How To Write A Resume For A Bookkeeper

How To Write A Resume For A Bookkeeper In 2023

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In a time when job seekers are switching it up, it is only important you equally ensure they do not leave behind you.

A good number of times, we see intending bookkeepers complain about having their CVs thrown back to them with no positive feedback.

Well, apart from other factors it might be because of some things you’re not getting right. In view of that is why we have developed this content to help you know how to write a resume for a bookkeeper.

In addition to that, we shall also take you through on resume for bookkeeper examples and something for those asking what are the duties and responsibilities of a bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers are among the most sought-after professionals. This is because companies are always looking at balancing their accounts and fiscal records which Bookkeepers play a big role in doing.

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Who is a Bookkeeper?

For some, bookkeeping might not actually be their ideal kind of job. But, it might interest you to know that it is among the oldest professions in the world.

Bookkeeping dates as far back as the 13 centuries when early merchants hire the educated ones to keep stone ledgers of their transactions.

A Bookkeeper is someone that oversees the financial transactions and information of the company. The Bookkeeper is skilled in the art of keeping financial ledgers as well as HR-related duties.

They work closely with those in accounting to maintain a proper record of the transactions and financial activities of a firm.

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What are the Duties and Responsibilities of the Bookkeeper?

The duties of the bookkeeper are primarily bookkeeping. But, it transcends more than just bookkeeping. The Bookkeeper can also be involved in other major non-financial affairs of the company. Like administrative and HR roles. However, for the sake of this text below are roles Bookkeepers play in organizations and companies.

  • Updating Company Financial Books.
  • Creating and maintaining ledgers.
  • Ensure businesses comply with both state, local and international best practices.
  • The Bookkeeper is also an integral part of the HR department.

How do you list Bookkeeping skills in a Resume?

Your skills in your resume should represent to a large extent your capabilities for the job. Like we always tell applicants, your resume remains the first impression the recruiter gets about you.

Therefore, it is only right you make a good impression by writing an attractive resume.

In listing your bookkeeping skills in your resume, take into consideration what the job listing entails. This way it will enable you to tailor your skills to the requirements of the job advertised. Do not make the mistake of highlighting skills you don’t have.

Mention the hard skills; i.e skills like Proficiency in the use of Excel, Project Management tools, Computer skills, e.t.c. Then the soft skills; i.e Good communication skills, Multi-tasking, Inter-personal skills, Team-spirit, Leadership skills e.t.c.

Furthermore, your bookkeeping resume summary and objective are best placed right below your contact info and should be flooded with keywords tailored towards a good number of the job requirements.

What do Employers look for in a Bookkeeper?

Based on what you need the Bookkeeper to do, a variety of skills might be needed. Nonetheless, employers are more attracted to people with high intelligence in the area of problem-solving.

They want someone that can prefer solutions quickly especially in the shortest space of time.

Additionally, communication remains a vital part of impressing employers. Employers are always attracted to people that know how to relate with vendors, customers, clients, e.t.c and keep them consistently engaged in the business.

Your resume for bookkeeper should buttress all of this while also detailing other key areas you are good at.

How to Get your Bookkeeper Resume Past an ATS

If you are conversant with the job market or the recruiting field an ATS should not come as a surprise.

Nonetheless, an ATS ( Applications Tracking Software) is a software developed to help recruiters sort out many applications easily.

The software works with an AI that sorts based on keywords and thrashes applications leaving only those that met the specifications of the recruiter.

If you want employers to see your Bookkeeper resume, you must tweak it to pass an ATS evaluation. To achieve this we advise applicants use a bookkeeper job description for their resume.

Here, you put into your resume keywords and keyphrases tailored towards the advertised Job.

This way the ATS will score you high and recognize you for the employer to go through your resume for Bookkeeper. This remains a very vital aspect in knowing how to write a resume for a Bookkeeper.

How to Write a Resume for a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping remains one of the most sensitive jobs in an organization. Therefore, a good number of times when hiring, the employer barely settles for less.

You have nothing to worry about because with the help of our research associates and some industry experts we have been able to outline in simple and understandable terms how to write a resume for a Bookkeeper.

They could hire someone with a little length of experience over someone with a longer length of experience all because of how compelling the former’s CV is. One can never underestimate the influence of a well-written resume.

Our platform will continue serving the right purpose. Subscribe for more similar subsequent updates on writing compelling CVs.

Contact Information:

When writing your contact information, avoid unnecessary waffles. Go straight and state your name, age, phone number, email, address, social media links,


Summary can come right below the contact information, and as we will always tell applicants, this is where you run wild with keywords and keyphrases.

Make it short precise highlighting why what you are bringing and why you are the best candidate for the job.

It comprises more of skills and experiences. Eg; Payrolling, use of excel, sound interpersonal skills. e.t.c.


This section should contain school details, year of entry and graduation, certificate obtained. Additional certificates like P.hds, Fellowships, e.t.c.

Experience and Skills:

Experience remains a vital part of wooing a recruiter. However, the way and manner in which you stated your experience could either make or mar your chances of getting hired.

No matter how interesting your experience and skills are, ensure you quantify it.

In other words, you should always add numbers to your experience. Telling the recruiter number of years, when you stopped, the name of your previous workplace, e.t.c

The same applies to skills. The hard skills, i.e skills like Use of Microsoft Excel, Project Management tools, Tech-savvy tools, use of certain software, e.t.c should be listed along with Soft skills.

Soft skills are skills like good communication, problem-solving, multitasking, leadership skills. e.t.c. as well as other good personal traits expected of candidates.

To bypass an ATS, keywords tailored to the listed job must be in this segment of resume for bookkeeping.

If you have no experience, you can get the employer’s attention with details of workshops, internships, mentorship programs, summer jobs, and all the experience and skills acquired from places like this.

Highlight In-demand Bookkeeping Skills:

One step in staying ahead in the industry is having in-demand skills.

Research and find out the in-demand skills and ensure you put them up for hiring managers to see.


Getting or attaining an achievement is not easy. Therefore, if you have anyone you have attained, we advise you proudly detail it in your CV. E.g While working as an accountant at ASCON I was able to audit the company accounts exposing loopholes that saved us up to $500,000 in tax losses.

Nevertheless, it is equally important that your claim is verifiable with the information provided in your resume for Bookkeeper. As we said, it is imperative you quantify your achievement.

Awards and Certifications:

If you have awards or extra certifications from programs or internships. It is most important you also list them.

A certification might just be what an employer needs to see to hire you. Awards and certifications further shed light on claims of experiences and skills you claim to have.


In as much as you think it’s not important compared to others, an employer will always like to know what your unprofessional side looks like.

What inspires you, what you enjoy doing in your free time, and hidden talents. Do well to go ahead to state it.

You might never know if your taste in music might just distinguish you from others.

Bookkeeper Resume Examples/Samples

Below are professionally crafted Bookkeeper resumes. To show an idea of what you should work with.

Bookkeeping Resume Templates

Resume templates are pre-designed resume formats that only need you to fill in your information as the format and pattern are already designed. Some might just need you to replace just minor details of yourself.

After drafting ensure you submit it for review to an expert or some of the online CV building platforms. CVs form a good part of your professional identity, hence should be written with utmost dexterity.

You can always use platforms like,,, and to create a perfect resume for bookkeeping. Job seekers can use the multiple templates provided by these platforms to arrive at a very catchy resume that can attract any employer at first look.

In Conclusion

Getting to know how to write a resume for bookkeeping should be made a priority for job seekers.

Especially with the number of applications chasing a few slots. If you don’t have time to draft a resume.

It is only important you get some experts to help you. This way, you can bypass the scrutiny of the ATS and get a shot at recruiters hiring you.


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