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BJS Hiring Age: How Old Do You Have To Work At BJS | Working Experience

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You’re reading this article because you’re a job seeker looking to embark on a career journey at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Perhaps you’re a recent graduate eager to kickstart your professional life or seeking new job prospects. But understanding the hiring age requirements and gaining insights into the working experience at BJS is vital to making informed decisions.

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a renowned warehouse club retailer offering its members different products and services. The company has over 200 locations across the US and employs over 30,000 people.

Meanwhile, you should know the hiring age requirement if you want to work at BJ’s Wholesale Club. The minimum BJS hiring age requirement for most entry-level positions is 16. However, some jobs (such as baggers and cart attendants) are open to younger employees.

Nevertheless, this blog article will discuss the hiring age requirement at BJ’s Wholesale Club. We will also look at the working experience/reviews from employees at the company.

What is BJS Hiring Age?

BJ’s hiring age requirement is 16 years old. This means that individuals who are 16 years or older may be eligible to apply for job positions at BJS Wholesale Club. And this age requirement is for most entry-level positions, like stocker or cashier.

But some BJS positions require you to be 18 or older (like management, supervisor, and warehouse positions) before hiring.

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How Old Do You Have To Work For BJS?

There’s no set retirement age at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Employees can retire at any age but may qualify for early retirement benefits if they fulfill specific requirements. Further, employees who retire from BJ’s Wholesale Club may also be eligible for Social Security benefits.

However, the age at which you can receive Social Security benefits depends on your birth year. For most people, the full retirement age is between 66 and 67. But your monthly benefit will be reduced if you start your Social Security benefits before your full retirement age.

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Why is The Hiring Age Requirement Important At BJS?

Some jobs at BJ’s Wholesale Club (such as stocking shelves and lifting heavy objects) require a certain level of physical ability. And younger employees are generally more physically fit to perform such tasks than older employees. That’s why BJ’s hiring age requirement is essential.

The second reason BJS hiring age is vital is that some roles at BJ’s Wholesale Club (like working in the warehouse) can be dangerous. And younger employees are generally more likely to be able to handle the physical demands of these jobs and recover from injuries more quickly.

Another reason BJ’s hiring age requirement is essential is that younger employees are generally more adaptable and easier to train than older employees. They are more likely to be familiar with new technology and to be able to learn new skills quickly.

Finally, younger employees are typically more energetic and enthusiastic than older staff members. This can be an asset in customer-facing roles, where employees must connect with customers and build relationships.

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How is The Work Culture At BJS?

Their employees make BJ’s Wholesale Club a fantastic place to work. When you join their team, they’ll welcome you with a spirit of cooperation and a kind demeanor. They also add value at every stage with a warm, welcoming atmosphere where everyone is valued.

Furthermore, here are what makes them stand out:

  • Professional Development: Team members who want to enhance their careers or thrive in their existing roles have access to training and development opportunities across the company.
  • Career Opportunities: Team members can build their careers and choose their paths, regardless of where they work within the firm.
  • Spirit of Innovation: BJS constantly strives to improve from where they were yesterday. They want to hear from you if you have concepts that liven their procedures, ideas, and technologies. Thus, innovation, modernization, and constant improvement are priorities for the company.
  • Community Leaders: They are proud to help those in need, whether through their food rescue collaboration with Feeding America or their prompt and considerate responses to emergencies and natural disasters.

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Work Experience/Testimonials From BJS Employees

Check what BJS employees are saying about the company:

Working in Bj’s was a good experience for me. I learned to keep busy at all times. I always made it to work on time and tried my best at any assignment.”

I work as an overnight ticketer (basically stock). We start at 11 p.m. and have three aisles to recover and stock up before the store opens at 9 a.m. The management team was very understanding and helpful to any problem you were having. I didn’t learn much except to become a better team member and help others. The hardest part of the job is the job itself, trying to stay awake while lifting heavy objects. The most enjoyable part of my job is looking forward to Thursday when the managers make food for the team members.

What I learned about the job well, why I was using the equipment to know how to use a machine to push the carts in the store by pressing a button and know how to greet a customer by during that just taught me how to calm down customer when they are agitated the biggest part about it you always got to keep items organize in the store, and I love to keep everything neat and organize I help out my co-workers when they need me to show them how to do things well I don’t have no harder position in the store everything seem easy to me the reason why I left the job to get a better opportunity.”

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Job Benefits When Working At BJS

The table below shows the employee benefits at BJS.

Well-being BenefitsBenefits of Being a Team MemberWork/Life Benefits
Healthcare PlansVacation PayWellness Programs
Life InsurancePersonal DaysTuition Reimbursement
Short-Term DisabilityHoliday PayParental Leave
Dental PlansSick PayWeekly Pay
Accident InsuranceBereavement LeaveFree BJ’s Membership
Health Savings AccountsJury Duty LeaveFinancial Assistance Programs

Frequently Asked Questions on BJS Hiring Age

How much does BJ’s pay an hour in Florida?

BJ’s Wholesale Club pays its staff an average of $14.50 hourly. Moreover, hourly pay at BJS ranges from an average of $11.45 to $20.32 an hour.

What is BJS Express pay?

ExpressPay allows Members to scan items to BJ mobile app as they shop to quicken checkout.

What cashier gets paid the most?

Instacart, Whole Foods Market, Inc., and ALDI Group cashiers get paid the most.


The hiring age requirement at BJS Wholesale Club is vital for various reasons. Younger employees are generally more physically fit, easier to train, and more energetic than older employees. This makes them better suited for the physical demands and training requirements of the jobs at the company.

Of course, there are also some benefits to hiring older employees. For example, more senior employees may have more experience and knowledge, which can be valuable in some roles.

However, the age requirement at BJ’s Wholesale Club is based on the belief that younger employees are generally better suited for most jobs at the company.

If you are over 16 years old, you can apply for most entry-level positions at BJ’s Wholesale Club. The company offers various benefits, including competitive wages, health insurance, and retirement plans.

BJ’s Wholesale Club may be a great option if you are looking for a part-time or full-time job.

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