15 Best Jobs in Air Force for Civilian Life in 2023

If you appreciate military life, you may need to consider one of the best jobs in air force for civilian life.

There are many career opportunities in the air force, which is a great place to work. The best aspect is that the training you obtain in the military generally makes finding employment in the civilian sector simpler.

If you’ve ever fantasized about leaving the military, you’ve certainly pondered what kinds of employment are for someone with your skills.

If you were once in the air force and wish to move to civilian life, you have a wide range of employment options.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 15 best jobs in the air force for civilian life in 2023. Let’s get going!

Best Jobs in Air Force for Civilian Life

  • Nurse
  • Firefighter
  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Radiology specialist
  • Air traffic control operator
  • Paralegal
  • Dental specialist
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Army technical engineer
  • Operating room specialist
  • Motor transport operator
  • Wheeled vehicle mechanic
  • Military police
  • Administrative Specialist
  • Interpreter and translator

1. Nurse

In clinics and hospitals, nurses are in charge of giving patients medical attention. Additionally, nurses provide preoperative and aftercare and prepare patients for surgical operations.

They keep an eye on the patient’s comfort and pain levels, assist them in regaining self-care skills, and offer emotional and psychological support.

The yearly average wage for nurses is $84,440, making it one of the best jobs in air force in civilian life.

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2. Firefighter

A military firefighter extinguishes and puts out fires on vehicles, buildings, and aircraft. They coordinate firefighting and rescue efforts in the event of structural fires, car emergencies, and wildland fires.

Additionally, they supervise emergency responders during accidents involving hazardous chemicals and keep records of the fire department’s activities.

Training to suppress wildfires and carrying out controlled burns are a military firefighter’s additional responsibilities.

Firefighters get average yearly pay of $52,236 in the United States, making it one of the best jobs in air force in civilian life.

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3. Medical laboratory technician

Patients’ blood, tissues, and physiological fluids are tested by a medical laboratory technician, also known as a medical laboratory specialist. Their work is crucial to the medical community because it helps doctors and nurses treat, prevent, and diagnose illnesses and other diseases.

Bacteriology, urinalysis, hematology, parasitology, serology, and clinical chemistry, are just a few clinical lab tests that a medical laboratory technician can undertake. Medical laboratory technicians make an average yearly salary of $51,052 in the United States.

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4. Radiology specialist

An Army radiology professional operates X-ray machines and equipment for CT scans, MRI tests, and ultrasound examinations. They examine and translate medical directives and radiological requests.

Additionally, they help with body section radiography, urogenital, pediatric, and prenatal examinations, and radiographic evaluations of the patient’s neurological, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

A radiology expert develops radiographic film, keeps track of patient and exam data, cleans and maintains various equipment, and performs patient testing when not doing so. $50,633 is the yearly average wage across the country.

5. Air traffic control operator

An air traffic control operator monitors aircraft and issues orders for takeoff and landing. In addition to guiding those in the air and on the ground, they are accountable for the safety of the pilots and passengers inside the aircraft.

They help with the installation and relocation of air traffic control sites in addition to regulating ground and air traffic.

The average yearly wage of an air traffic control operator is $43,724, making it one of the best jobs in air force in civilian life.

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6. Paralegal

A paralegal assists unit personnel and commanders with legal and administrative matters. They create and process a wide range of legal papers, including those about court-martial, administration and justice law in the military, and non-judicial punishment. 

Additionally, they help with divorce judgments, wills, powers of attorney, and family law, in addition to supporting attorneys and law office personnel.

A paralegal specialist’s other responsibilities include advising subordinates on technical matters and keeping track of files and records in the law library. The average annual wage is $50,993.

7. Dental specialist

A dental specialist assists a dentist in practically every element of managing the dental practice and providing patient care.

By selecting and organizing the necessary tools, they facilitate dental procedures. They also help patients get ready by taking vital signs like blood pressure.

A dental specialist frequently participates in oral examinations of patients and can assist with activities including suture insertion and removal, anesthetic administration, and material preparation for tooth restoration treatments. A dental specialist’s other responsibilities include:

  • Helping with X-rays.
  • Ordering and taking inventory of supplies.
  • Managing files and records.
  • Arranging appointments.

The average annual wage is $27,009, making it one of the best jobs in air force in civilian life.

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8. Intelligence analyst

An intelligence analyst examines the data gathered by intelligence operatives to ascertain the activities of a third party and their potential movements, actions, and equipment or resource availability.

They manage highly confidential information and render judgments that are utilized to decide on undercover, combat, and other missions.

Additionally, they build and maintain intelligence files and records, write intelligence reports, and assess the importance and integrity of incoming intelligence data.

Identifying international dangers and ensuring that crucial information reaches decision-makers or superiors are among an intelligence analyst’s other responsibilities. The annual compensation for this position is $40,451 on a national level.

8. Army technical engineer

An army technical engineer oversees the development of a construction site, which involves surveying, writing, and creating construction plans and specifications.

They also develop topographical maps and charts, test building materials in the lab and on the ground, and create building wiring and plumbing designs.

Using GPS to conduct construction and geodetic surveys, creating scale models to aid in project planning, and providing technical support for vertical and horizontal Army construction projects are all additional responsibilities of an army technical engineer. $37,875 is the average yearly wage on a national level.

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9. Operating room specialist

A nursing assistant’s job is to assist in getting the operating room and the patients ready for surgery. Medical treatment centers also set up and maintain specialized equipment and medical supplies.

An operational room expert supervises staff, sets up specialized equipment, and prepares scrubs for the operating room in addition to preparing operating rooms and patients. $20,951 a year is the national average salary for this position.

10. Motor transport operator

A motor transport operator operates automobiles and trucks. They move army soldiers and cargo.

A motor transport operator manages the loading and unloading of cargo and personnel being carried, whether in a vehicle or via a trailer, in addition to driving cars and equipment over various terrain. A motor transport operator’s other responsibilities include:

  • Preparing the vehicles for transportation.
  • Deploying defensive tactics to safeguard the convoy.
  • Controlling and fixing any issues with the cars.

The annual compensation for this position is $38,992 on a national level, making it one of the best jobs in air force in civilian life.

11. Wheeled vehicle mechanic 

A wheeled vehicle mechanic maintain and repair armored and tactical vehicles, both light and heavy. The systems, subsystems, and individual car parts are routinely inspected, replaced, adjusted, and tested.

Additionally, they are in charge of the vehicle’s electrical systems, such as the charging and starting systems and wiring harnesses.

Additionally, they carry out wheeled recovery operations, for example, when a truck breaks down while on a mission or doing another duty.

The average annual wage is $40,724, making it one of the best jobs in air force in civilian life.

12. Military police

A military police officer is a peacekeeper. Military facilities worldwide offer security services, carry out law enforcement duties and look into small-scale offenses.

They can be required to participate in combat operations abroad while serving in the military. A military police officer deploys to support the battlefield, protect outposts and camps, and help with security duties and dignitary protection.

A military police officer’s additional responsibilities include carrying out police tasks in active regions and aiding and supporting local police forces in keeping the peace both during and after a conflict.

The average annual wage that military police officers earn is $41,199, making it one of the best jobs in air force for civilian life.

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14. Administrative Specialist

An administrative specialist proofreads typed materials against the originals. Additionally, they put the final items together for validation, get dispatched certified or registered mail ready, and receive, open, sort, and deliver incoming communications and correspondence.

The preparation of documents, keeping files organized, signing receipts for and collecting certified and registered mail, dating and dispatching outgoing messages and correspondence, and receiving publications.

Also, setting up and maintaining a publications library are all additional responsibilities of an administrative specialist. $43,588 is the yearly average wage across the nation.

15. Interpreter and translator

To support military operations abroad, interpreters and translators convert foreign languages into English and vice versa. This could include court cases, working groups, and conference participant declarations.

An interpreter also compiles libraries of language reference materials, such as foreign language dictionaries and glossaries of military words, and interprets written, non-technical documents.

Additionally, they might support civil affairs officers with interpreters. The average annual wage is $41,355.

What is the Safest Job in Air Force?

Here are some of the most thrilling and safest jobs in the air force:

1. Biomedical Engineers

They provide inspections, installations, repairs, and modifications of medical equipment.

Before making a purchase, they assess medical equipment and systems, provide technical advice, and support organizational maintenance. Graduates of biomedical engineering can take on this safe but severe position.

2. Cyber Systems Operator

These airmen are entrusted with the crucial responsibility of cybersecurity for the Air Force.

They create, set up, and manage the systems that keep the nation’s data secure and out of the hands of adversaries. It is a demanding and responsible career, but it is safe for human life.

3. Public Affairs Officer

They are a vital link between the general public and the Air Force. The primary responsibility of a public affairs officer is to inform the public about the most thrilling and essential aspects of a military operation via official military websites, television, internet publications, and social media.

4. Air Traffic Control

These individuals perform an essential function for aviation but are typically invisible to the general public.

The primary responsibility of ATC is to keep track of aircraft, provide them with orders for takeoff and landing, and monitor flights to gather the essential data for the pilot.

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What is the Most Needed Job in the Air Force?

The Air Force pilot is the most needed job in the air force. 

Pilots using a variety of Air Force aircraft carry missions out. Additionally, Air Force pilots may be expected to conduct weather research, submit flight plans before takeoff, and comprehend current flight information.

Also, they are to prepare their aircraft for flight. Pilots collaborate with commanders to develop and execute strategies and procedures relating to aviation.

A bachelor’s degree, completion of Officer Training School, and the Air Force Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training curriculum are prerequisites for becoming an AirForce pilot.

A Single Scope Background Investigation will also be required of you, and you must have started your pilot training before age 33. Since pilots are needed to operate every airport around the globe, this profession is ideally suited for civilian life.

The annual compensation of an Air Force Pilot ranges between 100,000 and 162,000 USD. Other expenses like insurance, food stipends, and living expenses are not in that. An air force officer may earn pay between $5,000 and $8,000 a month.

Any person wishing to become a pilot would find this compensation quite alluring. You may make a good living while serving as an Air Force pilot and have no trouble getting other advantages like family insurance or government assistance.


If you’re looking for a fulfilling and lucrative career in the civilian world, the Air Force has a lot to offer. 

When leaving the service, you can use your experience and training to find new opportunities in various fields. No matter what path you go for, you will use skills forged by demanding circumstances while serving your country. 

If you want to transition into a new career in any of these fields, make sure your resume is in top shape and contact as many recruiters as possible. Don’t forget: your goal is more than just landing any civilian job—it’s landing a tremendous civilian job. 

We hope this list provided you with plenty of options to consider as you move forward with your next career move. Good luck!


What are the best paying jobs in the air force?

Physician. Their national average yearly salary is $145,065.
Pilot. Their average salary is $114,612 per year.
Command center operator. They earn an average salary of $87,590 per year.
Air traffic controller. Their national average yearly salary is $85,052.
Financial management analyst. They make an average salary of $81,355 per year.
Paralegal. Their annual average federal wage is $69,687.

What is the safest job in the Air Force?

Biomedical Engineers
Cyber Systems Operator
Public Affairs Officer
Air Traffic Control

Do Air Force members get free flights?

Space-A flights enable military personnel and their families to travel for little or no cost around the nation and the world. Military flights are ideal for families with flexible schedules and tight travel costs, despite their somewhat unexpected nature.

What are the best jobs in air force for civilian life?

Medical laboratory technician
Radiology specialist
Air traffic control operator
Dental specialist
Intelligence analyst
Army technical engineer
Operating room specialist
Motor transport operator
Wheeled vehicle mechanic
Military police
Administrative Specialist
Interpreter and translator


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