15 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Students That Pay Well | 2023

Offering a student or a class of students education outside the classroom is the focus of tutoring professionals. Tutors who also develop alternative learning methodologies for the pupils as needed reinforce and supplement the curriculum in the school.

Since tutoring depends on your competence, most instructors focus on courses in which they have a degree or other specific credentials.

A fantastic option to earn money while concentrating on your university studies is through online part-time tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

Since no commute is involved and some employers let you pick your hours, online tutoring opportunities can pay competitively and are simpler to balance with a school schedule than other occupations.

One of the most sought-after side businesses and work-from-home positions is online tutoring, which is growing quickly. According to recent studies, virtual tutoring can earn between $14 and $25 per hour, with expert instructors earning upwards of $60 per hour. There are online tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

Read this article to the end if you’re a college student looking for extra money from online tutoring jobs for students that pay well or seeking a career as an online tutor without expertise.

You are probably a student who is interested in finding out how to register for online tutoring positions if you are reading this article.

This article is great for young students who want to teach online and earn big from online tutoring jobs for students that pay well!

When To Begin Online Part-Time Tutoring Jobs As Student?

From around 16, students can begin working as online and in-person tutors. Nowadays, private tutors come from various disciplines and can even be students.

 In the past, trained individuals with degrees and certifications only performed tutoring. Students with talent can help their peers satisfy their goals and enhance their abilities just as effectively as licensed teachers.

A student can begin working as a private tutor or any online tutoring job for students that pay well once they have developed some level of skill in a discipline, typically after high school or during the first stages of their college studies if they have had excellent grades.

How To Find Online Tutoring Jobs For Students 2023?

You must find the framework that best fits your experiences and background first. You should be able to identify the ideal company to look for a job with since so many advertise tutoring clients who can work from anywhere.

Joining a tutoring website is one of the easiest ways to find online part time tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

Potential clients can view your resume there and decide whether to hire you or explore other possibilities after viewing your skills and credentials. 

Being a tutor rarely requires formal education. However, certain organizations may need you to have credentials you can show. Look for exams offered by the National Tutoring Association or a comparable organization if you wish to become certified. You can include a formal certification on your resume once you have it.

While looking for online tutoring jobs, you can also carefully investigate online tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

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13 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Students 2023

You should already be an expert in your subject to concentrate on studying the technical aspects of online teaching, as teaching online also requires becoming familiar with the technology needed to conduct online lessons.

You can discover how to find online tutoring jobs using your offline teaching experience. These are the lucrative online tutoring positions available to students:

Online English Tutoring Jobs for Students

#1. Writing Tutor

If a student is having trouble writing a publication or assignment, you can provide feedback and guidance as a writing tutor. 

Depending on the student’s proficiency level or if they are learning English as a secondary language, you could concentrate on helping them with their grammatical rules, choice of words, or the writer’s structure and content. 

Developing study methods for the student to enable the growth of their skills is frequently your responsibility. A writing instructor does not complete the student’s work for them; instead, they teach them the skills necessary to use independently. This can be important to remember, especially for the student.

Being a writing tutor is a profitable choice because it is among the online English tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

Salary ranges from $38,500 to $61,500 annually.

#2. Reading Tutor

Students who require help learning to read or to enhance their reading abilities can receive one-on-one instruction or practice in a small group from an elementary reading tutor.

Your duties in this position center on ensuring that every student has the literacy abilities necessary to become a proficient reader. 

Between kindergarten until fourth or fifth grade, depending on how “elementary” is defined where you work, you teach students in elementary school. Additionally, you could train students in reading, writing, and vocabulary.

This is one of the many online English tutoring jobs for students with a salary range of $37,500 to 61,500 annually

#3. English Tutor

Students who need more help in reading, trying to write, and grammar can get it from an English tutor. Your work responsibilities as an English tutor change depending on the student’s grade and skill level. 

Assessing a student’s strengths and shortcomings in various areas, creating lesson plans that focus on particular skills, and developing techniques to encourage improvement are all responsibilities. It is difficult work, but it is one of the online English tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

Additionally, you might assist pupils with their classroom teacher’s assigned homework, such as editing and revising an essay or improving their reading comprehension. Student progress is evaluated regularly. English tutors might work as independent contractors or as employees of companies.

Range of salaries: $36,500 to $56,500 annually.

#4. MCAT Tutor

You can teach MCAT exams if you’re a medical student. An MCAT teacher helps the Medical College Admissions. 

Based on the role and organization, your duties and obligations change. You might work one-on-one with students as a freelance tutor, drilling them on test topics where they are poor. Holding group lessons that cover general test-taking strategies may be a requirement of tutoring for a big business. You could also instruct students online. 

However, all tutors identify the test components that your client needs help with and create plans to assist the student study for the test and performing as best as possible.

#5. Chegg

It allows people to offer tutoring services in many topic areas. Your schedule is flexible, just like VIPKid, and you can instruct students from any location. 

It’s important to note Chegg’s distinctive feature that your online rating and repute will aid in expanding your clientele. This allows you to boost your potential earnings thanks to the compliments of pupils. It is also one of the online part time tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

It is up to $20 per hour in potential hourly pay.

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#6. Kaplan Test Preparatory Instructor

Most Kaplan instructors teach in traditional classroom settings, but the company also allows instructors to instruct online. 

Students can raise their test scores by using Kaplan’s online instruction program. Kaplan can help you find teaching employment online and online part time tutoring jobs for students that pay well. 

Earnings Potential Per Hour: By position, rates could change. However, it can be a very good method to make extra money.

#7. Spanish Tutor

This is one of the online tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

As a Spanish instructor, you will impart session-by-session instruction in the language to students. Although you won’t require lengthy lesson plans, it’s still vital to be fluent in Spanish and know exercises that might help your students develop their language skills. 

Your pupils could be younger teenagers who are studying at school and need more assistance or adults who need to speak the language for their jobs or other reasons. 

You have to be able to adapt your teachings to the pupils’ ages, mental capacities, and educational levels. While some Spanish tutors work for tutoring companies, others operate independently or as freelancers online.

Range of salaries: $37,500 to $56,500 annually

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#8. Online Tutor

Students can get academic help from an online tutor using distance learning tools, including video conferences, instant messaging, and screen sharing. As an online instructor or tutor, you can do one-on-one or corporate tutoring sessions for a single student or a group of students taking the same course.

Your responsibilities include creating a curriculum for each session and imparting concepts and study techniques to students who are struggling with a subject or want to brush up on their knowledge.

The annual salary ranges from $36,500 to $62,000.

#9. Algebra Tutor

Students with difficulty in their algebraic math course can benefit from an algebra tutor. 

You might assist students in their current schoolwork, help them study for tests, or establish what specific math subjects they are struggling with and attempt to communicate the lesson so they can understand. 

Before the learner can go to the following arithmetic idea, you can use several teaching strategies and repeat the tasks multiple times. Online private sessions with algebra tutors are available for students. This online math tutoring jobs for students has a salary range of $42,500 to $54,500 annually.

#10. A Title 1 Tutor

A Title 1 instructor assists eligible students in the program, which was created to support low-income pupils. As a Title 1 tutor, it is your duty to give your kids extra educational opportunities.

Resources are allotted under Title 1 specifically for studying arithmetic, reading, writing, and other language arts. 

This could be your best choice of online tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

Tutors ought to be experts in any of these fields. In this line of employment, your responsibilities include determining the student’s needs, creating a suitable program, and assisting the students with their academic work. A private business with a contract with the municipality or the school system could employ tutors.

Range of salaries: $35,500 to $61,500 annually

#11. Tutor for special education

With payment, this is another online tutoring job for students that pay well.

A special education tutor works with students with exceptional educational needs. You could work with students at a tutoring facility or at home as a special education tutor.

Because of their physical, physiological, emotional, or behavioral problems or conditions, your pupils have special learning requirements. 

You select the teaching resources for each student in your caseload and provide tailored instructional support.

 As a special education instructor, you’ll create teaching strategies for tutoring sessions and put instructional strategies into practice to assist students in understanding the content.

Range of salaries: $37,500 to $62,500 annually

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#12. LSAT Tutor

You can tutor for the LSAT if you are a law student. LSAT tutor prepares students to sit for and succeed in the Law School Admission Test as an LSAT instructor.

You put a lot of effort into helping students grasp logical thinking, reading comprehension, and analytical reasoning.

Your responsibilities could also include discussing test material, examining test format, and reviewing the test enrollment procedure.

If you are law-inclined, this is one online tutoring job for students that pay well.

 Although you can mentor learners of different levels, most of your pupils are either about to complete or have recently completed their undergraduate studies.

 Additionally, you can be assigned to tutor particular individuals and teach them techniques for developing better study habits. An interesting presentation of knowledge is made by an LSAT instructor, who may also offer further resources to pupils as needed.

Range of pay: $47,500 to $125,000 annually.

#13. French teacher

Teaching a student how to write, read, and speak French is your responsibility as a French tutor. To carry out your duties and obligations in this position, you may provide tests to determine how proficient each student is, engage them in discussion to expand their vocabulary, and provide additional support in any areas where they need it. 

French tutors frequently deal with single students, but you might also occasionally tutor bigger groups.

Your ability to change courses based on each student’s abilities is essential for your progress in this profession because employers might want you to deal with students of different experience levels.

Teaching french online is one o the online tutoring jobs for students that pay well.

Range of salaries: $43,500 to $59,500 annually.

Can a student tutor adults and older adults?

Students may also instruct adults offline and online, besides senior citizens. Since it revitalizes them, older adults frequently like having youths as their professors.

However, because they are unfamiliar with the technique of online lectures, tutoring older people online can be difficult. This means tutors must exercise more patience when working with elderly students, making this not the smoothest online tutoring position for learners.

Tutoring elderly persons are certainly one online tutoring job for students that pay well.

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Requirements To Become An Online Tutor?

Online tutoring Requirements Every online tutoring company has a separate set of requirements, especially online tutoring jobs for students that pay well. 

Some are looking for native speakers of English to teach children in other nations. Others wish to take advantage of your specialty area to offer online instruction for those who need assistance with test preparation.

Some people are looking for translators who can assist grownups in honing their language skills. Whatever the case, a select group of skills, appear to be in high demand everywhere.

These are some basic requirements you need for online tutoring jobs for students that pay well:

#1. Passion and interest

It’s simple to get sucked into the appeal of remote employment and flexible hours. It’s crucial to remember that if you want to work as an online instructor, you should be passionate about teaching and be interested in doing so. 

The task will be complex, and you will have either excellent or terrible days, as with any employment.

#2. Degree or certification for the specific field

A few sites provide chances that don’t require any prior experience. However, most employers prefer to hire instructors with a four-year degree from an authorized university.

Some platforms are looking for candidates with in-depth knowledge of a specific area. For instance, a degree in English might help you if you want to work as an online English instructor or tutor.

#3. Fast Internet Connection

The most important prerequisite is that you have a fast Internet connection. You can only work from home as an online instructor if you can constantly connect with your students. 

Making money online will be worthwhile even if you have to commit immediately.

Additionally, you will require a dependable desktop or laptop computer, which may be important to mention.

#4. Online Payment abilities

You will require a system for taking payments that is well-established. You will have some online payment mechanisms to operate as an online tutor, whether you prefer PayPal for payment or desire automatic payments to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a degree to instruct online?

Tutoring online can be a fulfilling way to work from home while helping students worldwide. Many English Course tutoring businesses don’t require a degree, making it a perfect profession for English-speaking retirees, current college students, and native speakers.

Is It Possible to Survive as an Online Tutor?

Your tutoring side business may become your full-time job. However, develop skills with several top online tutoring platforms before you abandon your job to become a tutor full-time. If teaching opportunities at one organization dry up, teaching on other sites will help to provide some stability.

How much do degree online tutors make?

Most employers start new workers with a bachelor’s degree at a starting wage of $12–14 per hour (USD). As an instructor gains expertise, several organizations surveyed claim they can earn between $20 and $26 per hour.
Tutors can raise their pay through recommendations or teaching in-demand specialty subjects; in these cases, some tutors claim they can earn $50 to $100 or more per hour.

Can Someone tutor at age Sixteen?

Undoubtedly, a 16-year-old can work as an instructor.
There are no extensive education or experience requirements to become a tutor. Most people who are fluent in the subject area are comfortable teaching others. 
However, since 16-year-olds are still considered minors, parental consent will be required before tutoring may begin on an employment basis.


Online tutoring is a fantastic way to generate extra income or a work-from-home option. Being hired for online tutoring jobs for students who pay well will benefit you as a student.

However, you must also be passionate about helping people and be interested in doing so. It is the ideal sector for your forthcoming big career move if you find meaning in helping others with their learning and exploring your alternatives in the online tutoring space.

You’ve read about the top online tutoring jobs for students that pay well; Make the right decision, and paying for your school will be simple.



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