20 No High School Diploma Jobs That Pay Well

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Do you know you can earn well with no high school diploma jobs? I’m sure that sounds pretty surprising.

To live a comfortable life, you don’t necessarily need a certificate but skills and a strategy. To make a financial plan, you must first consider the larger picture, which is frequently more easily said than done. When you have bills to pay and food to bring home daily, it’s difficult to think about who you’ll be in five years.

However, by focusing solely on what you can earn now, you risk categorizing yourself into a low-paying or low-demand skill set, which might cost you a lot of money. Instead, look for opportunities that will help you develop career capital or skills and experience that can help you earn more money with or without a certificate.

In this article, I’ll list the 20 high-paying jobs that don’t require a high school diploma.

What Fields Can I Apply For Without A HIgh School Diploma?

Without high school graduation, you can work in the following fields:

  • Service in a restaurant
  • Construction
  • Delivery
  • Maintenance on automobile
  • Customer service

Those who do not have formal high school graduation have a wide choice of job options. However, read job postings carefully to ensure you meet the qualifications and conditions before applying.

Identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) can also be helpful. You can limit down your job search using a SWOT analysis to select those roles that best utilize your unique skill set.

What Can I Do To Be Hired?

After you’ve located the perfect job for you, you’ll need to write a resume, apply for it, and go through at least one interview to be considered for the position. You can take several actions to improve your chances of landing a job that doesn’t require high school graduation, including:

One of which is to make a resume for yourself

  • Personalize your resume for each position.
  • Assume control of the interview.
  • Look for an internship or an apprenticeship.
  • Collaborate with a staffing firm.

1. Create a resume

Your resume should be simple and only include relevant information. It should be easy to read and look professional and clean. It’s a good idea to put your talents and accomplishments near the top of your resume to help it stand out. Use powerful phrases like “achieved,” “earned,” and “accomplished” in your resume to make it more active.

Make sure you examine your resume for spelling and punctuation problems before sending it out. Having your resume proofread by a trustworthy friend or family member is also a smart option.

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2. Customize your resume for each position

Personalizing your CV to the job description for each role you apply for is critical. Include only practical experience, accomplishments, education, and abilities that apply to the job posting in your resume. If you’re seeking a job in retail, your resume should include customer service experience, problem-solving skills, and organizational skills.

3. Approach the interview with confidence

You should answer all questions genuinely and effectively during the interview. Make confident eye contact and speak with assurance. You should explain why the employer should recruit you and what value you provide to the company. You can describe how you fit into the workplace culture and how you can help the team.

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4. Look for an internship or an apprenticeship:

Finding an apprenticeship or internship program to learn the specialized skills needed to succeed in your desired professional field may be advantageous. These programs are meant to help you learn from and enhance your skill set to be effective in your work. Working as an intern or apprentice might help you develop your CV by demonstrating your field experience.

5. Work with a staffing firm

Firms that match employees with employers are known as employment agencies. These organizations assist you in finding work by focusing on your abilities and linking them to various job opportunities.

Employment agencies are created to help people find work in a variety of industries. These experts are committed to assisting you in finding a position that utilizes your skills. Numerous careers do not require a high school diploma or a GED. However, your existing abilities and experience will most likely define which professions you are qualified for.

If you lack experience, hunt for entry-level positions that will help you advance in your career. These occupations can help you get the valuable experience you need to master new skills and gain knowledge about the business.

These jobs are generally lower-paying, but they can be stepping stone to higher-paying positions. In this article, we’ll divide job styles into two categories: entry-level jobs and jobs requiring a high level of skill. Here are the jobs.

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Top 20 No High School Diploma Jobs That Pay Well

1. Restaurant server

$24,000 average annual pay

Servers are an important element of the restaurant industry; on average, you’d spend your shift receiving orders and relaying them to kitchen personnel, addressing customer queries and handling the register.

The pace of your work situation can differ considerably depending on the restaurant and time of day. Being a server is a good entry-level option because you will gain on-the-job training.

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2. Housekeeper

$23,000 average annual pay

Housekeepers clean in a variety of settings, including hotels, offices, and even individual residences. With little to no scrutiny, you might sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, and replace towels or bedding on a typical day.

This type of job causes someone who is extremely detail-oriented, if you’re considering becoming a cleaner, keep allergies in mind; you wouldn’t want to work in a household with four cats if you’re allergic to them. No formal schooling is required, and on-the-job training is available.

3. Janitorial Services

$23,000 average annual pay

If you want to work as a janitor, you can do it in a variety of settings, like an office, a school, a gym, or even a park, to name a few. Janitors are important to any workplace, sweeping, mopping, and performing other minimal maintenance tasks. On-the-job training is usually given, similar to that of a housekeeper.

4. Barista

$24,000 average annual pay

Consider your typical coffee shop when imagining what it’s like to work as a barista. On a normal day, you’d prepare personalized drinks and serve simple meals like sandwiches, pretzels, muffins, and cookies.

This type of employment can be highly fast-paced, depending on the region. Fortunately, this position requires little to no experience, as on-the-job training is constantly available.

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5. Driver (Taxi/Uber)

Annual Average Salary: $28,713

Taxi/Uber drivers can work everywhere, however, densely populated locations have more business. Because you’ll pick up multiple clients daily and drive them to their chosen location in this line of work, having people skills is a prerequisite.

Keep in mind that the income for this employment is variable since it is determined by the number of clients you transport and the distance they must travel. You’ll also need an official driver’s license and a pretty recent car to work in this industry.

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6. Security Officer/Bouncer

The average annual salary is $30,105

Security guards or bouncers will supervise and patrol a building’s premises to ensure safety and wellbeing. On a typical day, you might check the building, detect trespassers, and decide whether someone will be refused entry to your building/park. While on-the-job training is given, security guards must be physically healthy to deal with potential threats.

7. Retail Sales Representative

$31,000 is the average annual salary

Retail sales associates, often known as cashiers, frequently work at grocery shops, gas stations, and any other store with a register. A typical day can include ringing out clients, cleaning your workspace, and performing other shop maintenance activities. Even though this is a fast-paced atmosphere, the lack of expertise required makes it an excellent entry-level position.

8. Delivery Person

$37,000 is the average annual salary

Delivery drivers are the highest-earning entry-level job on this list, but you must have a driving permit to become one. A delivery person will generally pick up and drop off various packages along an assigned route. This profession requires excellent time management and driving abilities.

9. Personal shopper:

Average hourly wage: $21.87

A personal shopper assists customers by offering advice, guidance, and purchasing services. This personnel are well-versed in products, trends, and services and can advise customers throughout the purchasing process.

Typical responsibilities include determining what clients want, offering knowledge about buying the best things, processing orders, and aiding with swaps or refunds. This position necessitates inventiveness as well as great communication and customer service abilities.

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10. Nanny:

Average hourly wage: $16.04

A nanny looks after children and may live with the family, undertaking most of the childcare chores, or they may watch children while the parents are absent. The main duties are preparing meals, monitoring activities, and playing with children. This role demands organization and creativity, and prior experience in childcare is helpful.

When you are highly skilled, you can get the below jobs:

11. Construction Worker

$24,000 is the average annual salary

As a construction worker, you will be responsible for the construction of a wide range of structures, from houses to parks and everything in between. A construction worker must be able to use hammers, saws, drills, and even heavy equipment. As a result, extensive training is needed for some aspects of the job.

12. Caregiver

Salary: $23,904 on average per year

The term “caretaker” refers to a variety of positions ranging from working with children to working with the disabled or elderly. People in this role may work at their client’s residence or a group home.

Usually, caretaker duties include checking activities, making meals, and managing medications. While no formal education is needed for these positions, prior experience caring for people is a plus. Certain roles may cause the completion of medical tests and other exams.

13. Pet Sitter

$23,000 is the average annual salary

If you adore all things canine, dog walking could be the job for you. Typically, dog walkers will walk one or more dogs per day and may also act as animal caregivers. This career causes prior dog-handling experience, and job chances vary depending on the area, experience, and networking.

14. Landscaper

Average Annual Wage: $26,000

Landscapers work outside most of the day, tending to gardens, parks, and other scenic areas. On a typical project, you might trim plants, tidy outdoor areas, and maintain plantings. Landscapers should have working experience with plants and love working outside in a broad sense. Job opportunities may depend on the location, as states with harsh winters will have few to no jobs available during the coldest months.

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15. Butcher

Annual Average Salary: $29,000

Butchers cut and prepare meats and weigh, pack, and display them for shoppers in a grocery store or deli shop. While no college training is necessary to become a butcher, comprehensive training is required to prepare meat safely and hygienically.

16. Photographer:

Annual Salary Average: $49,000

Photographers have an eye for aesthetic appeal and can assemble a well-composed image. Typically, a photographer works for a company or client and will take photoshoots for various reasons and special events.

Although some photographers must have high school graduation or a college diploma, neither is a prerequisite to enter the business. Internships and apprenticeships can also provide valuable knowledge and experience of the sector.

17. Automotive Technician

Yearly Average Salary: $36,000

Automobiles frequently require repairs, and automotive technicians strive to provide them. On a typical day, you may receive a few automobiles to repair, upgrade, or provide general maintenance for.

This profession causes a thorough understanding of automobiles, including brakes, electrical systems, engines, and more. Although you will most certainly receive on-the-job training, having a prior understanding of these systems will increase your chances of getting hired.

18. Florist

Average Annual Wage: $48,525

Florists typically work in a grocery store or a flower shop. Their responsibilities include cutting and selling flowers to consumers and creating arrangements for weddings, funerals, and celebrations. Employers will seek someone who has practice caring for flowers and other plants, even if the role is very straightforward.

19. Forest ranger

$34,061 is the average annual salary

Protective duty, protecting against fire and trespass, putting out fires and deterring trespass, and aiding state authorities in protecting game are all examples of forest officers, managers, and rangers’ jobs.

Forest care and propagation through cautious management of timber sales and “free use” cases and actual propagation by seeding and planting. Special duties included grazing, supervising the construction of roads and other upgrades, and investigating and reporting on the multiple reports and applications for special rights, among other things.

20. Artisan

Average annual salary: $30,298

An artisan is a skilled craftsperson who manufactures or constructs material goods by hand, whether useful or merely decorative, such as furniture, decorative art, sculpture, clothing, cuisine, household items, and equipment and systems such as a watchmaker’s handmade clockwork movement. Artisans learn a craft and, with time and practice, may achieve the creative heights of an artist.

FAQs On No High School Diploma Jobs That Pay Well

Is it possible to find work without a high school diploma?

You can get a high-paying job without a high school diploma with hard effort and training; no high school diploma jobs allow you to start your career and prepare for the future. These positions give you significant work experience that you may go towards expanding your existing skillset and learning new ones.

Do employers lookout for a high school diploma certificate before giving employment?

Employers can verify a candidate’s certificates and degrees, regardless of when they were earned; if this information applies to the role they are searching for, an employer will ask for it (such as a higher education teacher). Typically, an education background check does not include license verification.

What jobs can you get without a college diploma that will make you wealthy?

Managers of transportation, warehousing, and delivery.
Operators of nuclear reactors.
Police and detectives’ first-line superiors.
Suppliers and dispatchers of electricity.
Commercial pilots are available.
Criminal investigators and detectives.

Is it possible to be successful without a college education?

Yes, you can succeed without a college diploma, but with so many programs geared to take you from not know a profession to being highly trained and job-market ready, a college diploma gives you a distinct advantage.


Even if you don’t have a high school diploma, you can still make a decent living; all you have to do is choose any of the jobs listed if you have the skills and will work hard to further your career.


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