15 Best Solar Companies in Boise | 2023 Careers, Location

Boise, Idaho, is a top destination for green energy initiatives and has seen an increase in solar installations over the last several years. 

Homeowners looking to reduce their electricity costs and lower their carbon footprint are turning to some of the best solar companies in Boise to power their homes with clean energy. 

With many available providers, deciding which is right for you takes time and effort. 

We’ve narrowed down some of the highest-rated solar companies in Boise to help you make the best decision for your home’s energy needs. 

These businesses have proven experience designing, installing, and maintaining top-quality solar systems that suit any home or budget. 

They are committed to providing excellent customer service and offering competitive prices, including a warranty on all parts and labor.

In addition, these companies use only high-end materials that meet exacting industry standards for performance, efficiency, and durability.

In Boise, Idaho, are Solar Panels worth it?

Solar energy in Boise is indeed worthwhile. Solar panels pay for themselves in most locations. 

Specific elements, such as the price of power, available subsidies, the climate, and the sun angle, will impact how quickly you break even compared to other locations. 

Installing an average solar system can save $17,792 over 20 years. 

If you decide to finance your system with a $0 down loan in Boise, Idaho, you can begin saving immediately.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Solar Panels in Boise, ID?

Several factors affect the cost of solar and they are listed as follows:

#1. System Size

Your solar panel system will cost more the larger it is. Significantly, the average cost of solar energy per unit falls as system size rises.

#2. Panel Quality and Brand

The quality of solar panels can vary depending on the brand, just like any other product or equipment.

#3. Panel Design

The general caliber of your installation depends on the type of panel you install. Prices rise with quality.

#4. Installation Business

The labor prices charged by various solar providers vary. You could pay extra for a provider with a higher reputation, better customer reviews, and a quicker installation schedule.

#5. Getting Permission and Connecting

Paying for permits and your hookup fee to the grid will increase the final cost of your solar installation. However, it will be a minor influence.

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What would it cost you to install a Solar?

You should first conduct some study because several factors affect how much your solar panel system will cost. 

Some of the essential elements that will affect the price of your array, and ultimately how much you save, include:

System size

The size of your solar array depends on how much electricity you use and how much energy you need to create. Generally, a more extensive system with more panels will cost more on average than a system with fewer panels.


While purchasing less expensive solar panels may seem like the simplest method to save money on your solar system, doing so will frequently result in more considerable long-term savings.

Roof Features

If your single roof plane faces south and slopes at a 30-degree angle, solar power is the best option! If you don’t have a perfect solar roof, this doesn’t imply going solar isn’t worthwhile. 

Still, your installation may be a little more complicated, and your sun exposure may be less direct.

Even when installing the same equipment, labor costs for solar businesses might differ significantly. 

Finding pre-vetted, top-notch installers is essential because solar installation businesses have varying labor guarantees and competence levels. 


Solar prices vary by state; generally, warm conditions have a lower price per Watt ($/W), and cold states have a higher $/W; you could require a more extensive system in a warm condition. 

Rebates and incentives are essential elements that affect your solar savings and vary by location.

How Much Money Would Solar Power Save you? 

If you’re considering going solar, your first concern is how much money you’ll save. And with good cause!

Since solar energy is an investment, consider your payback period before making any choices. 

For your solar panel installation, the typical home can save between $10,000 and $30,000.

Top Solar Energy Benefits and Drawbacks

Solar energy is a desirable option because of its main benefits, whether your main goal is to increase the value of your property, lessen your carbon impact, or combat growing electricity prices. 

A solar photovoltaic system will frequently pay for itself in electricity bill savings besides increasing energy independence; incentives like the federal tax credit also help to lower your upfront costs and boost your return on investment.

On the other side, the main drawbacks of solar energy are that it is only suitable for some roofs. Also, there are better options than this if you’re planning a move. The initial cost might be high, savings may be minimal if your electricity costs are modest, and it’s challenging to locate a local installation.

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15 Best Solar Companies in Boise

Here are the top 15 best Solar panel companies in Boise, Idaho

#1. Tiger Solar Company

Address: 206 West 36th Street, Garden City, Idaho 83714

The first company on our list of the best solar panel companies in Boise is Tiger Solar. This company designs and constructs solar systems for its residential, commercial, and agricultural clients.

With these solar systems, they reduce their electricity expenses and take advantage of federal solar tax credits. 

Additionally, it installs extra batteries for backup protection during blackouts and chargers for electric vehicles. 

As Altenergy, Tiger Solar was established in 2005. It has finished 1,700 projects in 10 states, generating 21 megawatts of PV capacity. 

It has worked with many clients since opening its Boise office in 2011, including Sawtooth Crane LLC and Hillside Ranch.

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#2. Big Dog Solar Company

Address: Meridian, Idaho 83642, Big Dog Solar, 1190 West Taylor, Suite 104

Next on our list of the best solar energy companies in Boise is Big Dog Solar Company. Contractor Big Dog Solar works on residential and commercial projects, with offices in Colorado and Idaho. 

The business, which has been operating since 2008, offers grid-tie solar energy system installation help to customers in the Boise area. 

Here, customers might choose to install solar panels and battery backup systems at the same time. 

The team also installs off-grid devices to serve people who live in distant places. Big Dog Solar has installed over 15 megawatts of solar power.

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#3. Black Diamond Electric Company

Address: Meridian, ID 83642, 850 E. Franklin Rd., Suite 414, 

Black Diamond Electric is a solar firm that supports local Boise residents, families, and business owners in achieving their sustainable energy objectives.

Its crew installs solar panel systems on residential and commercial premises, along with electronic car chargers and energy storage, after consulting with clients to choose the best method for their houses. 

Over 400 projects have been completed since 2010, and it has developed strong relationships with companies, including Enphase, Solaria, Greentech, Sol-Ark, and IronRidge.

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#4. Boise Solar

Address: 13601 West McMillian Road, Suite 102 #267, Boise, Idaho 83713

Boise Solar is a family-run business that provides services to locals in the metro area and its environs. It instructs households on installing solar systems to turn solar energy into electricity. 

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners has granted the company’s PV installation specialist certification. 

Boise Solar has installed over 700 solar power systems. Owner Paul has over seven years of experience working in the solar energy sector.

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#5. Comet Energy

Address: 2174 N Burnam Pl, Star, ID 8366

Comet Energy can meet property owners in and around Boise’s electrical needs. 

The company’s staff provides residential and commercial solar installation services to assist clients in preserving the environment, getting state and federal tax benefits, and lowering their monthly electricity costs. 

The business manufactures solar panel systems that produce direct current power from solar energy on and off the grid. Additionally, a variety of solar batteries are available. 

With over 20 years of experience, Cornet Energy is a NABCEP-certified PV installation.

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#6. EGT Solar

Address: Meridian, Idaho 83642, 401 N Main Street

EGT Solar caters to customers in Boise and the nearby areas. The company installs solar panels on customers’ homes to lower utility costs and carbon emissions while assisting households in becoming more energy-independent. 

Additionally, it focuses on providing farmers, dairy owners, and ranchers with the solar power equipment they require for their agricultural businesses. 

To enhance and expand solar energy usage throughout the Idaho community, they established EGT Solar in 2010. Among its former clients in the business world are D & S Factor, Middlekauff Ford/Honda, and Idaho Lock and Bolt.

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#7. Elite Enterprise Group

Address: Boise, Idaho

Residents and businesses in Boise that want to install renewable energy sources in their buildings can turn to Elite Enterprise Group for help.

The company installs solar energy systems on roofs, sheds, garages, and grounds for residential buildings. 

Before beginning the solar installation processes, its staff also gains electrical and construction permissions, contacts nearby power companies, and conducts site evaluations. 

Elite Enterprise Group may also install solar panel systems in houses, barns, cattle, and greenhouses used for agriculture.

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#8. Horizon PWR

Address: Boise, ID

A solar company in Boise called Horizon PWR serves residential and commercial customers. 

The locally owned company works directly with customers throughout the process to deliver dependable solar panel installation services. 

Customers are informed of the advantages of converting to solar energy, such as long-term sustainability and a cleaner, safer environment. 

Before founding his own solar company, Horizon PWR’s founder and CEO, Judd Ferguson, worked for several years in the renewable energy sector.

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#9. Powered Alliance Solar

Address: 3350 West American Boulevard, Suite 100, Boise, Idaho 83706, 

People in the greater Boise area can get service from Powered Alliance Solar. Installing solar panels enables owners of residences and farms to lessen their environmental impact and reduce their reliance on the electricity grid. 

The company creates a unique energy plan and gains the relevant licenses as part of its work process. 

It installs battery systems that let property owners keep their electricity running during blackouts. Darren Blaser, one of the co-founders, has worked in the building industry for over 30 years.

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#10. RALOS

Address: Idaho, Boise

Electrical and energy experts RALOS provide their services to Boise citizens. The family-run business installs solar energy systems in residential and commercial buildings and takes on projects that call for ground-mounted and off-grid installations. 

Its specialists install whole-home batteries, repair solar panels, and install chargers for electric vehicles. Upgrades to lighting, the structure of smart thermostats, and electrical repair are other services. 

The Boise Weekly’s Best of Boise Awards have named RALOS Best Solar Services Company in Boise for 2022.

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#11. RevoluSun Idaho

Address: Boise, Idaho 83704 (RevoluSun Idaho), 457 Steelhead Way

RevoluSun Idaho provides solar energy systems for Boise residences and commercial buildings. 

The installation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar panels are one of the local business services. It offers Tesla Powerwall 2 to store solar energy for emergency grid outages. 

Its team includes internal carpenters, electricians, roofers, and technicians working on system design, construction projects, and issues involving solar power, heating, and cooling systems. RevoluSun Idaho has met over 8,000 clients’ needs for home improvement.

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#12. Rick Sells Solar

Address: 2102 W Jefferson St, Boise, ID 83702 

Rick Sells Solar sells and installs various electrical and solar-powered products throughout the Boise metro area. 

Its team uses industry-approved installation techniques and outcomes for its residential, commercial, and off-grid projects involving specially designed solar panel systems. 

It routinely monitors each system’s energy output regarding a property’s electricity consumption to make further optimizations and modifications. 

Additionally, it installs various battery units and electric vehicle charging stations to provide emergency backup power for the entire property.

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#13. Pell Solar 

Pell Solar is a reputable solar business serving Canada, California, and Idaho. Its skilled specialists began installing solar in 2003, a long time before some of the leading solar companies in Boise, Idaho.

With its wealth of experience, the business created a simple, efficient procedure to make installation simpler for homeowners like you. The three main steps are initial contact, paperwork, and facility.

Following your contact with the business, the staff gets to work designing a unique solar system that will meet the particular requirements of your house and family.

The following step is to complete the papers. Pell Solar makes the procedure simple even though it appears to have the potential to be demanding and tedious. 

The team of experts uses your solar system blueprint to offer you all the required papers and walk you through all you need to know.

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#14. Mountain Wind and Solar Intermountain

A solar company based in Boise named Intermountain Wind and Solar is committed to promoting renewable energy in both home and commercial settings. The installation of solar systems assists consumers in cost savings and carbon emission reduction.

Besides solar, the business also provides basic contracting and roofing services. It installs solar batteries and solar panels in terms of solar energy.

The six-step solar installation technique used by Intermountain Wind and Solar is simple to grasp. A company representative will finish an in-home consultation first. They will then create a unique system just for your house.

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#15. Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar, a reputable solar company, serves over a dozen states. Its reputation for excellent customer service makes solar panel installation for homeowners incredibly simple and effective.

Customers can quickly know several warranties, including a 25-year product warranty, a 2-year production guarantee, and a 10-year quality warranty covering their Blue Raven solar installation.

The 10-year artistry warranty ensures that any installation-related problems, like roof damage or wiring malfunctions, are fixed. The manufacturer’s warranty, which lasts for 25 years and addresses issues related to the production of the panels, is included.

Blue Raven also provides in-house solar financing through its BluePower Plus and StartSmart programs.

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In Boise, Idaho, how much do solar panels cost?

In Boise, Idaho, the cost of a solar panel as of December 2022 is $2.90/W. 
An average solar installation in Boise, ID, costs between $12,325 and $16,675, with the average gross price for solar in Boise, ID coming in at $14,500, given a solar panel system size of 5 kilowatts (kW).

What solar-related incentives are there in Boise, Idaho?

Solar installations in Boise, Idaho, are at least qualified for the 30% solar tax credit. 
Find out more about additional local Boise, Idaho, tax credits, rebates, and incentives to further reduce the overall cost of going solar.

What sources of financing are there for solar energy?

Solar can be purchased with cash, financed with a solar loan, or financed with a solar lease/power purchase agreement. 
A cash purchase will probably result in the most important long-term savings, but solar loans and leases are excellent alternatives that frequently require little or no money upfront (with $0-down loans!).


When considering going solar, it is essential to consider the best solar companies in Boise.

Our research shows that Boise Solar and RALOS Solar are two of the top solar companies in Boise and offer excellent customer service, competitive prices, and quality products. 

With such great options, it is easy for potential customers to decide confidently. It is also important to remember that individual needs vary from customer to customer, so assessing all available options is vital before making a final decision.



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