10 Best Lactation Consulting Services in the World

Breastfeeding your baby comes with great benefits which cannot be overemphasized. Research shows that breastfeeding helps to reduce disease risks for you and your baby.

It also allows you to connect physically and emotionally with your baby, something we know every mom wants.

Yet, these amazing benefits of breastfeeding do not take away the pain and discomfort breastfeeding a baby can come with, not just for new moms but even experienced moms. 

A specific area of medicine known as lactation consulting comes in handy at this point. Lactation consulting services are dedicated to helping and supporting people who are nursing or having problems with their lactation.

If you want to find out what lactation consulting services are all about, its benefit for you and your baby, and where to get the best lactation consulting services, then stick to this article.

We have gathered information to answer all your questions concerning lactation consultants services. We have also listed the best lactation consulting services worldwide to ensure good health for you and your baby.

Who is a Lactation Consultant?

A lactation consultant may be seen as a lactation consulting services provider. It is a medical professional with expertise in breastfeeding (chestfeeding). They assist, counsel, and advise those who choose to breastfeed.

To offer lactation consultants services, you complete the required training and earn the right certification.

Lactation consultants or specialists can offer assistance with painful nipples, milk production, breastfeeding postures, and other typical nursing issues.

Since the term “lactation consultant” is not protected by a trademark, anyone can use it, IBCLE-certified or not.

However, the letters IBCLC (International Board qualified Lactation Consultant) will only be appended to the names of board-qualified lactation consultants because IBCLC is a registered brand.

Additionally, because IBCLE is a multinational organization, IBCLC practice standards and guidelines apply globally.

Alternatively, a person whose name is followed by CLE or CLC probably completed a course that lasted around a week.

Still, they need more background information, practical experience, or clinical hours of an IBCLC.

IBCLCs are the pinnacle of quality for providing you and your baby with evidence-based breastfeeding assistance, and they are crucial if you are experiencing severe issues with milk production or have a baby who is preterm or has medical issues.

How can lactation consulting services help me and my baby?

It can be challenging to breastfeed, both physically and emotionally. The ability to offer moral support and encouragement might occasionally be lactation consultants’ finest feature.

The most crucial period for starting breastfeeding is during the first few weeks of your baby’s existence.

You can work with your lactation consultant for adequate consulting services to improve your chances of having a protracted and satisfying breastfeeding experience.

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When do I know I need to use lactation consulting services?

It is time to seek lactation consulting services if you or your baby is going through the following,

Your baby is having:

  • Insufficient diapers
  • Jaundice
  • Insufficient weight gain
  • Wriggles, fusses, or sobs at the breast
  • Hiccups, frequent spitting up or vomiting, or clicking noises
  • In addition to cluster feeding intervals at specified times of the day, longer feeds (45 minutes or more) or more frequent feeds (every hour or less) are also acceptable.
  • Five-minute or fewer feeds
  • No desire to practice nursing for a long time.
  • Extremely drowsy, won’t wake up for feedings, or struggles to stay awake throughout feedings. 
  • Latching issues

You are having;

  • Breast or nipple pain – breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt, though some soreness and discomfort in the beginning, maybe typical
  • Engorgement
  • Painful nipples that are not getting better
  • Breasts that are irritated, painful, or swollen
  • Breastfeeding anxiety

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What Do I expect from an Appointment with a Lactation Consultant?

A lactation consulting service provider works with you to comprehend your nursing objectives, assists you in creating a plan, and responds to any queries you may have.

The best way for lactation consultants to help you is to touch your breasts and nipples so they can feel how your baby is latching. Nevertheless, some people have success with virtual lactation consulting services.

While some hospitals employ lactation consultants, others do not. Ask your nurse or healthcare provider if you have any questions about whether your hospital sends a lactation consultant to your room after you give birth.

You can hire a private lactation consultant to visit you while in the hospital if your hospital or birthing facility doesn’t have one on staff. In addition to being supportive and educated about breastfeeding, labour and delivery nurses can assist until a lactation consultant is available.

There are differences between each hospital, birthing facility, and lactation consultant. However, there are a few things you can anticipate from your appointment with a lactation consultant.

Your lactation consultant should be able to:

  • Visit you within the first few days after giving birth. The weight gain of your infant and the establishment of breastfeeding depend on this period.
  • Review your medical history, your pregnancy, your delivery, and any other pertinent information on the health of your child.
  • Observe you feeding your infant and pay great attention to how your child latches onto your nipple. As your baby eats, they will observe how they suckle, swallow, and breathe.
  • Advise on how to nurse more comfortably and how to position yourself.
  • Give you a hand with the breast pump. However, this is only sometimes possible when visiting a hospital lactation consultant. The plastic component that fits over your nipple, known as the flange, will be examined by a lactation specialist. A bad fit can affect the amount of milk you can pump.
  • Provide whatever information you require and address any problems particular to you and your infant.

What is the Billing For Lactation Consultant Services Like?

Depending on where you live, billing for lactation consultant services with an IBCLC might cost anywhere from $200 to $350. These Lactation consulting services may occasionally last for a set amount of time.

Still, lactation consultants will frequently stay with you for however long it takes to get the baby hungry and nursing. In many cases, the cost also includes phone conversations and follow-up emails.

If you and your baby are having problems that could need long-term treatment, some lactation consultants may provide packages with extra visits or longer phone and email consultations.

Some hospitals will send a lactation specialist to visit you as part of your treatment. Sometimes, mothers want assistance that goes beyond what their insurance would cover.

The easiest way to find out if seeing a lactation consultant is covered under your plan is to contact your insurance provider directly. To increase your chances of getting coverage, you should clarify whether your lactation consultant works for the hospital or your child’s doctor’s office.

Some insurance plans demand a doctor’s preauthorization. Insurance coverage for lactation consultants working in private practices is less common. To avoid being caught off guard, know what is and is not covered.

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Best Lactation Consulting Services in the World.

To ensure a smooth breastfeeding experience for you and your baby, we have compiled this list of the best lactation consulting services.

#1. Nest Collaboratives

With online video consultations, Nest Collaborative, a top Telehealth lactation consulting service supplier, helps successfully guide parents through breastfeeding.

They have a team of the most qualified and experienced International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants to accompany you during your breastfeeding journey.

Nest Collaboratives charge $99 for 50 minutes and have a support group lactation mums may join.

Visit Website

#2. The mama ‘hood

The mama ‘hood is staffed by experienced IBCLCs who can assist in establishing breastfeeding as normal as well as solve typical problems, including a bad latch, an excess or a shortage of milk, and cracked or sore nipples.

It also mentions that you can schedule a prenatal appointment if you’re a second-time parent who had difficulty breastfeeding your first child to avoid potential problems. They charge $125 for one session.

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 #3. Nurture by NAPS

The nurses who care for expectant mothers and young children have the experience and knowledge to back it up. We adore that Jamie and Emily, the two creators of Nurture by NAPS, are nurses and IBCLCs, giving them two times the experience.

While we’re confident that many lactation consultants listed here can guide you through the nuances of pumping breast milk, Nurture by NAPS’ approach to offering online lactation consulting services makes it a key component. They charge $299 for 90 minutes.

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#4. Healthy Babies, Happy Moms

If this is your first child and you are unsure how to begin breastfeeding, you should seek an online lactation consulting service from someone who truly understands you.

We believe it will be simple to locate that person through Healthy Newborns, Happy Moms, a firm founded in Rhode Island dedicated to giving moms and their newborns kind, encouraging, and stress-free care.

Healthy Babies, Happy Moms offers virtual one-on-one lactation consultations with IBCLCs in addition to virtual breastfeeding support groups and workshops and makes every effort to set up an appointment for you within the first 24 hours after you contact the business. They charge roughly $250 for 90 minutes.

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#5. 1 Natural Way

Most women are eligible for 100% medical insurance coverage for lactation consulting services. Additionally, most plans allow you to meet with a Certified Lactation Consultant in the privacy and convenience of your home, either in person or online.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), committed to assisting women (and moms-to-be) in achieving their nursing objectives, are available for online consultations through 1 Natural Way.

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#6. Ruth Health

Our individualized, 30-minute telehealth lactation consulting appointments assist expectant and new mothers in getting educated, triaging breastfeeding difficulties, and managing milk production and feeding from the comfort and comfort of their homes. These consultations are always based on Our 3 Levels of Care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Insurance cover Lactation Consultants?

The level of insurance protection varies depending on the firm or consultant, your region, and your insurance. Particularly if you’re working with a provider in your neighbourhood, several businesses directly cover these appointments. Most insurance providers will reimburse you for a lactation consultant visit if they don’t pay for it upfront (although you’ll need to pay for it yourself first and submit documentation to be reimbursed).

How Should I Prepare for My Online Lactation Consultant Appointment?

Bring specific questions or issues in advance for the greatest use of your time with a lactation consultant. Write them down in advance to avoid forgetting anything during the consultation, and be prepared to take notice of and heed your doctor’s recommendations.

What is the difference between a lactation nurse and a lactation consultant?

A lactation nurse works in a hospital or clinical setting and assists new mothers with breastfeeding. They provide basic education and support on positioning, latch, and breast milk production. Lactation consultants can assess and diagnose breastfeeding issues, create personalized care plans, and provide ongoing support until the mother and baby have successfully established breastfeeding.


Lactation consultants can help you and provide information if you decide to nurse your child.

A qualified lactation consultant will assist you and your baby with any feeding concerns.

Breastfeeding presents its obstacles, but lactation consulting services are there to help you overcome them.



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