Dietary Aide Job Description Template

A dietary aide is a professional that cooks for patients and older people. They help patients to fulfill certain medical requirements to enhance their health and wellness.

To be a dietary aide, you have to be skilled in nutrition and have good knowledge of food preparation. They talk to patients regarding their meal choice so as to provide them with healthy meals they enjoy. The person must also seek to deliver delicious and healthy meals and maintain a hygienic environment at all times. 

With our dietary aide job description template it is easier for you to hunt for the best dietary aides with your clearly described job roles and qualifications.

What Does A Dietary Aide Do?

A dietary aide is mostly employed by hospitals, medical facilities, and assisted living facilities. They interact with patients to make sure they enjoy their meals. They cater to a range of people who have various health conditions and need special meals.

Again, they collect trash, clean dishes, and collect trays used in serving the meal. They usually work on their feet, delivering meals, collecting utensils, helping in the kitchen, and visiting the office. It is their duty to carry meal trays and push food carts around when they want to visit patients. They also carry boxes of materials, food shipment, and dealing with supplies. 

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Dietary Aide Responsibilities

Dietary Aides work together with dieticians, doctors, dietary managers, and chefs to prepare the best meal for people and patients. Their duties typically include:

  • Preparing meals, snacks and beverages according to laid down instructions
  • Serving meals, while making sure food safety and hygiene are put at the forefront
  • Monitoring the patient’s eating habits and reporting identified issues 
  • Giving proper counseling and education to patients and their families on the right nutrition
  • Taking account of kitchen supplies and food stuff and tracking expenses
  • Maintaining updates on the standard measures for their facilities and keeping to regulations guiding the profession
  • Planning meals with other professionals 
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Requirements Needed To Become A Dietary Aide

  • Outstanding cooking skills and efficiency in handling cooking equipment 
  • Must be able to comply with hygienic guidelines
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and people skills
  • Strong computer skills
  • Detail-oriented and ability to follow instructions
  • Excellent in nutrition classes

Educational Qualification

  • High school diploma, GED, or their equivalent
  • Associate degree in nutrition, diet, or related field
  • Worked as a cook and meal planner in a related setting

Dietary Aide Education and Training Requirements

Most of the employers of dietary aides specify that applicants should have at least a high school diploma and a minimum of one year of experience with institutional food service. But others may need an associate degree in nutrition or be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a related field as their minimum requirements. Some employers may ask the professional dietary aide to take part in continuing education programs and on-site training to be able to get the specific requirements they need. 

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Dietary Aide Experience Requirements

The experience requirements of the dietary aide are dependent on the employer and what they want. You should have some level of experience in the field. That is, you should know how to prepare meals, handle cooking equipment, and put the kitchen and dining area in order. Cleanliness and orderliness must be your watchwords.  

Similarly, you may find employers with special preferences in a dietary aide who have worked in a nursing home or assisted living facilities. Equally important, you may acquire the right skills and experience through volunteer work.  

How Much Does A Dietary Aide Earn?

On average, dietary aides make around $10.96 per hour, although the pay rate may be dependent on the educational qualification, geographical location, and years of experience. 

Training of a Dietary Aide

You will need previous experience working with food handling and storage. If you have a background in food service jobs, like working in a restaurant or hotel or any catering outlet, you may have an advantage in this business. However, you may need some specific requirements.  

Additionally, you may need some training on how to prepare certain kinds of foods, operate certain kinds of machines or cooking equipment, proper cleaning skills, and also average-to-excellent customer care service skills. This will be sufficient enough for your resume or CV. 

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You can as well choose to volunteer in a related work setting. Such places as nursing homes or care facilities will be very helpful when it comes to finding something to update your CV. Building your resume or CV does not require so much detail, except it was stated there. 

Are There Certifications Required To Be A Dietary Aide

Getting certified in your field makes you a strong authority in your area of specialization. Therefore, having an active food handlers’ permit will be very necessary. The laws guiding your profession vary from state to state. Even so, some health services departments may ask for extra certifications to qualify you for the position. You may need to attend a program for a few months to get what you want. Here are some of the certifications you need: 

  • The ServSafe Food Handler: This is the most common form of food handler’s permit. This helps you to understand the current and modern ways of taking care of the patient in your care. 
  • The National Restaurant Association: This organization is committed to making sure that you understand the most current regulatory requirements for handling food in any situation.  

Summary of the Dietary Aide Job Roles

Dietary aides typically assist with the preparation and delivery of meals to patients in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They are involved in helping the cooks in preparing the meals,
performing kitchen duties, arranging for and unloading supplies and ingredients, and examining and updating the dietary information of the patients. Thus, they must follow strict rules and regulations regarding kitchen sanitation and proper handling of foods. 

As a dietary aide, you may be asked to adhere to a certain dress code, depending on the facility you are working. You will spend most of the time on your feet. You may also need to lift heavy equipment. Sometimes, you may experience extreme weather conditions while at work. 

Often, dietary aides work at nights, weekends, and holidays. You may have emergencies that would require your presence, which means you would leave every other thing and get yourself to your duty post. Some work environments may require you to work in shifts with your colleagues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the daily routines of a dietary aide?

A typical workday of a dietary aide starts with the preparation of breakfast for medical patients or care home residents. They also receive produce deliveries take their inventory and properly store them to keep them fresh and longer. After the preparation of each meal, they take them to their required patients in their specific locations. When the meal is over the dietary aide helps to collect meal trays from the dining area, wash the dishes, clean up the kitchen and make sure everywhere is properly arranged.  

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What makes a good dietary aide?

With their culinary skills, a good dietary aide cooks the meal with love towards the patient. They work better as a team, assigning duties to each member, according to their skills and abilities. You must be someone with a positive demeanor, always looking cheerful and smart. You must be able to work with anyone regardless of their background, age race, kind of sickness, etc. Therefore, you must seek ways to make your client happy and look forward to a beautiful day with you. You must always prioritize cleanliness to ensure the health and safety of those you work for. 

Are dietary aides the same as dieticians?

To an extent, they are not the same. Their positions and qualifications vary as dieticians. In short, the difference lies in their job duties. Dieticians have more senior roles and hold degrees in dietician and nutrition. As a result, dieticians can make medical-based decisions about meals. Dietary aides take instructions from dieticians and both work together in a harmonious way to serve their clients.  

Does the dietary aid report to anyone?

They report to the dietary manager who oversees the work of the kitchen staff, dietary aides, and dieticians.  


Becoming a dietary aide is one of the best decisions you can make. However, you must understand that it is demanding and make take its toll on you at the beginning. It does not mean you are not doing a good job. It is a matter of time and you would get used to it, doing what you enjoy doing while making money at the same time.  


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