to function.

b) They build websites that are ‘user friendly, which means they are easy to navigate for those using them.


In order to become a web developer, you need to attend a college in other to receive an associate degree in web design or front-end web design. There are certification programs available that can be completed in twelve weeks too.

The average salary of a web developer: $75,981 per year

If you love writing codes, you can start a career in web development when you read: How Can I Become A Web Developer

8.  Executive assistant

Executive assistants manage the boss’s calendar, coordinate meetings and take messages while providing high-level administrative support for the company and its top executives.

Duties of an Executive assistant

a) They make and accept phone calls regarding work.

b) They send memos, emails, and letters on behalf of the executive.

c) They receive visitors.

d) They handle scheduling.


Minimum of 4+ years of experience as an executive assistant reporting directly to senior management. The average salary of an executive assistant: $51,976 yearly

9.  Sales representative

A sales representative is someone who showcases and sells a product or products to businesses, organizations and government agencies, rather than selling directly to consumers.

Sales representatives are important to the manufacturers and wholesalers, as they are the ones that promote and market the merchandise for them, that is they hold an important position in any company.

Duties of a sales representative:

a) They obtain orders and establish new accounts by planning and organizing a daily work schedule to call on existing or potential sales outlets and other trade factors.

b) They take care of existing accounts

c) They serve customers by selling products and meeting customer needs.


Sales representatives need to have excellent customer service. The average salary of a sales representative: $56,247 yearly

10.  Truck driver

A truck driver is an individual who earns a living as the driver of a truck,  transporting goods and materials over land.

Duties of a truck driver:

a) They move commerce by way of tractor-trailers, travelling either locally or across the country.


High school diploma/GED, Class A Driver’s License

The average salary of a truck driver: $79,566 yearly

11. Equipment service manager

An equipment service manager is an expert who supervises his/her workers, and they are usually responsible for the equipment used by a company or a firm.

Duties Equipment service manager:

a) They supervise staff

b) They purchase new equipment and covers transportation

c) They  provide quotes to each customer

d) They communicate the plan to the customer and staff, schedule maintenance, and ensure the smooth operation of the business.


High school diploma and experience working with construction equipment or business.

The average salary of an equipment service manager: $61,294 year

12.  Project manager

A project manager is an expert in the area of project management. Project managers are in charge of planning, procurement and execution of a project, in any undertaking that has a defined scope,  regardless of industry.

Duties of a  Project manager:

a) They are in charge of the day-to-day management of the project a

b) They manage every aspect of a project


Project management (PMP) Certification

The average salary of a  Project manager: $77,868 yearly

13. Pipe welder

A pipe welder is someone who repairs and build piping systems with welding equipment. Pipe welder makes use of measuring, cutting, and welding tools in other to cut and alter metal materials for repairs and new projects.

Duties of a Pipe welder:

a) They Inspect materials, equipment, and tools

b) They Read and interpret blueprints and schematics.

c) They Determine the required tools, materials and welding methods.


Earn a high school diploma or GED

The average salary of a pipe welder: $55,211 per year

14. Business analyst

A business analyst is an individual who analyzes and documents the market environment, processes, or systems of businesses

Duties of Business Analysts:

a) They evaluate past and current business data with the primary goal of improving decision-making processes within organizations.

b) They evaluate the acquisition, storage, and initial analysis of data.


Bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field

The average salary of a business analyst: $73,147 yearly

15. Computer Support Specialist 

Computer support specialists are experts who assist and provides advice to computer users and organizations. These computer specialists usually render help to support computer networks or they provide technical assistance directly to computer users

Duties of a computer support specialist:

a) They resolve issues with Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and other systems.

b) They write training manuals, train users, and oversee computer information systems.

c) They usually answer inquiries from computer users.

d) They normally run diagnostic programs to determine the causes of and help resolve problems.


A college degree is the typical entry path to computer support specialist jobs,  bachelor’s degrees in business, computer science or information systems.

The average salary of a computer support specialist: $51,470 yearly

16. Electrician

An electrician is a professional, who is specialized in the electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines, and related equipment.

Duties of an Electrician

They are in charge of repairing, installing and maintaining control systems, lighting, communications, and electrical power in factories, businesses, and homes


It has a high school diploma or equivalent and certification or license in the trade

The average salary of an electrician: $51,775 per year

16. Sales Managers

A sales manager is a person in charge of leading their team towards certain goals. Sales managers are responsible for leading sales teams to reach sales targets.

Duties of a Sales Managers:

a. Sales managers are in charge of hiring and training team members, setting quotas, evaluating and adjusting performance, and developing processes that drive sales.


A bachelor’s degree in business.

The average salary of a sales manager: $70,365 per year

17.  Business consultant

A business consultant is an expert who renders professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security, management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, financial control, engineering, science, digital transformation, exit planning or any of many other specialized fields.

Duties of a Business Consultant

a) They utilize the information available from that company to help with simple and complex optimization issues.

b) They help other companies optimize and improve their overall business model.  


Master’s in Business Administration

The average salary of a Business consultant: $64,984 yearly

18.  Registered nurse

A registered nurse is a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and met the requirements outlined by a country, state, province or similar government-authorized licensing body to obtain a nursing license.

Duties of a registered nurse:

a) They  provide direct patient care

b) They perform daily activities based on the needs of the patient’s needs and the patient demographics.


You need an associate degree in nursing or a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

The Average Salary of a registered nurse: $67,000 per year

19.  Commercial pilot

Commercial pilots are trained individuals who can fly aircraft for charter flights, rescue operations, crop dusting, aerial photography and firefighting.

Duties of a commercial pilot:

a) They communicate with team members such as the ground crew and dispatcher; if flying for a passenger airline, they also communicate with the flight crew and passengers.

b) Commercial airline pilots are responsible for the safety of passengers, cargo, and their aircraft.


A high school diploma, at least 500 flight hours, and an FAA–Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

The Average Salary of a commercial pilot: $71,000

20. Firefighter

A firefighter is a skilled rescuer extensively trained in firefighting, primarily to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten life, property, and the environment as well as to rescue people and in some cases or jurisdictions also animals from dangerous situations.

Duties of a firefighter:

a) They respond to a wide variety of calls: as well as fires, they assist at car crashes, chemical spills, flooding and water rescue.

b) They respond to fires, accidents and other incidents where there are risks to life and property.

e) They help protect the public in emergency situations.


A high school diploma or GED. Many firefighters earn a degree in fire science to advance

The average salary of a firefighter: $52,500 per year


Which jobs pay more than 50k a year?

These types of jobs pay more than 50k a year, web developer, pipe welder, business consultants and more.

How do I get a job to pay more than 50k a year?

First, you need to acquire a skill or obtain certification and get relevant experience. Then you need to make research on job openings relevant to your skill or degree and apply.

What channels can I see the job openings?

You can get a job through, newspaper, radio broadcast, online placements or through a friend.

Are all the jobs difficult?

Not all jobs are difficult and you can always apply for the ones you are comfortable with.


Getting a job can be quite frustrating and exhausting most times, but the important part you should always remember is that you are not alone. 

You can achieve your dream job of $50k a year if you acquire the relevant skills and degree. I hope this review answers most of your questions and give you an insight into the types of jobs that pays 50k a year.



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