Construction Project Manager Job Description in 2023

Whether it’s a shopping mall or a single-family home, construction projects are highly structured enterprises. They have many moving elements and individuals who need to be synchronized perfectly.

This is when the construction project manager enters the picture. The project manager is as vital as the project owner, general contractor, and other project construction participants.

The construction project manager is critical to a project’s successful completion. He is in charge of overseeing and supervising the construction projects. This procedure is divided into phases and is frequently larger than it appears, placing additional responsibility on the shoulders of the building project manager.

That is why obtaining a complete construction project manager job description is necessary before beginning work as a construction project manager. This will assist to dispel any misconceptions.

Using one of the well-prepared Construction project manager job description templates is a good idea.

This article carefully describes the job description for a construction project manager. This job description template outlines full construction project manager roles, responsibilities, required skills, and qualifications. 

What is Construction Project Management?

Building management, in a nutshell, is the process of overseeing construction projects. When it comes to managing a construction project vs other sorts of projects, the main contrast is that construction is mission-driven. That is to say, the project’s organization ceases when the project is completed.

While project management is commonly defined as managing resources throughout a project’s life cycle using various tools and processes to regulate scope, cost, time, quality, and so on, working in the construction sector necessitates a broader perspective. 

Construction management typically involves a broader range of restrictions that are unique to the design and construction of construction projects.

Throughout the life of a project, construction project management may interact with a range of disciplines, including architecture, engineering, public works, and city planning.

What is the Job Title of a Construction Project Manager?

Managers are required for all projects, but probably nowhere is this more true than in construction. It is vital to ensure that structures such as hospitals, bridges, and office buildings are constructed securely and effectively. 

Construction project managers require a unique set of talents in addition to those required of all project managers: knowledge of the industry and, ideally, experience. 

They are in charge of overseeing the project from the beginning (the “pre-design” phase) to the finish (the “closeout” phase). 

It’s one of the reasons why the function is described as “the most important during the entire construction process” by the Telegraph. So, what is the role of a construction project manager?

According to the Construction Management Association of America, the construction project manager (also known as a CM) is responsible for collaborating with and overseeing the project’s stakeholders, including the owner, architect, general contractor, trade contractors, and subcontractors, according to the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA). 

The CM guides a group of building experts — from designers and architects to contractors and construction workers — through a set of duties to complete the project.

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What is the Significance of the Project Manager?

Simply put, the Project Manager (PM) oversees a construction project’s success. They are in charge of all aspects of the project, including planning, execution, monitoring, control, and closure.

Project managers make certain that deadlines and budgets are met. It’s also vital to maintain a positive client relationship throughout the process.

A project manager’s responsibilities include managing their coworkers, day-to-day tasks, and the project itself. 

They may, for example, need to double-check that the necessary building materials arrived on time or describe the day’s tasks to their crew. 

PMs must regularly report on the project’s status to sector management and the client as part of the monitoring process. 

In fact, client service is an important aspect of the job. PMs will schedule and plan visits to potential, new, and existing clients to ensure they have what they require.

What is the Role of a Project Manager?

As a project manager, you will ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. This entails assembling and leading a project team and staying on top of all aspects so you can keep a customer informed.

A project manager’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Understanding the client’s or company’s objectives
  • determining the timelines, expenses, and resources required to complete a project
  • Creating a clear plan for completing each project stage.
  • Putting together and directing a project team
  • Contracting and negotiating with suppliers and contractors
  • Managing a multi-disciplinary group
  • Communication with all levels of staff in a calm, pleasant manner
  • Managing multiple tasks at the same time
  • Assuring that each project step is completed on schedule, on budget, and to a high standard.
  • Reporting on progress to the client and stakeholders regularly
  • Organizing market and customer research and resolving any problems or delays
  • Demonstrating a thorough understanding of all aspects of building
  • Creating tender bids
  • Managing many projects at the same time with the help of junior project managers
  • Working in an office or on a construction site are both viable options. 

What Kind of Salary May You Expect as a Project Manager?

As you gain experience as a project manager, your expected income will increase.

  • Newly qualified project managers can earn between £25,000 and £30,000.
  • Project managers with training and experience can earn between £30,000 and £50,000.
  • Senior or chartered project managers can make between £50,000 and £60,000 per year. * Hours may vary depending on location, employer, and whether or not you work overtime.

What Makes a Project Manager Different From a Construction Project Manager?

While both terms are frequently used interchangeably in ordinary speech, this is a misunderstanding.

A project manager must represent the tenant throughout the build-out process, from site selection to budgeting to move-in and continuing assistance.

The project manager is in charge of overseeing the construction manager, as well as the architect, engineers, and any other suppliers engaged in the development of your business.

The construction manager comes into play once the project reaches the pre-construction phase and stays on until the project is completed.

Template for a Construction Project Manager Job Description

Overview of the Position

XYZ Inc. is the industry leader in our business. Our employees have given us a 3.7 Glassdoor rating. We’re seeking an experienced Construction Project Manager to join our growing team. XYZ Inc. is a great place to work if you’re a hardworking professional. Now is the time to apply!

Construction Project Manager Responsibilities

  • Determine and specify the scope of the project and the deliverables.
  • Estimate the amount of time and money it will take to finish the project.
  • Obtain all required permits, approvals, and regulatory requirements.
  • Prepare and propose a budget based on the scope of work and the resources needed.
  • To stay inside budget, keep costs under control.
  • Make decisions about contracts and subcontracts.
  • Maintain control over the construction timeline and operations.
  • Provide cost and timeframe progress updates as needed.
  • Ensure that all work is completed in accordance with all applicable building and safety codes.
  • Select and maintain connections with subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Architects, designers, engineers, and subcontractors should coordinate their activities throughout the project.

Construction Project Manager Qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in construction management, civil engineering, or architecture is required.
  • 5-7 years of project management experience in the construction industry
  • Reading and comprehending plans and drawings in a comfortable manner
  • Microsoft Office and general computer program expertise
  • Demonstrated understanding of the fundamentals of construction, engineering, and architecture
  • Budgeting, scheduling, negotiating, and cost control abilities
  • Familiarity with contract and subcontract documentation, terms, and conditions is essential.
  • Strong management and leadership abilities

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Construction Project Manager Job Description Template 2

The Construction Project Manager oversees significant client projects within the Construction Management Department. Projects will include both those designed by others and design/build projects in which the PM will oversee both the design and execution phases of the project. Coordinating and completing projects on schedule, within budget, and within scope are among the tasks of a construction project manager. Project management includes overseeing all areas of a project. Set deadlines, delegate duties, and track and report project progress. Prepare status reports for top management and clients on the project’s progress.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager 

  • Coordination of internal resources and third parties/vendors for seamless project execution
  • Ascertain that all projects are completed on schedule, within budget, and within scope.
  • Assist in the definition of the project’s scope and objectives, assuring technical feasibility and including all necessary stakeholders.
  • Ascertain resource availability and distribution.
  • Create a detailed project plan to track and monitor progress.
  • Using suitable verification techniques, manage changes to the project scope, schedule, and costs.
  • Use relevant tools and approaches, such as Earned Value, to assess project performance.
  • As needed, report to management and escalate the situation.
  • Manage the client’s and other project stakeholders’ relationships.
  • Risk management is used to reduce project hazards.
  • To document requirements, create spreadsheets, diagrams, and process maps. 

Requirements and Skills for a Construction Project Manager 

  • Demonstrated project management experience
  • Excellent communication skills, both with clients and internally.
  • Excellent communication abilities, both written and vocal
  • Exceptional organizational abilities, including attention to detail and time management.
  • Microsoft Office is a must-have skill.
  • Bachelor’s degree or comparable work experience in a relevant field of study.

Construction Project Manager Job Description Template 

Are you seeking a fast-paced career where you can use your excellent organizational and customer service abilities in a rewarding setting? We’d love to have you join our team as a respected member if you appreciate being in control of projects and have great motivating and conflict-resolution skills!

You’ll interact with customers, management, and team members, and you’ll get the chance to show off your multitasking skills in various settings. 

As a construction project manager, you can use your mathematical confidence and analytical skills to help our organization meet quarterly and annual targets. 

You will be actively involved in meeting the challenges that come with being a vital participant in the success of building commercial partnerships when you work for us.

Responsibilities on the Job

  • Direct and manage construction projects from conception to completion while following all safety and building laws.
  • To achieve contractual performance standards, coordinate subcontractors and the construction crew.
  • Prepare job status, daily progress, estimates, and deliverables reports for both external and internal audiences.
  • To analyze and reduce risks, negotiate agreement conditions, manage construction contract drafts, bid on projects, and get permits.
  • Communicate with the appropriate parties to guarantee that the quality of the construction surpasses corporate standards and that proper industry procedures and processes are used, all while ensuring that the client’s demands and desires are realized quickly.
  • Plan and coordinate all parts of the building process, from hiring contractors to dealing with engineers, architects, and vendors, under tight timelines in a fast-paced environment.

Required Job Skills & Qualifications:

  • Building science, construction management, or civil engineering bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent time management, planning, and resource management abilities
  • Superior delegating and management skills
  • Financial responsibility at a high level


  • Skills in leadership, project management, and time management
  • Worked as an intern in the construction industry previously.

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Construction Project Managers: Frequently Asked Questions

What skills does it require to be a construction project manager?

Because they must consistently push their colleagues to stay on time and give tasks to people based on their strengths and skill sets, a great Construction Project Manager is a natural leader and effective at job delegation. 

What skills do construction project managers have?

Strong Construction Project Manager candidates frequently have prior construction site experience, which allows them to more precisely estimate how long specific projects will take and which tools workers will require for various projects.
They should also have excellent organizational and time management skills since they will continuously create schedules and reports for various projects and must keep themselves and their employees accountable for staying on track.

Who do construction project managers report to?

or their assignments or tasks on specific projects, construction crew members normally report to the Construction Project Manager. Construction Managers, who deal closely with the construction workers, are mainly found in larger organizations. 
Construction Managers may report to the Construction Project Manager for project updates and to express any needs or challenges their team encounters. After that, the Construction Project Manager gets to work on resolving the issues.

What is the difference between a construction project manager and a construction manager?

Even though both the Construction Project Manager and the Construction Manager supervise a construction crew, there are some significant differences. 
A construction project manager oversees the project’s planning and budgeting. Every day, a Construction Manager works on-site with the Construction Workers, adhering to the Construction Project Manager’s schedule and strategy.

Do construction project managers in different businesses have different responsibilities?

The majority of Construction Project Managers have comparable planning and organization responsibilities. Because they can operate in a wide range of sectors, it’s typically helpful if they have prior experience and knowledge in the one for which they’re constructing projects.

Where do construction project managers work?

Some of them work for government agencies that plan construction and remodeling projects for the benefit of the community. Others work for private companies, managing many building projects to increase their company’s branch sites.



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