15 Online Jobs in Chicago That Pay Well In 2023

Online jobs in Chicago are fast becoming a norm, especially among the younger generation of millennials and netizens. The reason is not far from the rising cost of feeding, housing, and transportation. To cope, an additional source of income is essential.

According to Salary.com, the cost of living in Chicago is 15% above the national average. Hence, to cope, many people are turning to online jobs in Chicago for extra income streams.  

Besides, several people are switching from regular jobs to working remotely for other good reasons. While some admit that it allows them to work conveniently from their home, others do so because these jobs pay well.

Many online jobs in Chicago today pay well and still provide you enough time to manage a regular job. In order words, you don’t need to quit your job to take up these online tasks.

Chicago ranks number one with the highest population in Illinois and number three in the United States. For many people, it is the land of opportunities and dreams. However, if you don’t have a sustainable financial plan in Chicago, you might be forced to run out of your dream city much earlier than anticipated.

Therefore, if you want to jump into the bandwagon of people making passive income from online jobs in Chicago, keep reading till the end.

How Can you Make Extra Cash Online?

There are several inventive ways you can make money online, whether you are a student or have a regular job as a student. The good thing is that many online jobs allow you to work around your schedule without affecting your regular work or classes.  

As a student, it is the time of your life to explore and decide what works best for you. Online jobs can allow you to gain a hands-on experience with the requirements of certain aspects of work. It will also let you put your free time to gainful use and learn what works best for you.

From online tutorials to selling products and filling out surveys, many online jobs in Chicago can earn you a handsome reward. As the gig economy grows, making online money has become the bull’s eye that everyone wants to hit repeatedly.

Whether you aim to make more money than the top social media influencers or to supplement your daily expenses, below are the top 15 online jobs that pay well in 2023.

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What Are the Best Online Jobs in Chicago That Pay Well?

There are different types of online writing jobs available. To make it easier for you to choose, this list of 15 online jobs in Chicago is divided into writing jobs, developer jobs, design jobs, and online sales jobs.

  1. Freelancing  
  2. Become a freelance journalist
  3. Ghostwriting
  4. Editing and proofreading
  5. Blogging
  6. App developer
  7. Web developer   
  8. Software developer
  9. Game developer
  10. Graphics designer
  11. Photography
  12. Sell custom T-shirts
  13. Upload content on YouTube
  14. Drop shipping business 
  15. Sell custom products 

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Best Writing and Editing Online Jobs in Chicago

#1. Freelancing

Freelance jobs are becoming very popular today and are among the fastest-growing online employment in Chicago. You can do many things as a freelancer, from writing to programming, data entry, design, etc. Sites like Freelancer.com, Fiverr, Guru.com, Writersgig.com, Upwork, etc., will provide a window to several freelance jobs.  

If you are fluent in French, Chinese, German, or any other second language, sites like Gengo provide freelance translation jobs. Whatever service you render as a freelancer, it is always essential to carry out your research to ensure your rates are okay.

To be a successful freelancer, you need to possess the following qualities:

  • The ability to communicate effectively with clients and meet required deadlines
  • A laptop and a good internet connection
  • Medium to expert knowledge of the gigs you wish to pursue 


Most websites take only 24 hours to set up. A site like Upwork will take 24 hours to approve your profile, but it may take some time before you land your first gig. You need to be at least 18 years to register with Upwork. Also, you need to be at least 16 to sign up with Frelancer.com and 13 for Fiverr.  

Duration before your first gig

 You might need to spend some time to land your first gig. Many people want to work with only verified freelancers. Therefore, new freelancers might have difficulties landing their first gig. However, sites like Freelancer.com offers the verified freelancer program and other courses to help new freelancers compete favorably.

How fast will you get paid?

 Paymentvaries according to the site where you choose to work. Sites like Freelancer.com and Upwork will pay after the client reviews and approves your work. Also, Upwork will pay you ten days after the end of the billing period. On Fiverr, you get your payment as soon as the job order is complete. Writersgig.com also pays within 24 hours of job completion.

Is freelancing easy

Freelancing is easy if you have the required skill. Hence, it is always essential to stick to skills you are conversant with when searching for freelancing gigs.

How much can you make as a freelancer?

The average salary of a freelancer is $30,117 a year.

#2. Become a Freelance Journalist

Whether you have a degree or not in journalism, you can effectively work from home as a freelance journalist. Several online resources will teach you how to work effectively as a freelance journalist.

Start by finding local stories that capture your attention and work closely with local news agencies in your town to publish them. To be an effective freelance journalist, the following skills are essential:

  • You must be abreast with current trends
  • The ability to gather information and organize them into a coherent story
  • Good writing skills and ability to capture your audience


Depending on the site you wish to sign up with, it can take 24 to 48 hours to get your registration approved.

Duration before your first earning

Different sites have their pay packages and compensation plans. Some may require you to earn a certain amount before you get paid. On the other hand, some pay according to ads and revenue your writing attracts. Therefore, it might take a while before your first earnings.  

How fast will you get paid?

Many sites may require you to earn a certain amount before you get paid, while others will pay for each approved content you submit. Usually, it can take 48 hours to a month to receive your first payment as a freelance journalist.

Is freelance journalism easy?

Yes, if you know the technicalities of gathering information and writing on trending topics.

How much can you make as a freelance journalist?

A freelance journalist in the United States will earn an average salary of $57,672 per year.

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#3. Become a Ghostwriting

Writing may be more challenging than you perceive it from the pages of a nicely written story. Several people know what to say and have vivid ideas, but translating them into powerful messages becomes a problem.

Also, even good writers with the right skill sets may be preoccupied and wish to delegate their writing jobs to someone else. Most times, ghostwriting requires you to sign an NDA. Hence, you take on the identity of the owner of the job. Nonetheless, you can still use these contents on your portfolio while portraying the ideas and visions of the work’s original owner.

As far as online jobs in Chicago are concerned, this one is an excellent idea. It is something you can quickly get as a side hustle. To be an effective ghostwriter, you require the following skills:

  • The ability to understand and portray the views of the content owner
  • The ability to write and put your information in a coherent manner
  • The ability to follow instructions
  • Understanding of the requirement of an NDA


Many freelancing sites provide you with the opportunity to work ghostwriter. Sites like freelancer.com and Upwork are excellent places to begin your ghostwriting career. It requires the standard setup, and you can start bidding for several ghostwriting opportunities on the website.

You can also begin by setting up your blog and letting people know more about your writing prowess. Nonetheless, it might take more time to set up a personal blog and even longer to get noticed and trusted by potential clients. Hence, starting as a freelancer is a short-term solution.

Duration before your first earning

It may take a while to land your first gig as a ghostwriter on freelancer.com. However, when you do, the experience will be worth it.

How fast will you get paid?

Suppose you choose to work on sites like freelancer. Com, all payment policies will also apply to you. However, you can set your private payment policies from a personal website if you’re working privately.

Is freelance Ghostwriting easy?

Ghostwriting has some technicalities and, as such, requires some skill and understanding. It also requires good communication skills and the ability to relay another person’s idea perfectly.

How much can you make as a ghostwriter?

 A ghostwriter earns an average salary of $39,979 yearly.

#4. Editing and Proofreading

It’s one thing to write well and another to ensure that your work is free from errors. Hence, if you have an eye for spotting mistakes in a job, you should try editing and proofreading. Many authors require the duties of an editor and proofreader to help them with their work. Some are also willing to pay more than others for this service.

Therefore, if you are looking for n online job in Chicago that allows you to make errors disappear, freelance editing and proofreading are for you. Some of the skills you need to have as an editor and proofreader include: the following

  • An eye for spotting errors in a work
  • Good understanding of vocabulary, grammar, sentence structures, and punctuation
  • Much patience to go through every single line, no matter how boring  


All you require is to find a good site with many opportunities for editing and proofreading. Many freelancing sites also offer this opportunity. Start by signing up, getting your account verified, and uploading samples of your work to your portfolio.  

Duration before your first earning

It may take a while before you land that first gig as an editor and proofreader. It takes time before people can entrust you with their work. They need to make sure that you understand what it takes. Also, they will want to ensure you are of high values and ethical standards before entrusting their work to you.

How fast will you get paid?

How fast your payment comes in depends on the website you are working from. Some pay as soon as your work is verified, while others will want you to wait for as much as 14 days to access your funds.

Are editing and proofreading easy?

The difficulty can be from medium to hard, depending on the nature of the work. Proofreading requires much attention, and keep reading. Sometimes, you may need to review a particular work several times to ensure it is error-free. However, an editor’s job is much easier with tools like Grammarly today.  

How much can you make from editing and proofreading?

You can earn as much as $61,940 annually from editing and proofreading.

#5. Blogging

There is a good chance that you have been writing what others want you to write and you did not enjoy it. What about writing on any topic of your interest without boundaries or restrictions? In other words, you can start blogging as an online job in Chicago.

If you are looking for an opportunity to work from home and earn handsome rewards for your effort, blogging is a great idea. Your persistence and effort in starting and running your blog will pay off over time. Some of the necessary skills that can make you an excellent blogger include the following:

  • Good understanding of the current trends and topics people love to read
  • Persistence—the ability to keep your blog up to date at least once a week
  • Adequate research and good knowledge of the topics you choose to write about


You must first understand how to set up a blog as a blogger. Tools like WordPress and Google are great for setting up your blog. Secondly, choose an exciting name for your blog. Next, start researching various ways to make your blog post stand out.

Congratulations! Your blog is running fine, and you have your first few visitors. The next step is to find ways to start earning from your blog. Consider things like affiliate deals, sponsors, subscribers, etc. You can also deploy tools like Google AdSense to your blog. Just find whatever works best for you.   

Duration before your first earning

It can take a while before you start earning from your blog. Many popular blogs you see today took many months to years before they made their first cash. Hence, you need a lot of patience and persistence to give your blog enough time to work.

How fast will you get paid?

Your blog can start earning in six to twelve months depending on your dedication and effort. Notwithstanding, current research shows that you need as much as one year to start earn good money from blogging.

Is blogging easy?

No. Blogging is hard work. It involves a lot of work and patience to get it working and keep it afloat all the time. Also, it requires you to keep improving to make your work better and visible to more audiences. If you don’t have the patience to keep going, you might have several hitches.

Decide whether you have the time and patience to wait before delving into blogging.

How much can you make from blogging?

Bloggers earn an average salary of $45,082 annually.

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Top Online Jobs in Chicago in Coding and Development

#6. App Developer

If it fascinates you how the different apps in your phone work and how they make life easier, consider going into app development from home. There are two broad areas of app development. They include the initial design and the coding aspect.

If you have great ideas for app development, it can unlock your door to huge profits. Even though several apps today do almost everything, from checking the weather to providing payment solutions, you can still achieve a lot in the area.

Some of the skills you need as an app developer include the following:

  • Understanding of design
  • Technical know-how of how coding works


Acquire some coding skills and learn how various coding tools work. Sites like Codecademy, Udemy, etc., are excellent places to acquire coding knowledge. Next, understand how various coding tools work and stay abreast with the latest updates. Also, have a basic understanding of design and appeal.

Duration before your first earning

With thousands of software applications available today and hundreds more uploaded daily, landing your first sale can take a while. However, never lose hope. Instead, find ways to make your app more visible on various platforms.

How fast will you get paid?

How fast you get paid depends on how quickly you make sales. Notwithstanding, you can also design apps for other clients and get paid.

Is App Development easy?

No. App development requires a lot of expertise and months of hands-on experience to master. Therefore, deciding what you want before venturing into the field is good.

How much can you make as an App Developer?

You can earn an average salary of $98,224 per year as an app developer.

#7. Web Developer

With many companies going online today, the job of a web developer is in high demand. It is among the top online jobs in Chicago today that also guarantees high pay. If you have the right skills, there are several work-from-home opportunities in web development for you.

Also, online classes are affordable if your skills are not up to par with the required standards. In addition, you can also take on simple freelance jobs to augment your income and improve your skill. Some of the skills you need as a web developer include the following:

  • Basic web development skills
  • Coding skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Patience and persistence


Acquire basic web development skills. You can enroll in online classes or attend offline boot camps to acquire web development skills. Also, you can start taking up minor jobs to sharpen your skills. There are also several freelancer websites that you can sign up with to start bidding for jobs.

Duration before your first earning

Web development requires time to learn and perfect. However, with the high demand for the skill, you can land your first web development job within two to three weeks.

How fast will you get paid?

Payment depends on where you are working from. Therefore, it is always essential to check the payment policies of any platform you work from to determine how fast you will get paid.

Is Web Development easy?

Web development takes work. It involves some technicalities which take time to perfect. Also, understanding design and proper comprehension of design is essential for the job.

How much can you make as a Web Developer?

A web developer earns $85,271 per year working online jobs in Chicago.

#8. Software Developer

The software has become part of our daily lives. From the basic electric iron to the microwave in the kitchen and our mobile phones, almost everything today is run by software. Hence, if you ever think of creating software, you are on the right track. Software development can be a great online job in Chicago.

If you know how to design and develop software, you can choose to work from home or work for a large corporation. The good news is that many software developers who work for large corporations also work from home. Some of the basic skills you need to become a successful software developer include:

  • Ability to see opportunities in challenging areas of life
  • Understanding of how to use software development kits
  • Understanding of how to deploy software to solve specific issues


The first step to becoming a software developer is understanding the basics of software development. You can begin by signing up for software development classes. Then, look for opportunities and sites that provide a hands-on experience to help you master your skills.

You can either sign up as a freelancer and design software for others or start designing your unique software solutions and selling them on your private website and other online marketplaces.

Duration before your first earning

If your software solves a fundamental problem, you can make sales quickly. You can also try giving out your software for free for a limited time to see how many positive reviews you get before placing a price on it.

How fast will you get paid?

If you are working from a freelancer platform, all payment policies of the platform will apply to you. However, if you choose to sell your apps on your private website, you can set whatever payment policies suit you.

Is Software Development easy?

No. However, once you master the skill, it becomes like every other profession. Nonetheless, it can be time-consuming and requires much mental work.

How much can you make as a Software Developer?

If you are a software developer in Chicago, your average salary will be $102,704 annually.

#9. Game Developer

Chicago is home to many game development studios with opportunities for remote jobs. If you have the proper skill set, game development is among the best online jobs in Chicago. Mobile and big console game providers constantly seek new ideas to break the internet.

Therefore, you are good to go if you understand what it takes to develop the best-selling game. Some of the skills you need as a game developer include the following:

  • Understanding of game mechanics
  • Good understanding of design and aesthetics
  • Knowledge of game design software applications


You can work for other, more prominent game development firms or independently. Sites like ArtStation provides numerous online opportunities for game designers. If you are a mobile game designer, you can publish and sell your games on Google play or app stores.

Duration before your first earning

With the number of games published daily, it can take time for your game to be discovered, except if it is exceptional. Hence, the duration before your first payment depends on the quality and price of the game you are offering. Also, you can work for an already established firm and get paid at the end of the month.

How fast will you get paid as a game developer?

How fast you get paid depends on the terms of the agreement or the payment policies of your organization. Some organizations will pay you after a successful deployment of the game. If you choose to sell your games on the Google Play store, then all Google payment policies will apply.  

Is Game Development easy?

No. Game development is a very tedious task that requires much expertise. It also requires much practice to perfect.

How much can you make as a Game Developer?

The amount you can earn as a game developer depends on your position. Game Software Engineers earn over 131,520 dollars yearly. On the other hand, senior software engineers make as much as 133,856 dollars annually.

Top Online Jobs for Those with Design Ability

#10. Graphics Designer

If you understand color and quality design, you have what it takes to be a graphics designer. Many online jobs in Chicago today for graphics designers pay well. The good thing about working from home as a graphics designer is that it provides you the freedom to exercise your creativity.

From working as a freelancer to selling your work on different platforms, there are several opportunities to earn online as a graphics designer. Platforms like Etsy and iStock allow graphics designers to sell their original prints online.

As a graphics designer, you can also work for startup businesses, providing designs for them. Also, big establishments will require graphics design from time to time. Some of the skills you need as a graphics designer include the following:

  • Good eyes for design
  • Understanding of the use and combination of colors
  • Time management skill


Firstly, starting up as a graphics designer requires a good laptop and input device. Preferably, the WACOM sketch pad can be a great choice. However, it comes at a high price. Nonetheless, there is another investment in low-cost sketch pads you can invest in for a start. There is always room for improvement as you grow in your career.

Also, knowledge of design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc., is essential. However, these applications are not cost-effective, especially if you are a beginner. You can also try free alternatives as a beginner before switching over to paid options later.

Duration before your first earning

Graphics design is among the high-demand opportunities today. Hence, you will likely land your first online job in Chicago as a graphics designer within two to three weeks. However, it would be best if you were well-grounded as a graphics designer to start getting big offers. 

How fast will you get paid as a Graphics Designer?

Different sites have different payment policies. Therefore, how fast you will get paid as a graphics designer depends on the platform you are working from. You can also pitch your work to people privately to see how much they will be willing to offer.

Is Graphics Designing easy?

Like every other occupation, graphic design requires some practice to become perfect. However, once you become conversant with the use of various design software applications, it becomes easier. Nevertheless, it can be time-consuming.

How much can you make as a Graphics Designer?

Graphics designers earn as much as $53,322 per year working online jobs in Chicago.

#11. Photography

Photography is a noble profession, and one means people document favorable moments. However, many people will argue that to make money as a photographer; you need to leave the comfort of your home.

While it is true, there are other creative photos shoots you can do from the comfort of your home. For example, creative product shoots, food photos, and interior design shots are all things you can do from the comfort of your home. Also, creative wedding shots are recently a big money-fetcher.

To become excellent as a photographer, you must have the following skills:

  • Ability to understand excellent visual representation
  • Readiness always to capture exceptional moments
  • Understanding of how to manipulate light in your shots


To become a photographer, you need a quality camera with basic features. A camera with a separate trigger button or remote is preferable for a steadier shot. Don’t opt for the expensive ones until you earn big bucks.

Again, a laptop that can run essential photo editing software like Lightroom and Photoshop is also necessary. You also need a tripod, extra power packs, additional lenses, and a flash for the best results. 

Duration before your first earning as a Photographer

You can start earning as early as your first day, depending on the demand for your photos. Many online photographers make their first sales within the first week as professional photographers. However, never undermine that millions of images are out there with good quality and no sales.    

How fast will you get paid as a Photographer?

It depends on whether you sell in your private space or via a website. Many websites require you to earn a certain amount before your funds are released.

Is Photography easy?

No. Photography requires an understanding of several technicalities. Hence, it requires much patience to master and become an expert.

How much can you make as a Photographer?

You can earn as much as an average salary of $46,054 yearly from photography.

#12. Design and Sell Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-shirts are trendy and becoming very popular today. Some of the best t-shirts today combine creativity, aesthetics, and uniqueness. In addition, they let the wearer personalize them to talk about their personality like the ones at college camps.

If you understand what it takes to create marvelous designs, this can be the best online job in Chicago that will allow you to earn according to your skill. Once people love your designs and keep buying, you make more money without adding more effort. Online shop like Teespring is a great place to sell custom T-Shirts.

Some of the skills you need to have to create awesome t-shirts that appeal include:

  • Be abreast with current trends
  • Have an eye for good designs
  • Understand how to blend colors


Just like graphics designing, the essential tool you need to have a good laptop. Also, a medium to expert understanding of how various polo design software tools work is necessary.

Duration before your first earning

You can earn as early as within the first few days of uploading your designs if you have quality designs. Also, keeping your designs trendy and cost-effective can be an excellent way to double your sales faster.

How fast will you get paid?

One of the most significant factors determining how fast you get paid is the platform you choose to sell your designs. Therefore, before signing up with any site to sell your t-shirt designs, you should read the payment policies.

Is T-shirt design easy?

Depending on your expertise, t-shirt design has only medium difficulty. It is something you can achieve in a few hours.

How much can you make as a T-shirt designer?

The average yearly salary of a T-shirt designer in $32,799.

#13. Sell Your Crafts

DIY crafts, cards, and gifts are becoming the norm today, and you should consider delving into this area. Whether it’s homemade cards, knitted warmers, customized bottles, and wooden chain boxes, it is easy to find an online market for your craft lately.

Online jobs in Chicago do not always signify easy. It might mean sitting with a hammer and chisel and finding ways to market the finished product online. Two things to keep in mind when valuing your craft are the number of hours and the amount it costs to produce one.

Some of the skills you require as a craftsman include:

  • Good idea of the necessary tools you need to create your craft
  • Understanding of design techniques and how to work around different situations
  • Good eyes for aesthetics

Duration before your first earning from selling your craft

Factors like time of the year, cost and the type of craft you are offering for sale can determine how fast you sell your craft. Some people start enjoying sales as early as the first week while others take months to make  sales.

How fast will you get paid?

It depends on you means of sales. If you sell on a private space, you can receive your cash on the same day you make sales. However, many websites delay funds for some time before releasing them to you. Always check site cash withdrawal policy when signing up.

Is selling craft easy?

No. Making crafts requires some skill that takes time to perfect. Again, every new craft may requires different design approach and technicalities.

How much can you make from selling crafts?

It is not easy to measure how much you can make from selling crafts since the same craft can sell for different prices.

#13. Upload Contents on YouTube  

YouTube remains the number one repository of video content today. Many people are cashing in big from uploading content. Content creators like Ryan Kaji cart in over 29 million dollars yearly by selling toys on YouTube.

Other YouTube content creators like David Dobrik earn around 15.5 million dollars every year from uploading comical videos. You may also be the next top earner, so why not start your channel today? Find a niche you are most interested in and create videos around them.

Becoming successful on YouTube requires consistency. Therefore, creating videos around things you are conversant with will help you grow your followers, who will log in repeatedly to watch your videos. The best YouTube channels are the ones that either educate or entertain.

Nonetheless, there are very successful YouTube channels that specialize in reviewing products. Whatever topic will keep your audience engaged for a long time is a good niche. However, YouTube requires at least 1000 subscribers to start earning big time.

There are several ways to earn from YouTube besides advertising revenue. You can also earn from ad placements for products and brands through affiliate programs and product sales.


Setting up a YouTube Channel is easy and takes only a few hours.

Duration before your first earning

With the high number of contents uploaded on YouTube daily, getting noticed can take a while. Therefore, earning from YouTube can take some time.   

How fast will you get paid?

Once you hit 1000 subscribers, you will get your first payment.

Is creating content for YouTube Easy?

It is often hard to determine human behavior. Hence, creating content that people will like can take time and effort. It also requires a high level of creativity and an excellent camera to make quality videos.  

How much can you make from YouTube?

The amount you can make from Uploading and selling on YouTube is limitless. It all boils down to your effort and the quality of your videos. You can earn as much as 15 million every year. However, ZipRecruiter puts the average earning from YouTube in the United States at $60,004 per year.

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#14. Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping is slowly becoming a new model for small-scale businesses. Besides the low startup cost, it is easy to start making extra cash, whether you are a pro or not. Drop shippers do not keep the products they purchase; they sell as wholesalers.

Drop shippers can bank on the current trends by staying abreast. There are several modern products with the potential to perform well. Some of the qualities you need include:

  • Understanding of the current trends in fashion and other items
  • Knowledge of how dropshipping works
  • Knowledge of e-commerce


Drop shipping takes only a few hours to set up. In addition, you require only a little knowledge of e-commerce. Top-performing items include jewelry, clothes and clothing fittings, home appliances, and garden tools.

Duration before your first earning

It will take an average of two to four weeks to receive your first payment.

How fast will you get paid?

The duration for payment on Shopify is five days in addition to the number of days remaining for your payout day.  

Is Drop Shipping easy?

Yes. All you need is a little understanding of e-commerce to begin.

How much can you make from drop shipping?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average yearly earnings from drop shipping is $42,753.

#15. Sell Custom Products 

T-shirts are not the only custom items you can sell online! Custom handmade products like jewelry, bags other home decoration items are also trendy. It allows you to have complete control over the products you sell.

Nonetheless, they can take much time to complete, and it isn’t easy to measure your output and make predictions. The cost effects of making custom products include time, material, and storage costs. Some basic skills you need to become successful with your custom products include:

  • Good craftsmanship
  • Good idea for marketing and maintenance
  • Understanding of the online sales process


Setting up involves medium difficulty, but you can start running in a few hours. Consider how long it will take to start and finish your custom product. Maintaining your private products also requires a lot of attention and time.

Duration before your first earning

Depending on your product type, earning your first payment can take up to two weeks to one month.

How fast will you get paid?

The period is usually from one to five days, depending on the website you choose to sell on. For Shopify, it takes five days in addition to the duration of your cash-out day.

Is selling custom products easy?

No. It may take a while before you get noticed, coupled with high maintenance costs.

How much can you make from selling custom products?

It depends on the price of the product you are selling and sales turnover. Also, site policy can determine how much you earn from each sale. Some sites pay you a percentage of every sale in exchange for free product hosting. Others take a percentage from every sale.  

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Be Cautious Money-Making Scams When Looking for Online Jobs in Chicago

While there are several ways to make money online in Chicago, online making money scams are also very real. Fraudsters are also banking on online money-making schemes to scam unsuspecting individuals.

Therefore, watching out for certain red flags before trusting your details with any site is essential. Many of these fraudulent websites often ask for an upfront payment. Others ask for your Social Security Number, financial information, or false certification fees.

The best way to outsmart them is to avoid them altogether. Don’t forget that you are most likely dealing with brilliant people that will find ways to gain your trust. Also, always research, read reviews, and only sign up with secure websites. 

FAQs About Online Jobs in Chicago

What Online Jobs in Chicago can I do from home?

Jobs like freelancing, online tutor, blogging, ghostwriting, freelance journalist etc. are all available online and does not require any office contact. Any of job opening in this article are also available.

What are the most successful online jobs in Chicago?

Some of the most successful online jobs in Chicago include freelance journalist, editing and proofreading, YouTube content Creation, photography etc.   

How can I work online and get paid immediately?

Online jobs that pay instantly includes Brand Survey, Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, Upside, etc.

What online skills are most lucrative?

SEO, Email Marketing, SEM, Graphics Designing, Mobile App Development, and Blogging.

What online jobs in Chicago can I do from home with no qualification?

Some of the online jobs that does not require qualification include email marketing, tele-marketing, social media manager, interpreter, and online fitness trainer.

Does Amazon pay you to work from home?

Yes. Amazon pay customer service as much as $986 per week to work from home.


There is no doubt that several online jobs in Chicago pay well. However, it is essential also to understand that not all websites are what they claim to be. Therefore, ensuring you only sign up with verified websites is always in your best interest.

Today, many people earn enough to carter for extra expenditure and fund their luxuries. Hence, they are focusing more on working online than taking regular jobs. Notwithstanding, that does not mean that online jobs are a replacement for regular office jobs. Most times, online serves as a side hustle and does not replace the security that regular jobs offer.    



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