How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay? Average Salaries for Employees 2023

TJ Maxx is an American department store selling at prices generally lower than similar major stores. They mainly deal with men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, toys, shoes, beauty accessories, and home products.

Basically, the TJ Maxx store is a flagship chain of TJX Companies. TJ Maxx stores are trending in today’s retail climate. TJX Companies made net sales of approximately 32.1 billion dollars.

There are about 1000 TJ Maxx stores in the United States, making them one of the largest clothing retailers in the country. 

For a company to generate such a large income, it ought to be generous with its employees.

Are you interested in knowing the average salary paid to TJ Maxx employees? Then this article is tailor-made for you.

How Does TJ Maxx Keep Its Prices So Cheap?

The TJ Maxx stores can always keep the products they sell at a lower price than other department stores. The fact remains that TJ Maxx department stores are thriving while other retailers struggle.

They accomplish the astonishing feat of always keeping their prices 20-60% lower than other department stores through different strategies that include:

  • How they purchase merchandise. We can say this is the most important strategy that the TJ Maxx stores use to keep their prices at an all-time low throughout the year. Using this strategy by the TJ Maxx stores ranges from purchasing a product when the manufacturers overproduce it. The TJ Maxx store takes advantage of this and negotiates for a lower price for the excessive products produced. It also does the same when other department stores overbuy. 
  • The TJ Maxx stores also have merchandise manufactured only for their stores. This saves the company money, allowing them to sell lower-quality products.
  • Most designer products they sell are from past seasons and can be easily bought and sold at lower prices.
  • TJ Maxx spends less on its store’s design than other department stores. This gives them more cash and allows them to sell their products for less.

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What is the Pay off a TJ Maxx Employee?

 Just like in every other work, there are different levels and different departments; the same applies to TJ Maxx department stores.

In the TJ Maxx department store, there are different departments and levels for each department. The salary paid to an individual now depends on the department and the level at which they are in the department.

However, the different departments and levels include: 

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1. The Customer Service Department:

These departments have people that attend to the customers and tend to their every need. They answer all questions that the customers may ask.

They include the:

  • customer service manager paid an average of 12 dollars per hour,
  • customer service representatives paid an average of 9.86 dollars per hour,
  • greeter paid about 11.10 dollars per hour, and
  • customer’s service supervisor paid 12.24 dollars per hour. 

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Read Also2. Loading and Stocking Department:

This department involves anything related to the pickup of products and their appropriate distribution in the correct order. They are also in charge of keeping records of any product brought into the department store.

They include the following:

  • distributor associate paid 13.82 dollars per hour
  • forklift operator paid 10.90 dollars per hour,
  • Order picker, which has a salary of 1693 dollars per week,
  • Packer paid 12.92 dollars per hour,
  • receiver paid at 12.55 dollars per hour,
  • shipping and receiving clerk paid 13.23 dollars per hour,
  • stocker paid 12.45 dollars per hour,
  • unloader paid a salary of 9.14 dollars per hour, and
  • warehouse associate paid 11.26 dollars per hour.

3. Management Department:

The department can be said to be in charge of overseeing everything in the department stores. They ensure no problems crop up and are to assign tasks to other departments. Also, they ensure that the assigned tasks are fulfilled satisfactorily.

They include the:

  • the assistant general manager paid a salary of 114,034 dollars per year,
  • area manager that is paid a salary of 70,813 dollars per year,
  • The assistant manager is paid a salary of 46,680 dollars per year,
  • assistant operation manager paid a salary of 60,204 dollars per year,
  • business operations manager paid a salary of 69,473 dollars per year,
  • distribution manager paid a salary of 98,891 dollars per year,
  • district supervisor paid a salary of 104,178 dollars per year,
  • engagement manager paid 13.32 dollars per hour,
  • district manager paid a salary of 119,735 dollars per year,
  • The general manager paid 98,687 dollars per year. 

How Can I Get Hired At TJ Maxx?

Getting hired at TJ Maxx is usually a straightforward process. This is especially true when applying for entry-level roles. Getting hired at TJ Maxx starts by filling out an online application and submitting your resume. It will probably take them about one or two weeks to reply. After that, you’ll be given a phone interview. 

They will follow this closely with an in-person interview. For the in-person interview, you must come about 10 minutes earlier than specified as the interview time. The interview process for TJ Maxx usually lasts only 40 minutes. It’s usually a brief but tough interview.

It’s important that before coming for the interview, you have been adequately prepared. You ought to have expert knowledge about customer service before coming for the interview. 

Your outfit for the interview should be official. It would be best if you answered every question asked to you honestly. During the interview, you must exhibit a friendly and lively attitude. After the interview, you might need to wait for about 3 weeks for TJ Maxx to choose the eligible candidates that will be employed. The TJ Maxx Company doesn’t completely hire staff immediately. 

The hired employee will need to undergo training by the human resources department until the staff understands the culture of the TJ Maxx department stores. During the training, you must learn about health regulations and maintaining safety within the store.

We can say they officially employed you in the TJ Maxx department stores at the end of the training and orientation. 

What to Expect Working At TJ Maxx

The TJ Maxx store is a good starting job, especially for high school and college students. It has decent pay, and sometimes meals are given to the employees.

Basically, TJ Maxx ensures that every employee has a great experience working at the company. TJ Maxx offers store discounts, paid training, and a comfortable and supportive work environment.

If you are lucky enough to be a full-time crew member of TJ Maxx, you’ll enjoy benefits like medical, dental, life insurance, and short-term disability plans. This is optional participation. You will also enjoy paid time off, holiday pay, and vacation time. The management in the TJ Maxx stores is supportive, and the communication between employees is decent.

 As much as working at TJ Maxx stores is great, some disadvantages are also involved. For example, the TJ Maxx stores don’t offer job security, which means you can be hired and sacked at will.

The employees usually have long working hours but not to the extent that it’s terrible. At the end of it, the pros outweigh the cons.

What Are The Benefits Of Working At TJ Maxx?

Getting a job at TJ Maxx has many advantages, especially as a full-time crew member. Working at TJ Maxx will give you a great customer service experience, and you’ll often need to solve different interesting problems. 

Working at TJ Maxx will also help you with your interaction with people in your daily lives. You will get different benefits from working at TJ Maxx. This includes company store discounts, paid holidays/vacations, paid sick leave, flexible schedules, life insurance, and a casual and good environment.

Working at the TJ Maxx department store is enjoyable and has different wonderful benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TJ Maxx employee?

Most people know the TJ Maxx distribution store as a global off-price retailer. They have a mission which they say is to deliver great value to their customers every day. Also, they have had a history of convincing performance since their founding. They are mainly known because of their ability to sell products about 20-60% lower than other distribution stores. 

How long does a good stay before i can return it?

If you purchase an item from a TJ Maxx store and don’t find it satisfactory or the items are faulty, you can return it to any TJ Maxx location within 30 days of purchasing it. It should be returned with a receipt, but in such a case where the receipt is missing, it can usually be returned. When the item is returned, it can be exchanged for the same items or refunded according to the item’s current price.

Does TJ Maxx employees accept return of merchandise?

The TJ Maxx department store rarely accepts the return of merchandise that appears used, and also, products such as swimwear and intimate must have their price tags secured. If the price tags are absent, they can’t be returned to the TJ Maxx department stores.

What is TJ Maxx employee dress code?

 The TJ Maxx employee dress code is usually business casual or smart casual. Employees can wear jeans at work, but clothing needs to be neat and presentable. Clothes like tank tops, athletic wear, and crop tops are not allowed.

Is J Maxx a good place to work?

It’s a fun place to work. It’s a great part-time job with decent flexibility. It’s a great part-time job for high school and college students. 


TJ Maxx is a great place to work, having highly flexible work time. Getting employed at the TJ Maxx department stores is usually a straightforward process.

The Human Resources department is in charge of hiring applicants. The salary of the TJ Maxx department store is usually okay, especially for high school or college students using it as a side work alongside schooling. 


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