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How to Become a Publicist | 2022 Full Guide

Publicists are engaged to get their clients’ names in the news. In some way, they are the media’s equivalent of cheerleaders, and it is their duty to convince journalists to write about their clients.

Publicists, often known as press agents, use press releases to entice the media to write about their clients. They issued these mass notifications to the media to inform them of breaking news and, ideally, create articles.

Publicists often write these news releases to highlight new initiatives and business developments that their client or their firm is taking part in.

In this article, we would look into the steps required to become a publicist as well as the skill set required and the responsibilities of a publicist.

What is a Publicist?

A publicist is a person who oversees a company’s, organization, or individual’s publicity. For example, a publicist may strive to secure press coverage for a client who is a musical artist, and it is the publicist’s role to inform the press about the artist, his or her work and songs, albums, concerts, and other events.

Publicists, often known as press agents, formulate and implement PR strategies for their clients. They create press releases and announcements, propose stories to the media, and keep in touch with journalists and the media.

During a typical work week, publicists often work in an office setting, although they can also work remotely. Publicists should have great writing, verbal, and communication abilities, as well as marketing and people skills.

They are to establish connections with members of the media and should be well-versed in the world of journalism as well as numerous media channels in order to spread the word about their clients or a certain brand.

Publicists act as cheerleaders for their clients, doing everything they can to encourage the media to cover them through producing press releases and announcements.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, English, journalism, or communications is common among publicists; however, an additional degree is not required if the individual has similar expertise inabilities.

The average salary for publicists and public relations experts is $61,000 per year, and the employment market is predicted to expand by 7% by 2029.

When it comes to becoming a publicist, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Did you know, for example, that they earn an average of $20.26 per hour? That works up to $42,140 each year!

Between 2018 and 2028, they predict the career will rise by 6%, resulting in 17,300 job openings across the United States.

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What Does a Publicist Do?

Publicists provide a brand’s or company’s message to the customers they want to reach, influence, and affect.

A publicist’s major task is to collaborate with the brand and choose how to generate and communicate a message. A publicist may help determine how to communicate a message, which platform to use, and how to sustain and engage a discussion with a certain audience.

Also, a publicist serves as a link between the client and the general public, promoting the client’s public image. A publicist is someone who oversees a client’s public image and organizes publicity activities. Clients, journalists, and influencers may be approached with ideas and material.

A publicist is someone who manages and generates publicity for corporations, celebrities, films, and more. Publicists frequently written the following materials:

  • Speeches
  • Press releases 
  • Press kit materials 
  • Media alerts
  • Social media content 
  • Bios 
  • Website content 
  • Pitches 

What are the Requirements for a Publicist?

To be successful in this field, publicists must meet specific educational and experience criteria.

1. Education

To be effective as a publicist, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree. Marketing, communications, English, advertising, and journalism are some of the undergraduate subjects that might prepare someone for a job as a publicist.

In an undergraduate degree, students learn the fundamentals of marketing, communications, and writing.

Some publicists get a master’s degree in a related profession in order to boost their earning potential and widen their work options.

2. Training

At least one internship should be completed throughout an undergraduate program. It is most beneficial for them to choose an internship in an area that interests them.

Students learn about media communications, marketing, and public relations during an internship. Before becoming a publicist, the majority of publicists work as interns or PR assistants.

3. Certifications

While no credentials are required to work as a publicist, membership in the Public Relations Society of America might be beneficial.

This is the largest professional group of public relations professionals in the United States, and it’s a great place to network.

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4. Skills

Other skills could include:

Writing: Publicists typically provide a variety of products. They can easily develop these products in a voice that fits their clientele thanks to their excellent writing talents.

Attention to detail: These individuals’ jobs frequently need them to pay close attention to little things. To show their professionalism, they should be able to recognize and correct errors in many modes of communication.

Problem-Solving: A publicist can employ problem-solving abilities to help a client overcome barriers in a difficult public circumstance. The capacity to think creatively to produce a range of solutions is part of problem-solving.

Public Speaking: Publicists may speak in front of people on behalf of their clients. They should feel at ease speaking in public in order to carry out some of their responsibilities.

Communication: This talent entails the capacity to collaborate with people through a variety of platforms. Publicists connect with people in a variety of ways, including in-person, via text, email, phone, and video. It is critical to have excellent communication abilities.

What are the Responsibilities of a Publicist?

Here are some instances of duties taken from genuine publicist resumes that depict regular chores they’d do in their jobs.

  • Manage and compose content for client social media sites as well as ECPR’s social media deliverable, which includes SEO optimization.
  • For the Instagram account, I photograph events.
  • Pitch media on the phone and over email.
  • Promote events and items on Facebook and other websites.
  • On VNR and SMT material, consult with producers and account executives.
  • Create monthly and annual ROI statistics by tracking press activity on a daily basis.
  • Improve ROI by optimizing search campaigns to maximize the quality of clicks and conversions.
  • Set up and maintain client Facebook pages to enhance traffic and highlight job opportunities.
  • PBS’ flagship public media channel requires smart public relations strategies to be developed and implemented.
  • Create a media list for a photographer/artist in New York City. 6-10 marketing consultants for a project with an NYC fashion designer 4-10
  • Plan and implement national, regional, and internet publicity campaigns for recording artists (album and tour).
  • Create a media tour for a first-time author using the internet, radio, and television as part of a public relations campaign.
  • Obtain national press and media attention through popular periodicals, newspapers, television, radio, and the internet.
  • High school and college students, the filmmaking community, and the local (NYC) community are the target audience and benefits.
  • Using InDesign, create gift tags for honey jars for weddings and possible new suppliers like LifeWay Christian shop.

How Much Does A Publicist Make?

In the United States, the average Publicist compensation is $42,140 per year, or $20.26 per hour.

People on the lower end of the range, specifically the poorest 10%, earn around $28,000 per year, while the top 10% earn around $61,000.

As with most things, location is important. Publicist wages are highest in Alaska, Washington, Connecticut, Oregon, and Minnesota.

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How to Become a Publicist

To become a publicist, take these steps:

1. Earn a Degree.

You may become a publicist with a bachelor’s degree in public relations or journalism. Marketing, English, communications, and advertising are some of the other bachelor’s degrees available to publicists.

Consider pursuing a master’s degree in one of these subjects if you want to further your expertise.

2. Work Experience.

An internship or part-time job as a publicist, particularly at a public relations business or with a media outlet, is required.

Internships are especially valuable in this industry because they allow you to get a solid understanding of marketing and communications while working alongside seasoned professionals.

You can also obtain expertise by working as an assistant for a public relations business.

3. Become a Member of a Publicist Organization.

There are no certifications necessary to work as a publicist. Being a member of PRSA, on the other hand, will assist you in making relationships with other marketing and public relations experts.

4. Build your resume.

A professional CV should highlight your education, accomplishments, and relevant job experience. Develop a strong portfolio of well-written press pieces. Finally, build a list of media and industry contacts that you’ve met in person and who you may contact when you’re ready to apply for PR positions.

Frequently Asked Question

A degree is not necessary for a career in public relations. However, because the work necessitates a lot of writing, it’s advantageous to be knowledgeable in this field. Most publicists have a bachelor’s degree in one of the relevant fields, such as advertising, marketing, public relations, journalism, or communications.

In the United States, the average Publicist compensation is $42,140 per year, or $20.26 per hour. People on the lower end of the range, specifically the poorest 10%, earn around $28,000 per year, while the top 10% earn around $61,000. As with most things, location is important.

In a nutshell, publicists help musicians acquire print and online press by placing longer pieces like as interviews and features, as well as securing audio or video premieres and album reviews, pitching journalists on story ideas, and assisting their clients in finding their way into trend articles.

Public relations specialists, often known as publicists, travel regularly to attend events or interact with members of the media. A publicist’s travel life may be so glamorous that it’s commonly depicted in movies as someone who lives the jetsetter lifestyle.

A bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or public relations is common among publicists. Prior experience in public relations (PR) or the entertainment industry, particularly for publicists who work with celebrities, might be advantageous.


In conclusion, the steps required to be a publicist are not particularly rigorous or extensive. Once you have gotten a suitable degree from a recognized school, you are already on your way to becoming a publicist.

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