Night Auditor Job Description Template For 2023

Working as a night auditor comes with a wide variety of duties and roles for you to cover. A hotel is generally running constantly without any breaks. A night auditor performs outstanding roles in every hotel or organization they work for. Night auditors review and verify all accountancy records in order to detect discrepancies early on.

This night auditor description template is easily designed to attract only qualified candidates to your job call. It is easily customizable and can be used for online career pages. 

Are you searching for a clear and easily understandable night auditor description template? This article provides you with a night auditor job description template with clearly outlined duties & responsibilities, qualifications & requirements, and the skills or qualities needed in a night auditor.

Who Is A Night Auditor?

A night auditor, also known as a hotel night auditor is in charge of controlling and accounting for the financial records of an organization. They specialize in ensuring that the assets of the organization are secure by adopting appropriate measures that fit the legal standards of accuracy when keeping financial records. 

As a night auditor, your duties don’t just encompass overseeing financial records but also include ensuring that all clients in the establishment receive an over-the-top level of hospitality.

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Duties Of A Night Auditor

The duties of a hotel night auditor goes beyond the handling of the accounting details of the establishment as they are also involved in overseeing the front desk duties of the establishment, especially during night duties.

Hotel night auditors are also tasked with reviewing payments on the establishment, helping clients in the check-in or check-out procedure, and ensuring that all details from the day shift are properly reviewed.

A good hotel night auditor aims to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in the establishment. 

In order to be successful as a night auditor, you must be detail-oriented as night auditing involves dealing with cash transactions under the accounting system. A detail-oriented night auditor will be able to spot any discrepancy that might exist in any of the client’s payments. 

Night auditors should also have good communication skills as they could be the first face a client meets on check-in. Having good communication skills will help in ensuring that the customer needs are satisfied while boosting the general ratings of the establishment.

Night auditors hold positions in various establishments ranging from top luxury to small bed and breakfasts. Being a night auditor will require you to put in flexible overnight hours. 

Night Auditor Job Description Brief/Summary

When writing a night auditor job description, the first step is usually to clearly outline a brief, which is a summary of the role that the night auditor will be tasked with performing. 

A good night auditor job description brief should give the applicant at first read a clear indication of the company that is interested in hiring him, what is required of him, and if possible, ways the applicant will benefit from working at the establishment. An example of a clear and brief night auditor job description template is 

Are you detail-oriented especially to finances? Do you have any experience working in hotel establishments?  We (name of the company) are interested in hiring a night auditor capable of assisting our guests with overnight requests and balancing accounts from the day shift. Your duties are highlighted especially to taking reservations, helping clients to check-in, and ensuring overall customer satisfaction. Being a very essential position in our establishments, you should be skillful in offering clients hospitality. Working (name of the company) offers you the opportunity to earn incentives while providing excellent customer service and ensuring smooth accounting operation.

Night Auditor Duties And Responsibilities

A good night audit job description should have carefully outlined the duties and responsibilities of the candidates. 

The duties and responsibilities of a night auditor are specified in a way that ensures that the establishment runs as smoothly and successfully as it does during the day. The duties and responsibilities in a night auditor job description mostly include:

  • Meeting guests on arrival for check-in while providing them with any information they might need.
  • Providing appropriate administrative, bookkeeping, and required accounting procedures.
  • Reviewing all credit card transactions, financial records, occupancy percentages, room charges, final bill preparation, and cash drawer activity after a thorough audit process.
  • Preparation and accurate distribution of all daily, weekly, and monthly reports to the general manager, department heads, and hotel management.
  • Ensuring that customers receive exceptional services during their time in the establishment.
  • Attending to all calls and queries relating to all bookings in the establishment.
  • Responding to inquiries, processing reservations, and check-ins, delegating housekeeping, security, and service requests, resolving guest complaints, and other front office duties as required.
  • Responding quickly to all guest complaints, requests, and emergencies.
  • Completing and ensuring that all EOD tasks have been performed by the various departments in the establishment.
  • Ensuring that accurate and updated financial ledger and records are kept.
  • Balancing of cash drawer and log receipts.
  • Resolving any out-of-balance accounts.

Qualifications and Requirements Needed To Become A Night Auditor

This section of the night auditor job description contains all the necessary qualifications and requirements expected of the night auditor. 

Carefully outlining the qualifications needed in the night auditor will prevent any unqualified candidate from applying hence saving you the time you would have spent sorting through hundreds of resumes.

  • High school diploma or General education degree (GED) (COMPULSORY).
  • Degree in hotel management or any hospitality-related field. (NOT_COMPULSORY).
  • Experience offering hotel front desk, hospitality, guest services, or night audit experience.
  • Computer proficiency with in-depth knowledge of accounting or software reservation.
  • Excellent customer service and proper communication skills.
  • Detail-oriented and good problem-solving skills.
  • Effective customer service skills and ability to perform multi-tasking duties.

Effective Skills Of A Night Auditor

1. Guest Service

A night auditor should be effective in providing guest services. A night auditor with effective guest skills is trained in performing various tasks like:

  • Providing impressive services and ensuring that all receipts of the establishment are accurately and properly recorded.
  • Taking the position of manager at night duty and performing all guest service responsibilities.
  • Ensuring that customer satisfaction is at a level that satisfies the image of the brand.
  • Suggesting ways to improve the guest overall experience by ranking the level of guest satisfaction.
  • Managing the establishment overnight while ensuring the smooth running of all operations.

2. Customer Service

Customer service skill is one of the most important skills needed in a night auditor. As a night auditor, you should be able to place customer satisfaction at the peak of your goal. Having efficient customer service skills means being able to offer assistance to all potential and current clients of the establishment. Having good customer service skills entails being able to 

  • Build healthy and meaningful relationships with customers in a way that brings them back to the establishment.
  • Offer customer services like scheduling and confirming client reservations.
  • Improve company customer ratings by applying various sales and marketing techniques.
  • Ensuring impressive customer satisfaction through offering exceptional hospitality practices.

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3. Accuracy

A night auditor usually deals with ensuring all payment transactions like room charges and occupancy charges are accurate without any discrepancy. The ability to be fuse accuracy in your activities is a skill necessary for a night auditor. A good night auditor can ensure accuracy by 

  • Confirming all vouchers to ensure accuracy.
  • Confirming all guest information.
  • Verifying all departmental balances against the computer system to ensure accuracy.
  • Ensuring that all financial data of each department in the establishment is tallied.
  • Balancing and proper auditing on the front desk to ensure accuracy.

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4. Proper front desk skill

A night auditor is usually the first face a customer meets when checking in late. The first face a client meets in any establishment usually gives the image of the company. 

Every night auditors must develop efficient skills like professionalism, courteousness, and patience to succeed, as they are mostly at the front desk for late-night check-ins. A night auditor with good front desk operation skills should be able to

  • Ensure smooth business activity while maintaining front desk operations.
  • Develop an accurate and distributed hotel report for the operations at the front desk.
  • Handle high-volume room reservations and front desk operations while receiving guests.

5. Detailed reporting

A night auditor is tasked with giving daily reports of all the tasks and achievements. A daily report is an effective method of documentation to enable the establishment to track all tasks and activities going on. A night auditor should be skilled in giving detailed daily reports of all activities in the establishment. A night auditor enlists the skills of detailed daily reporting in the establishment by

  • Providing the managers with reports on the financial information of the establishment.
  • They provide reports of researched inventory accounts.
  • Providing reports for the various departments and executives of the establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions On Night Auditor

A night auditor is tasked with handling all accounts transactions and taking on reception duties at night in order to check-in guests who arrive late.

The amount a night auditor makes usually varies with the establishment but is estimated to be at $13 per hour.

The main duty of a night auditor is reconciling all credit card transactions and verifying financial records in the establishment.

A night auditor can perform checking-in functions for late-night guests, this role is usually viewed as the duty of a receptionist.

A good night auditor is detailed and ensures accuracy in all dealings with reconciling the accounts of the organization.


Night auditors or hotel night auditors are tasked with performing various duties and responsibilities. This article highlights and provides you with a clear and easily customizable night auditor job description hence enabling you to attract the best night auditors to your job call.


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