20 Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour Until You’re Tired

People who earn thousands of dollars per month working full-time may believe they make enough. When you break it into fragments (in hours), you will find out that you earn as little as $5 an hour.

Let’s say you work for 10 hours daily and on average, you earn $5,000 per month. The calculations will reveal you earn approximately $17 per hour.

However, if we estimate an employee who gets a pay of $40 an hour and works only 7 hours every day, will realize $8,400 at the end of the month.

The difference is so clear.

Are you now thinking of jobs that can pay up to $40 an hour? The flexible part-time jobs we have here will highlight these jobs and show you how to kick-start the job immediately.

Before we go into that, it’s important you know the other benefits of working part-time and earning in hours.

Advantages of Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour

Anyone who works hard deserves good pay. So, if you realize your full-time job is not paying you enough, it is time to think about a part-time job.

Here are some benefits of jobs that pay $40 an hour:

  1. Time flexibility (work whenever you want).
  2. Most of these jobs have no age restrictions.
  3. High pay rates ($40 – $50 an hour).
  4. More family time & save on costs.
  5. No monthly targets and less stress.

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How Much is $40 a Year per Hour?

The sum salary for a $40-an-hour job in a year totally depends on how many hours you work in a day and the number of days you work in a week.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works 44 hours per week, or 8.8 hours per day. 

From the statistics above, we can deduce that the salary of $40 an hour for a week will be $352 per day and $1,760 per week. By four weeks, an average American can earn $7,040 a month.

Therefore, a job that pays 40 dollars an hour is about $84,480 in a year. This is approximately higher than most full-time jobs’ annual salaries.

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What Jobs Pay $40 an Hour?

Flexible part-time jobs can pay a good sum of money, while you maximize your time.

According to PayScale, the median hourly wage in the US is $16 an hour. But some still earn about $30 – $40 an hour.

The big question remains “what jobs give 40 dollars an hour?” In fact, you may wonder if there are jobs that $40 an hour without a degree. Yes, there are some and I will discuss briefly them.

Let’s delve into the list of flexible part-time jobs that pay $40 an hour or above:

#1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the most profitable online jobs that pay $40 an hour or above.

A lot of freelance websites exist where you can find different writing jobs for companies. Though the companies hire writers based on their skills.

So, if you want to be a good freelance writer, make sure you have good writing and communication skills. Be conversant with the use of computers and laptops.

With this, you can expect to earn around $30 -$50 per article as a beginner and $100 – $1500 per article if you are an experienced writer. Though this depends on your skills and techniques.

One of the best sites to register as a freelancer is Upwork.com and Fiverr.com.

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#2. Makeup Artist

Another great career that can earn you $40 and above an hour is becoming a makeup artist. You can choose to charge per hour or per person. Either way, you can do better than in some professional careers.

All you will need is prior knowledge of using your makeup kit and producing a good result. To become a professional, attain a certificate from one of the cosmetology schools.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, makeup artists are becoming the highest paid in the cosmetology industry.

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#3. Tutors

Tutors are in high demand because they are ready to provide academic help to students. And with academics becoming difficult and college entrance getting more competitive, both parents and students are hiring tutors to get extra help.

If you are looking for a part-time job that will pay you hourly, then tutoring is another job to consider. It doesn’t matter if it is grade 3 students or higher education students, if you have a track record of good grades then you can put all your knowledge to good use.

On average, you can earn around $30 – $100 an hour. Though your pay rates vary on many factors as an online tutor. For instance, your experience and teaching skills affect your pay rates positively or negatively.

#4. Translator/Interpreter

You can take up a career as a translator or an interpreter if you have a flair for languages. Companies that have international offices do require translators and employ them directly or through a 3rd party agency that matches translators with peculiar jobs.

So, depending on how the project is, you can earn around $40 – $50 an hour as a translator or an interpreter.

Prerequisites: You need to be fluent in more than one language other than English, then have strong grammar and syntax skills.

#5. Personal Trainer

For someone who loves working out and spends quality time at the gym, then becoming a personal trainer will be a great career choice.

Personal trainers often work one on one with their clients. They help develop a perfect fitness plan and workout routine for each client depending on their specific requirements.

They also ensure that their client implement their specific routine.

Taking a job as a personal trainer, you can earn between $40 to $50 an hour.

Prerequisites: For starters, you need to be fit and be certified before you train people.

#6. Massage Therapist

To live a healthy life, you can’t forget the place of having a massage once in a while. Many wellness and health plan include massages, and it has resulted in an increase in demand for massage therapists.

If you are looking for jobs to earn good cash and still work part-time, being a massage therapist will be the real deal.

The job of a massage therapist is solely based on appointment and is flexible that pays well.

Any massage therapist that has experience can earn up to $60 per hour.

Prerequisites: You will require completing a certified course or accredited program such as physiology, anatomy, and others. Some states can also require you to have certification before practicing as a massage therapist.

#7. Adjunct Professor

The job of an adjunct professor is like tutoring. However, it is a better option to earn higher especially if you have experience and expertise in a particular subject.

An adjunct professor at an online school or a local school can teach students part-time. Also, you can decide to keep your day job and take up a teaching job during weekends.

Prerequisites: To be successful as an adjunct professor, you need to have good communication skills. Also, you need to possess a degree in the field you are teaching.

#8. Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors perform similar duties just like personal trainers. With a career as a fitness instructor, you can work part-time. You can set and follow your own schedules and teaching appointments with other commitments.

As a beginner, you could earn around $30 per hour, but with experience, you can easily earn $40 per hour or even more.

Prerequisites: A certificate in the fitness field will be of great impact. Also, having experience will be an added advantage and give you an edge to earn higher.

#9. Bartender

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Working as a bartender in one of the high-paying part-time jobs you can take during weekends.

The salary per hour for bartenders may not be so high, but you can realize extra cash between $10 and $75 depending on the type of bar and customers.

Prerequisites: It is advisable to mixology or a bartending course to learn how to whip up cocktails. To be a bartender, you must be 21 years or above.

#10. Dog Walker

Dog walking might sound as funny as a job, but it can give you extra cash if you are good. This is one of the stress-free part-time jobs that can be of great help to your health.

Your job description as a dog walker is to handle the pets of others and take care of them if the owner is on vacation.

You can earn approximately $15 to $50 per hour and if the period is long, then you can easily charge $300 per week

Prerequisites: To be successful, attend a training certificate to learn and understand the different behaviors of dogs. Gaining a license can also set your resume aside.

Careers that Earn $40 Per Hour

If the above list of part-time jobs is far from what you want, there are careers that will definitely pay you $40 an hour or above.

#11. Software Developer

Software development is one career that is growing rapidly. As a software developer, you can earn approximately $35 and $60 per hour. Depending on the job you get.

Also, being a freelance software developer can earn you extra cash in an hour.

Although, as a software developer, you need to have technical knowledge of software development and be good at writing codes.

Prerequisites: A bachelor’s degree in computer science and good knowledge of the field of technology you are working in.

#12. App Developer

Most app developers work on part-time projects while they have other tech jobs. Developing and training yourself in this field can be very lucrative.

Expect to earn a salary between $30-$60 per hour.

Prerequisites: A degree in computer science or software engineering will be helpful. Also, you’ll need excellent coding skills, as well as knowledge about UI design, programming languages, basic computer backend knowledge, and general market knowledge.

#13. Business Consultant

If you are looking for a job that offers flexible hours and have business experience, you might consult as a career option.

Good business consultants earn between $150 and $300 per hour depending on their qualifications and experience in the field.

Prerequisites: To earn a good amount as a business consultant, you need an advanced business degree such as an MBA.

#14. Dental Hygienist

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the dental hygienist career is among the fastest-growing today.

Recently, dentists are relying on dental hygienists to share their workload. Hence, working part-time in this field can earn you above $40 an hour.

Prerequisites: Earning a 2-year associate o bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene can set you apart. Although, you will require a state license after graduation to practice as a dental hygienist.

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#15. Physical Therapist (PT) 

The job of a physical therapist is vital in helping people recover from surgeries and injuries to maintain mobility. This makes it one of the fastest-growing careers.

You can earn approximately $40 -$100 per hour.

Prerequisites: You need to complete a bachelor’s degree and then get a master’s degree to get a good job that pays you above $40 an hour. Getting a license to practice as a physical therapist.

#16. Veterinarian 

A career in veterinary medicine can put you right in the middle of the animal kingdom, dealing with everything from stomachaches to blood cancers.

Veterinarians also occasionally contribute to human disease treatment research. Most veterinarians work part-time in private practice.

Prerequisites: A bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine will be a great start. After this, proof of license is essential to practice.

#17. Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)  

Speech-language pathologists help people with difficult speech problems get closer to “normal” speech.

Many speech pathologists can work in schools, while others work in health care centers. You can earn between $30 – $54 an hour.

Prerequisites: Having a master’s degree is the perfect training for speech-language pathologists. Although with a bachelor’s degree, you can go far.

#18. Transcriptionist 

The job of a transcriptionist is essentially listening to audio files and converting them into text documents.

Transcription companies usually pay by the audio minute, so you can earn for the time taken to transcribe the entire audio file.

You can easily earn around $30 to $40 an hour.

Prerequisites: You need a computer, headphones, and an internet connection. Some companies may employ you even if you don’t have experience and provide training on your job description.

#19. Business Analyst

Business analysts are in high demand recently. Businesses are gradually realizing the need for business analysts, leading to a higher demand for business analysts.

The job description of a business analyst is to look at performing the organization and develop a model to maximize its profits. They may specialize in the marketing department because of their role in an organization.

Taking this career path can earn you between $38 – $50 per hour.

Prerequisites: To get a good job as a business analyst, you need a bachelor’s degree. However, as you grow, you need a master’s degree or specialized training.

#20. Certified Nurse Midwife 

If you want to support healthy mothers and babies, working as a nurse-midwife will provide you with many opportunities to make a difference in the world.

Expect to earn between $37 – $68 an hour.

Prerequisites: To be successful in this career path, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Are There Jobs that pay $40 an Hour Without a Degree?

If you don’t have a university degree, do not be dismayed – there are jobs that pay $40 an hour for you.

The list below is some jobs that require simple skills to get started. For most of them, you can benefit from the many resources online.

You can learn at your own pace, or get an online tutor. Whichever way approach you employ, it doesn’t have to be getting a university degree.

  • Fitness Instructor
  • Makeup Artist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Bartender
  • Dog Walker


Jobs that can give you $40 per hour or above are numerous. They are one of the best ways to make extra cash with a flexible work schedule. If you have the passion, you need to attend training and develop the skills needed for these jobs.


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