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15 Online Jobs in Healthcare That Pay Well in 2023

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Health care in the United States is a thriving industry with diverse jobs paying well above the national average.

While most medical jobs are on-site, online medical jobs are on the rise. These jobs range from telemedicine positions associated with hospitals to insurance billing and coding.

Though many require a degree or certification to qualify, you can do them all with an internet connection and a phone line once hired.

What if we told you there was a way to get into this ever-growing field from the comfort of your home? In this article, we reviewed 15 online jobs in healthcare.

Why work in the Medical Field from home?

Careers in health care are challenging, rewarding, and always in high demand. Working your medical job from home provides you with the same level of compensation. It also provides flexibility, time, more money for you and your employer, and improved work-life balance.

More employers are embracing a remote workforce, and there are many medical jobs that you can do from home.

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Job prospects in healthcare

The healthcare industry has a very bright job outlook. Healthcare occupations should grow by 16% between 2020 and 2030, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In comparison, the BLS predicts that the total number of jobs in the country will increase by only 7.7 percent during the same period. That means health care should grow more than double the national average, indicating a stable industry with solid demand and room for expansion.

What is the Salary range in Healthcare?

Salaries in the healthcare field range from well below the real median personal income in the United States ($35,805 in 2020) to well above it.

According to the BLS, personal and home health aides earned a median salary of $29,430 in 2021, while physicians and surgeons earned a median salary of $208,000 or more in the same year.

However, many positions pay more than the national average. In 2021, registered nurses (RNs) earned a median salary of $77,600, while nurse practitioners (NPs) earned almost $123,780. Experience, education level, geographic location, and industry demand all influence how much a healthcare professional can expect.

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What are the Top Companies that Hire for Online Jobs in Healthcare?

#1. Cerebral Care

Cerebral Care is a mental health organization dedicated to increasing access to treatment for disorders like anxiety and depression. Patients receive regular assessments, online provider visits, counseling sessions, medications prescribed by licensed providers, and prescription delivery through a monthly membership.


#2. Clover Health Care

Clover Health’s commitment to improving and reinventing the way the industry pursues healthcare and insurance in the United States “makes healthcare work.” The privately held company offers Medicare options to members that integrate directly with nurse practitioners, clinicians, and doctors.


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#3. Cotiviti

Cotiviti, founded in 1979, provides:

  • Analytics-driven payment and network solutions for the healthcare and retail industries.
  • Assisting payers.
  • Risk-bearing healthcare organizations.
  • Retailers in meeting their business objectives.


#4. CVS Health Care

CVS Health is one of the leading providers of healthcare services and prescriptions, filling over one billion prescriptions per year across the country. They offer millions of customers a wide range of goods and services daily, including online and in-store prescription services.


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#5. Hims and Hers – Hims, Inc.

Hims & Hers  is a health and wellness company that aims to eliminate stigmas and make it easier for people to get the care and treatment they require.


#6. Parexel

This company is a global biopharmaceutical services company that provides various solutions to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

Parexel is a clinical research, consulting, and informatics firm specializing in ensuring peak market penetration and reducing time-to-market.


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15 online jobs in Healthcare

#1. Medical transcriptionist

The national average salary is $28,390 per year.

Medical transcriptionists transcribe patient information and doctor’s notes from voice recordings to written reports. Some employers require certification or experience in the medical field.

Excellent typing skills, increased attention to detail, and knowledge of medical terminology are all advantages to excel at this online job. Medical transcriptionists have one of the best online jobs in healthcare.

#2. Medical biller

The national average salary is $30,235 per year.

Medical billers complete, review, and process medical claims in order to obtain reimbursement from insurance companies for patient services rendered.

Before you can work from home, you may need on-site experience. It is essential to understand medical terminology, health care procedures and diagnoses, and what codes to apply to each. It is one of the online jobs in healthcare.

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#3. Case manager

The national average salary is $44,789 per year.

Case managers in health care ensure that patients receive high-quality care by matching their needs to appropriate, cost-effective services and outcomes.

They assist patients in making treatment decisions, creating care plans, and connecting patients with providers. They continue to monitor and document patients’ progress while remaining client-focused throughout the care process.

#4. Health information technician

The national average salary is $46,474 per year.

Health information Technicians manage medical records for medical offices and healthcare facilities. Medical records frequently contain confidential patient information, such as details about diagnoses, treatment, insurance, and health information.

Technicians are in charge of safeguarding this data. They also use computer applications to analyze patient data to improve patient care and keep treatment costs under control. It is one of the online jobs in healthcare.

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#5. Development Coordinator

The national average salary is $47,472 per year.

Development coordinators work in the medical field to plan and execute fundraisers to benefit nonprofit healthcare facilities. They must have excellent communication skills to collaborate with colleagues, departments, and community members.

It is also necessary to ensure that organizations receive adequate funding for ongoing operations or specific programs. It is an advantage to be well-organized and efficient when planning an event.

#6. Telephone triage nurse

The national average salary is $64,832 per year.

Telephone triage nurses provide patient care through telehealth services. This position is only available to registered nurses to perform virtual duties such as speaking with patients over the phone or other telecommunications. 

They also provide medical advice, evaluate and assess symptoms, make treatment recommendations, and consult with physicians to create care plans, make a diagnosis, or prescribe medications.

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#7. Medical Insurance broker

The national average annual salary is $59,132.

 Medical insurance agents assist individuals and businesses in enrolling in health insurance plans. Agents gather information and make recommendations based on the needs of their clients. They also assist with health policy renewals or changes to ensure continued or additional needed coverage. It is one of the online jobs in healthcare.

#8. Speech and language pathologist

The national average annual salary is $80,918.

Speech-language pathologists assist patients with communication and swallowing issues, such as speaking (making sounds and maintaining fluency) and feeding. They can work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, schools, long-term care facilities, private practices, rehabilitation centers, and doctors’ offices.

They can also work from home via video conferencing and other forms of telecommunication to connect with patients virtually. It is one of the online jobs in healthcare.

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#9. Medical Center Rep

The national average annual salary is $29,199.

Primary responsibilities include answering and making calls to clients to determine client needs or problems and providing informational and service-related assistance for healthcare facilities or other medical offices.

Patience, compassion, an excellent speaking voice, the ability to provide clear and concise explanations, and exceptional customer service skills are all advantages.

#10. Project manager

The national average annual salary is $86,258.

Project managers in the healthcare industry are responsible for various projects within their organization, such as expansions, increased or specialized hiring efforts, or developing and implementing plans to address specific problems.

#11. Nurse supervisor

The national average annual salary is $88,855.

Nurse managers or supervisors are strong leaders who manage staff and patient cases to ensure the best course of care and treatment. They may be in charge of, among other things, recruitment, budgeting, scheduling, training, and record-keeping.

They must maximize resources, coordinate with various departments, and meet deadlines. It is one of the online jobs in healthcare.

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The national average annual salary is $89,505.

Legal nurse consultants are nurses who work with lawyers on medical-related legal cases and are knowledgeable in both the medical and legal fields. Personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, and torts are some legal issues they may work on. They may also testify as expert witnesses.

#13. Licensed Clinical social worker

The national average annual salary is $69,069

Licensed clinical social workers provide services and interventions to needy patients. They assist people struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues by providing psychotherapy, counseling, family support, and addiction treatment.

They also assist patients in making important decisions, resolving family conflicts, finding housing, and securing employment. It is one of the online jobs in healthcare.

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#14. Senior medical underwriter

The national average annual salary is $94,355.

Senior medical underwriters examine health insurance applications to determine whether a person is eligible for insurance coverage, the type of coverage, and the monthly premium.

It entails researching a person’s medical history, collecting data, and assessing risk factors.

#15. Clinical investigator

The national average annual salary is $95,768.

Clinical researchers conduct trials that adhere to strict rules and regulations. Tests answer questions about medicine (such as efficacy and safety), vaccines, medical devices, and human behavior.

Researchers must adhere to ethical standards and good clinical practices when recruiting, screening, and working with human subjects. They must also find and present information to healthcare professionals and the general public in a responsible and efficient manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest-paying job in health care?

Anesthesiologists and surgeons are the highest-paid doctors. Anesthesiologists earn an average of $307,740, while surgeons earn an average of $287,500, according to Payscale’s August 2023 data.

What is the simplest job in healthcare?

Phlebotomy is the simplest medical field to enter and practice in. You can complete part of your training online. An accelerated program can prepare you for your state licensure exam in less than a year. Phlebotomists draw blood and transport it to laboratories for testing.

Which medical field is the most in-demand?

Nurse Practitioners (NP): 52% increase from 2020-2030 (BLS)
Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Job Outlook: 35% Growth from 2020-2030 (BLS)
Managers of Medical and Health Services Job growth of 32% from 2020 to 2030 (BLS)
Medical assistants

What is the most enjoyable job in healthcare?

Respiratory Therapist

What job pays the most without a college diploma?

Transportation managers
Police and detective supervisors
Pilots working for commercial airlines.


As you consider a career in the medical field, consider the type of work environment that best suits your personality. While some thrive on the stress and tension of the operating room, others thrive on the daily routine of providing at-home patient care to the elderly.

Others may prefer working with animals and their owners in a veterinary office to dealing with the personal politics of a busy hospital.

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