15 Best Online Jobs for Teens in New York | 2023

77% of workers claim that working from home increases productivity. Employees who work remotely have more influence over their schedules, enabling them to make wiser life decisions that affect their overall professional performance.

Given the wide variation in the average earnings range for an Online Work From Home, there may be several prospects for growth and increased income depending on skill level, region, and years of expertise in New York.

As few employers are recruiting, the online work-from-home employment marketplace in New York could be more vibrant. In terms of remote work-from-home salaries, New York is ranked first out of all 50 states in the US.

Online earning opportunities abound, but most are not accessible to kids. There are some legitimate online jobs for teens in New York if you’re between the ages of thirteen and seventeen. However, figure out what to look for.

We have discussed effective ways for teenagers to make money in this article and carefully highlighted the best online jobs for teens in New York.

Can a Teen Make Money Online In New York?

Yes! Several online jobs for teens in New York require you to attain a certain age. However, by working at gig economy jobs or online jobs, you can often earn money online lawfully as a teenager in New York. You are paid per task finished in gig economy jobs.

One of your top priorities as a teenager is in school. However, your strategy is honorable if you wish to use your free time to earn more money. You can achieve that without leaving your home because of online jobs for teens in New York.

How much cash can a teen make online?

There is no cap on how much money you can make online from online jobs for teens in New York, which is one of its best features! 

The work, your expertise, and the effort you’re willing to put in all come into play.

From online jobs for teens in New York, Teenagers make an average of $43,495 per year. Should you need a quick pay estimate of about $20.91 an hour?

In either case, you may expect to earn between $50 and $500 per month, working only a few hours per week for online jobs for teens in New York. And that’s a great side business income for a teenager with little debt or expenses!

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Which Jobs Are Suitable for Teenagers?

Starting The most sought-after interns, apprentices, and trainers are teenagers. Additionally, whenever it comes to dirty-hand work, employers choose young people. This affects the digital environment.

Companies are prepared to pay teens to test products and write reviews because they value their perspectives on various goods and services.

Working in the real world or looking for summer employment are perfectly acceptable activities. But why not if you can use your computer from home?

Consider this: even the most seasoned employees may not want to undertake some duties; hence, many of those activities are essential for your professional progress, even as a teenager.

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How to Find Jobs Online for Teens?

The internet is enormous for teenagers, kids, and college students and offers countless chances. There are several websites and platforms where you can discover online jobs for teens in New York. However, most of them aren’t as helpful as you might expect.

Furthermore, if you don’t have the information, you can waste hours, days, or weeks trying to conduct a successful job search.

Visit these websites to find fantastic online jobs for teens in New York:

#1. Hireteen

This portal only caters to teenagers, unlike Indeed and most websites of this type. In other terms, your possibilities of securing one of the finest teen internet jobs will soar to unimaginable heights.

#2. Snagajob

Many job openings, both local and remote, can be found there. Even though the website doesn’t concentrate on remote or freelance jobs, plenty of options are still available.

#3. Indeed

For many freelancers and experts, this page is the most useful for job hunters under 18. Many remote job opportunities for teenagers, whether freelancing, part-time, or full-time, are available there. Folks who only sometimes consider your age frequently offered them.

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15 Best Online Jobs For Teens In New York

The incredible thing is that there are many more opportunities for online jobs for teens in New York than you might realize.

More than half of New York’s teenage population is searching for ways to earn additional money, so you’re in good company.

Here are a few online jobs for teens in New York to help you with your job search:

#1. Data entry

One of the finest internet occupations for teenagers isn’t necessarily this one, but it’s also among the most common online jobs for teens in New York.

The fact is that most employees prefer to avoid doing this simple yet repetitious job. Worksheets must be filled out with data, statistics, numbers, etc. In summary, data entry jobs for teens is a fantastic starting point.

Since it’s a great way to gather data from websites and contribute to developing AI and software, among many other things, all are remote.

A typical chore is filling out an Excel spreadsheet with instructions, labels, keywords, and numbers.

#2. A Virtual Assistant

Most people agree that this is one of the ideal online jobs for teens in New York.

In summary, you will gain all the skills necessary to operate in any office and be an expert at your job as an online virtual assistant.

Additionally, you’ll develop your skills and experience, time management, organizational skills, and other capabilities.

On the other side, even recent grads must contend with a problem called inexperience. But starting now, as a teen, you’ll have a lot of experience and be employed as a virtual assistant.

#3. Work Creatively on Fiverr

A well-known freelance marketplace, Fiverr, enables you to earn money by providing various services. 

Although there are thousands of job categories, most opportunities are for technical and creative services, including writing, voiceovers, graphic design, and web design. 13 years old and above is the age requirement to register, giving it a fantastic chance for teenagers. 

Bank transfers are one of the many ways that freelancers can get paid. As a Fiverr freelancer, the clients or consumers pay Fiverr, after which you have a 14-day waiting period before you can withdraw your earnings.

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#4. Create content for Snapchat and TikTok

This has become one of the most accessible online jobs for teens in New York and worldwide. Putting your attention on services like TikTok and Snapchat is another entertaining choice for teenagers looking to generate money. Each platform requires users to be 13 years old to register an account.

These two well-known apps let you monetize your engaging video output. There are specific methods to profit directly through TikTok and Snapchat and other ways to profit through your influence and following.

You probably already use social media and your smartphone to record videos, so why not monetize these activities?

#5. Reviewer

You wouldn’t believe how many sites are ready to pay you to review movies, software, games, and other content as a teenager or respond to arbitrary questionnaires.

For example, Slice the Pie is well-known worldwide, especially among young people looking for work, and it may make music evaluations profitable.

Similarly, you may locate platforms where you can test out apps and post reviews. There are many sites, to name just a couple, Survey Junkie and LifePoints. 

#6. Proofreader

This is one of the most meaningful online jobs for teens in New York. Do you believe yourself to be a grammar expert? You enjoy proofreading if you love writing, don’t you?

Your job as freelance proofreading will be to flag grammatical errors, biographies, etc. Additionally, you should revise and rewrite and add comments.

Your writing abilities and attention to detail will improve; you can be sure of that.

#7. Transcriptionist

Transcriptions can earn you a nice bonus. You could try it if you have a keen ear and solid grammar.

You can be an expert in writing or linguistics. Record what you observe in video, audio, and podcasts, then write it down.

Sounds like a simple task for teenagers with some spare time. It is one of the online jobs for teens in New York that teenagers are serious about.

#8. Online merchant

Selling things has always been a great option for teenagers, whether during the school year or the summer. However, with the internet’s arrival, it is one of the top online jobs for teenagers.

If you have valuable items, like toys, used appliances, used clothing, etc., you can sell them and make a good profit.

If your business succeeds, you might even purchase brand-new goods to sell at a profit. Maintain this strategy and presto! You’ve built a successful company before entering college.

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#9. Call Analyst

Reviewers are required for telephone auto-recordings. One of the most superficial professions for teenagers is the meat and potatoes of customer service.

You need to listen to the pre-recorded audio. Then, you must evaluate their worth and offer ruthless critique. And you get paid once you’ve recorded a set number of audios and minutes.

Humanatic is a popular, but not exclusive, website for call reviews. You should test it out if you are already 17 years old.

#10. On Redbubble, sell custom merchandise

A worldwide print-on-demand marketplace is called Redbubble. You can register for an account and post your creations if you are at least sixteen. Visitors to Redbubble can then buy various goods featuring your designs or artwork.

The fact that Redbubble is a fantastic passive income business makes it so intriguing. You only need to upload your work and make alluring product listings since they take care of the details of receiving orders, printing the products, and shipping them to clients.

#11. Create A Blog

There is no minimum age to launch a blog. Although you might require a guardian or parent to set up your domain name and web hosting, you can download And install WordPress on your website for no cost and have total control over it.

The blogging options are virtually endless. If you choose a fascinating topic, your work will be much more pleasurable and less like actual work.

A lot of the advice you’ll find online about monetizing your blog focuses on producing informative or educational content that is valuable to readers. As a teenager, you may use a somewhat different strategy.

#12. English teacher/tutor online

Teaching is one of the finest online jobs for teens in New York if you earn high marks and enjoy teaching.

The ideal job to hold while preparing for college is this one. 

Additionally, you may always come across an open gate to sell your services if you need additional catch during the summer.

Additionally, because of the restriction, online classes took hold. The market for online education is expanding rapidly. The time to act is right now.

#13. Customer Service Representative

Consider working as a customer service representative if you are interested in exploring the field of online jobs for teens in New York and have a personal computer, fast internet, and a headset. 

Many businesses hire home-based contractors to perform customer service liaison duties.

#14. Product Tester

Organizations routinely produce new goods and need people to test them out and provide feedback to rectify any flaws. You may sign up to test products at home, rate them online, and write reviews by signing up to become a product tester.

#15. Managing Social Media Accounts

In general, teenagers are more adept with tech than adults. In addition, a lot of brands are designed with teenagers in mind. So, who would be a better fit to handle their daily advertising strategy and social media accounts? If you are interested in this, it would be worthwhile to look into it further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a teen earn money legally online?

Teens do have some legitimate legal options. However, those under 18 cannot take advantage of these changes. It’s crucial to read the terms of service on a website or app to confirm your eligibility.

Do businesses verify your age when you enroll online?

No, generally speaking, few employers will check or confirm your age. Assuming the corporation will follow up with you is not a good idea. Most businesses will mention their minimum age requirements regarding the service you must accept. You can break the service rules if you falsely claim your age.

Can a Teen sell goods online?

One of the finest methods for teenagers to earn additional money online is selling stuff. However, most noteworthy online marketplaces and platforms, like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay, only accept users at least 18 years old.

Can a teen sign up for PayPal?

To open an account with PayPal, you must be at least eighteen years old or the age of consent in your state. When receiving money, many teenagers who must be younger to register their own PayPal accounts will only use their parents’ accounts. You can be given a choice to choose bank transfer as opposed to PayPal, depending on the organization paying you.


Online earning opportunities abound, but most are not accessible to teenagers. The online jobs for teens in New York, which have already been outlined in this article, are some legitimate internet jobs for teenagers and what to search for if you’re between the ages of 13 and 17.

Take on only a few available online jobs for teens in New York that will make your life too busy or prevent you from achieving academic success.



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