15 Worth-Reading Career Blogs in 2023

There are many reasons one would want to get career motivation. So, if you want some such inspiration, extending your reading selection is the best spot to begin. Whether you have previously read career blogs like the Huffington Post and The Grindstone, there are blogs worth your time.

It is daunting when you’re trying to make a rundown of such career blogs. However, we have invested so much energy in figuring out what career blogs are.

Walk through these top-notch choices and draw as much inspiration as possible to advance in your profession and grow your business.

What is a Career Blog?

Regardless of whether you’re searching for tips on the most proficient way to work on your CV or finding a fulfilling career, the blogosphere is full of valuable career blogs that offer practical advice from experienced experts.

Therefore, a career blog provides you with enough information on how to advance in your career, build networks, gain exposure, and learn.

All the above are made possible by sharing consistently sharing content on a web page through writing, posting, and linking.

Are there Career Blogs for College Students?

The college is a preparatory ground for every student to find their footing in their chosen careers, but tracking down the right entry-level job comes with its setbacks as reality dawns on the college student.

Luckily, career blogs exist to help college students make sense of the tremendous amount of material they must understand.

The following are career blogs where the college students you know can get proficient help regarding composing a jaw-dropping resume or succeeding in the wake of finding a wonderful job.

  • Blog Indeed
  • Ms. Career Girl
  • Young Career Traveler
  • The LinkedIn Blog
  • Position Ignition
  • MonsterWorking
  • Office-Politics
  • Careerealism
  • Science Careers Blog
  • Ideas for Job Search, Career, and Life
  • One Day, One Job
  • Life After College
  • Simply Hired Blog
  • JobMob
  • EmploymentDigest.net
  • JibberJobber
  • Women for Hire
  • The Hiring Site
  • Work Coach Cafe
  • Personal Branding Blog

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15 Worth-reading Career Blogs

Following is a list of the top 15 career blogs worth reading in 2023. They assist you in your job search and your ambition to excel in your chosen field.

These career blogs provide answers to all your career inquiries and guide you through the process. Also, they provide career development materials, articles, and information on how to improve at your current job.

Many factors contribute to ranking these blogs, as you can read over a hundred of them. These ranking factors include; website layout and presentation, ease of navigation, career guidance and categories handled, and information on social media.

  • The Muse
  • HR Bartender
  • Undercover Recruiter
  • Idealist
  • Work it Daily
  • TopResume
  • Ask a Manager
  • CareerDesigns
  • Five Strengths
  • InHerSight Blog
  • Career Potential
  • Ms. Career Girl
  • Priwoo
  • MacList
  • Ace Your Interview

#1. The Muse

On The Muse, practical guidance on job hunting, career development, and overall professional success are provided to you. The articles cover many issues identified with the job market, current developments and industry news.

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#2. HR Bartender

HR Bartender covers many working environment subjects, not just HR. Instructions to be a superior boss and pioneer, worker commitment, and vocation exhortation are among their most mainstream themes.

Drives home areas of supervision, engagement, and general career advice. They routinely respond to comments from readers regarding everything from what happens during an employee investigation to offering job references during interviews.

They publish new information three to four times per week.

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#3. Undercover Recruiter

Career, recruitment, talent acquisition, employer branding, advertising, and the workplace are all covered in this section.

Undercover Recruiter aims to teach, rouse, and engage recruiters, HR experts, job seekers, and anyone intrigued by the work environment.

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#4. Idealist

This career blog covers areas relating to at-work ideas to the pursuit of employment insider facts, career planning, and helpful quizzes. It makes accessible a wide scope of professional guidance.

Discusses difficult themes like working from home, being laid off, and fostering pleasant work cultures.

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#5. TopResume

TopResume sees to delivering issues surrounding today’s professional industries, career advice, expert suggestions, strategies, and news.

It has been proven that you may find out what intrigues you by just reading career blogs and finding out about resumes, job searches, and present innovations.

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#6. Ask a Manager

Here on this career blog, you’ll find out facts about resumes, introductory letters, outsourcing, meeting, hiring, internships, networking, phone interviews, compensation, rejections, resignation, boss and coworker advice, being the boss workplace practices, and a lot more.

Alison Green, the author of Ask a Manager, was the head of staff for a flourishing charitable association. She was responsible for recruiting, excusing, advancing, overseeing, and all the other things. The recurrence for their postings is 20 posts weekly.

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#7. CareerDesigns

If you want to be successful but don’t have the foggiest idea of how to get there, Career Designs is the greatest career blog for you.

On the blog, you’ll get fabulous expert counsel on meetings, information and AI applications, individual marking, and more.

Also, if you want to take your career to the next level, you may find specialized professional products that fit into any career stage.

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#8. Five Strengths

Five strength as a career blog provides you with executive resume writing services. They work with demanding executive job searchers one-on-one to identify, dismantle, and rebuild their professional histories into strong displays of talents, successes, and branding.

Their unique system of promoting chief customers sends the pertinent message to recruiting leaders in industry-explicit phrasing, showing without question that the applicant has the vital experience to serve in the chief group.

Additionally, they record leader work candidates’ proficiency history, using their targets as a focal point to centre their abilities and experience, guaranteeing that the employing group has all the data it needs.

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#9. InHerSight Blog

This purposeful and female-driven career blog provides meaningful conversations on themes like financial disparities, career ambitions, and interviews.

It features women in the news and empowers them too.

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#10. BambooHR Blog

This award-winning HR software career blog can benefit small and medium enterprises and professionals. Data management, personnel acquisition, onboarding, and business culture are all notable characteristics you can find here.

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#11. Ms. Career Girl

Recent developments and appropriate working environment subjects are featured on this career blog with an accentuation on female experts.

Instruction, news, and vocations are the focal point of the guidance and data, with areas on the way of life and connections tossed in just in case.

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#12. Priwoo

The Priwoo blog offers professional direction and responses to the entirety of your business-related inquiries. It generally centres around resumes and cover letters, which are basic for quests for new employment.

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#13. MacList

Having the right information to assist you with finding and getting some work is fundamental to having a fruitful career.

Without an inquiry, Maclist is the best asset for propelled, inventive specialists searching for significant and fulfilling work.

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#14. Ace Your Interview

Want to ace your job interview and launch a successful career? Then, AceYourInterview ought to be your objective. It has been named the best vocation and prospective employee meeting site on the planet and has gotten different distinctions consistently.

The site is meriting its approval, with content on different vocation ways and expert administrations, for example, continue composing and interview coaching.

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#15. Work it Daily

Work It Daily is an online career blog that empowers individuals who want more out of their positions with dependable, simple-to-use, proficient direction.

Areas it covers include; Resume, cover letter, job search, job interviews, career progression and change, inbound marketing and sales, networking, personal branding, recruiting, top company culture, firms hiring now, LinkedIn profile reviews, and more.

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These career blogs can help you find your path by providing articles on the finest organizations to work for, job hunting, resumes, cover letters, interviews, and pay negotiation.

They will be well worth your time if you take the time to read them.



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