Reviews 2023: Long Distance Moving Companies

We move from any part of the world to another, and in the interconnected world of today, long-distance moving companies,, have become an essential part of successful conveyance.

Moving companies provide services that make relocating more effortless and less stressful for individuals and businesses.

However, using a lousy long-distance moving service can be regrettable. We have a lot of long-distance moving services, but not all are suitable for customer use.

That is why is one of the most valuable tools when moving. The company is a website that provides a platform for individuals to find the best long-distance moving companies using expert research and genuine customer reviews.

It aims to make it easy for customers to find reputable, licensed, and regulated movers that fit their budget by providing transparent information on different moving companies.

The website helps make finding a moving company less stressful and more efficient by providing expert-researched insights and accurate customer review data.

Knowing about Movingfeedback and its services would be best for you if you intend to use any of the long-distance moving services below.

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Long Distance Moving Companies’ Review by Moving Feedback

#1. Moving APT Review

Long distance moving companies satisfied that customer reviews about Moving APT came to a general conclusion.

They were satisfied with the service received. The team at Moving APT are professional and reliable and went above and beyond to ensure their move was a success. 

They helped clients create custom moving plans that fit their peculiar needs and budgets. Moving APT also offered white-glove services like full-service packing and furniture protection.

The movers themselves were top-notch, handling clients’ belongings with care and making sure everything arrived at the destination in perfect condition.

However, some cons were mentioned. The quote process requires customers to provide their email and phone number, which may be an inconvenience for some. 

Additionally, clients needed help with the live chat feature on the company’s website. It needed to be faster to respond. This made it difficult to contact customer service in real-time. 

But the company has a dedicated team of experienced experts in the moving industry who will work with you to create a custom moving plan.

Most clients still recommend Moving APT due to their extensive network of moving and storage partners. But keep in mind the quote process requirement and slow live chat response.

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#2. United Van Lines Review

United Van Lines clients dropped their opinion about the company on long-distance moving companies Below are the general reviews.

They were delighted with the level of service received. As a full-service moving company, they offer a wide range of local, long-distance, and international services. United Van Lines have a vast network of agents and partners, which makes movement smooth and easy. 

The company is widely considered one of the best movers in the USA, and it’s easy to see why with their industry-leading customer service and a team of dedicated move coordinators to help plan and execute your move.

United Van Lines offers a range of services as stress-free as possible. These include standard moving services, vehicle transport, storage, and debris removal. They only use experienced movers who are expertly trained to plan and execute your move. 

Additionally, they offer a real estate cash-back program, which allows customers to save money on their new home purchase or sale, making the moving process even more cost-effective.

However, there is one disadvantage of using United Van Lines. They don’t have an online chat feature on their website. This makes it difficult to connect with customer service in a digital age like this.

But overall, Clients highly recommend United Van Lines to anyone looking for a full-service moving company that provides a wide range of services and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Considering the company’s services would be an excellent decision for you. 

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#3. iMoving Review

In recent times iMoving has been applauded for its local moving services and the overall package. The process of booking a move was seamless and easy with their online booking system. The movers they partnered with are prompt and professional and take great care of clients’ belongings during the move.

One of the things customers like about iMoving is that they provide a binding quote for the move. So the exact cost is known before payment. And, if I needed to cancel or reschedule my move, they offered flexible cancellation terms and policies.

However, iMoving does not offer international moving services. If you are planning an international move, there may be better options than this. 

Additionally, Imoving has no discounts for the military, seniors, or the disabled listed on its website. However, their partner moving companies may offer discounts.

The reputation of the company is enough to trust its services. You can reach them through

#4. Adam Van Lines Review

Below is the general Review of Adam Van Lines on long-distance moving companies

Most clients are happy with the service they provide. From start to finish, they make the process as stress-free as possible. They have a professional and experienced team due to their longevity in the business.

 They pay great attention to detail and take the necessary steps to ensure that customers’ belongings are safe and sound during the moving process.

One of the most appreciated services by Adams Van Lines is their customer service. They are very responsive and easy to work with. 

They also offer a wide range of services to help with every step of the moving process. The quote process is easy, and the prices are fair and transparent.

However, it’s worth noting that Adams Van Lines does not offer international moving services. Their basic insurance coverage may not protect the total amount of your belongings as well.

 It’s worth double-checking and considering additional insurance options if you have valuable items.

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5 Essential Moving Services That tracks


Professional movers are trained to pack and protect items for transport adequately. The movers have their packing specialties like packing materials which include things necessary for nicely packing your items. 

Long-distance movers also have professional packing as a specialty, so they come to the exit location and pack every item to be conveyed on behalf of the owner. 

Packing can also get delicate when the item is transported very fragile. We also have long-distance moving companies that prepare special packing for such things.

Loading and transportation

long distance moving companies also offer the service of loading and transporting your load to the new location. 

This is the core aspect of moving your item from one new location to another. a long-distance moving company is expected to have trained workers and the necessary tools to safely get your item to the new location. 

A long-distance loading and transportation service might be best when moving large items like furniture.

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Unloading and unpacking

 The aim of moving your item is not just to take it away from its old location but to get to the new place successfully. Long-distance moving companies,, can also take over the care of an item when it arrives at the new site. 

They have people trained in unloading and unpacking. I love this service because it saves cash and time.


You might have reasons you can not receive an item in a new location. Don’t worry; you can find long-distance moving companies that offer storage solutions to keep your item safe till you are ready to get it.


Using a good long-distance moving company is so safe that insurance covers your item. So if your item got damaged, you could quickly get a refund or a new one without spending your money.

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Moving Dangers That Long Distance Moving Companies Helps You Avoid.

Damage to belongings

It is essential to use a licensed and trusted long-distance moving company to avoid damage to your belongings. Any long-distance hauling company can cause some amount of damage to your item, but the risk gets low or high depending on the reputation of the mover you use.

 Some common reasons for property damage amongst long-distance moving companies are improper packing, loading, weather, handling, and accidents. 

Most of these causes are familiar with unlicensed long-distance moving companies, except for a few uncontrollable factors like weather.

In case of damage, also helps you know the long-distance moving companies that have insurance to cover any damage and loss of belongings.

Delayed delivery

Lousy moving companies may need more resources or organization to complete the move on time. Long distance moving companies gives you information about movers with a good reputation and quick delivery. A good mover will inform you of unforeseen circumstances that come up along the way. also takes reviews about the customer services of long-distance moving companies. Their customer service is vital when it comes to delaying delivery.

The first thing you must do in case of delayed delivery is to contact the company. Bad customer service will unavoidably cut you off from your item.

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Hidden costs

Here is a significant factor that people need to consider, but was able to fish out. Some bad long-distance moving companies hide extra costs and use your goods as collateral till you pay such an unforeseen amount.

They intentionally exempt it from the initial estimate and contract and then come up with such an amount when you have no choice but to pay if you want your item. 

Some unforeseen payments can come as payment for packing materials, long carry or shuttle service, stair carry fee, or fuel surcharge.


This can be completely eradicated with the help of Some long-distance moving companies are fake and dubious. They take and run away with people’s items or collect money only not to show up on the agreed date.

Lack of Insurance

Although it is not mandatory by law that long-distance moving companies offer insurance options for reputable and trusted movers, it is fundamental. The long-distance company must state its position on providing insurance or not. 

However, a regular client might skip this information if not connected to a platform that provides evaluations and reviews, like long-distance moving companies

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FAQs- Long Distance Moving Companies

How much should I charge for a long-distance move?

The national average cost of moving is about $1,400, ranging from $800 to $2,500. Note, however, that this price range is for a 2-person moving team completing a local move of fewer than 100 miles. For long-distance moves, the average cost of movers jumps to between $2,200 and $5,700.

What is the most inexpensive way to move long distances?

A do-it-yourself move is the cheapest way to move long distances. Doing everything yourself will eliminate the cost of labor, which, in most cases, makes a full-service move more expensive. However, if you’re taking on the labor yourself, you’ll just be paying for the truck rental and the cost of gas.

What do most movers charge per hour?

On average, movers cost between $75 and $350 an hour, depending on the type of move. For example, local moving companies charge about $80-$200 per hour, and long-distance moves cost roughly $85-$250 per hour.


In conclusion, is a platform that connects customers with reputable and reliable moving companies. One of the critical features of is its customer reviews.

Another feature of long-distance moving companies is its cost comparison tool.

Customers can compare the prices and services of different moving companies, which helps them make a more informed decision when choosing a company. 

In addition, Moving Feedback also provides a wealth of information and resources for customers who are planning a move. 

It helps customers make an informed decision when choosing a moving company and helps them improve their services and build a good reputation. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.



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