Best Sales Associate Job Description Samples For 2022

A sales associate works directly with customers to determine their needs, answer their product queries, and recommend the best solutions. 

This is because a good sales associate may make a big impact on your company’s bottom line, it’s critical to have a well-written job description to attract the finest candidates.

So, in this article, you will get to know all about the sales associate job description and some samples.

What is a Sales Associate?

Typically, a Sales Associate is a part-time retail employee who assists customers in finding items, answering questions, and processing their purchases.

A sales associate provides excellent customer service while selling products or services. 

By providing assistance with sales, customer inquiries, merchandising, and store maintenance, they contribute to the overall customer experience.

Associate salespeople are responsible for selling all kinds of goods from shoes to electronics.

Most sales associates have a high school diploma or equivalent. They receive training on the job. 

A large number of sales representatives progress to supervisory roles within sales departments. Customer-focused sales associates go the extra mile to provide high-quality experiences for customers.

What does a Sales Associate do?

The average Sales Associate works in a wide range of retail stores, including clothing and accessories, tech, beauty, home decor, or media and entertainment.

They collaborate with other Sales Associates to ensure that customers have a good experience with their business.

Furthermore, their objective is to help consumers select gifts and other things within their budget while also meeting their employer’s sales goals.

Also, they may be responsible for acquiring or wearing things sold in their store in order to effectively describe them to customers.

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Sales Associate Job Description: Duties and Qualifications

A Sales Associate’s primary responsibility is to promote a company’s products or services by providing great customer service.

Also, they greet customers, walk them through the merchandise, answer questions, and make sure they have a good time. Some common responsibilities of a Sales Associate include the following: 

  • Welcoming customers into the store
  • Staying knowledgeable about our range of beauty and skin products
  • Explaining to customers the best products for their needs
  • Recommending related products to increase customers’ options and enrich the shopping experience 
  • Explaining the benefits and functions of products, method of preparation, and how to use them to achieve the best results
  • Accepting and processing orders, operating the POS register, and resolving returns issues
  • Promoting special sales, offers, and awareness of store loyalty program
  • Build productive trust relationships with customers
  • Comply with inventory control procedures
  • Suggest ways to improve sales (e.g. planning marketing activities, changing the store’s design)

Sales Associate skills and qualifications

A successful Sales Associate candidate should possess a variety of skills and qualifications that are required for their job duties in the store.

They must be knowledgeable about the store’s products and services, as well as strong in customer service and sales.

The ideal candidate may require a college diploma depending on the industry, however, most Sales Associate roles only require a high school diploma. Some common Sales Associate qualifications include the following:

  • High school diploma  or GED
  • In-depth knowledge of beauty and skin products 
  • Excellent sales and communication skills 
  • Working knowledge of POS payment systems 
  • Valid Class-A driver’s license
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Sales Associate Salary Expectations 

A Sales Associate makes an average of $11.30 per hour and $85,778 /yr as the average base pay. The pay rate may depend on the level of experience, education, and geographical location. 

Sales Associate Education and Training Requirements

To get hired, most Sales Associates need a GED or a high school diploma, but some roles may demand a college degree. Candidates with work experience are ideal but expect considerable on-the-job training.

This will provide them with a thorough understanding of your products or services, as well as your company’s regulations and processes.

If the task necessitates specific handling, make sure to provide adequate training or include it in the job description.

Except for a few specialized tasks, Sales Associates do not require any certificates or licenses. A good communicator with remarkable customer service and interpersonal skills will be a great candidate.

Also, they’ll have excellent sales skills, be able to manage their time well, and deal with consumers professionally.

Sales Associate experience requirements 

An experienced Sales Associate should be at ease dealing with customers and walking about the store for long periods of time to answer product or service questions.

After their shift, they’ll know how to use point-of-sale systems and have a working knowledge of bookkeeping to balance registers.

A qualified applicant is informed about inventory management and has sufficient expertise to confidently advertise your company.

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Sales Associate Job Description Samples

*Sales Associate – Bentonville AR*

We’re seeking Sales Associates for our Bentonville, Arkansas store location. This job involves sales, customer service, and humans. Or Homo Sapiens and stuff if you prefer to be technical.

The technical part of that sentence was the word &; stuff.&; Moosejaw Sales Associates have an enthusiastic, fun, and positive attitude while assisting customers with sales and product information.

A good sense of humor, creative mindset, and passion for customer service are needed. Like an I-love-you-so-much-we-should-synchronize-our-birthdays passion for customer service. Plus outdoor gear knowledge is a plus.


An individual in this position will be expected to perform additional job-related responsibilities and duties as assigned and/or necessary. *Essential Functions* An individual must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodation. * Maintains area of responsibility in accordance with company policies and procedures by properly handling claims and returns, arranging and organizing merchandise/supplies, identifying shrink and damages, and ensuring a safe work environment. * Maintains merchandise presentation by stocking and rotating merchandise, removing damaged or out-of-date goods, setting up, cleaning, and organizing product displays, signing and pricing merchandise appropriately, and securing fragile and high-shrink merchandise. * Provides customer service by acknowledging the customer, identifying customer needs, assisting with purchasing decisions, locating merchandise, resolving customer issues and concerns, promoting products and services, maintaining a safe shopping environment, and appropriately representing and supporting the company’s mission. * Receives and stocks merchandise/supplies, maintains facility by following company procedures, utilizing equipment appropriately, merchandising, and completing and retaining required paperwork, logs, and other documentation. *Competencies* An individual must be proficient in each of the competencies listed below to successfully perform the responsibilities of this position. Sorry to be so boring about it.

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* Adaptability:

Adapts to changing work demands. Stays focused on own work when faced with change or difficulties. Stays open to and learns from feedback.

* Judgment:

Uses policies, procedures, and/or guides to make good choices. Recognize what might be a problem and inform those who can correct it

* Customer Centered:

Shows care and concern when serving our associates and customers. Asks questions in order to understand associate and customer needs. Uses policies and information in order to exceed associate and customer expectations. Finds and uses the right resources (people, products, tools) at the right time in order to resolve associate and customer requests.

* Stocking/Receiving:

Follows proper procedures to prevent theft and loss when stocking, receiving, maintaining, and securing goods. Receives, stages, and delivers goods to appropriate areas throughout the facility in a timely manner. Reports complaints and problems with products, services, and conditions in the area. Uses supplies and equipment in safe and correct ways.

* Influence and Communicate:

Share Information – Listens to others and asks questions to learn about what is needed. Communicate the right information to associates and leaders when they need it. Communicate in a respectful and professional manner.

* Ethics and Compliance:

Perform to Ethical Standards – Follows company policies and procedures. Shows integrity and ethical behavior in all work situations. Reports ethical and compliance issues promptly.

*Physical Activities*

The following physical activities are necessary to perform one or more essential functions of this position. * Moves up and down a ladder. * Grasps, turns, and manipulates objects of varying size and weight, requiring fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. * Visually verifies information, often in small print. * Visually locates merchandise and other objects. * Reaches overhead and below the knees, including bending, twisting, pulling, and stooping. * Moves, lifts, carries, and places merchandise and supplies weighing up to 25 pounds without assistance. *Work Environment* Working in the following environment is necessary to perform one or more of the essential functions of this position. * Works varying shifts as required. * Works overnight as required. Job Type: Full-time.

Zoom Tan is America’s fastest-growing tanning salon chain, is looking for experienced salespeople that are motivated and outgoing with a proven track record in retail sales! Zoom Tan is America’s fastest-growing tanning salon chain.

We offer incentive-based [website] more you sell. . .The more you earn!! We will pay you a commission bonus on every item you sell when you meet the minimum requirements.

Successful team members know how to build a relationship by engaging the client and uncovering which products and services best fit their needs. Unlimited Income Opportunity!

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We compensate our salon associates with an hourly wage, plus commission bonuses on the services and products that you sell.

You have the ability to determine your own total hourly wage! We offer a full health benefits package (health, dental, and vision) to all associates that work a minimum of 30 hours each week.

We prefer to promote from within our own company, so there are plenty of advancement opportunities for the right candidate! If you are highly competitive and assertive and can close the sale then this is a great opportunity for you!

This is a sales position and our associates are required to meet our minimum sales standards to qualify for the commission bonuses.

*Responsibilities/Duties: *

* Greet clients in a friendly and enthusiastic manner.* Effectively communicate the positive benefits of Zoom Tan indoor tanning. * Effectively describe and sell all of the Zoom Tan memberships as well as the benefits of using lotions and other products carried by Zoom Tan as they relate to the tanning process and skin conditioning. * Achieve and exceed minimum sales goals consistently by closing the sale. * Be knowledgeable of promotions and value-add items to increase sales. * Understand all laws pertaining to the indoor tanning industry in your state. * Instruct each client regarding the use and benefits of the salon equipment. * Arrive on time and be prepared to serve clients for your stated shift hours. * Comply with the current Employee Image Guide standards for every shift. * Diligently maintain merchandising guidelines and inventory control practices. * Utilize written and oral communication skills to relay instructions to clients, as well as to provide coworkers and management with information concerning salon operations. * Maintain the highest standard of salon cleanliness through routine cleaning schedules and personally identifying and reporting any specific needs. * Follow all company policies and procedures. * Attend all assigned meetings. * Other duties as assigned. The above duties are considered Essential Job Functions *Specific Knowledge/Skills: * * Ability to work independently and be self-motivated. * Be competitive with a strong work ethic in a performance-based sales environment. * Be able to work a flexible schedule including nights and weekends. * Quality orientation and high attention to detail. * Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. * Ability to work with a high-performance team. * Critical thinking, problem analysis, and resolution skills. Desired: * * Must have retail sales experience. * Must have customer service experience in a customer-facing sales environment. * Computer proficiency. Job Type: Part-time


I believe this article gives you a clear sample of what a sales associate job description is all about in order to be the best candidate for the job.



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