15 Crazy and Weird Interview Questions that Top Recruiters Ask

Crazy and weird interview questions are the most difficult and challenging questions you can face in a job interview. You know why?

I will tell you!

Unlike important interview questions you rehearse and prepare for before the D day, weird interview questions often comes unexpectedly.

Most times, they can throw you off balance because they come as hard nuts you don’t really know how and where to start cracking them from.

Now, imagine being asked in any interview ‘ How can you explain the sky to a blind man?’ How many basketballs can fit on a bus?’ or ‘Blue or Green, pick one.

You get the point now?

In as much as these questions sounds crazy, they are delicate questions because most recruiters use it learn more about employees personality, character, traits and even approach to work.

Read on to get insight unique interview questions that are weird top recruiters do ask.  

Why Do Recruiters ask Weird Interview Questions

For a variety of reasons, recruiters may ask werid and crazy interview questions.

First is to know how you’ll responde to the unexpected. For instance, imagine you rehearsed for an important and resonable interview questions and you just hear, “If you were a dog, which breed would you be, and why?” Won’t be be a surprise.

Aside from your CV and typical interview questions, strange interview questions are offered to help the company to learn more about your qualities and features.

Interviewers frequently ask strange questions to evaluate if prospects will fit in with the rest of the team and the company culture.

Employers also ask unusual interview questions to assess an applicant’s critical and analytical thinking skills. If you’re asked for the total square miles of land in California, for example, the employer isn’t seeking for a precise answer. The employer is keeping an eye on you to see how you calculate the answer.

It is always best to give honest and professional responses to any questions you are asked in an interview.

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Weird Interview Questions: How to Respond

Don’t be alarmed if you’re asked a strange interview question. Here are some pointers on how to respond to an unusual interview question.

Keep your cool

Take a deep breath if you’re asked a question that stumps you. Maintain a good posture and make eye contact with the interviewer. Even if you don’t feel that way, you want to project a calm and confident demeanor.

Purchase some time

If you’re stumped, realize that it’s fine to wait for a moment before responding. You can also buy time by saying something like, “that is a very fascinating question; let me think about it for a minute.”

Consider the position

Remember that the purpose of interview questions is to discover whether or not you have the necessary abilities for the job. Consider how you can respond to a question in a way that indicates a talent or quality that qualifies you for the position.

If the interviewer asks what color best symbolizes you, you may respond “blue” because it is a relaxing color and you are good at remaining calm under pressure.


Include a response to the question in your thank you note if you were unable to answer it by the end of the interview.

Pose a question.

The majority of unusual interview questions are designed to test your critical thinking abilities. Quite sometimes, there is no “correct” response.

Even if you struggle to come up with a solution, explaining your rationale out loud as you respond to the question will demonstrate your cognitive process. Ask clarifying inquiries if you’re still unsure.

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Crazy and Weird Interview Questions

Here are 15 Crazy and Weird Interview Questions top recruiters do ask:

#1. How much will you charge to wash the whole City?

This is one of the weird and craziest question most recruiters ask in a job interview. This question can turn you off balance if you don’t think well.

Recruiters do ask this kind of question to examine how your logical problem-solving skills. Your response to this question can tell how calm and proactive you can be when dealing with an unexpected challenge.

So, in answering this question, just know that your answer doesn’t matter. What matters is your immediate response or gesture at that time.

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#2. Create a Spice Rack for the Blind

This is one of the craziest questions top recruiters ask in an interview. They do ask this question to ascertain your analytical skills. So, your answer can be ‘I will first do competitive research before I start designing’.

As a matter of choice, you can start by describing how to create braille labels on each of the shelves. Any of the answers is right!

Just be smart enough to know what your hirer wants.

#3. Hunter or Gather, which are you?

This is among the werid interview questions most top recruiter do ask. However, even with the werid nature, it’s very important because it reveals your personality.

Most recruiters ask this question to know what kind of employee you would be and how you may likely approach your task when employed.

Hunters are thought to be more forceful and to focus on a single activity at a time.

They aren’t afraid to take on a challenge and are willing to take on virtually anything. Gatherers, on the other hand, are known for their attention to detail and ability to multitask.

#4. What would you bring if you were stranded on an island with only three items?

This is a question your interviewer might ask to see how creative and imaginative you are.

This question also allows the employer to determine which aspects of your life are most important to you.

Your response should exhibit your capacity to think creatively and solve difficulties.

So, if you’re smart your answer should be ” I would bring a laptop, a solar-powered generator, and a lighter. I’d use the laptop to work as well as communicate with family and friends.

The laptop’s battery would be charged using the solar-powered generator. I’d create a fire with the lighter for warmth and cooking.”

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#5. If you’re crayon, what color would you like to be?

Most recruiters who ask this kind of werid interview question does that to ascertain the talents and traits that makes you unique.

Most time, applicants boost their resume with skills that they don’t really possess just to blow the mind of recruiters.

That is why most recruiters go beyond what is in the resume to ask questions like this just to be sure you got the skills you mentioned.

So, your response should reflect your unique personality and creative side. You might even surprise the interviewer by responding with a unique word or phrase like “glitter” or “clear.”

You’ll describe what that hue means to you and how it symbolizes you in either case.

Here is a clue of what you can answer: ”Purple and aqua would be my colors. Purple is a serene and soothing color, while aqua is a bright and bold color. I can contribute ideas to a team while maintaining calm under pressure at work. As evidenced by my internship experience, I also possess leadership qualities.”

#6. Pick an animal that represents you?

This is one of the most common crazy and weird interview questions that top recruiters ask. So, when going for an interview, expect this question.

When asked this question, know that your hirer is interested in knowing how creative you are, as well as your ability to think quickly and deliver a thoughtful response.

So when picking, pick an animal that its abilities, qualities, and moral character, aligns with yours.

For instance you can say “A horse. This is because horses are strong and capable of accomplishing tasks on their own or in groups. They are also quick learners who are capable of adapting to any environment.”

#7. What would you do if you win $100 million in the lottery now?

Employers ask this inquiry to find out why you want to work in the first place. During an interview, employers are seeking for a candidate that isn’t just interested in the money, but really appreciates the work.

Without considering money, your answer to this question should represent your true interest in the employment.

#8. What superpower would you prefer to have if you could have any?

Employers ask this question to assess your leadership potential. Another approach to consider this subject is to consider whether you’d prefer to be in the spotlight or behind the scenes.

Employers are seeking for employees who will fit into the business culture and contribute to the team. Any response to this question should include the words “teamwork” and “strengths.”

Consider the following scenario: “I’d choose flying because I enjoy taking charge of tasks and taking initiative. I am capable of working individually, but I also enjoy interacting with others as part of a group.”

#9. Describe the sky for a Blind Man?

The company that sk this werid interview question are usually companies that value innovation and creativity. Most top recruiters ask this interview question to ascertain your inventiveness, which is really important for the organization.

Additionally, they ask such question when they want to know how much vocabulary they know.

#10. What kind of media do you watch on a regular basis, and where do you watch it?

If you’re going for an interview in a media company, do expect this question. Yes, it may sound werid and crazy, but it’s a way of how good you’re when it comes to social media engagement.

Your answer to this question will show your tech savvy, media literacy, as well as your passion to improving yourself.

#11. Would you wait if the traffic light turns red when if you’re running late to work?

It’s not difficult to figure out what this inquiry tells about a person — their honesty, of course.

Most people would not run a red light in real life, but in a hypothetical interview scenario, many people are overly eager to satisfy the interviewer.

If you say, “Yes, I’d run the red light,” it means you can either breach major social conventions, which is not a desirable trait, or you lack the moral fortitude to tell me, “No, I wouldn’t run the red light; I’ll just deal with the penalties of being late when I arrive.”

But if you say “No, I’ll wait,” I’ll wait. It exemplifies honesty and morals.

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#12. Can you take a Financial wizard pill that has unfavourable effect? Give your reasons

Most employers ask this interview question to know if you’re someone with high integrity and value or not.

It determines if you’re willing to follow the quickest path to success and wealth, notwithstanding the consequences.

If you answer ‘Yes,’ it shows you’re desperate for success and will go to any length to achieve it, even if it means putting the firm at risk.

However, if you say “No,” you can be persistent, honest, and industrious, all of which are characteristics of successful and thriving people.

#13. In what ways can you get water from a lake at the foot of a mountain, up to the top of the mountain?

This is one of the crazy interview questions employers ask of they want to know how strategic you are in handling tasks.

#14. How would you solve problems if you were from Mars?

This question helps employers know if candidate can think outside what’s traditional or normal. You’ll want your candidate to demonstrate an ability to problem-solve even under bizarre circumstances.

Her answer can show you whether she’s capable of entering a new workplace environment and evaluating it fairly before offering solutions.

#15. How do you feel about gnomes in the garden?

This is a ludicrous and crazy interview question most recruiters do ask. It’s designed to loosen you up, get a glimpse of your personality, and get a sense of how well you fit into the company’s culture.

There is no correct response to this question, but if your team enjoys being sarcastic, you might encourage a candidate to say something like, “If I could get a job as one, I definitely wouldn’t be here today talking to you.”

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Answering Weird Interview Questions Tips

When asked a werid interview question, it’s fine to ask for a moment to gather your thoughts before responding. When you’re asked crazy or strange interview questions, take your time, answer thoroughly and thoughtfully, and be honest.

However, you can prepare by practicing your responses to unusual interview questions ahead of time. It’s also a good idea to ask people in your field whether they were asked any unusual questions during their interviews, as they could be able to provide insight into how they responded.

Then try to think of the company’s mission and the goals of the role in question. This is more than likely what the question is supposed to do if there is an opportunity to demonstrate technical aptitude, mathematical competence, or expert knowledge in answering the issue.

Above all, don’t get flustered, apply sound logic, and firmly and calmly walk the interviewer through the steps you’d follow to reach a decision.

Your recruiters will focus more on your acceptance and readiness to embrace an odd question, as well as your efforts to provide a logical solution, regardless of the answer you ultimately provide.



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