20 Small But Good Gift Ideas For Coworkers in 2023

Whether you’re gifting something practical, customized, or delectable, colleague gifts are crucial, especially if they mean a lot to your coworkers.

Coworker gifts are physical manifestations of your thanks, admiration, and deep thankfulness for the partnerships and friendships your coworkers provide.

A pleasant coworker gift can improve coworker relationships, raise morale, and make the person happy. There’s a reason co-worker gift spending has been stable since the early 2000s.

Why do co-workers need gifts?

Your coworkers are also people who require constant affirmation of how important they are to you. The main reason you should present gifts to your coworkers is that they may feel the desire to be noticed.

No one wants to be treated like a number. They want to be appreciated for their daily hard work and effort for your company. 

When you ask employees what they want, one of the most common responses is simply an acknowledgment.

There is no set time or cost for when or what you must give. Gifts come in many shapes and sizes. 

It’s the thought that comes before the action that counts. There are a plethora of fantastic gift ideas available to express your gratitude.

Giving a present at least once a year is a wonderful idea. It’s a terrific opportunity to show your coworkers you appreciate their efforts throughout the year.

When can you give your co-workers gifts?

You might wonder when it is a good time to give a gift to an employee. You can give gifts to your co-workers for reaching their anniversary date, retirement, achieving an award, holiday gift, bonus gifts for reaching a quota, and more. The opportunities are truly endless.

If it is a holiday and you intend to give all of your co-workers gifts, try to give all of them the same gifts so they don’t feel like they got left out, which could lead to some tension in the workplace.

Types of gifts for your co-workers

You can provide a wide range of benefits to your employees. Money, excursions, personalized presents, and even meals can be given.

A present that demonstrates how much you value your employees is a terrific and diverse option to consider. You can do this by giving them gifts such as custom-shaped USB flash drives with their names engraved on them.

There is no such thing as a “wrong” present. Employees want to be wanted and cared for. The token itself can make a huge effect. 

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Things to consider when giving a coworker a gift

  • Do decide who is on your list. You don’t have to present a gift to everyone in the organization, but it’s fine to offer a little gift to coworkers in your department or those you deal with on a regular basis.
  • When considering how much to spend on a present for a coworker, keep it professional. Around the office, gift-exchanging occasions sometimes have price limitations. Check your bank account to see how much money you have available. Pick a thoughtful present.
  • Gifts of food are frequently appreciated but bear in mind any dietary restrictions or food allergies. Many people like gifts of alcohol and wine, but don’t give them to someone who doesn’t drink or whose religion forbids them from doing so.
  • It’s a good idea to check your company’s gift policy before making a shopping list. Such procedures assist a corporation in avoiding both genuine and apparent conflicts of interest.
  • Do not give gifts to your bosses. When it comes to workplace gifting, this is a good rule of thumb. Gifts should flow downward, not upward, in the supervisory reporting line. As a result, a supervisor or manager can offer gifts to direct subordinates, and employees can swap gifts laterally. Employees, on the other hand, should not present gifts to their bosses.
  • Avoid giving presents around the time of a performance evaluation. When it comes to delivering gifts at work, timing is crucial. Giving your boss a present shortly before your yearly review might send the incorrect message. While your motivations may be pure, your actions may be seen as an effort at bribery.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor. You should consider how the recipient and observers will perceive your gift. Avoid gifting personal goods that someone could wear, such as perfume, clothing, or jewelry, as well as products that aren’t normally permitted in the office.
  • Make an effort to be included. No one wants to be left out of the Christmas festivities as the year draws to a close. However, a gift exchange isn’t an excuse to offer a cheap, shoddy present. When it comes to picking a present for an office exchange, take your time to choose something acceptable and kind.

Things to avoid when giving gifts to coworkers.

#1. Avoid exchanging gifts in front of people who weren’t on your list.

If you’re giving gifts to a small group of coworkers, do so after hours or when no one else is present. Another option is to take them out to a private lunch and give them the gifts then.

Consider how your teachers in elementary school always insisted that you share with everyone. The same mindset, only now you’re an adult. And thoughtful, kind adults don’t let others feel left out.

#2. Don’t be negligent of other people’s beliefs

Even if you’re in the Christmas mood and want to spread some joy, it doesn’t guarantee everyone else shares your viewpoint.

Only if you work for a religious or spiritual organization may you add a religious or spiritual meaning to the gift; alternatively, if you are positive that a religious present would be well received by the receiver.

#3. Avoid feeling obligated to exchange gifts.

Remember that you are not obligated to offer a coworker a present. Even if everyone else is exchanging gifts, it’s perfectly acceptable to forego the holiday gift-giving ritual.

If you are given a present, you do not intend to return it, smile and say thank you, and be sure to send a thank you letter.

#4. Remember to use your common sense.

Use common sense as the overarching guideline that trumps all prior rules. Don’t give a joke present if you believe it’ll be too much. Don’t do it if you believe a phrase on a coffee mug is pushing the envelope.

20 small but good gift ideas for coworkers

Here are good gift ideas you can give your coworkers.

#1. Tech Lovers Box

The first is the Tech Lovers Box. The Tech Lovers Box is the perfect gift for employees who want to keep connected while still being extremely productive.

Your coworkers will be ecstatic to get these must-have products, including blue light spectacles, a Tile tracker, and a portable charger, which will help their days go more smoothly. This gift may also be customized.

#2. Environmentally Friendly Box

This one-of-a-kind workplace gift is filled with eco-friendly items that will wow any recipient, and each purchase helps to save the environment.

This practical gift will delight your coworkers while also helping to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean. In addition, this is one of the gift ideas for coworkers on our list.

#3. Herb Kit for Modern Sprouts

This is a herb kit that includes everything you need to produce tasty herbs without a garden (even if you don’t have a green thumb).

They’ll adore how easy it is to produce their own herbs to elevate all of their home-cooking endeavors to gourmet quality. In addition, this good gift idea for co-workers is customizable, and it’s one of the gift ideas for coworkers

#4. Care Package for Returning Students

This coworker care package is a considerate present for coworkers who are set to return to work after an extended absence.

With this wonderful combination of diverse swag, a custom-branded water bottle, quality nibbles, a cap, wine, and other customizable stuff, returning to work has never been quite as formal.

#5. Desk Flower Pot for Baby Groot

This gift is also one of the gift ideas for coworkers. A beautiful echeveria is succulent in a planter, ready to be shown and admired. They’ll enjoy seeing these gently colored leaves every day and experiencing all of your “thank-you” emotions again and over again.

#6. iPhone Case with Gustav Klimt’s “Medicine”

The Gustav Klimt “Medicine” iPhone Case is a bespoke art iPhone case displaying one of the most magnificent works by the renowned Dutch artist Gustav Klimt. Klimt’s characteristic golden octopus-like patterns are highlighted in this brilliant red casing.

Hygeia, the legendary daughter of God and medicine, is the figure shown. The iPhone Case “Medicine” is the ideal approach to wish your employees good health. It is one of the small but good gift ideas for coworkers. 

#7. Haus Sampler Kit

This customizable kit allows you to sip your way through four different natural apéritif tastes. Each 200ml bottle is the right size for two to three drinks. Simply serve on the rocks, or mix with sparkling water, tonic, or prosecco as a cocktail.

During the workweek, Haus is all about more hangouts and fewer hangovers. Its apéritifs (low-ABV spirits popular in Europe) are prepared with natural components, no artificial additives, and little sugar, so your coworker may drink guilt-free.

#8. The final destination

All-in-one clothes bag and duffle. They will never again show up in a wrinkled suit. Your elegant coworker can stuff their formal clothes into the garment compartment, fold them up into a duffle shape, and zip it up with everything else they need inside with this handy garment duffel.

#9 Personalized Fruit Infuser Bottle

A glass infuser capable of transforming ordinary water and cold beverages into flavor explosions. This robust and beautiful water container is perfect for everyday use, even on lengthy commutes, making it one of the gift ideas for coworkers.

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#10. Temperature Regulating Travel Mug

A handy little gadget that will help to keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature. They’ll love feeling constantly refreshed with a warm beverage that will help them push through a busy day at work. 

#11. The Adults & Crafts Crate

Do you have a worried coworker, supervisor, or office buddy who needs help? Adults and Crafts presents a new creative project every month, ranging from wood burning to engraving.

It will be a welcome escape from the stresses of work and life, allowing them to unwind and express their creative side.

It’s refreshing to take a break from the computer and get back to producing with our hands. This enjoyable adult handicraft subscription will provide your coworker with some much-needed non-work time to relearn what it’s like to not be glued to a screen.

#12. Valet Tray Made by Hand

A high-quality hardwood desk tray that transforms even the most mundane office items into something fascinating, if not creative.

A small desk accessory could be exactly what your coworker requires to keep his or her desk in order while working long hours. Also, this is one of the gift ideas for coworkers.

#13. Cinema Box

A lightbox that may be customized to look like antique movie theater marquees. It can be used by coworkers to display messages that are appropriate for the time of day and their mood.

They’ll enjoy saying “good morning” one day and then “go away” or “no” the next. (Plus, this cinema box adds intrigue to any ordinary work environment.)

#14. VIP Treatment Box

The VIP Box is a certain method to make your staff feel like rock stars. The VIP Treatment Box, which includes a wireless speaker, a portable charger, a hot mug, a water bottle, a weekender duffel bag, and more, will make anyone feel like the red carpet has been rolled out.

#15. Yeti Rambler Tumbler

Any tumbler who wants to join in the fun needs to be able to keep up. The Yeti Rambler 20 tumbler is built of tough stainless steel and features double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your hot or cold beverage safe.

This personalized tumbler is the ideal present for a coworker who wants their coffee to stay at the exact temperature throughout the day.

#16. Candle with Aromatherapy

A delectably fragrant candle that adds ambiance to any space or office. (Plus, it contains essential oils like lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, and Ylang Ylang, which are known to help you relax.)

This aromatherapy candle will brighten their workstation and help them get through a hectic day.

#17. Scarf with a Completely Customized Design

A warm and timeless scarf that you can totally modify to create the exact design and message you desire. When the winter winds start to blow, they’ll love bringing out this truly unusual conversation piece year after year.

#18. Wine Tumbler with Custom Steel Lining

A stainless steel wine tumbler with a smooth exterior in your hand looks deliciously modern. Anyone who likes drinking wine will enjoy it.

#19. Box of Gratitude

This is the ideal gift box for those ride-or-die teammates who deserve extra love. A scented candle and matches, a cute succulent, a Republic of Tea Sampler tea set, handcrafted soap, a stone paper diary, and other productivity-boosting delights abound in this package.

#20. BTL SVC – Handcrafted Premium Cocktails Box

For this reason, BTL SVC is the market leader in premium cocktails. Each one is handcrafted and a sign of craftsmanship, as unique as the person who consumes it.

When you open this holiday gift, you’ll be blown away. Your coworkers will be torn between displaying them or drinking them – most likely both!

FAQs On Gift Ideas For Coworkers

Should I tank my coworker with a gift?

Being able to thank the worker with a present may give the client a sense of pride and satisfaction.

How many coworkers do I have to gift?

You don’t have to present a gift to everyone in your organization, but giving a little gift to coworkers in your department or those you contact daily is fine.

Should bosses gifts their employees?

Giving gifts to staff indicates that you value their devotion and hard work. It helps to enhance morale when your staff senses they are valued.

What happens when I gift my coworkers?

We frequently offer presents to reaffirm or develop our relationships with others. Thus, they reflect both the giver and the receiver and their particular relationship.

Must I gift my boss?

You, or any other employee, are not required under business etiquette norms to give a gift to your employer for any reason.

Should I gift my boss?

Giving a present when it isn’t required can appear like attempting to buy your way into your boss’s good graces.


Coworker gifts can easily include a variety of candles and desk toys, which they’ll almost certainly re-gift after they depart the office. With all of the excellent options available, there’s no need for a lousy gift.

Of course, you do not have to provide a gift to your coworkers, but it is a kind gesture that keeps your coworkers pleased.

And building a positive reputation at work can lead to more flexibility the next time you’re behind on a project and need to reschedule a meeting with your coworkers.



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