15 Best SARM Companies in 2023 | Top Place to Buy

Consumers must know the best SARM companies to purchase selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) to avoid buying fake SARM products. SARMs are chemicals that can increase muscle mass while also aiding in weight loss. They are popular medications among fitness enthusiasts.

The need to purchase these medications from reliable vendors cannot be overemphasized. You must ensure you get SARMs from the best SARM companies if you do not want to end up with defective, fraudulent goods.

Now the concern is, how do you know which SARM company to trust?

This post serves as a guide to enable you to know which SARM companies to buy your products from.

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How do SARMs work?

Selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, are a group of medications. These are pharmaceutical substance that binds to androgen receptors (AR) and causes anabolism of muscle tissue.

Now that SARMs and anabolic steroids are often used interchangeably, some people may mistake them for one another. The two are distinct from one another, although SARMs are low-risk and generally safer substances.

These chemicals are relatively tissue-selective and only target the AR of bone and muscle. Steroids, on the other hand, affect many organs and ultimately change the biological constitution.

Formerly, researchers synthesized SARMs to support the treatment of specific health problems that trigger damage to the muscles and bones. These conditions are muscle atrophy, muscle-wasting, and osteoporosis SARMs are for sale in the UK.

However, as their muscle-building tendencies came more and more into the picture, bodybuilders started seeing hope in these drugs.

In addition to bone density, these drugs effectively boost strength and sports performance. And so, these qualities make them equally desirable for athletes striving for competitive fire.

Why You Should Try to Find the Best SARM Companies

SARMs have swiftly become well-liked as safer and more refined steroid substitutes. However, some dishonest producers attempt to capitalize on this popularity by selling SARM products devoid of SARMs.

According to a Jama Journal analysis from November 2017, just 52% of SARM products offered online contain SARMs.

Furthermore, 59% varied from the ingredient levels specified on their labels, 39% contained an unapproved medicine, 25% had ingredients not listed on the label, and 9% didn’t contain an active ingredient.

Because of this, you will likely be duped into overpaying for SARM-marketed goods with little to no SARMs if you shop online. Some might also contain prohibited chemicals that might harm one’s health.

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SARMS function by attaching to androgen receptors in some tissues but not all of the body’s tissues, in contrast to how anabolic steroids do.

This can be crucial for increasing muscle mass, particularly lean muscle, and in medical settings to promote the growth of specific tissues like bone or muscle without harming the skin’s or the liver’s tissues.

They are a class of drugs having synthetic ligands, unlike anabolic steroids. The androgen receptors’ ligands are what bind to them. Ongoing research is being done on SARMs’ possible applications.

Additionally, they are being researched as a possible treatment for muscle wasting associated with many serious diseases, such as end-stage renal and liver disease, HIV, heart failure, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and osteoporosis.

An unintended loss of at least 10% of body weight is a defining feature of muscle wasting syndrome. Significant work has been done over the past 10 years to develop SARMs that can enhance overall bone health and physiological function.

Early SARMs research shows increases in lean body mass, and they are widely recognized as a promising new anabolic therapy for ageing- and chronic illness-related disorders.

Currently, all SARMs are classified as being the subject of research and being investigated. SARMS have risen in popularity among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders due to their alleged ability to burn fat, increase endurance, build lean muscle mass, and speed up the recovery process after exercise. SARMS can also be discovered in research chemicals or as dietary supplements.

Because SARMs promote anabolism, which increases strength and muscle mass, performance is improved.

SARMs may “revolutionize” the way crippling diseases are treated, according to a significant analysis published in 2019 that found they have a wide range of therapeutic uses potential.

Overview of the Best SARM Companies

  1. Crazy Bulk
  2. Chemyo
  3. Camo Chem
  4. PureRawz
  5. Behemoth Labz
  6. Science Bio
  7. Proven Peptide
  8. Sports Technology Labs
  9. Amino Asylum
  10. UK SARMs
  11. Brutal Force
  12. Paradigm Peptide
  13. Swiss Chems
  14. Nootropics Unlimited
  15. Rats Army

List of the Best SARM Companies

Want to buy quality SARMs from the best companies? The top 15 SARM companies are listed below for your convenience.

#1. UK SARMs

Without question, the most reliable source is UKSARMs.com.

This company is definitely without reproach! They provide enormous discounts for multiple purchases (up to 40%), free shipping worldwide with the option of “stealth shipment” (for discerning clients), highly concentrated SARMs, a wide selection of items, and a user-friendly website.

Even more impressive are the reviews of UK SARMs. They have hundreds of confirmed five-star reviews on their website and more than 1200 five-star reviews on review sites.

Additionally, two reputable laboratories in the USA test the items, and all of the results are posted on the website.

Visit company website

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#2. Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk is the most popular vendor that manufactures legal SARMs alternative supplements for performance enhancement, bodybuilding, and fat loss. It is the favourite among users.

SARMs act similarly to anabolic steroids but don’t carry similar adverse side effects as steroids. Crazy Bulk is an American company that sells legal SARMs as fitness supplements that produce identical benefits and results to SARMS without associating any side effects.

The Crazy Bulk was established back in 2015 with the ambition to transform bodybuilding and fitness dynamics. The company is confident about its products and claims to offer safe and legal SARMs replacements. These SARMs can also help with bulking and cutting, just like the actual SARMs.

Crazy Bulk is ranked among the best SARM companies.

Visit company website

#3. Chemyo

The majority of SARMs that are for sale are in liquid and pill form. However, did you know that SARMs are also available in powder form?

The best SARM companies that will be opted for if you’re looking for them include Chemyo. Since 2019, this business has operated in the health and wellness sector.

This business is based in the US, just like the best SARM companies.

Even though the brand has only been around for two years and is not as well-known as Science Bio, it has impacted numerous athletes and bodybuilders.

Their products are in solution or liquid, in addition to the powdered version. The powdered SARMs come in packs of 1 gram, 5 grams, 10 grams, 50 grams, and 500 mg, while the liquid anabolics come in 50 ml and 30 ml sizes. These two kinds are both safe to stack with SARMs.

Additionally, this company offers nootropics in addition to SARMs for sale. The company’s website makes it simple to view each of these products.

When it comes to selling its wares, the corporation is very open. Users who have inquiries can contact the company using the following information:

•        Address: 4023 Kennett Pike STE 59371 Wilmington, DE 19807 USA

•        Phone: +1 302 543 2011

•        Email: [email protected]

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#4. Camo Chem

In the UK, Camo Chem is just a reliable SARMs company. Camo Chem doesn’t offer anything particularly noteworthy compared to other SARMs manufacturers. They provide a huge selection of selective androgen receptor modulators that most people can take to build lean muscle mass.

They may not necessarily be at a disadvantage, despite what some people may claim. They can greatly improve the quality of that research chemical if they concentrate on one kind of product.

One of the best SARM companies in the UK is Camo Chem. Their tests are less current than those on the list, but they provide some high-quality, affordable performance-enhancing items.

Visit company website

#5. PureRawz

As one of the top suppliers of premium SARMs and peptides, PureRawz provides a wide selection of products that are ideal for anybody who is into fitness. The American company PureRawz can ship to you from anywhere in the world!

The commitment to excellence that PureRawz has is one factor that sets them apart from other suppliers. They all go through 3rd-party tests and are produced in GMP-certified facilities to guarantee the greatest levels of superiority and safety. So, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you’re receiving the best possible quality product.

Along with their dedication to excellence, PureRawz also provides affordable prices in this sector. They provide many packages to help you get the most for your money.

Besides credit cards, they also accept PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

PureRawz is a good alternative if you seek a dependable vendor of premium SARMs and peptides.

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#6. Science Bio

Science Bio is another excellent source for SARM purchases because of its vast product selection, quick shipping, and top-notch customer service. In addition to selling research chemicals, they also market CBD products, kratom, and various adaptogenic mushrooms.

What you will enjoy about Science Bio is as follows:

  • Third-Party Assessment
  • Quick Shipping
  • High-quality products
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Money-Back Guarantee

PureRawz offers the largest selection of products in its inventory of all the businesses on this list; it’s almost absurd. They offer a variety of different routes of administration, including transdermals, powders, liquids, pills, and more. They sell everything from SARMs to kratom to CBD.

Despite being number six on the list, Science Bio is still one of the best SARMs companies due to its wide product catalogue.

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#7. Behemoth Labz

Behemoth Labz is a top-notch SARM supplier. I’ve only good things to say about the company. This vendor is constantly willing to assist and extensively understands all SARMs.

Their shipments are almost always prompt, and their rates are quite reasonable. Anyone seeking a source of top-notch SARMs should check out Behemoth Labz.

The brand has a large selection of liquid SARMS, which can be ideal for those who like SARMs in liquid form. As I stated, they have extremely affordable rates and consistently provide high-calibre products.

Among the few businesses that sell injectable SARMS is Behemothz Labz. Much like PureRawz, they have tablets, liquids, etc. So, I’d suggest Behemoth Labz if you’re searching for a SARMs vendor with a broad selection of products and excellent customer service.

In general, Behemoth Labz is one of the leading suppliers of SARMS. Their items are all pure and of the highest quality. The prices are quite low. They also always ship quickly and with reliability.

Behemoth Labz is a fantastic SARM vendor, it is among the best SARM companies, and I heartily endorse them.

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#8. Proven Peptide

Proven Peptides produces its SARMs in the US, which might delight US-based buyers.

Proven Peptides, like Science. Bio has its SARMs tested at third-party laboratories. You may find third-party test results of Proven Peptides SARMs.

Proven Peptides also sells SARMs in liquid form. Proven Peptides offers fast shipping, a money-back guarantee, and a point-based discount system for each purchase.

For each dollar spent on Proven Peptides products, you get back 1 point. Every 10 points can be redeemed for $1. In the long term, this could save a big chunk of money on your lab research.

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#9. Sports Technology Labs

Sports Technology Labs is a reputable supplier of SARMs. From testing to shipment, they have it all under control. They also offer reliable and secure payment options.

You will have a great experience working with these guys, and you can find many other people’s favourable comments by Googling online. They’re worth a try; you won’t be sorry!

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#10. Amino Asylum

Amino Asylum, a company situated in Kentucky that sells SARMs, calls itself a “premium” source of research materials.

However, there is a decent selection of SARMs, research oils, chemicals, prohormones, and amino in addition to peptides.

Prices for SARMs from Amino Asylum are on the higher side but are still competitive. They start at $29.99 for 20 mg/ml of Ostarine and go up to $44.99 for 25 mg/ml of Cardarine. For comparison, 10 mg/ml of Ligandrol costs $34.99, and 20 mg of RAD-1430 and YK-11 costs $39.99.

This firm is situated in the US, just like the other best SARM companies.

Amino Asylum is promising, with a nice lineup of popular SARMs, and it’s still developing. Future diversification of Amino’s SARM product line and website updates are to be anticipated.

Visit company website

#11. Brutal Force

Brutal Force is a company known for making fitness supplements. It specializes in making supplements that copy the effects of certain steroids. However, unlike those steroids, these supplements are natural and completely legal.

The team at Brutal Force is confident that their supplements deliver good results. They recommend combining their supplements with a healthy diet and a hard workout.

However, some customers may follow this solid advice and still need to see good results. Such dissatisfied customers can claim a 100% money-back guarantee.

Visit company website

#12. Paradigm Peptide

Amazing compounds known as SARMs can burn fat, and when combined with peptides and nootropics, they produce even better outcomes.

Buying SARMs from one company and additional supplements from another is a problem for SARM consumers.

Therefore, look at the provider Paradigm Peptides if you’re seeking the best SARMs companies that can supply you with these supplements combined.

One of the SARMs vendors selling peptides and nootropics is Paradigm Peptides. The US-based business has been operating in the health and wellness sector since 2014.

The company’s web store has the excellent feature of explaining the applications and advantages of each product it sells. All products are described, and the website’s layout is user-friendly. These are a few of the well-known SARMs this company sells: Cardarine, Ligandrol, Testolone, Ostarine, Ibutamoren, S-23, Stenabolic, Andarine, and YK-11.

The laboratories testing each of these goods are independent. The company claims that customers who take its product will experience weight loss, muscular healing, augmentation, and anti-ageing advantages.

Additionally, Paradigm Peptides have multiple ways of communicating.

The company has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and the following details can be used to get in touch with them:

  • Address: 1511 N Convent St., Suite 700-156, Bourbonnais, Illinois 60914
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Phone: +1-800-706-3449

Visit company website

#13. Swiss Chems

Suggesting Swiss Chems to folks who want to start their SARMs cycle is worthwhile.

This business provides beginning packages and additional supplements to aid weight loss and general health improvement.

Since its founding in 2010, Swiss Chems has grown to provide a variety of product choices.

This company offers products in the following categories: peptides, metabolic medicines, naturals, nootropics, and longevity. In addition to these, there are also male enhancement medicines and anti-ageing creams.

One of the SARMs suppliers that provide consumers with excellent procurement benefits is Swiss Chems. Among them are the following:

  • 10% off on your first purchase and 5% cashback.
  • Bundles up to 30% off
  • Free shipping for over $300 purchase
  • Worldwide delivery with a same-day shipping

The company also has 24/7 online chat and phone support. Compared to other companies, this is the only one that provides call support.

Because of this, the company has received thousands of positive reviews from its customers.

Visit company website

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#14. Nootropics Unlimited

Because of the purity of their products, excellent customer service, and affordable costs, Nootropics Unlimited is one of the best SARMs. And yes, they sell SARMs as well as nootropics.

They have some of the greatest SARMs currently available.

Why people adore Nootropics Unlimited is as follows; Pharmaceutical-Grade Goods, Competitive Prices, Worldwide Shipping, and Third Party Verified Purity.

Every batch of the SARMs they have available for purchase has been third-party confirmed, which guarantees at least 98% purity.

Visit company website

#15. Rats Army

Don’t let its name fool you. Rats Army is a legit SARMs vendor. In spite of being a relative newcomer to the SARMS market, it is considered one of the best SARM companies because of its reputation for producing high-quality goods and being trustworthy.

Rats Army, which offers a selection of the most well-liked SARMS for sale, is an excellent supplier for SARMS, much like Science Bio and Chemyo.

Rats Army also provides a variety of research compounds and peptides in addition to SARMs. Nootropics were most recently added to their catalogue of goods.

However, you’ll need to work with a different vendor if you’re searching for capsules or powder SARMs. Rats Army continues only to sell SARMs in liquid form, maintaining the distinction that first made it unique. However, you have various taste options, making the experience special.

You may find everything at Rats Army, including MK-2866, RAD-140, and YK-11, as well as Andarine, S23, and SR9009.

Visit company website

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What are the best SARMs in the UK?

Here are the UK SARMs that can jack up muscle growth, remove fat reservoirs and build unbeatable strength levels.

Ostarine MK-2866 SARMS UK for Higher muscle growth.
Cardarine GW-501516 UK SARM for Cutting and lean muscle.
Testolone Rad 140 SARM for Testosterone booster.
Ibutamoren MK-677 UK Sarm for HGH booster.

What brand of SARMs is the best?

Best 4 SARMS on the Market that Work;

Rad 140 Testolone sarm.
GW 501516 Cardarine sarm.
MK 2866 Ostarine sarm.
MK 677 Ibutamoren sarm.

Which SARM is the healthiest?

Which is the safest SARM and why? If you can refer to SARMs with a term like “safe”, then you would say that the safest is LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) from Ligand Pharmaceuticals due to several studies conducted (compared to other SARMs not yet been tested in humans at all).

How long should a SARM cycle be?

Six to eight week
Before starting an intense SARM program, know what you’d like to achieve during a standard six-to-eight-week cycle.

What happens when you stop SARMs?

Short answer: Immediately after stopping anabolic androgenic steroids, you lose about 20% to 50% of the muscle mass you gained during the “cycle”.


SARMs are offered for sale by numerous businesses. However, not all of them are reliable suppliers. This article has included 15 businesses that are all trustworthy suppliers of high-quality goods.

SARMs are a class of items that are still under development. Consequently, do your research before using these products, and always be sure to purchase from a reputable vendor.

Each firm on this list has been tested before they are selected as the best SARM company.


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