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Vault Consulting is a full-service accounting and research firm that partners with nonprofits, associations, and members to advance their missions confidently. The firm has been ranked as one of the best consulting firms to work for in North America by Vault, and its clients include some of the world’s leading organizations.

This article will look closely at Vault Consulting and its offerings. We will also provide some insights from Vault employees and clients on what makes the firm a great place to work and do business.

Overview of Vault Consulting

Vault Consulting is a reputable consulting firm that provides consulting services to clients across industries. The company is known for its commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer service.

VC has been recognized as one of the top consulting firms in North America, ranking highly in the Vault Consulting 50 for several years.

They offer various consulting services, including strategy consulting, management consulting, technology consulting, and more. The firm works with clients across healthcare, finance, technology, and more industries.

VC prides itself on its ability to provide clients with customized solutions that meet their unique needs and goals.

One of the key strengths of Vault Consulting is its team of highly knowledgeable and experienced consultants. The firm employs consultants with diverse backgrounds and expertise, allowing them to provide clients with a broad range of perspectives and insights.

The firm invests heavily in training and development, ensuring its consultants have the latest knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional results.

Services Offered

The firm has a team of experienced consultants who work with clients to identify their needs and provide tailored solutions. The following are the primary services offered by Vault Consulting:

Strategy Consulting

Vault Consulting provides strategic consulting services to help clients develop and implement effective strategies. They work closely with clients to understand their business objectives and develop strategies aligning with them. 

VC also helps clients identify growth opportunities, evaluate market trends, and assess potential risks.

Operational Consulting

Vault Consulting provides operational consulting services to help clients improve their business operations. They identify areas for improvement and develop solutions to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. 

They also help clients implement new technologies and systems to improve their operations. Their operational consulting services include supply chain management, process improvement, and performance management.

IT Consulting

In addition, Vault Consulting provides IT consulting services to help clients leverage technology to achieve their business objectives. They assist clients in assessing their IT needs and developing solutions that align with their business goals. 

Vault Consulting also helps clients implement new systems and technologies, manage data and information security, and provide ongoing IT support. They also play in identifying opportunities for technology-enabled process improvements, developing and implementing IT strategies, and providing ongoing support to ensure the success of those strategies. VC’s IT consulting services include technology strategy, IT governance, and IT operations.


Employee Satisfaction at Vault Consulting

When it comes to job satisfaction, Vault Consulting has received positive feedback from its employees. In a recent survey conducted by CareerBliss, 100% of Vault Consulting employees expressed their recommendation to work at the company. With an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5, Vault Consulting has consistently proven to be a favorable workplace.

Company Culture and Rewards

Vault Consulting stands out for its strong company culture, rated at 4.0 out of 5 by employees. The emphasis on fostering a positive and collaborative environment contributes to employees’ overall satisfaction. 

Additionally, the rewards received at Vault Consulting have been highly regarded, with a rating of 4.0 out of 5. The company recognizes and appreciates its employees’ hard work and dedication, which further boosts satisfaction levels.

Growth Opportunities and Support

Employees at Vault Consulting have acknowledged the presence of growth opportunities within the company. The growth opportunities have been rated at 3.0 out of 5, indicating room for improvement. However, the support provided by the company has also been rated at 3.0 out of 5, highlighting the company’s commitment to assisting employees in their professional development.

Salaries at Vault Consulting

Vault Consulting offers its employees a competitive salary package. On average, employees earn $138,000 annually, significantly higher than the national average salary of $66,000 annually. 

The salaries at VC reflect the value the company places on its employees’ expertise and contributions.

Pros and Cons of Working at Vault Consulting

According to reviews on CareerBliss, employees have highlighted several pros of working at Vault Consulting. These include the exceptional company culture, growth opportunities, the people they work with, and the individuals they work for. 

Additionally, employees have not mentioned any cons, indicating a generally positive work environment.

Factors Influencing Employee Satisfaction

While factors such as compensation and work-life balance are essential in choosing an employer, employee satisfaction at Vault Consulting is influenced by various other factors as well. 

These factors include satisfaction levels, career progression, and the ability to make a meaningful impact. As generations shift, the perception of what constitutes a top employer evolves, and the firm strives to adapt to these changes.

Vault Consulting’s Ranking Methodology

Vault Consulting’s ranking methodology ensures that the concerns and preferences of consultants currently employed in the industry are accurately reflected. 

The Vault Consulting 50 for 2023 is determined by a weighted formula considering various factors. The formula includes prestige, firm culture, satisfaction, compensation, work/life balance, level of challenge, overall business outlook, and promotion policies.

Survey Guidelines and Ratings

To maintain the integrity of the survey, consultants are required to adhere to specific guidelines when rating their firm and competitors. Consultants rate their own firm on quality of life issues, such as work culture and satisfaction. 

However, when rating prestige and practice area rankings, consultants are only allowed to rate competitors, not their own firms. This approach ensures unbiased and accurate rankings.

Vault Consulting Clients

Vault Consulting’s long list of notable clients includes:

#1.Nonprofits: They have worked with several nonprofits, including the American Red Cross, the United Way, and the World Wildlife Fund. The firm has helped these organizations to improve their financial health, develop new programs, and achieve their strategic goals.

#2. Associations: VC has also worked with several associations, including the American Bar Association (ABA), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), and the National Association of Realtors. The firm has helped these organizations to develop research and analysis, conduct strategic planning, and implement organizational change.

#3. Companies: VC has also assisted some companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, to improve their operations, develop new products and services, and expand into new markets.

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Types of Jobs Vault Consulting Hires For?


Vault Consulting hires accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, and technology consultants. Consultants work on projects providing clients with the expertise and advice they need to achieve their goals.


You’ll find faculty positions, including research, data analysis, and strategy. Analysts conduct research, analyze data, and develop recommendations for clients.


As a manager, Vault Consulting is open to consulting, operations, and marketing experts. Managers oversee teams of consultants and analysts and are responsible for the delivery of projects.


VC has openings for consulting, operations, and marketing. VC directors are responsible for the strategic direction of the firm’s business and the development of its employees.

What are the Benefits of Vault Consulting?

Vault Consulting offers many benefits to its clients, including:

  • Expertise: VC has a deep bench of experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields. This allows the firm to provide its clients with the highest quality of service.
  • Solutions-focused: Vault Consulting is focused on providing its clients with solutions that address their specific needs. The firm works with clients to understand their challenges and develop customized solutions to help them achieve their goals.
  • Collaboration: Vault Consulting collaborates with its clients to achieve their goals. The firm works with clients to ensure that they are fully engaged in the consulting process and have a voice in developing solutions.
  • Communication: Vault Consulting is committed to clear and concise communication with its clients. The firm provides clients with regular updates on the progress of projects and ensures that they are kept informed of all decisions and recommendations.
  • Commitment: Vault Consulting is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of service. The firm is always available to answer questions and address concerns, and it is committed to meeting the needs of its clients.


Vault Consulting is a top-rated consulting firm that offers a positive work environment, competitive salaries, and ample growth opportunities.

With an emphasis on company culture, rewards, and employee satisfaction, they continue to attract and retain talented consultants. Its commitment to staying abreast of industry changes and evolving employee preferences positions it as a leading employer in the consulting industry.


How can I learn more about Vault Consulting?

You can learn more about Vault Consulting by visiting their website at You can also find the firm on social media at:


What is Vault Consulting ranked for in 2023?

Vault Consulting ranks as the 10th best consulting firm to work for in North America by Vault. The firm received a score of 7.718 out of 10, based on a survey of Vault’s subscribers. VC was ranked highest in “Formal Training” and “Internal Mobility.”

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