15 Online Teaching Jobs in Arizona that Pay Well in 2023

If you are a teacher or have a skill that can benefit someone, one of the best ways to earn comfortably is by working from the comfort of your home.

If you live in Arizona and desire a way to make money online through teaching, our update on online teaching jobs in Arizona is for you.

We can never overemphasize the benefits of working from the comfort of your home. It has become even more desired as many seek to explore multiple sources of income.

Is Teaching Online Worth It?

While checking out the cons of online teaching, you might wonder if it is worth it. The desire to work remotely is growing. Interestingly, online teaching in Arizona is a respectable vocation.

Additionally, it’s an excellent way for people who teach abroad to earn extra money and keep a full-time job while away from home or on the road. Online teaching is rewarding and flexible; therefore, it is worthwhile.

Is Arizona in need of teachers?

Arizona aims to address its severe teacher shortage with paid tuition and mentoring. Districts around Arizona continue to battle with a severe lack of teachers and administrators as schools work to resume operations, and it’s the students who bear the cost the most.

Therefore, this is the right time to dust off your certificates and apply for the many teaching positions in Arizona. The city seeks to employ more remote teachers in Arizona to fill the shortage through online teaching jobs.

How Does Online Teaching Work?

Before applying for online teaching jobs in Arizona, you must be familiar with computers and the internet. This is because communication with students will happen across messaging apps, email, and video calls.

Additionally, many online teachers must provide digital materials like PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio lectures, and pdf instructions that they can share with their pupils. Teachers can write application letters and email them to the recruiting platforms.

That so many individuals can take classes online is the finest thing about it. Elliot Masie, an education specialist, stated that “we need to bring learning to individuals instead of people coming to learning.”

Anyone with an internet connection can watch live-streamed college lectures, engage in video calls to learn a language, or instruct themselves via online video courses. Additionally, by forming small groups, students can engage in participatory dialogues to look at issues from many angles.

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How Much Do Online Teaching Jobs Pay?

It is possible to make a livelihood as an online teacher, even though you might not become a millionaire. Some people decide to work as online teachers as a side activity to increase their income from their regular jobs. Some people work at it full time, depending on it to pay their bills and save money for other investments.

So, how much money can you make online teaching?

Your pay is based on several variables, including your expertise level and your chosen online teaching platform.

Nevertheless, like many other US states, the majority of online teaching jobs in Arizona, according to PayScale, pay between $10.16 and $40.31 per hour.

What is a teacher’s salary in AZ?

This figure might not reflect the pay for online teaching jobs in Arizona. Still, as of October 27, 2022, Arizona’s average public school teacher income was $54,963, with the usual range being between $45,908 and $67,022.

15 Online Teaching Jobs in Arizona that Pay Well in 2023

With the help of industry analysts and user reviews, here are the online teaching jobs in Arizona that pay well.

  1. Chegg Tutors
  2. VIPKid
  3. Preply
  4. Tutor.com
  5. TutorMe
  6. SayABC
  7. Skooli
  8. Wize
  9. Test Scorer
  10. Lingoda
  11. Online adjunct professor/instructor
  12. Verbling
  13. Academic Editor in Arizona
  14. Oakary
  15. Online Curriculum Developer

1. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors is one of the best online tutoring platforms you can access if you live in Arizona. Successful applicants receive a minimum of $20 per hour, and some of the more reputable teachers on this site can earn up to $1,000 per day.

Teachers must meet stringent requirements to join the service. Following each lesson, students can provide feedback and rate tutors; the higher your teacher rating, the more money you can earn.

Visit Website.

2. VIPKid

Beijing-based If you’re interested in teaching English online, VIPKID offers some of the most excellent pay. You don’t have to worry about lesson planning, grading, or curriculum creation because we’ve taken care of all of that so you can focus on motivating your pupils.

Contracts last for six months when you are free to work more or less. Direct bank deposits, made between the 10th and the 15th of each month, make payments even simpler.

VIPKid pays $14-18 USD per hour, with additional incentives available.

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3. Preply

Preply is an online platform for language learning that allows users to work at their own pace and with the teacher of their choice. The platform typically extends an invitation to every enthusiastic person to join its constantly expanding tutoring community.

Remember that they charge a commission fee from your courses to link you up with learners from all over the world, deliver video tools, and create the learning resources that will inform your instruction.

The commission will gradually decrease depending on how many hours you spend using the platform. Preply pays $15-25 USD per hour, at least $550 weekly.

Visit Website.

3. Tutor.com

One of the first online tutoring websites is tutor.com. You can only apply if you have a valid work permit for either Canada or the United States, which is why we recommend it for people living in Arizona.

To use the platform, you must pass a test in your area of expertise. Additionally, this online learning environment favors particular disciplines like calculus and physics. When your application is approved, the site will tell you how much you can make there.

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5. TutorMe

A comprehensive online learning platform is TutorMe. The website offers instruction in more than 300 subjects, including engineering, history, the humanities, physics, and social sciences.

Additionally, you may earn more than $20 per hour if you keep a high teacher rating. It provides some of the best entry-level online teaching jobs in Arizona

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6. Lingoda

If you are looking for online teaching jobs in Arizona for Spanish, German, and French speakers, then this website is for you. This European-based language school is looking for fluent Spanish, German, French, and English speakers.

You can choose your hours, and all courses comprise small groups of adult learners. Teachers get 25% off any language course they provide.

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7. SayABC

Do you know you can make good money in China from the comfort of your home in Arizona? China’s SayABC offers English language instruction to kids aged 5 to 12 years old. The Beijing-based business provides one-to-four online classes conducted by licensed instructors.

New applicants undergo the onboarding procedure quickly; you can start teaching in less than two weeks. Contracts have a three-month expiration date and are renewable.

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8. Skooli

Another online teaching platform that provides one of the best online teaching jobs in Arizona that pay well is Skooli. On the platform, prospective tutors with a bachelor’s degree and teaching certification, a master’s degree, or a doctorate can sign up.

For online lectures, the website pays per minute with a 15-minute minimum. Given the emphasis on math at Skooli—geometry, algebra, calculus, and trigonometry—teaching here can be a straightforward way to make money if you’re a math prodigy.

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9. Wize

The positions at Wize can be a fantastic fit if you’re looking for online teaching jobs in Arizona that let you keep every penny of your predetermined hourly rate. The platform pays tutors on-demand via direct deposit or PayPal and does not take a percentage of their revenue.

Depending on their prior teaching expertise, prospective tutors can anticipate making $20 to $25 per hour, according to the company. However, other positions, like Lead Instructor and Subject Expert, pay more.

With the help of its interactive, browser-based whiteboard technology, Wize connects teachers with students throughout North America and enables them to conduct lectures.

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10. Test Scorer

Academic work is graded and evaluated using a scoring guide by a test scorer. They assign grades for institutions or initiatives like the Advanced Placement Program, PRAXIS, GRE, and TOEFL. If you live in Arizona, becoming an online test scorer is yet another way of making money from the comfort of your home.

The test scorer evaluates both verbal and written responses. These experts also guarantee that each test-taker receives the correct instructions before the exam.

They assist in addressing student complaints about test instructions, paperwork, and other exam-related issues. It is one of the most accessible and best online teaching jobs in Arizona that pays well.

Test administrators put together and go over tests and operational test forms. In addition, they oversee scoring sessions and coordinate scoring activities to honor exceptional pupils.

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11. Online adjunct professor/instructor

If you live in Arizona with advanced educational certifications like M.sc P.hd or any special advanced certification, then becoming an online educational adjudicator might be ideal for you.

A part-time educator who teaches courses online also assesses student performance. They are contractually employed, typically on a part-time basis, by educational institutions.

They impart knowledge in their area of expertise to both undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, they create and maintain online course curricula by ensuring they adhere to the university’s standards.

An online adjunct professor assigns grades to students based on their performance in an online course, tests, and assignments. They provide kids with helpful criticism so they may keep studying. Additionally, online adjunct educators look for resources to enhance the effectiveness of their teaching techniques.

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12. Verbling

Are you multi-lingual? You can start teaching languages online with the aid of Verbling. You must be a native speaker of your chosen language and have prior experience teaching languages to use Verbling.

No special certifications are required. Just your knowledge of one or two languages can make you a fortune every month.

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13. Academic Editor in Arizona

How skilled are you in reviewing manuscripts? Becoming an academic editor might be ideal if you have the skill. An academic editor checks for grammatical problems in written material, prepare contracts with publishers, and reviews submissions.

They consider various educational concepts and select student-friendly content. Additionally, they offer concise explanations of the policies governing the authoring of instructional products like journals. An academic editor assists writers in refining their concepts for written work.

Apply here

14. Oakary

If you are in search of online teaching jobs in Arizona, don’t miss applying to Oakary. Their unique features of integrating other teaching jobs in one place set them apart.

Check out Oakary if you’re short on time or dislike filling out applications. They will send your information to all matching teaching positions with Magic Ears, Landi, Hujiang, VIPABC/iTutorGroup, pearlfish , Shiliu, VIPKID, Am Class, SayABC, and many more with just one application!

Most of the positions are for teaching kids between the ages of 4 and 15, while there are also some possibilities for adult classes.

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15. Online Curriculum Developer

A curriculum developer develops lesson plans to inspire students and make learning fun. A curriculum developer is aware of the instructional tools that work best in a classroom to raise student achievement.

They devote much of their time to evaluating various state educational standards, instructional techniques, and learning resources appropriate for both instructors and students.

A curriculum developer must also meet with administrators, write grant bids, examine student test results, and instruct teachers in the most contemporary teaching techniques.

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Top Online Teaching Tips 

With the rise in online teaching jobs in Arizona, competition is likely to set in. Therefore, it is very much important you develop skills and tips that can set you apart from the rest.

Below are some expert tips to help you.

Use several platforms to teach.

Putting all your eggs in one basket is not always a wise move. Teaching across various platforms can increase your job prospects and give you job security. Just be sure to manage your class calendar and prevent clashes effectively.

Produce an excellent introductory video

You must produce an introduction video for your instructor profile on most online teaching sites. Every prospective student will view this before enrolling in your class. So make sure your video is the finest it can be. You may locate many fantastic teacher introduction videos on YouTube to gather ideas.

Focus on Long-Term Student Retention

One way to make the best of online teaching jobs in Arizona is to work on client retention. Like other service-based businesses, online teaching depends on maintaining clientele or regularly attracting new ones to generate revenue. Work on attracting new customers daily while providing excellent service to your current students to keep them returning.

Find out more about Student Exams

Many students enroll with online tutors to receive exam preparation assistance. Please make sure you are aware of the dates and times of your subject’s tests and the kinds of service required for acing them.

Focus on Long-Term Student Retention

Like other service-based businesses, online teaching depends on maintaining clientele or regularly attracting new ones to generate revenue. Work on attracting new customers daily while providing excellent service to your current pupils to keep them coming back.

Recognize student exams

Many students enroll with online tutors to receive exam preparation assistance. Make sure you are aware of the dates and times of your subject’s tests and the kinds of assistance required for them.

Where Can I find Resources for Online Teaching

  • Discovery Ed: Discovery Online Community Ed offers teacher-to-teacher suggestions.
  • Education World: More than 1,000 comprehensive, top-notch lesson plans are available for free on Education World.
  • The Library of Congress: Several resources for professional development and classroom use are available from the Library of Congress.
  • ReadWriteThink: There are a ton of reading and language-learning resources on
  • Teacher.org: Cross-curricular lessons created by instructors are available on Teacher.org.
  •  Teachers Pay Teachers: This platform enables educators to share or market their course resources.
  • Interactive whiteboard exercises are available in Teacher Created Resources.
  • Teacher Vision: In order to support students’ success, Teacher Vision provides carefully chosen teaching resources.
  • WeAreTeachers: WeAreTeachers offers free materials, career guidance, and discounts for educators. 
  • National Geographic: Free lesson plans, maps, and other resources are available from National Geographic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach online with no experience?

Anyone in the world is eligible to become a Cambly teacher. No special qualifications—not even prior teaching experience—are necessary. The application process actually places more emphasis on the caliber of your internet connection and

How can I make money from home as a Teacher?

Tutoring is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked side businesses for teachers. You can provide tutoring services to students in various ways, such as in-person sessions, online tutoring, or coaching.

Can I teach online without a degree?

Without a degree, you can teach English online. Many of the big online teaching organizations do not, even though some of them do. You can obtain the education and credentials required to work as an online English teacher through a TEFL certification. Degrees are not required on platforms like Cambly.



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