How To Ask A Stupid Question In An Interview Without Sounding Foolish

Have you ever felt like asking a stupid question in an interview session but finally ended up not asking the question for fear of sounding stupid? In this article, I’m thrilled to share the best way to ask funny interview questions without sounding stupid.

If you’ve ever sat through a job interview, chances are you’ve wished to ask dumb questions without sounding stupid. How does that sound? Great, right?

While you may be familiar with the phrase, “there’s no such thing as a stupid question,” I’m sure you still want to construct your questions in a way that helps you come across as capable and confident. So if you’ve been holding back on your questions, read on for ten ways to ask them in a smart, strategic way.

Why You Should Ask That Stupid Question During An Interview

Most of us refrain from asking stupid questions because we don’t want to appear stupid. Here are a few benefits of asking that weird question during an interview:

#1 It shows difference in understanding

The difference in understanding lends credence to the fact that we are all different beings. The way you perceive and receive information might not be the way the next person does. Therefore, it’s best you seek clarity by showing differences in understanding and willingness to understand the interviewer’s point of view.

#2 Asking Stupid Questions Helps You Acquire New Knowledge

When you ask a stupid question during an interview, you may sound stupid for the first few seconds, but, trust me, you will learn something new. On the other hand, if you choose not to ask, you will remain ignorant of the things you should know.

Therefore, it is up to you to choose between asking funny interview questions and being ignorant for the rest of your life.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to ask a stupid question, treat it as an opportunity to learn something new.

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#3 Asking Questions Shows You Are Actually Paying Attention

When you ask questions during and after an interview session, it shows that you are involved in the conversation. It also goes further to show how much attention you paid during the interview session.

People love being listened to and confirm that their contributions matter. One way to show them that you are actually paying attention is by asking questions. Even if your questions might come off as stupid, just ask. This shows that you are active in the conversation and eager to know more.

#4 It shows your level of interest in the session

Asking questions no matter how silly they appear, shows the interviewer your level of interest in the session. By so doing, you get to find out more details about the nature of the job and any other relevant information you need to know.

#5 Asking stupid questions helps reveal hidden ambiguity and unclear assumptions

Stupid questions teach a lot. They help uncover prejudices, assumptions, and ambiguity that people might have when discussing a particular topic. They help reveal the complexity surrounding things that seem to be obvious.

For instance, let’s assume the recruiter is looking for a digital marketing expert to take up certain tasks and you are in a meeting to discuss the terms of employment. It will be in your best interest to clear the air of assumptions in order to understand the job description better.

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#6 Asking funny interview questions shows how inquisitive you are

Smart people ask questions no matter how dumb it appears to be. A question might appear stupid on the surface, but it can reveal a new way of thinking or lead to better solutions to a problem.

Asking those weird questions shows you are a curious person who is open to new ways of looking at things and is not afraid of trying unconventional approaches. It shows the will to be knowledgeable.

Asking questions even in situations where you are expected to be knowledgeable also shows that you are more committed to the outcome.

10 Ways To Ask A Stupid Question In An Interview Without Sounding Stupid

Nobody likes to ask a question and appear stupid.  This may embarrass you and make you appear inexperienced.  However, in an interview session, you will inevitably encounter situations that require you to ask questions and take the risk of appearing stupid. Here are the top 10 ways to ask any question in an interview without fear of appearing stupid:

#1 Be confident

Confidence is what helps you stand out at all times. Though this doesn’t spell perfection, it shows the listener how courageous you are. If you want to ask a question during an interview session, the first step to take is to have confidence in yourself. This sense of confidence keeps you relaxed and helps you send the right question to your interviewer in the right manner.

A confident look is shown through clothing, grooming, gestures, tone, and attitude.  Make sure all of these are perfect.  Assume an upright posture and a confident tone when you speak. Maintain a correct eye with your interviewer while talking.  Eye contact is a key way to show them that you are sure of what you’re saying even when you are obviously asking a seemingly stupid question.

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#2 Start with what you already know

Starting with what you already know gives you an edge and convinces the interviewer to listen to you. Assuming you did some research about the job before setting out for the interview and you are not entirely sure about a particular point, you can start asking the question by stating the points you know. For instance, you know the company deals in software but you are not certain about the type of software, you can frame the question like this, ‘I’m quite sure that the company sells software, but what I don’t know is the type of software’ this way your question is subtly sent to the interviewer.

Even if you took a guess that turned out to be wrong, you’ll still be more prepared than if you stared blankly.  When you start off a question with a little prior knowledge, you make it easier for the interviewer to explain to you exactly what you need to know.

#3 Observe first

It makes no sense to ask funny interview questions that are out of context. Before you ask any question, ensure you observe and listen well.

While not all your questions will be based on simple things that you can easily learn through observation, it is always good to observe to see if you will grab the possible answer before you decide whether to ask or not.

#4 Keep the focus on the subject of discussion

Most questions tagged ‘stupid’ are those that are shot out of content. Every interviewer cherishes an interviewee who pays attention to details. Before you conceive the idea of asking a question, make sure the question revolves around the subject of discussion or links to the subject of discussion.

Ask something like, “For the sake of clarity, I will like you to buttress more on the topic…?”

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#5 Don’t concede your dumbness

One of the grave mistakes people make when asking a stupid question is to acknowledge that they are asking a stupid question, which makes them sound even more stupid.

While starting your question, refrain from statements like, “I know this is a stupid question, but…” It only makes you sound dumb.

Furthermore, do not apologize for asking the question by prefacing the question with a statement like, “I’m sorry, but I wanted to ask…”

Doing any of these labels you as an incompetent person and sets you up for a dismissive answer from the very start. To score high in this aspect, always ask that weird interview question in a straightforward way, without being apologetic. Look the interviewer in the eye and ask your question without fumbling.

Ask the question in a straightforward way, without being apologetic. Look the person in the eye and ask your question without fumbling or pausing.

#6 Start by making a suggestion

Oftentimes, questions appear stupid simply because they are too broad and not simplified. You can start your questions with the phrase, “what is this…?”, “what should I do…?”, “what if I do it this way…?”

Even if your idea is completely off the mark, you’ll show that you actually put some thought into your question, and you’ll provide your interviewer with a solid jumping-off point to provide you with a little more guidance.

#7 Always ask for feedback

Asking for feedback after or during an interview session is a double-edged sword as you could find yourself right or wrong.  Instead of making it an either/or suggestion, make it about advice.

You can start by saying something like, “So in framing this argument, I can say … does this sound like a good approach to you?”  Or, “The five factors that you mentioned as reasons for this situation are …. Did I get it right?”. By taking it up this way, it helps you gain clarity and accurate details.

#8 Avoid ambiguity

In a bid to ask that question that is bothering you during an interview session, try as much as you can to avoid ambiguity. That is to say, keep your question simple and straight to the point. This way, you don’t get to sound vague and incoherent.

#9 Ask open-ended questions

Asking open-ended questions like, “what do you think about…” will make the interviewer interested and willing to answer your question.

You can also gather a lot of useful detail, without knowing many details yourself, by asking open-ended questions that encourage a longer answer.

#10 Not all questions are meant to be asked

Sometimes it pays not to say anything at all. Very often that’s when you know a question is so basic that merely asking it will diminish you in the minds of the interviewer which might end up detrimental.

So, if you are quite certain that the question is dumb, do not ask the question.

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FAQs On How To Ask A Stupid Question In An Interview

What is a stupid question?

Those questions that have already been answered, but the asker wasn’t listening or paying attention.

Can I ask open-ended questions during interview sessions?

You can also gather a lot of useful detail, without knowing many details yourself, by asking open-ended questions that encourage a longer answer.

Does asking funny questions during interview sessions show how inquisitive you are?

Smart people ask questions no matter how dumb it appears to be.

Why should I ask a stupid question during an interview?

Asking a stupid question during an interview session helps you acquire new knowledge


In the course of interview sessions, you will inevitably find yourself in situations that require you to ask stupid questions. In these circumstances, all you need is the right approach to ask the stupid interview question without sounding stupid. I hope you find this article helpful.


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