Social Media Manager Job Description Template for 2022

You can become Jeff Bullas or Neil Patel who are the foremost social media marketing influencers. Better still you can choose to run a career as a social media manager.

Reading through a number of well written social media manager job descriptions will give you a glimpse of all you need to know. The rest will be attained as you gain relevant years of experience in the profession.

In this article, the work-life, pay and daily activities of a social media manager are x-rayed.

This article is a nice read for job seekers and human resource managers. The table of contents below highlights the discussion in this piece.

Why a Social Media Manager Job Description?

A job description for social managers are documents that compile the expectations of the employer.

It houses the daily duties of a social media manager, physical demand, and academic qualifications. It also specifies the necessary skills to excel in this field.

For most companies, a social media manager job description is put out to the public during recruitment. Usually, work expectations, results, alongside other needs of the company are inclusive.

Basically, the aim of a job description for social media managers is to communicate roles to job seekers.

However, it is also beneficial to students or simply individuals who are looking forward to switching careers. You will find all the adjustments you need to make to fit in for the role.

A glance through a social media manager job description reveals to applicants if they are a good fit or not.

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It’s really okay if you are not a good fit. Simply take the requirements and work towards achieving them.

In other words, a social media manager job description give deep insights into being a good fit for the role.

Who is a Social Media Manager?

An online presence is global while an offline presence is static for businesses.

In recent times, companies are embracing the need for an online presence for their businesses. And, social media managers help make the work easier.

This means that you do not always have to be online to manage your business’s online presence if you don’t want to. Simply employ the services of a social media manager.

In simple terms, social media managers have enough information about your business to stabilize it online. This means they monitor, filter, contribute to and guide the social media presence of a product, brand, or business.

Usually, they work as an integral part of an organizations communications, marketing or public relations department. Sprout social defines social media managers as individuals who are in charge of representing a company across social channels.

Clearly, they are the sole voice of the brand. Wondering if there is a difference between social media managers and social media influencers? Keep reading?

Is there a notable difference between Social media managers and social media influencers?

Yes, while the two dominate and make the most of their online presence, their jobs and roles are quite different.

Basically, the role of social media managers can be done by the owner of the business. But, a social media influencer must have access to a huge audience.

Social media managers are responsible for the day to day management of your online presence on social media platforms.

On the other hand, social media influencers establish credibility in a specific industry. They have access to a huge audience and can persuade others to act based on their recommendations.

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What does a Social Media Manager Do?

As earlier stated, the work of a social media manager is contained in a job description for social media manger.

Their responsibilties and daily activites may vary from company to company. Depending on employer and number of hands on deck, it may involve all in the list below or more.

Most social media manager job description templates will itemize the responsiblities. These responsibilities are pertinent for the role. Generally, social media managers develop strategies to increase followers. They also create contents and over see social campaigns.

Depending on the need of the brand or product at the time, social media managers also review analytics daily.

It is their duty to create awareness, increase followership, and or interact with customers/clients.

Duties/ Responsibilities of Social Media Managers?

The role of social media managers are not rigid. However, as flexible as the can get, the folloiwing would always make the list.

  • Creating and maintaining company brand
  • Developing social media marketing campaigns
  • Researching social media trends
  • Informing management of changes that are relevant to the company’s marketing activities
  • Setting key performance indicators and measuring campaign’s performance against KPIs

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Skills and Qualifications of a Social Media Manager

To be a perfect fit for this job role, you must have certain skills.

Generally, a bachelor’s degree in internet marketing, journalism, English language are necessary to attain mid-level position. Below are some of the important social media manager skills.

Social media: You must understand how most social media platform work to excel in this career. Most job descriptions for social media managers would state the social media platforms you will operate.

Communication: You will likely be doing alot of communication. Hence, a communciation skill is paramount. You must learn to interact with customers, designers, marketers, and managers effectively.

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Research: To be relevant on the social media space, you must have good research skills. This will enable you follow up with trends and techniques as they evolve.

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How Much Do I Pay a Social Media Manager?

Earnings are vital part of choosing a career. And, if you are looking at hiring a social media manager, it is important you acquint yourself with their roles.

This will help you appreciate the investment you are making towards your online presence. Don’t worry, good social media mangers would likely bring enough conversion to your business.

According to, social media manager make an average of $44, 757 annuallly. Although media managers with higher qualifications ( experience, education, certification) tend to earn higher.

Social media Manager Job Description Templates 2022

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3


Social media management is a vital part of any business online. A good strategy can expand your business while a wrong move can mare your business.

In choosing a social media manager, writing a concise job description for a social media manager is pertinent. Also, in building a career in social media management, understanding its job description is important.

Download templates from this article to learn all you need to know.



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