How To Build A Project Manager Career In 2023

This article is about how to build a project manager career, but first, what is project management and who is a project manager?

A project manager is a professional in the project management field who plans, procurement, and execution of any project.

Their roles span from defining clear project objectives, buying the required resources needed to carry out the project, and managing the project management triangle constraints, which are time, scope, and quality.

Project managers ensure the company’s vision is being achieved and communicated to members of their teams. Being able to communicate, co-work, supervise and adapt to different persons in the team are some skill sets you need to succeed in this career part.

Project managers ensure projects the company wishes to achieve are accurately carried out between the company and its clients. 

Who is a Project Manager?

A project manager is a professional who is responsible for planning, executing, and delivering projects within the constraints of time, budget, and scope. The role of a project manager is to ensure that a project is completed successfully, on time, and within budget, while meeting the specific requirements of the project stakeholders.

Here are some of the key responsibilities of a project manager:

  1. Planning: Project managers are responsible for creating a detailed project plan that outlines the scope, objectives, timeline, budget, and resources required for the project. They may use project management software and tools to manage project tasks and schedules.
  2. Execution: Project managers are responsible for coordinating and overseeing the work of project team members, assigning tasks, and ensuring that project deliverables are completed on time and within budget.
  3. Communication: Project managers are responsible for maintaining regular communication with stakeholders, including clients, team members, and other project stakeholders, to ensure that everyone is informed about the project’s progress.
  4. Risk Management: Project managers must identify and manage potential risks that could impact the project’s success. This involves developing contingency plans and taking steps to mitigate risks as they arise.
  5. Quality Control: Project managers are responsible for ensuring that project deliverables meet the required quality standards. They may use tools such as quality assurance checklists or quality control processes to ensure that project work meets the necessary standards.

How to Build a Project Manager’s Career In 2023

To succeed as a project manager, ensure that work has a detailed plan on how to carry out work, with deadlines and delegation to ensure all hands are on deck to actualize the project.

Project management has become a career part for many people and excelling at this will require experience with past projects you have worked on and how you tackled them.

There are many entry levels of jobs in the project manager’s career that don’t require experience to apply, but the chosen applicant must learn in the industry, show commitment to professional growth, and be skilled in some areas listed in this article.

To build a project manager’s career in 2023, you must be ready to commit to the process and be willing to innovate to solve the problem. In this content are detailed ways you can go about this.

How Do I Start A Career As A Project Manager?

Becoming a project manager will require you to possess an undergraduate or master’s degree in management, business, or any such related field.

Bachelor’s degree in relevant courses usually takes 4 years, a Master’s degree lasts 2 years and doctoral degrees go between 2 to 3 years. This degree covers management and overall human resource skills.

Acquiring and becoming a fully licensed project manager will take between 5 to 9 years aside from internships done after the course of the programs. The degree also aims to strengthen interaction skills for students enrolled.

Going for a higher degree like a master’s or doctorate will strengthen your position as one to take on the task that is to be given during your application process.

Companies will look for more qualified and specialized degrees when hiring for this important role. Internships are important, to gather experience in real life and see how to apply the knowledge gained with your degree.

There are available online courses for project managers which don’t take longer than traditional degree courses. You can explore these options in the future, as these platforms also offer opportunities for community learning.

Some scholarship opportunities are available for degree courses which you can search for online, some online courses are free and well quite detailed.

There are various levels that you can climb in your project manager career, from project manager to advanced and senior project manager. Promotion to higher levels requires not just years in the profession but proven leadership qualities.

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What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Project Manager?

Alongside your degree, you will require certification to become a fully licensed project manager. Project managers need more than a degree to succeed in this career part.

They need certain specific skills that might require them to take extra training to function effectively in their new roles. To be a successful project manager, incorporating certain Skillset is a must.

With constant changes within a company, the project manager should be able to adapt the plans accordingly to push for more success.

The bigger picture is the critical result and achieving this will require attention to detail, also ensuring that trust between all the parties involved to get the best out of any project. Improving your skillset will stand you out as an important part of the player and move.

Building a project manager career in 2023 will require you are aware of the changes going on in the company and be able to execute the set of projects that will be crucial to the success of the business, introducing more technology in the business sphere, some of the new problems arising will require more advanced skill set and new training.

Being able to adapt and achieve progress will take on some intentional growth. Being able to deliver on business goals, be visionary, and strategically aware of set projects will achieve the top of the ladder in project management.

Project managers will require more to amass the success a project needs to be. Important skills required to build and succeed as a project manager are:

Clear Communication

Project managers must communicate effectively with the team members on given projects to ensure the work meets deadlines and there are no compromises on the desired quality required from every member involved in the project.

Feedbacks are important during projects to ensure clarity.

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Be Accountable

Project managers must be accountable by taking responsibility for decisions and actions.

A successful project will require directives that might demand and create a safe environment where every team member can function effectively.

Leadership Skills

Leadership is a core skill needed by project managers needed to carry out projects. To build a project manager career, you will be required to build strong leadership qualities that will be essential in ensuring that team members can follow instructions and be able to understand what roles they have to play.

Creative Mindset

Being able to be creative is necessary, to be daring and finding solutions to problems is a crucial skill needed.

Being creative affords project managers to innovate in face of challenges or produce better ways to carry out tasks.

Critical Thinking

Solving issues will require project managers to be critical thinkers. Be able to analyze and evaluate information gathered through observation, experience, and communication.

Lots of issues will require immediate decisions and project managers must be able to come up with decisions with all the facts presented.

Strong Work Ethic

Hard work and discipline are the building blocks of any professional career. Project managers need to build focus into their work and commit to finishing tasks than leaving them midway.

This ensures that others following can take a good example from their leader.

Time Management

Professionals need to work with time frames and getting farther in any career will require you to pay attention to deadlines and meet them with properly done work. This is a very important skill to gain if you intend to build a project manager’s career.

Mastery of delivering even before deadlines is a necessary tool to push you farthest from the career chain.

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Defined Work Processes

There are ways of doing things and they have to be defined clearly to ensure that all team members do not deviate far from even the space required for them to make their inputs.

Having to define certain parameters for team members can offer them a path to work on and with and ensure that they followed all due processes.

Multitasking Skills

There may be too many projects a company might wish to achieve and different teams set up by a project manager will require multitasking skills to cope with simultaneous issues rising within the different teams.

Being able to multitask will require levels of professionals to work under the pressure of delivering projects.


Project managers are to, with certain accuracy, determine the outcome of various situations. Project managers need a certain accuracy to foretell the outcome of their plans and what should work and what shouldn’t.

Through experiences, the project manager’s precision in decision making improves and they can ultimately use working modules that depend on speculations.

Progression in project management will require planning, research on what’s working, and monitoring the progress of tasks being currently worked on.

Define your skillset and mastery of skills will go a long way in the building process, your scope also is an important factor that requires you to envision possible setbacks and mountains to conquer, this allows you to plan for the long term and avoid caught up in the heat of the project.

Collaborative efforts also go a long way to help achieve goals instead of chunking up most of the responsibilities. In this way, team members can follow up on your lead and execute properly on given assignments.

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What Are The Career Paths For Becoming A Project Manager?

Your project manager career can also kick off by being a team lead, a director, or a manager with no degree.

In this category, you will need to explore additional training and skill acquisition to add to your experience and become a more effective project manager.

Project managers offer directional plans and some communication skills are required for the team to understand the directives given out.

A project manager’s career comes with varieties of work in the industry and a wonderful career to consider in 2023 or build towards. 

Because of the importance of project managers, many companies grow to hire professional project managers with the demand to shoot up with new startups. There are many jobs project managers will find relevant in 2023 and with the growing industry, more opportunities spring up and allow managers to make more lucrative career changes. Some of these jobs are-

Project coordinator, project lead, Project manager, Project officer, Project support officer, Project administrator, Business analyst, Junior project manager, Assistant project manager, PMO coordinator, PMO analyst, Project analyst, Portfolio analyst, Portfolio coordinator, among many other opportunities.

Aside from your professional qualifications and experiences, entry rates are quite high for project managers, as they are in demand.

Industries in Need of Project Managers

Here are some industries needing project managers 

  1.  Law Firms
  2.  IT Companies
  3.  Construction and engineering
  4.  Banking sector
  5.  Designing companies.

Project managers in health and social care play important roles, such as hiring doctors for the delegation of tasks, identifying core issues to plan a solution to certain problems, and monitoring the progress made in whatever department or unit.

The flexibility required in this section requires project managers to adapt and make changes when need be. As same as construction, project managers oversee a variety of large construction projects to ensure competition and great quality work achieved during its course. 

Introduction of artificial intelligence into project management, most opportunities will have to innovate to avoid being completely wiped out by AI.

Project managers can become CEOs and can lead company policies toward more growth and see with the experience they had coupled with their skills, project managers can aspire to lead the company.

Not forgetting that qualifications will be required in business and other related fields such as required by the application in project manager careers. 

Project managers work an average of 40 hours per week and tasks might be too demanding and will require some overtime or less.

This also depends on the project manager’s ability to delegate tasks and communicate effectively on how they want the project to be carried out.

Project Manager Salary

A project manager’s career is lucrative work and pay differs from country to country. Salaries also depend on experience and education gained, the average salary is between 51,000 to 120,000USD every year.

Some of the best countries to have a wonderful career or build a project manager’s career are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and India. These are some countries that offer great career opportunities for project managers.


Choosing to pursue a project manager career will require more than a certificate to succeed in the field. It will require a lot of training on your part to be equipped with the tools.

The work requires a lot of you to be considered. There comes the experience that can help you better yourself in the field.

You can gain more by ensuring that you are actively seeking an internship for programs and gaining valuable experience from professionals in the work field.


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