15 Online Jobs in Washington State that Pay Well in 2023

Although there will always be jobs that require human physical presence, there are many more that you can perfectly do from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for work-from-home jobs in Washington, here are the best online jobs in Washington State to consider.

These online jobs on our list are legitimate ways to make money. All you will need are the required skills for remote jobs, your laptop or computer, and then the internet to begin.

If you want to work from home, this article explores the top skills required for online jobs and the 15 best online jobs in Washington State.

Why You Should Work from Home in Washington State

One of the numerous advantages of working remotely is that it allows you to maintain a physical distance from a micromanaging employer.

The following are some more points to make:

Use flexible scheduling to your advantage.

When choosing between working full-time or spending the day with their newborns, new parents only had a few options before the internet.

There is no longer a need to choose between working from home or spending more time with their kids as parents.

If you prefer to get up early, you can sleep in if you don’t have children or work till the wee hours of the night. Just remember to separate your personal life from your business life!

You can work anywhere.

The benefit of a remote working arrangement is that you can work from any place as far as an internet connection, including your couch, a coffee shop, by the pool, or from another country!

You’ll gain new abilities.

If you’re a remote worker working for yourself, you’ll need to learn new skills as part of your move, such as bookkeeping, project management, and perhaps even a little legalese.

Additionally, suppose your employer permits remote work. In that case, you’ll need to acquire new project management techniques and communication strategies to overcome the distance between you and the other team members.

Tips for Working Online Remote Jobs in Washington State

Working from home is unlike any other job you’ve ever had. Here are some great tips to help:

  • To be focused and effective when working alone and without a boss instructing you what to do next, you need to be a determined self-starter with lots of discipline.
  •  Have communication abilities to brag about. You’ll need to stay in touch with messaging apps, email, conference Skype calls, and others because you can’t just run down the hall and start chit-chatting with your coworkers.
  •  Having a good work-life balance is essential. Working alone can kill your productivity or make you a workaholic. One will cause burnout, while the other can result in your termination. Can you strike a balance?
  •  Have extracurricular activities, hobbies, and a thriving social life because working alone and losing out on office “water cooler” moments may be isolating.
  •  If your team is asleep in a different time zone, you may occasionally need to make difficult choices alone, becoming an expert problem solver.

Best Online Jobs in Washington State in 2023

Here are our top picks for the best online job in Washington State:

  1. Email Marketer
  2. Database Administrator
  3. Software Engineer
  4. Website Designer
  5. Graphic Designer
  6. Customer Sales Representative
  7. Chat Agent
  8. Administrative Assistant
  9. Social Media Manager
  10. Data Entry
  11. SEO Specialist
  12. Editor
  13. Image Consultant
  14. Tutor
  15. Recruiter

1. Email Marketer

Email marketing is the first of the best online jobs in Washington State that pay well. Working as an email marketer to create quick and engaging emails might be a superb match if you enjoy writing and have a way with words.

Email marketing entails crafting engaging subject lines and email content.

Businesses will spend a lot of money on email marketing campaigns to generate revenue online. Starting might be challenging, and you might require experience in marketing or content creation.

You can aim to secure long-term deals to work on email marketing for businesses if you can persuade recipients to open or read the email.

2. Database Administrator

Database administration is a home-based work opportunity you should consider if you are tech competent. A database administrator oversees databases’ creation, use, security, and upkeep.

Database administration is a career that pays well and is in high demand, in addition to the benefit of being suitable for a home office setting.

You won’t have to be concerned about a lack of work chances if you have the appropriate IT certifications on your CV, making it one of the best online jobs in Washington State.

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3. Software Engineer

Software engineers or developers use different coding languages to make computer systems, websites, and applications. They spend a lot of effort troubleshooting and addressing problems to get their code to function correctly.

Communication and teamwork skills are essential for software engineers since they nearly always work in teams. However, since all this work can be completed online, employers frequently recruit remote software engineers.

You don’t necessarily need professional experience to work as a software engineer, but you must show you know how to code.

In some cases, employers will also look for candidates familiar with the programming language their team uses, such as SQL, JavaScript, or Python.

If you want to learn how to code, you can acquire a degree in computer science, but you can also enroll in a coding boot camp or teach yourself as long as you can demonstrate your programming skills in interviews and ace technical tests.

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4. Website Designer

The design, organization, and coding of a website are within the purview of the website designer. They collaborate with web designers to produce user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites.

A website designer is well knowledgeable about how visitors engage with websites. They employ this information to produce designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

An expert website designer can leverage recent web technology to build responsive, mobile-friendly websites. A website designer frequently collaborates closely with a web developer to create a website’s overall appearance and feel.

The website’s visual elements are the designer’s responsibility, while the website’s functioning is the developer’s responsibility. When they collaborate, they can design user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites.

5. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers produce images that convey the concepts, ideologies, and aesthetics that a company, business, or person is attempting to promote.

Typically, graphic designers create art digitally or translate handcrafted art into digital media. They hold one of the best online jobs in Washington State.

They may deal with words, images, or both. A graphic designer may create almost any visuals a business requires, including logos, product packaging, infographics, social media photos, and even components of websites and software.

Most graphic designers’ work is done alone using only a computer and other equipment they can easily store at home, making it a perfect online career once they know what their clients require.

Some businesses may employ full- or part-time designers to create graphics for their needs or clients. They may also form connections with freelancers whose designs they enjoy.

You’ll need imagination, aesthetic talent to succeed as a graphic designer, and a firm command of the newest design, picture, and layout tools. You’ll also need excellent communication skills to ensure you and the person you are creating for are on the same page.

Although bachelor’s degrees are not often required for graphic designers, having a significant portfolio of your expertise is crucial.

6. Customer Sales Representative

Customers of a business can contact customer service professionals by phone, chat, or email for assistance in resolving issues with or inquiries regarding the company’s goods or services.

Inman states this is among the most prevalent possibilities for those searching for work online.

However, you must be cautious about the positions you seek and accept since many have rigid schedules and provide little room for advancement. If you’re looking for flexible hours and prospects for promotion, ask about them.

People who enjoy social interaction and can handle potentially irate consumers are perfect for this position.

As a phone support representative, you must have a calm backdrop and be accessible without interruption during certain hours. Therefore Inman advises that there are better options than this profession for people with children or other caregiving duties.

However, some customer service positions include email or chat, in which case noise is not an issue. Frequently, you may work as a customer service agent without any prior experience.

7. Chat Agent

Like a customer support person, a chat agent doesn’t require much-specialized training to begin their career. A chat agent role working online could be a terrific job opportunity with flexible hours if you don’t feel comfortable speaking on the phone with consumers.

Online chat agents will provide text-based chat choices for businesses to provide customer service. You’ll frequently manage several conversations at once for several hours.

A chat agent career can be a suitable fit for you if you don’t have a private workspace or spend much time in front of the computer.

8. Administrative Assistant

Work-from-home administrative assistants, or “virtual assistants,” commonly known, benefit from flexible or frequently part-time hours. This position is also one of the best online jobs in Washington State that pay well.

The duties are generally the same as those of an administrative assistant who works in an office. You will be asked to plan meetings, aid the staff with various tasks, and contribute to writing letters and other papers.

Although you have the option, many virtual assistants see their profession as freelance work and collaborate with many companies. If you are successful with this approach, you may eventually be able to launch your own lucrative company.

9. Social Media Manager

It may be as easy as creating daily postings for a company’s social media accounts, or it might include making sophisticated marketing plans. The excellent news is that everyone has numerous chances, regardless of their ability level.

You’re fine to go as long as you are familiar with some fundamental marketing concepts, have a decent camera, and know how to use the newest social media tools.

On average, you may make $10 for each social media post if you only provide a simple posting service.

As an alternative, some companies and influencers search for a full-time social media manager to monitor remarks and messages and develop a regular posting schedule. These occupations that demand more work often pay more and ask for consistency.

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10. Data Entry

One standard option to make money from the convenience of your home office is through data entry tasks, which may be done part-time or full-time. You’ll be asked to input a particular system’s symbolic, numerical, or alphabetic data.

Even though it may not sound fun, this internet job may pay well if you work quickly. Additionally, you may use Microsoft Word or Excel to complete data entry tasks on any timetable.

It’s vital to remember that online data entry might not be as profitable as, for instance, a social media manager compared to some of the other alternatives on this list. However, you can make a respectable living on a large enough scale.

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11. SEO Specialist

By optimizing a website for search engines, an SEO consultant may increase a website’s visibility and rating.

This entails technical audits of the site to ensure that it is search engine-indexable, off-page optimization, and on-page optimization, such as modifying titles, metatags, and other aspects.

Although some firms still prefer that workers work in the office, all your tasks will be completed online. When searching for a job, seek job postings that clearly state that the organization allows employees to work from home.

12. Editor

A crucial component of publishing is an editor. They are accountable for reading and revising the text to ensure it adheres to the requirements of the newspaper or client they are working for.

This entails fixing grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, reorganizing content to make it more understandable, and ensuring that all information supplied is accurate.

A career as an editor allows you to work from home because there is a demand for editors in practically every business, and it also offers employment security.

If you want to work without interruptions or don’t enjoy working in an office setting, proofreading and copy editing may be done at home with just a desk and laptop.

13. Image Consultant

Looking for a remote position to let you use your ideas to benefit others? You could do well in the function of an image consultant.

To increase their confidence or to be ready for important occasions like interview processes or events, image consultants help their customers build their looks and styles. Even in politics, some image consultants help candidates develop their public personalities.

Most consultations for this position may be conducted online; thus, meeting customers in person is typically optional.

14. Tutor

Individuals who want to work from home can tutor since you can choose your class timetable. You may increase the academic performance of pupils of various ages and abilities as a tutor.

Tutoring checks all the boxes if you love education and like becoming your employer and working from home. Because you may teach on your own time and you don’t need an office, it’s a perfect work-from-home career.

You have the option of teaching in-person or online via Zoom. Since the pandemic made it essential to transfer lessons online, most students today have the computer abilities to navigate a virtual learning environment successfully.

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15. Recruiter

The world has evolved. Recruiters used to work mainly in offices, along with human resources, but in recent years, many have switched to working fully online, with more flexible hours and locations.

You do not need to have any special training to be a recruiter. You will be in charge of advertising job openings and seeking potential applicants; this may entail contacting prospects via websites like LinkedIn to urge them to apply for your positions.

Additionally, as a recruiter, you will probably conduct the initial phone interview with candidates to assist the business in pre-screening applications; you will forward the finest individuals to the business for recruiting reasons.

What Skills Do I Need for an Online Job?

Effective written communication skills

Email and other messaging technologies are becoming increasingly used in remote work situations, even if phone and video conferencing are necessary for engaging with coworkers in such a setting. Time is wasted, and employees become irritated when communication needs clarity.

As a result, you must communicate concisely, whether by email, online chat, or a note in a project management tool.

An attitude of cooperation and cross-cultural literacy

Even while working remotely typically entails working alone at home, you are still a part of a bigger team. Collaboration and communication abilities are critical.

That entails doing your tasks effectively and promptly, holding other team members accountable, and keeping them updated.

Ability to Learn and Use Digital Tools

Effective remote collaboration is a high priority for all staff members at any remote firm. However, using online and digital resources extensively is necessary for distant cooperation.

This entails being familiar with project management tools, video conferencing tools, and industry-specific digital platforms.

Secure and Reliable Equipment

Many businesses refuse to give employees the computers and tools they need to complete their jobs. Instead, you could be in charge of acquiring the necessary equipment. Many new remote employees may get by with their current PC.

However, some organizations have technical specifications that may necessitate the purchase of additional hardware, including a Mac or PC, a headset, and particular software and services.

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Independent Work Capability

Employers who recruit remote workers often anticipate that these individuals will be able to do their duties with little direction.

Although talking with colleagues is possible in virtual workplaces, getting a response from your manager or coworkers is frequently slower than walking into an office or speaking with a coworker in the next cubicle.

Emotional intelligence

A high emotional quotient (EQ) aids problem-solving, conflict resolution, and active listening in a remote work situation when non-verbal clues are not always available to help you “read the room” and respond correctly.

Furthermore, emotional intelligence allows you to be self-aware, sympathetic, and adaptive in the face of any difficulties you may have when working remotely.

FAQs – Online Jobs in Washington State

Which is the best online work from home jobs?

Top Jobs in Washington State

Email Marketer
Database Administrator
Software Engineer
Website Designer
Graphic Designer
Customer Sales Representative
Chat Agent
Administrative Assistant
Social Media Manager
Data Entry
SEO Specialist
Image Consultant

Are people happier working from home?

According to a poll conducted by the website Tracking Happiness, which researches mental health, the capacity to work remotely is highly linked with employee satisfaction. Fully remote employees reported a happiness level of around 20% greater than that of office-only employees.

What is the biggest problem with working from home?

A hallowed place aside from the public sphere has always been the home. Many people view it as their haven, so having work intrude on portions of it may come as a culture shock to them. This unexpected intrusion may cause boundaries between professional and personal life to become hazier, raising stress levels.

Is it hard to get a job in Washington state?

According to recent research that compared the number of jobs available in each state, Washington came in last with a 6% growth rate since the fourth quarter of 2021.

What is the most common job in Washington?

Administrative Assistant
Social Media Manager
Data Entry
SEO Specialist


Finding the best online jobs for you may take time and effort, especially since many online job opportunities are available.

To help, this article explores the outstanding best online job options for you.


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