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There are 15 best solar companies in Charlotte Nc, with over 5,662 MW of solar installations. North Carolina is among the top in the country for solar energy. That is over 683,648 houses’ worth of electricity produced by solar energy!

Searching through all the alternatives while looking for the finest solar firms in Charlotte NC can be overwhelming. Still, it can be worthwhile because going solar can have many positive benefits.

Many households find that, switching to solar energy is financially helpful because Charlotte has a large capacity for solar energy output.

To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best solar companies in Charlotte, NC, with information about them. Let’s ride!

Is Solar Worth It In Charlotte NC?

North Carolina is fourth in the nation for solar installations, but residents also pay less for electricity than most American homeowners. 

Some Charlotte NC, residents, worry if solar panels are worth the expense because one of the biggest advantages of going solar is the savings you’ll see on your electric bills. For most Charlotte, North Carolina residents, solar is a fantastic alternative, but it’s only right for some. 

The parameters you can use to evaluate whether your home is an excellent option for solar, in addition to the numerous advantages solar panels will provide, are provided below. Before you proceed with your solar project, there are a few things you ought to be aware of.

What is the solar energy payback period in Charlotte NC?

Most Charlotte, North Carolina, homeowners find that going solar is a worthwhile and rewarding investment, with systems saving local homes an average of $20,035 throughout their lifetimes.

But only some homes are a fine fit for solar panels, so before deciding, it’s important to analyze your property to see if it can support solar energy. 

The magnitude of the system you need to cover your electric expenses, your expected solar panel payback period, your monthly power bills, and the orientation of your roof are some of the most crucial factors to consider.

Solar panels almost usually pay their way over time is a huge benefit of installing them. Measuring the solar panel payback period will allow you to estimate how lengthy that procedure will take for your home. 

What Should One Pay Attention To When Considering Solar in Charlotte NC?

When looking for a solar firm to install your panels, a few things to bear in mind if you’ve decided that solar is a wise investment for your home. The elements consist of the following:

  • Upfront payments
  • Repayment Period
  • Policies for Net Metering in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Pending Policies & Incentives Changes
  • Charlotte, North Carolina’s climate and weather

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What Are Charlotte NC’s Typical Buy-Back Rates?

A regulation that is advantageous for solar clients is net metering, which is required in several states. The program enables you to produce excess electricity and resell the extra to your electricity provider through connections via your inverters.

 You’ll often earn credits on your energy bill for each kWh of surplus generation. All solar customers in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be eligible for this incentive because net metering is required there.

The best part is that the Public Service Commission of North Carolina mandates that all electricity suppliers buy back energy at the standard retail rate. This means that for each kWh you create, you will receive credit equal to the price you would pay per kWh going into your home.

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Is There Enough Sun Available For Solar Panels In Charlotte NC?

You can reduce your electric bill costs by using solar panels, which convert sunshine into power. Homes that get more sunlight will, therefore, naturally save more money.

The average number of sunny days in North Carolina is about 213 per year, which is higher than the average for most states, which is about 205. As a result, solar panels would be considerably more valuable considering the quantity of sunlight in NC. 

However, there are some unique elements that you must also consider while determining your property’s feasibility. For instance, the orientation of your roof can influence how effective your solar panels are.

The finest roofs for solar in the US are those that face south, whereas rooftops that face west are less suitable but can still be profitable for solar conversion.

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What Are The Benefits of Solar Energy in Charlotte NC?

Solar energy in North Carolina offers a variety of advantages, including financial rewards and a favorable environmental impact. Below, we’ll detail the solar panels’ most alluring advantages.

#1. Savings on Electricity Bills

Solar panels’ savings on your electricity bills are the biggest financial advantage of getting solar.

Even though NC’s electricity rates are below the national average, households could save $118.44 a month if they completely forgo their electricity use, which is very likely given the state’s outstanding net metering regulations. That equals a potential $1,421 in annual savings.

Over the remaining years of your rooftop solar system, you’re anticipated to save $20,035 in energy savings once your panels have paid for themselves. You could actually save more money.

#2. Access to Certain Incentives and Reduced Taxes

The fact that solar is so common in North Carolina is mostly due to the state’s generous solar incentives, which cause going solar a more appealing and affordable alternative. The federal solar tax credit is one of the most important incentives the federal government provides (ITC). 

In North Carolina, the average installation cost is $8,001, so the ITC covers 30% of that amount. Your federal income tax liability in the year you install and activate your system is reduced by that sum.

#3. Increase in Home Resale Value

Solar panels’ increase in property value is another benefit of adopting solar that several solar customers overlook.

In a current solar outlook poll, 63% of homeowners said they would pay extra for a property with solar panels, and 70% to homeowners concurred that solar panels boost a home’s resale value.

#4. Renewable, Clean Energy

While many homes may find the aforementioned financial advantages to be the most alluring, some Charlotte NC, residents may find the environmental advantages of switching to clean energy.

Most significantly, you’ll generally lessen your reliance on your utility provider and fossil fuels.

This help in minimizing your carbon footprint and the number of pollutants you produce that add to air and water pollution. Energy dependence also allows you to avoid future increases in electricity prices.

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15 Best Solar Companies in Charlotte NC

  • Balex Electrical Company, LLC
  • Empower Solar
  • Pink Energy
  • Renewable Energy Design Group
  • Renu Energy Solutions
  • Reserve Power
  • Taylor Electric & Solar
  • Southern Home Solar
  • Solar Energy World
  • Titan Solar Power
  • PES Solar Inc
  • Emerald Energy
  • Orka Energy
  • Better Tomorrow Solar
  • Green State Power, LLC

#1. Balex Electrical Company, LLC

This commercial, residential, and solar electrical contractor with full licensing and insurance, Balex Electrical Company is based in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Balex Electrical Company provides service to nearby city of Kernersville, High Point, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Winston-Salem, and more. This business founded on two straightforward tenets: Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

They are a team of licensed electricians in the Piedmont Triad with years of experience in all facets of home electrical services, electrical repairs, electrical installs, and electrical troubleshooting.

From minor lighting adjustments, ceiling fan, generator, to full remodels. You can count on them to work quickly, finish your home improvement, and leave your house in the condition you specified for them.

Official Website

#2. Empower Solar

Location: 1111 Bowman Rd, Charlotte, NC 29464

Empower Solaras, one of the best solar companies in Charlotte, NC provides services to commercial and residential customers in Charlotte and the surrounding areas in collaboration with the Building Performance Institute and Biolite.

Its staff of NABCEP-certified professionals informs clients about solar energy options and offers them solar energy solutions. Home energy assessments are a part of the procedure, and they could cause upgrades like novel insulation, duct sealing, and solar attic fans.

The business belongs to the Solar Energy Industries Association and the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.

What customers are saying:

I had an awesome experience getting my solar set up with EMPWR. Andrew was incredibly friendly and took the time to check in on my process and ensure I knew everything was going. I got updates throughout the process, so I understood where things stood and what was coming next. Everyone I interacted with was so polite. I would highly recommend making this your solar company!

Official Website

#3. Pink Energy

Location: 270 International Dr. NW, Concord, NC 28027

Pink Energy serves Charlotte, customers. It is among the choicest options of solar companies in Charlotte, NC, for its residents.

It handles local utility companies’ permit requests and offers solar panel installation services. The company installs Generac, a battery solution that provides backup power capabilities, to support the client’s energy infrastructure.

Official Website

#4. Renewable Energy Design Group

Location: Charlotte, NC

Solar installer Renewable Energy Design Group works with clients in the Charlotte area, including residential, commercial, and agricultural.

It is one of the solar companies in Charlotte, NC that installs specially made solar energy systems with no emissions to climate change, minimizing air pollution and water usage.

The company offers help with real-time performance tracking of current power and overall energy production.

Its team manages licenses, paperwork, inspection, and local utility company cooperation for the convenience of its clients.

Official Website

#5. Renu Energy Solutions

Location: 801 Pressley Road, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28217

The Charlotte-based supplies renewable energy sources to the metro areas.

Like other solar companies in Charlotte NC, It implements solar-powered electricity and energy storage solutions for household and business use.

With NABCEP certification, its technical staff designs system evaluates energy requirements and mount solar panels on roofs.

The crew offers maintenance support, links solar systems with utility grids, and helps with paperwork. Since its founding in 2010, the company has finished over 4,500 projects.

What customers are saying:

I received 3 quotes for my solar project. Renu came in with the best price and warranty. Nich was excellent at helping us understand the system, options, cost, etc.

Blake, Mark, Jordan, Alex, Ben, Dylan, and Owen did our 35-panel install in ONE DAY! Calli kept us informed on the process. From start to finish, only about 6 weeks! Happy to be offsetting our electric bill!”

Official Website

#6. Reserve Power

Location: 4123-A Rose Lake Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217

A solar energy marketing and installation business in Charlotte is called Rsrv Power: And is one of the reputable solar companies in Charlotte, NC.

To assist homeowners in making the switch to renewable energy, it builds and installs solar power systems. Its personnel handles the documentation and licenses necessary for installing solar energy systems.

Additionally, the business offers customers software that enables online production monitoring. An organization having activities in South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island is Rsrv Power.

What customers are saying:

“RSRV Power has a superior reputation was evident from the initial engagement when guiding me through the factors, benefits, pros, and cons when deciding on a solar system for my home.

They were fully transparent, responsive to my questions and concerns throughout every step, and the installer was professional and represented this brand well”.

Official Website

#7. Taylor Electric & Solar

Location: 1506 Turring Dr, Indian Trail, NC 28079

The locally owned and managed TayCo Electric & Solar serves the Charlotte metro areas. It provides SunPower solar system, with advantages like savings that can’t be lost, rising property values, and lessening their environmental impact.

Customers are helped at every step of the way—site evaluation, System design process, inspections permit application, installation, and system activation—by this service.

Since its founding in 2006, TayCo Electric & Solar has already been operating. It is an Authorized Installer of Tesla Powerwalls. This solar company is one of the fast-growing solar companies in Charlotte, NC.

What customers are saying:

“We struggled for a couple of years to find someone that could help us validate that the existing solar install on the house we bought was working correctly and to help us set up monitoring.

Whitney was awesome! She helped answer all of our questions and identified the correct hardware to install to enable us to monitor our system’s production.

The amazing part of all this is that our system isn’t even a brand that TayCo uses or services, but they still took the time to help us and get us squared away. I’d recommend TayCo for the care they take with their customers!”

Official Website

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#8. Southern Home Solar

Location: 9307 Monroe Rd suite o, Charlotte, NC 28270, United States

Owner Shawn Kalgren made the career transition that redefine the home remodeling sector in 2001. Shawn founded a business whose ideals and its excellent work mirror ideas by fusing his teaching abilities with his 15 years of experience in house improvement.

Because of this, Southern Home Services has amassed many contented clients who routinely refer the company to their friends, relatives, and neighbors.

What customers are saying:

“Nothing but great things to say about this company and their service. Definitely would recommend it!!”

Official Website

#9. Solar Energy World

Location: 3029 Horseshoe Ln suite B, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States

Because clients like them and continually recommend them to others, Solar Energy World has developed into the region’s fastest-growing independently owned provider of solar power system installation and design.

Leading solar power system installation Solar Energy World works with both residential and commercial clients in MD, VA, DC, NJ, DE, PA, NC, SC, and FL.

To make solar energy accessible to everyone, Solar Energy World provides a variety of alluring lease and financing options.

What Customers are saying:

“We’ve had solar panels installed for approximately three months, and I say, I couldn’t be happier for every aspect of Solar Energy World. They were straightforward with their quoting.

Daren Weatherby was easy to deal with, honest, and very professional.

The installers came on time and were respectful, thorough, and friendly. The installation was quick and seamless, looks good.

I am saving more than $200 per month on my electric bill. The solar panels are paying for themselves. Thank you, Solar Energy World!”

Official Website

#10. Titan Solar Power

Location: 10345 Nations Ford Rd suite w, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

This one of the high-ranking solar companies in Charlotte NC, and beyond!

As the top rooftop solar contractor in the country, Titan Solar Power takes care of every aspect of solar module installation.

It offers a variety of “no upfront cost” options to meet your family’s unique needs, which include financial products made available only to Titan by the solar financiers in the country.

Official Website

#11. PES Solar Inc.

Location: Charlotte, NC

As one of the most trusted and long-standing supplier of solar energy in FL, GA, NC, and SC, PES Solar is pleased to have this title. They are ready to meet all of your needs for home efficiency and have been family owned and run since 1997.

They have you covered for everything from solar and roofing to doors and windows and everything in between. Company offers financing with no money down and the most competitive rates in the market.

Official Website

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#12. Emerald Energy

Location: 3201 Wellington Ct Suite, 103, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States

The North Carolina general contractor and solar installer-designer Emerald Energy is a locally owned, fully licensed general contractor that offers full-scale engineered design, consultation, and turnkey installs of solar energy projects, both commercial and residential.

Along with regular contracting work and home renovations, they are experts in solar photovoltaics. They help their clients to discover the best energy-saving options for their house or company with solar installations.

Official Website

#13. Orka Energy

Location:1340-C, 1340 Old Dairy Dr. Suite A, Columbia, SC 29201, United States

You choose to get to understand and collaborate with a small family-owned business when you decide to work with Orka.

Because of its small, they can take the time necessary with each customer to ensure complete satisfaction and a personalized comprehension of your clean, renewable energy investment.

They are solar installers, not salespeople, who might recommend you to strangers after the sale. They work on everything with clients from beginning to end.

Official Website

#14. Better Tomorrow Solar

Location: 210 Delburg St, Davidson, NC 28036, United States

Location: 210 Delburg St, Davidson, NC 28036, United States

Better Tomorrow Solar is dedicated to fostering a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment. They offer the most affordable option using the same premium materials in the Southeastern market.

Shop around and compare. BTS is advancing a better future, one solar panel at a time, through adaptable financing options and skilled installations.

Official Website

#15. Green State Power, LLC

With Green State Power, LLC work with the leading solar brands have its advantages, and you still receive local customer support.

The company has great professionals in the field designing your solar system so you can generate as much electricity as possible for your home.

Each day of the week, green state power, LLC provides hassle-free in-home, online, or telephone consultations.

They take advantage of all state and federal incentives, i other to offer you a solar system with NO additional COST.

Visit company Official Website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar panels reduce the value of your home?

Solar panels can undoubtedly increase your home’s value and increase your property’s appeal to potential buyers. In the end, solar panels are a long-term investment for which locals must be ready.

Do solar panels function in the winter?

Solar panels will provide around a fifth of their average energy output throughout the winter, based on the Energy Saving Trust. You will often get around an hour of full power output in the middle of a cold month. At the same time, your solar panels are still producing electricity for you!

Do solar panels require maintenance?

Your solar panels shouldn’t require a yearly service like a boiler would. Maintaining your packages in good working order shouldn’t cost you extra.

How frequently should solar panels be washed?

Solar panels should normally be cleaned every six months to one year to preserve their efficacy, productivity, and efficiency. Cleaning may be required more frequently, depending on where you live and how much filth and pollution are there.

Are solar panels thermal emitters?

Solar panels get warm to the touch. In general, the temperature of solar panels is 36 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the surrounding air. The functioning cell temperature of solar panels determines how much electricity they can produce when they get heated.


Although it is possible to install solar panels on your own in North Carolina, doing so comes with a high risk of property damage and personal danger. We strongly advise hiring a qualified and experienced installer to avoid any issues.

We’ve listed the top 15 solar companies in Charlotte NC. Now you can design and install your solar panel with their help and enjoy a wonderful solar experience at a reasonable price. Decide, then start enjoying!



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