How Much Does Publix Pay in 2023? Average Salaries For Employees

Publix, a supermarket chain headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, has grown in popularity among southeastern United States shoppers — and with reason.

The staff is friendly and helpful, the store’s own-brand products are top-notch, and each department goes above and beyond in quality.

But how much does Publix pay? In this article, you will learn more about Publix, what makes it so popular, the benefits of working for Publix, and the answer to the question of how much publix pay.

About Publix

Publix Super Markets, Inc., or Publix, is an American supermarket chain based in Lakeland, Florida. It was founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins and is wholly owned by current and former employees, as well as members of the Jenkins family.

Publix has locations throughout the Southeastern United States, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Despite its limited presence outside of its home state, Publix is one of only a few grocery chains in the United States with over 1,000 locations. As of September 2021, Florida had the most stores, with 832, accounting for approximately 64% of all outlets.

Publix employs approximately 225,000 people across its 1,294 retail locations, cooking schools, corporate headquarters, nine grocery distribution centers, and eleven manufacturing facilities as of January 2023.

The manufacturing facilities produce the company’s dairy, deli, and bakery products, as well as a variety of other food products. Publix is the nation’s largest employee-owned business.

Publix grocery shopping dates back to 1930

Publix’s illustrious history serves as a solid foundation for the successful business it is today. According to Florida Travel & Life, the chain was founded by George Jenkins, a former Piggly Wiggly manager who opened the first Publix Food Store in 1930 and eventually the first Publix Super Market in 1940.

Jenkins liked the name ‘Publix’ after seeing it in a movie theater and used it for his own store. The new supermarket featured upgrades not found in many grocery stores at the time, such as automatic doors, air conditioning, and terrazzo floors. There was even a scale-out front for guests to weigh themselves — a fixture that remains in the entrance of some Publix stores to this day.

Jenkins was active in community charities, and Publix honors his legacy through partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and the March of Dimes. When Jenkins died in 1996, then-Gov. Lawton Chiles stated in a New York Times obituary, “George contributed tremendously to our business climate, but perhaps he was a true civic leader who was deeply committed to improving our communities” (via Florida Travel & Life).

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Publix brand products are the business’s bread and butter

As is the case with many grocery store chains, Publix has its own in-house brand line, which is divided into three categories. There is the Publix Brand, which sells products that are comparable to their brand-name counterparts; Publix Premium, which sells more upscale items such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil; and GreenWise, which sells a variety of organic and natural foods (via the Publix website).

According to Art Plus Marketing, most supermarket chains earn about 14% of their revenue from their own brand products; however, Publix earns a whopping 20% from their own brand products.

While the packaging with its distinctive black and white logo may appeal to customers and contribute to Publix’s success, it is perhaps the company’s attitude toward quality and price that truly makes the cash register ring. Publix believes that consumers should be able to purchase store brand items at a lower price or pay the same price for a product that is even better.

Employees who are content with their work make the world go round

We are all aware that customer service can make or break a shopping experience, and fortunately for Publix, their exceptional employees earn a gold star.

Store associates are renowned for their friendliness and helpfulness, and will not only assist you in bagging your groceries but will also wheel your shopping cart out to your vehicle and assist you in loading the goods.

Be sure to express your gratitude, but refrain from tipping; associates will not accept gratuities.

If you do come across a super employee, be sure to inform their manager, as the associate may receive a complimentary sandwich from the deli as a token of appreciation.

Publix is well-known for its confections

Do you want free cookies? Simply pull your shopping cart up to the Publix bakery counter and, if your child requests a treat, they will be given one for free and with a smile.

This is fortunate, given that Business Insider reports that the bakery’s bread is made fresh daily and always from scratch.

Additionally, the Publix website shows that the selection may include mini croissants, which are an excellent choice for breakfast or as a complement to any meal, as well as gourmet brioche hot dog rolls.

The design-your-own, special edition, and theme cakes are also popular at the Publix bakery. Consider the Cookies & Cream Hero cake, which is composed of chocolate and vanilla cakes and topped with cookies and cream mousse, buttercream frosting, and chocolate bars.

Alternatively, if you’re hosting a child’s birthday party, choose the Disney Princess Happily Ever After cake, which is adorned with castle towers and Disney princess statuettes. What’s more, if you order a cake for a child’s first birthday, you’ll receive a complimentary seven-inch “smash cake.”

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You can maintain your health with a little assistance from Publix’s pharmacy

Additionally, Publix features an onsite pharmacy, making it simple to keep you and your family healthy. Numerous common medications are available in 90-day supplies for as little as $7.50. Additionally, the chain notes it will fill pet prescriptions and will even deliver your medication for a fee of $5.

Are you tired of having to visit the pharmacy each week because your refills aren’t synchronized? Publix will gladly schedule your refills to arrive at the same time each month, and the pharmacy offers a variety of vaccines, including COVID-19 and flu shots, as well as tetanus, shingles, and meningitis.

Additionally, some locations offer walk-in care for those seeking immediate treatment for specific conditions without visiting a doctor. Finally, Publix pharmacies are committed to assisting you in managing your finances and saving you money. According to the website, they’ll always check to see if a comparable medication is available at a lower price or if any manufacturer-specific coupons apply to your order.

Publix has an abundance of high-quality flowers and plants

The floral department of the store receives deliveries five to seven days a week, ensuring that you receive a fresh product when you make a purchase.

According to the official website, Publix Premium Bouquets, a line of special arrangements, is made with flowers sourced from an area near Bogotá, Columbia, where the climate and abundant sunshine contribute to the highest product standards.

Depending on the season and availability, select arrangements may include bouquets made with Peruvian lilies, vibrant hydrangeas, or a classic dozen roses. Plants, such as houseplants and orchids, are also available and make excellent gifts.

According to the website, you can even have the floral department create the flowers for your wedding, including bridal bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.

Fragrant flowers and vibrant plants can provide a boost to anyone receiving them as a gift or purchasing them for themselves, and customers have purchased them in greater numbers during the pandemic.

Publix sells its wine.

Publix carries a diverse selection of wines, including a line of Publix Premium Limited Edition Wines. Currently available selections include a 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, a 2019 Chardonnay from Sonoma, and a 2019 Pinot Noir from Sonoma (via Publix).

These top-of-the-line bottles begin at just $19.99. Publix also offers a wine discount program, as noted on their website, which offers a 5% discount on purchases of four to seven bottles and a 10% discount on purchases of eight or more bottles; new sales are featured weekly.

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Publix fried chicken

Visit Publix’s fried chicken page on their website to find upwards of 50 products, depending on the location of your local store. Traditional fried chicken tenders, hot and spicy items, and crispy classics are all possible options. Individual pieces are also available for under $2 if you’re looking for a quick lunch. Alternatively, if you’re feeding a large group, order a large family dinner with Hawaiian rolls and three deli sides.

Fried chicken is one of the most popular deli items at the grocery store, a southern delicacy that many Floridians rave about. According to a Southern Living article, Publix’s traditional fried chicken is quite tasty. “Each golden piece is smothered in a thick layer of seasoned — but not spicy — breading. There was a hint of celery in there as well. The meat is tender.”

How Much does Publix pay? Publix Employment and Salary Information

To find out what jobs Publix is hiring for near you, search for Publix job openings online. There, you can find entry-level work to start a new career as well as full-time jobs for experienced workers. Some common Publix jobs and their average pay rates are:

How much does Publix pay a Cashier?

Customers are assisted by Publix cashiers, who bag groceries and process transactions using cash, credit cards, or other payment methods.

A typical Publix cashier earns between $11.00 and $13.00 per hour.

How much does Publix pay a Stocker?

Grocery clerks, or stockers, unload deliveries and replenish merchandise shelves. Additionally, they clean, inspect for expiration dates and assist customers. This position is compensated at a rate of up to $13.00 per hour.

How much does Publix pay an Assistant Department Head?

Those who work in a particular department for a sufficient amount of time may be promoted to the assistant department manager. This position oversees a specific department, assisting customers, and taking inventory. Annual salary compensation can reach up to $55,000.

How much does Publix pay a Grocery Associate?

As a grocery associate, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks, including stocking bulk bins, coolers, and shelves, maintaining clean aisles and displays, assisting customers with specific product inquiries, and bagging groceries at the checkout. This position pays up to $14.48 an hour.

How much does Publix pay a Deli Associate?

Maintains Publix’s stringent freshness and sanitation standards. Maintains, replenishes, and rotates merchandise and displays. Special orders and party trays are prepared. Uses cash registers, meat and cheese slicers, an oven, a fryer, a microwave, cutting tools, and a scale, among other deli equipment. This position pays up to $14.41 an hour.

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How much does Publix pay a Meat Cutter?

Cuts and prepares all types and cuts of meat safely. Assists in the verification and unloading of meat deliveries from trucks. Maintains, replenishes, and rotates meat cases. Cut, debone, or grind the meat into small pieces. Weigh, package, and present meat and meat products. Refrigerate or freeze meats at the proper temperature. This position pays up to $15.76 an hour.

How much does Publix pay a Pharmacist?

Administer vaccinations that are permissible under state law. Conduct comprehensive medication reviews and adherence counseling daily. Assist in the supervision of introductory and/or advanced practice experiences. Health and wellness fairs, off-site screening programs, and immunization clinics are all available. Annual salary compensation can reach up to $118,667 annually.

Benefits Essential To Eligible Publix Associates

Publix provides the following core benefits to qualified employees.

  • Employee stock ownership plan
  • The ability to purchase additional shares of stock
  • Annual holiday cash bonus
  • 401(k) retirement savings with company match
  • Group health plan
  • Prescription benefits
  • Group dental plan
  • Group vision plan
  • Free flu shots
  • Credit union membership
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Service awards
  • Employee assistance program
  • Opportunities for advancement

But there is more. Some full-time associates also qualify for the following benefits.

  • Vacation pay
  • Paid holidays and holiday exchange
  • Company-paid life insurance (includes accidental death and dismemberment benefits)
  • Bereavement pay
  • Jury duty pay
  • Long-term disability plan

And, believe it or not, this is not the end. There are many opportunities for advancement available to employees through training, mentorship programs, and some paid schooling opportunities. Additionally, there are discounts on goods and services, free parking, and some individuals qualify for complimentary lunches.


What is the highest paid position at Publix?

The highest-paid position at Publix is that of Pharmacy Manager, which pays $160,366 per year.

What is the lowest paid position at Publix?

The lowest-paid position at Publix is that of a Publix Deli Clerk, which pays $39,210 per year.

How does Publix pay employees?

Publix pays employees through direct deposit only and doesn’t pay with checks. Additionally, Publix offers a Publix Federal Credit Union that employees can join, with payday on Wednesday. Also, Publix has six paid holidays for additional pay.

How many sick days off can you get at Publix?

The amount of sick days you get at Publix depends on how long you’ve been working for the company and can be anywhere from five days to two weeks.

What is the highest paying department at Publix?

The meat department is generally the most sought-after because they have the highest paid non-management position in the store.

How much does a cashier at Publix earn?

The average Publix Cashier hourly pay in Florida is approximately $10.20, which is 11% below the national average.


To summarize, Publix provides excellent benefits and a fairly comprehensive package to its employees, but it should be noted that these benefits do not apply to individuals who work fewer than a predetermined number of hours per year.



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