Managing Director Goldman Sachs Salary in 2023

Investment banking houses and other financial services firms offer senior executives compensation packages with potentially lucrative bonuses and benefits. One of these banks is Goldman Sachs, which has a very attractive salary for its managing directors.

Goldman Sachs is one of the world’s largest and most respected investment banks, and getting a top position like a director would be a dream.

About Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is an investment bank headquartered in New York City, USA. It was founded in 1869 by Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs. With 40.8 billion in sales and 34,000 employees worldwide, Goldman Sachs is one of the best-known investment banks in the world.

What do Goldman Sachs managing directors do?

The overarching goal of Goldman Sachs managing directors is to build and maintain client relationships. Many of these customers come from the institutional ranks, which include corporations, insurance companies, financial products, service providers, and managers of mutual funds and other funds.

While specific duties may vary by office or department, managing directors often act as the liaison between Goldman Sachs clients and the staff or teams serving the client.

This includes meeting and travelling to clients to understand their concerns, needs, and satisfaction with Goldman Sachs and investment goals.

The managing director has a considerable supervisory duty. This includes formulating and overseeing strategy for acquiring new customers, developing business products, and junior talent performance.

In some offices or departments, the manager evaluates the risks of certain investments or business areas and communicates them to the junior staff who implement the risk reduction required by the regulations in force.

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How much does a Goldman Sachs CEO make?

As Glassdoor reports, the average base salary of a CEO at Goldman Sachs is $400,000. Additional earnings average $200,000, primarily of cash rewards of this magnitude. Salaries range from $275,994 to $500,000.

What is the average annual salary of a Goldman Sachs managing director?

The average annual salary for a Goldman Sachs managing director is $350,000, compared to an estimated $272,000 for the same position. In fact, Goldman pays significantly more than its peers at all levels except for the analyst level.

Director, VP, or MD-level salaries are more than 20 percent higher compared to competitors. Vice presidents at Goldman could take home higher bonuses than managing directors and chief executives (i.e. higher tiers) at competing banks.

To earn a promotion at Goldman and you will likely increase your earning potential dramatically.

How much does a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs make in the US?

The average annual salary for Goldman Sachs managing directors in the United States is approximately $346,482, which is 243% higher than the national average.

The typical salary for a Goldman Sachs CEO is $235,300 per year. Goldman Sachs Managing Director salaries can range from $235,965 to $1,051,935 per year.

This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and is based on salaries collected from our users.

The estimated base salary is $224,269 per year. The estimated additional salary is $65,926 per year. Additional compensation may include cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit-sharing

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What benefits and bonuses do Goldman Sachs managing directors earn?

Glassdoor also states that stock awards are worth $176,598. The average total yearly compensation, including bonuses and base compensation, is $551,987.

Goldman Sachs provides various health benefits to its employees, including medical and dental insurance and assistance.

Assistance comes from on-site wellness programs and health care, fitness equipment in designated offices, and counselling. The income is increased via short- and long-term disability insurance.

Managing directors may also purchase life, accidental death, and work and business travel accident insurance.

Job benefits and salary include childcare in certain offices and child support payments for employees who adopt children.

They also offer business travel assistance and reimbursement for room and board during a business trip. The Company’s wealth creation programs provide investment funds to eligible Goldman Sachs employees.

Are other companies paying more than Goldman Sachs?

The Goldman Sachs CEO’s salary exceeds some of Goldman Sachs’ contemporaries in the financial services industry. Morgan Stanley executives enjoy an average base salary of $406,400 per year.

Salaries at the low end are $195,000, while those at the high end are $441,590. Cash bonuses have an average value of $203,200 and stock bonuses are $200,000.

Factoring in additional compensation, Morgan Stanley executives make approximately $412,496 per year.

For UBS CEOs, the average base salary is $368,514. The range starts from $200,000 and increases to $421,158. With bonuses and other additional compensation, total compensation averages $421,158 annually.

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After all, the Goldman Sachs CEO’s salary, if you only consider the base salary, is well into the six-figure range. The director’s performance and the unit that the director oversees can earn cash and stock awards that drive the bottom line even further.

Goldman Sachs executives have also covered their medical, travel, and retirement needs through the company’s compensation packages. You are guaranteed a great financial settlement if you want to work as a Goldman Sachs CEO.


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