15 Best Oregon Solar Companies | 2023 Careers, Location

Many solar companies in Oregon and other parts of the U.S. are making an enormous profit from the solar energy business because of the renewability and sustainability of solar energy power, making it an exceptional form of energy in the energy market. 

Using solar energy in a residential and commercial environment is quite cost-effective and inexpensive. But the question is, which amongst the Oregon solar energy companies delivers the best solar panel installation service?

There are a plethora of solar companies in Oregon that provide excellent solar installation services and give the best customer service. And this article will give you everything you need to know about the 15 Best Oregon Solar Companies in 2023.

Here Is A List Of The 15 Best Solar Companies In Oregon:

  • SunPower
  • Momentum Solar
  • Sunrun
  • Energy Solutions, LLC
  • Sunlight Solar Energy
  • Sunpath Services
  • Precision Solar
  • Cascade Solar
  • Elementary Energy
  • Vivint.Solar
  • Blue Raven Solar
  • Goldin Solar
  • Maximo Solar
  • AIA Solar Contracting

1. SunPower

SunPower is undoubtedly one of the best solar companies in Oregon and has taken the lead as one of the best solar companies in America over the years. Stanford University solar energy researchers Richard Swanson and Richard Crane found the firm, formerly known as EOS Electric Power, in 1985. 

And in 1988, they joined forces with another pioneer in the solar industry, Robert Lorenzini, after which the company’s name was changed to SunPower.

SunPower is a big solar company with an expansive team of installers that sell and install their registered products worldwide. The firm has been awarded more than 750 patents, including that of the “Interdigitated Back Contact” solar cells, also known as IBC solar cells. The IBC cells are currently the most efficient solar cells.

The solar company sells the world’s most efficient solar panels, which have broken all previous records for sunlight-to-electricity conversion efficiency. They manufacture photovoltaic solar panels for residential and commercial energy projects.

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Tesla, formerly known as SolarCity, is another notable Oregon solar energy company founded by the Lyndon and Peter Rive brothers in 2006 and acquired by Tesla, Inc in 2016. The firm offers leading-edge solar technology with great outlooks. They are also the leader in batteries and electric vehicles.

Tesla provides solar installations to various sectors ranging from residential, commercial, government, and non-profits organization, putting the solar company as the number one provider of full-service solar solutions in the U.S.

The solar company’s Installation is as simple as possible for the client. They begin Installation by first assessing the specific energy needs of an area, then guiding the process through, and also properly using micro-inverter technology for increased energy production on shaded panels.

3. Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar is an EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) solar energy design and installation firm founded by Cameron Christensen in 2009. And a year after, Arthur Souritzidis was recruited by Christensen into the company.

The solar company installations are custom-designed, and the firm handles solar projects on residential and commercial solar energy systems for clients in seven states in the U.S.

Momentum Solar manages its solar installation projects in-house and from beginning to end. In 2018, Solar Power World also named Momentum Solar a Top 50 Solar Contractor.

4. Sunrun

Sunrun was founded in 2007 by Stanford Graduate School of Business classmates Lynn Jurich and Edward Fester, along with another Northern California businessman, Robert “Nat” Kreamer. The firm holds the title of the largest residential solar energy and storage company in the United States.

In over a decade in the solar business, Sunrun has installed 1,575 megawatts of solar power. As the name implies, Sunrun has an ultimate mission: to help create a planet “run by the Sun.” And its workers offer various services like solar design, development, Installation, sales, financing, and maintenance.

5. Energy Solutions, LLC

Energy Solutions, LLC is a Local Installation Company in the solar energy business since 2013. Their team of workers provides approvingly trained electricians for clients’ Installation at a low, affordable rate. The solar company specializes in residential and commercial projects. 

It provides high-quality, low-cost solar installations for residential and commercial clients in Oregon.

It is not known that Energy Solutions and Clackamas Electric are sister companies. Clackamas Electric is the electrical subcontractor on all solar projects and has 6 years of experience with over 700 installations totaling 5 megawatts in Oregon.

6. Sunlight Solar Energy

Since its birth year in 1988, Sunlight Solar has made a name for itself as one of the U.S. leading design and installation contractors. With an unparalleled level of service, Sunlight Solar makes going solar seamless. 

The team of workers at Sunlight Solar produces the most efficient and eco-friendly systems in the industry.

Sunlight Solar Energy provides professional photovoltaic services for residential and commercial properties in Oregon.

Its team of professionals designs and installs panels. and also deliver outstanding customer service. The firm handles everything that has to do with paperwork, so you don’t have to bother yourself with any documentation. 

7. Sunpath Services

Sunpath Services is a locally owned Oregon solar installation company specializing in new residential and commercial projects. Its establishment year is 2020. 

The highly qualified specialists with years of experience provide service and repair work for other solar companies when they have difficulty troubleshooting issues or their customers need a system removal and installment.

Sunpath team is a group of industry veterans that take the time to install every system with the highest quality of working prowess. Installation is one project at a time to provide the highest quality workmanship possible.

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8. Precision Solar

Precision Solar is a local Oregon solar company specializing in residential solar and battery Installation. Their workers deliver brilliant installations because they use materials of the highest grade.

The Solar company focuses on installing high-quality solar and battery storage systems for homeowners in Oregon.

9. Cascade Solar

Cascade Solar is another exceptional Oregon solar company owned and operated by Tom Crowe and David Nicholls. And they specialize in delivering quality and well-detailed energy management plans for their clients. The firm carefully explains to its clients the various forms of renewable energy to reduce or eliminate their utility bills and go Green.

The Cascade solar company’s workers are experts in solar energy, LED lighting, energy management, electrical contracting, utility bill analysis, inverter repair, and solar system maintenance.

10. Elementary Energy

Elementary Energy is a locally owned and operated Oregon solar company dedicated to empowering energy-deficient populations with renewable energy systems. 

The solar company’s main aim is to offer professional, top-quality services and to make going solar easy and efficient.

Elemental Energy is a high-installation firm of solar PV systems for residential and commercial clients in Oregon and Washington that offer exceptional expertise and boasts of providing creative solutions for residential and commercial energy demands. 

11. Vivint.Solar

Vivint Solar, Inc. is headed by CEO, President, and Director David Bywater, a Harvard Business School graduate with over 20 years of experience in corporate enterprises.

The solar company has gained its place amongst the best solar companies in Oregon due to its stupendous growth in the solar business. The firm has rapidly risen to the top in the U.S. solar industry, with a full range of options available to residential clients interested in switching to solar. 

It is the second-leading solar installation company in the United States, trailing only Sunrun in overall market share.

The record is that as of January 1, 2019, Vinit Solar had successfully achieved 154,600 solar panel installations for homes, with a cumulative energy-generating capacity of just over one gigawatt. Their team of working experts designs and handles all aspects of the installation process, plus ongoing maintenance and monitoring services.

12. Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar serial entrepreneurs Ryan Lee, Jeff Lee, and Tyler Peschke started the company in 2014. The firm is a privately-owned, full-service solar energy company that offers customized design and installation services to homeowners in 10 states in the U.S.

And this puts it on the list of one of the fastest-growing solar energy contractors that solely serves the residential sector.

The solar company’s main area of specialization is residential solar energy. Their team of workers designs, install, monitors, and maintain rooftop solar panel arrays for their clients. 

With an aggressive business strategy, Blue Raven Solar has expanded from its initial Utah operating base. Since opening in 2014, it has installed over 4,300 residential solar power systems in the states it serves.

13. Goldin Solar

Daren Goldin and Joe Cataldo in 2014 co-founded Goldin Solar. Goldin and Cataldo currently serve as the company’s CEO and COO, respectively. Both have a background in engineering and construction management. 

Goldin was trained as a civil engineer. Cataldo has an advanced degree in electrical engineering. The firm is a solar energy company that serves residential and commercial clients in southeast and central Florida.

Their workers handle every aspect of their residential and commercial projects, including design, engineering, procurement, Installation, system testing, grid connection, monitoring, and maintenance. 

Goldin Solar has successfully carried out over 1,500 residential installations of solar energy systems and completed over 50 solar PV commercial projects. 

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14. Maximo Solar

Maximo Solar Industries was launched in 2009 and aimed to provide sustainable solar energy to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. 

The firm has a workforce of 70 highly qualified employees who are experts that handle every process of the transition to solar energy. It also hires locally to ensure its clients work with individuals they can trust.

The company sells photovoltaic solar panels, inverters, energy storage devices, and batteries.

Maximo Solar allows potential clients to request assistance with determining whether a property can handle solar energy, designing a custom system, permitting, installation, and the final equipment inspection.

15. AIA Solar Contracting

Solar industry trainer and executive Pete Wilking in 2010 launched A1A Solar Contracting, Inc. Wilking serves as the company’s President and owner.

The firm is the only solar contractor in northeast Florida to be NABCEP-certified as an installer of solar PV and solar thermal water heating systems. 

A1A Solar has installed over 800 residential and 15 commercial solar power systems for homeowners and business owners in Duval and Nassau Counties in northern Florida. And they also sell and install solar battery systems for high-efficiency energy storage.

AIA Solar Contracting is a privately-owned solar contractor that manages every portion of its solar PV projects. This includes design, development, permitting, installation, grid connection, performance monitoring, and maintenance for residential clients. 

What are the 2023 Top Solar Panel Installers?

According to Forbes, the top solar companies are:

Sunpro Solar.
Blue Raven Solar.
Momentum Solar.
Palmetto Solar.
Trinity Solar.

Is it worthwhile to go solar in Oregon?

Are solar panels worthwhile in Oregon? Solar panel prices have dropped by over 80% in the last ten years. They will continue to benefit from net metering legislation and a 30% federal tax credit in 2023, making them a good investment.

How much money may solar panels save my Oregon home?

OR solar panels cost between $10,013 and $12,238

Average savings of $16,289 to $19,909 over a 25-year period.
Average payback period: 10.5 to 12.9 years

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How much do solar panels cost on average in Oregon?

In Oregon, the cost of a solar panel as of April 2023 is about $3.02/W. A solar installation in Oregon typically costs between $12,825 and $17,365 for a 5Kiliwatts solar panel system, with the average gross price for solar in Oregon coming in at $15,100.

The net price you’ll pay for solar can decrease by thousands of dollars after considering the 30%federal tax credit and other state and local solar incentives, and with options like a solar loan, solar lease, or power purchase agreement (PPA), you can find the best payment arrangement for your unique needs.

FAQs on 15 Best Oregon Solar Companies | 2023 Careers, Location

15 Best Oregon Solar Companies

Momentum Solar
Energy Solutions, LLC
Sunlight Solar Energy
Sunpath Services
Precision Solar
Cascade Solar
Elementary Energy
Blue Raven Solar
Goldin Solar
Maximo Solar
AIA Solar Contracting

How much do solar panels cost on average in Oregon?

The cost of a solar panel in Oregon is $2.90/W. An average solar installation in Oregon costs between $12,325 and $16,675, with the average gross price for solar in Oregon being $14,500 for a 5-kilowatt solar panel system.


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