15 Best Real Estate Companies In 2023

Choosing among the best real estate companies in Texas to launch your real estate career can seem complicated, with more than 100,000 active real estate companies in the US today. You should think about your market and desired level of training while making your decision. 

Whether or not real estate is a good career choice is no longer in doubt contemporarily. According to Salary.com, the average Real Estate Sales Agent salary in Texas is $44,107 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $43,089 and $56,104.

In this article, we have compiled the best real estate companies in Texas to enable you to make the right choice. At the end of the read, you will not only reach a healthy decision but you will also have every necessary information you require to excel in this career.

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What is real estate?

Real estate is the land plus any permanent, whether natural or man-made, structures or improvements related to the property.

It varies from personal property, such as vehicles, boats, jewels, furniture, and farm equipment, which can be moved around and is not affixed to the land permanently.

In other words, Real estate includes the land and any enduring human constructions, including homes and other structures. An improvement is any addition to or alteration to the land that raises or lowers the property’s value.

After the land has been upgraded, the sum of the labor and capital utilized to construct the improvement will represent a substantial fixed investment. Even though a structure can be demolished, plumbing, electrical, water, and sewer system upgrades are frequently permanent.

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Why choose real estate as a career?

A real estate agent or broker career is not as difficult as other jobs with comparable income potential. There are several benefits as well, such as being your boss, making new friends, and assisting others as they pass one of life’s most significant milestones.

Still, more work than most people realize goes into developing a successful real estate profession, and choosing from the list of the best real estate companies that you work for also goes a long way in determining how far you will go in the profession.

Hence, this article will guide you to choose the best real estate company to work for in 2023 to achieve your desired height in the real estate career as we deeply discuss the 15 Best real estate companies to work for in 2023.

The 15 best real estate companies to work for in 2023 are listed below as a guide for you in making your as a new real estate agent looking for the best real estate companies to start their career or as a seasoned agent that desires to upscale in the real estate agent profession.

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Location: Flower Mound, Texas

The first on our list of the best real estate companies to work for is IVIE & Associate. In its offices in the United States and China, IVIE & Associates employs over 650 specialists. Ivie also offers a wide range of marketing solutions, such as creative and production services, sourcing and procurement, staff development, media services, public relations, digital and interactive marketing, and general project management, to many leading businesses worldwide.

The earning of an average employee at Ivie & Associates yearly is $60,119 plus other benefits.

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Location: Dallas, TX, US

Howard Hughes is next on our list of the Best Real Estate Companies to work for in Texas.

 Howard Hughes is a medium-sized real estate firm with 600 workers and $1.1B in annual revenue that is based in Dallas, Texas.

Howard Hughes Corporation is a national real estate developer, manager, and owner of commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties. 

As one of the Best Real Estate Companies, Howard Hughes organized well-spread and distinctive assets such as Master planned communities, functioning properties, and development prospects, across New York and Hawaii. 

The company has a staff strength of about 1,000 people, of whom more than half are committed to developing and maintaining our master-planned communities.

Howard Hughes pays its employees an average salary of $64,995 annually, ranking it among the Best Real Estate Companies to work for in 2023.

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Location: Houston 1704 Rankin Road Suite 190, Houston, Texas

Craig International is the next on our list of Best Real Estate Companies to work for in Texas. 

Employees at Craig International typically stay with the firm for over 4 years, which demonstrates the company’s excellent employee retention.

The demographic backgrounds of the personnel of Craig International are exceptionally diversified. Women comprise 41.5% of the workforce, and people of color comprise 37.3%.

Texas-based Craig International is a little real estate business with only 50 workers and $54.0M in yearly sales.

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Location: 5015 Tracy Street, Suit 102, Dallas, TX 75205, USA

In Texas, Allie Beth Allman & Associates also ranks among the Best Real Estate Companies to work for in Texas. 

This real estate company has some of the finest and most distinctive Real Estate Homes for Sale.

Since 1985, Allie Beth Allman’s name has come to represent the finest homes, illustrious clients, and top-notch client care in the Dallas luxury real estate market making it rank up on our list of Best Real Estate Companies in Texas.

Allie Beth Allman & Associates is acknowledged as the most successful home brokerage in Dallas and one of North Texas’ fastest-growing residential brokerages.


Location: 2001 Ross Avenue, Suite 400, Dallas, TX.

Stream Realty Partners is next on our list of the 15 Best real estate companies to work for in 2023.

Stream Realty Partners Commercial real estate provides the following services: leasing, property and facilities management, investment sales, development, and sustainability.

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Location: 1717 Main St Suite 2000. Dallas, TX.

The next real estate on our list of the 15 Best Real Estate Companies to work for is Invitation Homes.

It is good to note that most Single-family houses in Texas are owned and managed by Invitation Homes, which provides renters with top-notch residences in attractive American areas. 

The company has approximately 50,000 homes available for lease in 13 cities across the nation and more outside Texas. With this number of properties, Invitation Houses can adapt to clients’ evolving lifestyle needs by giving them access to modern homes with desirable characteristics like easy access to good schools and proximity to workplaces.

This gives it great consideration in ranking among Texas’s Best Real Estate Companies.

At Invitation Homes, the average salary of staff is $55,432 per annum while at entry level, staff collects $27,000 per annum this makes Invitation Homes to be voted as one of the Best Real Estate Companies to work for in Texas.

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Location: 8115 Preston Road Suite 700 Dallas, TX 75225 USA

One of the nation’s top corporate build-to-suit development and investment firms for multinational corporations is KDC and it is the next on our list of the 15 Best Real Estate Companies to work for in Texas. 

KDC has generated about 30 million square feet worth more than $5 billion in the past 27 years of its existence.

With only 78 employees and $12.0M in yearly revenue notwithstanding KDC Real Estate Development & Investments is a little real estate business situated in Dallas, Texas.

At KDC, the average salary of staff is $52,512 per annum while at entry level, staff collects $26,000 per annum making its way into the list of the Best Real Estate Companies to work for in Texas.

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Location: 6718 De Moss Dr # 59, Houston, TX 77074, USA

Ashford Communities is next on our list of the Best Real Estate Companies to work for in 2023.

The people that work for Ashford are happy to work in this company. 

This is because Ashford supports their staff members’ personal and professional development and shows a personal interest in their talents and successes. 

As one of the Best Real Estate Companies to work for in Texas, Ashford also offers training programs through Ashford Academy that enhance leadership and management skills, along with competitive benefits for their workers.

Apartments for rent are the focus of Ashford Communities, a growth-oriented real estate firm in Texas’ Greater Houston region.

The annual salary range for Runners at Ashford Communities is from $33,000 to $79,382 for Regional Directors. Leasing Agent hourly wages at Ashford Communities typically vary from $12.22 to $22.07 per hour.

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Location: 750 Highway 121 BYP Suite 100 Lewisville, TX 75067 United States

We also have on our list of the 15 Best Real Estate Companies in Texas, the Xome real estate company.

In its capacity as a holding company, Xome Holdings LLC. The business, through its subsidiaries, creates and develops software tools that assist in purchasing, selling, and auctioning real estate properties.

Consumers, realtors, and organizations involved in the origination and/or servicing of mortgage loans can all benefit from Xome’s technology- and data-enhanced solutions. 

XOME, runs HomeSearch.com, a website where buyers and sellers can search exclusive listings to locate their ideal house, vacation home, and other properties.

Additionally, the company offers rDesk Websites and an online marketing suite, which consists of rDesk CRM to manage leads, rDesk CMA to create expert listing presentations and buyer tours, rDesk IDX for map-based property searches, and the Desk dashboard, which has an action plan manager and features to create and manage email drip campaigns, property flyers, and other things. 

Ranking in the list of 15 Best Real Estate Companies to work for, Xome also provides technology and document management systems, creative services such as online and offline marketing, media design, logo design, and website design, etc.

The also provide website traffic acquisition services such as SEO, SEM, and display advertisements, and incremental revenue programs such as website advertising, data revenue, integrated text links, and leads consumer mortgage leads.

The annual average salary of staff at XOME is $92,267 while new entries received $55,000.

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10. MCCOY.

Location: Austin, TX, United States.

The next company on our list of 15 Best Real Estate Companies to work for in Texas is McCoy.

McCoy’s headquarters is based in Texas.

This real estate company is a significant player in the real estate market with over 3,000 workers and $610.0M in yearly revenue.

Apart from the fact that it helps its clients with apartments, Building supplies are sold in stores by McCoy Corporation, sometimes known as McCoy’s Building Supply. 

Lumber, plywood, roofing, concrete, corrugated panels and accessories, doors, drywall and accessories, HVAC and accessories, gutters and accessories, insulation, molding and millwork, siding, skylights, windows, and products for mobile homes are among its offerings. 

Ranking in the list of the Best Real Estate Companies in Texas, Its hardware offerings include ropes, chains, wires, builders’ and cabinet hardware, home and office hardware, fasteners, locksets, shelving and shelving and storage hardware, and specialty and repair hardware.

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Location: Houston, Texas, United States

Camden Property Trust is next on our list of Best Real Estate Companies to work for in Texas.

Camden focuses mainly on Multi-family apartments, community management, development, acquisition, and building activities. 

As one of Texas’s Best Real Estate Companies, Camden Property Trust bought 2.2 acres of land in Glendale, California, in December 2011. In Dallas, Texas, it sold two properties totaling 788 units for the year that concluded on December 31, 2011. The Funds purchased 18 multifamily buildings worth a total of 6,076 in 2011.

Camden is a major player as one of the Best Real Estate Companies to work for due to the welfare package for its staff.

The company has 2,000 workers and makes $1.2 billion in annual revenue.

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Location: 14785 Preston Road Suite 975 Dallas, TX 75254 United States

Safe Harbor Marinas is the next on our list of the Best Real Estate Companies in Texas.

It is the largest marina owner and operator in the US. Across our portfolio of inland and coastal properties, we are committed to offering the highest standards of “best in class,” excellence in quality, and customer service. 

The company regularly interacts with marina owners who want to sell their marina(s) to Safe Harbor or roll over their equity ownership position in a tax-effective way to become a long-term portfolio partner in Safe Harbor.

Additionally, Safe Harbor provides marina owners cash and management skills from other parties on a selective basis for renovation projects. We also enjoy an unblemished reputation for integrity, ethical corporate conduct, and keeping our promises.


Location: 1440 Randolph St, Traverse City, MI 49684, United States

The Morgan Group, Inc. is listed as one of the best real estate companies in America to work for and also ranked among the Best Real Estate Companies in 2023. 

Based on its personnel diversity, financial stability, and staff welfare, Morgan is ranked high on our list.

Morgan is one of the real estate firms that looks out for its staff members. The Morgan Group, Inc. pays its employees an average salary of $44,073 annually.

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14. Century 21 

Location: Madison, New Jersey, U.S.

American real estate firm Century 21 Real Estate LLC was established in 1971.

With over 147,000 sales professionals, the system comprises over 14,000 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 86 countries and territories. Madison, New Jersey, has a Century 21 Real Estate headquarters.

Century 21 Real East employees make an average yearly income of $40,820.

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15. Redfin Corporation

Next on our list of Best Real Estate Companies to work in Texas is the Redfin Corporation.

The residential real estate brokerage of Redfin Corporation is active in 95 markets in North America, including the United States and Canada, and in more markets through partner/referral agents.

Part of the business strategy of Redfin Corporation is that it charges home sellers below-average commissions of 1.5% of the sales price of a property in addition to commissions to the buyer’s agent, which is typically 2.5% of the sales price of a property.

The corporation has over 6,000 workers with an average salary of $94 Million.

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It is wise to engage the services of top real estate businesses when buying, leasing, renting or selling a home or piece of property to get the best possible deal.

So, you can choose from the top 15 real estate firms to handle your needs if you want to rent, purchase, or lease a home or piece of land.

Frequently asked questions

Does Texas real estate pay well?

Yes, real estate pays well.  In Texas, a real estate agent has an average yearly compensation of $34,500.

Can real estate make you wealthy?

Yes It might, but it isn’t a definite thing.

How much money do Texas real estate brokers typically make?

As of February 27, 2023, the average real estate sales agent pay in Texas is $44,107; however, the range is normally between $43,089 and $56,104.

What is the starting salary for real estate agents in Texas?

Texas’s average yearly salary for an entry-level real estate agent as of February 25, 2023, is $102,746.

Is Texas’ real estate market booming?

Over the past ten years, Texas has had some of the nation’s highest housing appreciation rates.



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