10 New Tricks To Get 10,000 Followers For Instagram

Do you know what is macabre-proof right now? Yes, Instagram! For a platform that allows you to share pictures and videos, Instagram is doing well. All things Instagram just looks so good.

This picture and video sharing platform is one that has changed the futures of many and significantly improved the esteem of others. Getting 10,000 followers never really occurred to anybody until this.

There are those who feel the picture and video sharing platform, as part of the broader social media, has an undue influence on the lives of too many people. You know what?

This has not stopped many people from registering and devoting themselves to the platform.

The trick to social media is understanding that it means many things to many people, but irrespective of what it means to you, it will be quite unprofitable if there aren’t people (followers) to view and relate with them.

The man with an eye for detail Aaron Siskind remarked that “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Aaron Siskind’s remark is the ideology that propels Instagram and what drives people’s need to keep things where they can find it after they have forgotten everything. The tendency to forget things, no matter how we choose to see it is a good reason to have Instagram and cloud repositories.

This article takes a look at social media, Instagram, and 10 new tricks to get 10,000 followers for Instagram. Read up!


Eyeballs! That’s why we are here – eyeballs. Social media needs eyeballs to thrive and followers make that possible. Statistics revealed that in 2015, for every 100 followers you have, you get 3 visitors for every post made, but that number has reduced to 2 over the last 5 years.

Since Instagram drives the least amount of traffic per follower, you would need a considerable number of followers to get the needed traction. Say 10,000.

You need to take advantage of this love for social media. The type that keeps people up at night and keeps them steadily distracted when they’re trying to work. *evil laughter*

On average, people spend 2 hours every day on social media sites, we need to make it yours. They need to spend it on your page. That is why we are pushing you towards the 10,000 follower mark and beyond. You need all those eyeballs. Let’s hand them to you.

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What is special about photos?

Nothing much really. The same applies to photos on Instagram. What is special is the way people relate with it.

That’s why Instagram was at first just simple and easy to understand. Now things are a bit more complex.

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Why do humans love pictures so much?

Every day, 3.2 billion are shared on social media. If you need help believing that humans are a visual species, that is all you need. Humans live for all they can see with their eyes.

Sally Mann put this succinctly when he said that “photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.”

People want to have the past and see the future at the same time and have a good laugh about it. Humor wins every time.

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How did Instagram start?

Instagram started as an app that enables users to check-in their locations. That’s what it was supposed to be for – checking-in. well, that did not pan out so well, as the app had to be better than other apps out there or die.

It did get better as developers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger stripped the app of all things except the options of uploading pictures, liking, and commenting on it.

The move from checking-in to communicating with images was a favorable one for the app as it gave it the life it needed to grow. The app reportedly had more than a million users in 2 months and was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

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What are the gains of having a large following?

  • For starters, your credibility soars.
  • You develop connections that could be beneficial to you in the real world.
  • You learn things faster than those without large followings.
  • Your content has reach and at a rate that you would not have had.
  • It’s a huge confidence boost.
  • It is big business

What are the 10 new tricks to get 10,000 followers on Instagram?

#1 – Videos

Videos are the future of social media. Experts suggest that you make more videos if you have not been making them or been making them sparingly. A lot can change if people develop a liking for your videos. Make videos, make lots of them.

#2 – Frequency

This refers to how often you log in to the app. Frequency is another variable that has the capacity to improve the follower rating of a user.

The more you post meaningful videos, the more you post pictures that people can relate to, the more traffic draws people to you, and the larger the number of people that hit the follow button. So be as frequent as you can be.

#3 – Go live

Live videos are another wonder. People want to relate with actual humans in an era with lots of bots and fake accounts, and live videos give them the opportunity to do this without losing out on anything at all.

So, as often as you can, go live and say mean things to people. Advertise things, talk about things that you think would benefit people and you will be on your merry way to 10,000 Instagram followers.

#4 – Use hashtags

#hashtags are another follower conveyor belt. Hopping on hashtags that you can add value to can be an added avenue to get followers and people to see you as standing for the same things they stand for.

Is there a hashtag currently trending that you understand and think you can add to? Key into it. Type up your message and add the hashtags and watch people troop to you.

These things are no magic words and such may not happen on the first try. Constant tries are sure to be rewarding.

#5 – Use stories

This is an Instagram feature that allows you to upload pictures and videos multiple times on a 30 seconds column. This is available to all those who have access to your page.

It is one that has very great potential to get you the number of followers you desire. By constantly engaging your audience through that medium, many would relate better and this would attract people who have a liking for what you do. Don’t sleep on this feature.

#6 – Transparency

Be yourself. Let people see you. That way, you get to be seen by people as human and someone they can relate to. Many would love you, many would flock to you for being someone they can’t be, and many would despise you just for being real.

In the words of Rita Mae Brown, “About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all.”

So just do you and see what comes out of it. The things you are keeping back may actually be the things people are really excited to see.

#7 – Follow real people

Follow those who already have what you aspire to have. Follow those they follow, follow businesses that can benefit you and keep going at it. Sometimes, to be followed, you need to follow.

Finding and following accounts of real people and businesses who are relevant to your brand and business is an essential step to building your own following.

#8 – Engage

When you get the first few followers – either in their hundreds or in their thousands, apart from posting pictures and videos, talk to them, and reply comments. That way, you get to keep the lines of communication between you and existing followers active.

You need those lines of communication active. After a while of not replying to comments, people could get tired and stop engaging you, so you need to ensure that as much as is within your power, you stay as open as possible and communicate.

#9 – Form communities

Communities are the bedrock of social media. As your followers continue to increase, you can create communities that cater to certain things you have an interest in. From those communities you can refer interested people to your Instagram page and grow from there.

#10 – Connect to other people’s audiences

Conferences, webinars, and guest posts are all effective ways to get yourself in front of other people’s audiences, but one of the best is through partnership content and campaigns.


Whatever your reason for wanting a large following, which could be 10,000 followers on Instagram or more is – fame, fortune, they are all fine. There is a lot more to benefit though than the stated things but get there first.

Pontificating on what is good and what is not does very little here if you don’t experience it for yourself.



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