How To Write A Graphics Designer Resume In 2023

No matter how great you are at mixing colors and making good designs, there are still people that have not heard or worked with you before. Therefore, for you to get these people’s attention you need to craft out a good graphics designer resume. Good enough to impress anyone that comes across it for the first time.

For you to land coveted gigs and jobs you need more than just samples of your designs. You need graphic designer resume skills.

Ever wondered why no matter how good you are, you still not able to land enough clients as a graphics designer? In this piece, we shall detail how to write a graphic designer resume by presenting objectives of graphic designer resume, graphic designer resume examples as well as graphic designer resume skills.

What is a Graphic Designer Resume?

A graphic designer resume is a document that has a description of who you are and why you are the best candidate for the work you applied for. It shows the name, contact details, experience, skills, education as well as a mild sample of your work. You might be the right candidate for the work, but a poorly crafted CV could make you lose the job to a less-qualified person.

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Skills You Need To Become A Graphic Designer

Graphic designers deal a lot with color. What actually distinguishes graphic designers is how good they are at managing and mixing colors. Below are the skills needed to become a graphic designer.

  • Adobe usage skills.
  • Good color management.
  • Photo editing skills.
  • Deep intuitive creativity.
  • Sound and advanced knowledge in the use of the computer.

How Do You List Skills On A Graphic Design Resume

Skills on resume remain one of the integral ways of getting the attention of your hiring manager. Ensure the skills listed are most relevant to the graphic design field you applied for.

Below are some skills a good number of employers want to see on your resume.

  • Creativity.
  • Authenticity.
  • Good mix of color.
  • Innovative.
  • Inspiration
  • Computer usage.

These and many more are essential for graphic designer resume skills.

Do Graphic Designers Need A Resume?

With the increasing rate of competition in the graphic design field, the importance of a resume can not be over-emphasized. A resume is the first thing that captures an employer who has not seen your works. Therefore, if you intend to move beyond and explore new job opportunities, then it remains imperative you get a resume.

Additionally, a resume also adds credibility to your claims because it contains details which the employer might try to confirm. Which after confirmation earns you their trust and working relationship.

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What Should A Graphic Designer’s CV Look Like?

A graphic design CV/resume is the first impression you create for a hiring manager that has not seen your work. In trying to know how to write a graphic design resume in 2023, knowing what your resume should look like is among the first and foremost steps to take.

With the help of some recruitment experts and our research associates, below are what a Graphic Designer’s CV should look like.


Before we get to consider hiring you, it is very important we get to know who you are. Your contact details should contain your name, residence, phone No, email, and social media (LinkedIn).

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Work History/Experience

In as much as you will love to quickly jump into achievements, designers should not downplay the importance of stating your work history. This reveals your wealth of experience as well as how notable your works are. Work history reveals to the employer if you are good with only freelancing or can also work in a corporate structure.

A good number of employers want to be sure you can work with a team especially in a corporate structure, and your employment history goes a long way in revealing that. On the other hand, if you gain a deep length of experience you can add experience gotten from internships, volunteer works, summer programs. It does convince employers too, especially if they are looking for people they can afford. The demand for in-house designers seems to be on a steady rise.

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This segment is usually very short and precise. A good number of the best graphic designers out there don’t have any form of formal education. However, if you have any training or mentorship certification, it is quite enough to boost your resume. Those with formal education and obtained degrees should also do well to state their level of education and the years it was obtained.

Hiring managers understand that graphic designing is mostly acquired skill than formal education.

Skill Set

If an employer is hiring you, it is probably because of the skill sets outlined in your resume. Your education is one, but what you can do and how you do it encompasses every formal education you have listed. In some cases, skill sets appear to be the most important. This is because the relevance of your skill to what the employer wants to hire for influences your chances more than any other thing listed on your graphic design resume.

 Pen down everything you are good at and ensure they are actually things you can do. From the vacancy seen you will be able to tweak your resume to meet what the hiring manager wants.


It is not easy to reach a milestone in one’s career. Therefore, if you have anyone it is only proper you sound it out loud if you can. You can put links to major projects, then put a description of how you have influenced some positive changes. E.g I was the lead graphic designer that designed the user interface of

Additional Certification/Training

Apart from formal education, one can also add additional certifications obtained. These certifications can come from training, volunteer works, workshops, or special tuitions. Ensure all these and more are fully represented in your graphic design resume.

How To Write A Graphics Designer Resume In 2023

Writing an outstanding resume can be quite challenging. But, with the help of some industry experts, we have outlined and broken down the most important things to take note of.

Below is how to write a compelling graphic design resume in 2023.

Beating ATS

ATS is Applicant Tracking System. It is a robotic software built to help hiring-managers filter applications sorting them down to the ones believed to be relevant to the job. If the descriptions and keywords used in your resume are not matching the job description, ATS will most definitely scrap it before the employer gets to see it.

This remains the reason you should review job listings and ensure your resume fits in perfectly.

To prove your claims on how good you are, we recommend applicants input links to their works in their graphic design resumes. This way the hiring manager gets a glimpse of what you can do.

These links could be links to your website, portfolio, or a link to a major project you were part of. This remains an integral way of wowing employers.

Always Adjust to Fit

Adjusting to fit here refers to always tweaking your resume to fit into the position applied for. There are different jobs with different requirements which same resume details might not fit properly into them. Therefore, it is recommended you always adjust based on the requirements and ensure only details relevant to the position are detailed.


If there is anything you should not play with while writing a graphic design resume, it’s definitely keywords. The main objective of a graphic designer’s resume is to attract employers, and there is no better way than using and inserting the right keywords.

We mentioned ATS earlier and how wrong keywords can affect your chances. Ensure you put the keywords relevant to the job search, for more exposure and opportunities.

Examples; Adobe, Photoshop, Campaigns, Lightroom, Client, branding, self-motivated, Media, Invision, e.t.c.

Short and Precise

Ensure your resume doesn’t exceed a one-page layout. Be brief straight to the point with a precise summary of every section. This can be further achieved by writing according to the specifications of the job applied for. The same applies while writing a summary for your graphic design resume.

Objectives of Graphic Designer Resume

With what we have outlined so far, it’s obvious that the objectives of a graphic designer resume are many. However, we shall still highlight a good number of them.

  • Professionalism
  • Exposure to more Job opportunities.
  • Increased productivity.
  • You can negotiate a good income with a Graphic Design Resume.

Additionally, a resume equally distinguishes you from other talents in a positive way.

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Graphic Designer Resume Building Templates

With templates, you can easily create a professional resume with a pre-designed resume format. As a graphic designer, you might be tempted to design your resume but it is important you keep it plain and as simple as possible.

Here’s a list of platforms that have good template designs for candidates to build quality resumes.

While creating with the templates always look out for watermarks on the template.

Graphic Designer Resume Samples

For improved clarity on what we intend to make applicants understand, below are samples and examples of graphic designer resumes.


Graphic designs are always in high demand because they form a vital part of branding. Hence, hiring managers tend to go beyond the traditional modes of recruiting. A resume now goes a long in determining your ability for the Job. A thorough adoption of what we have outlined so far will certainly help in putting you in front of potential employers. Like we said earlier, Keep it plainly straight to what the employer needs, and based on the job advertised.

FAQs On Graphics Designer Resume

How do you create a Graphic design portfolio?

Have a single link collection of your works in addition to crafting a good resume.

What skills do I need to become a graphic designer?

To become a graphics designer, you must master the following skills; Photo-editing, Adobe Reader, Creativity, Excellent IT Skills, e.t.c.

Do Graphic Designers need a resume?

Yes, graphic designers need a resume especially if you are looking at landing high-paying and jobs.

What makes a Graphic Designer stand out? 

Creativity and productivity.


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