AppLike Full Review: Make a lot of Money just Downloading Apps

Want some extra bucks? I’ll show you how to make some. Most times, people spend a great deal of time online, burning their data and time with nothing to show.

In this article, we shall be discussing how you can make some extra income using the online money-making phone app called AppLike.

The review touches on important aspects of the app, including – how AppLike works, how to make money using Applike, the pros and cons of applike, and users’ reviews according to the Google Play store and my recommendation about the app.

A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend and talked at length about the amazing transformation of the phone set over the years. We talked about how amazing the functions of phones have evolved over the years – from call-making to sending text messages, to browsing the internet, and a lot more.

The latest trend in phones is how to make money using your phone. In the past few years, a handful of companies have emerged offering ways that ensure people make money while using their phones, and one of such companies is behind the creation of Applike.

Since the app was established, some users have used the app to make money while some remain skeptical about the legitimacy of the app, and I thought hey, why not do a full Applike review to clear any doubt in the minds of prospective users?

Let’s quickly carry out the Applike review.

Meanwhile, here’s the table of content below for an overview of what to expect in this article.

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What is AppLike?

AppLike is a phone app just like any other app on your smartphone. The app was created by a German firm called AppLike GmbH.

The app rewards users with money when they download and use the app and try out other apps it recommends.

Applike has kept rising in its popularity since 2014. The platform gets over a thousand new monthly members across the world. It provides a platform for app developers to test and get users’ reviews about their new apps.

One thing I like about the app is its simplicity of usage. To get started with Applike, all you need do is download the app from Playstore and sign up by providing simple details about you, such as your name and email.

After signing up, you will receive a welcome bonus after setting up your free account, you are good to go. Applike online is a good platform to make passive income while doing what you love.

Keep reading to learn more about Applike online.

How Does AppLike Work?

Applike works as an advertising platform to game app developers, and in turn, they split their marketing revenue with you in the form of cash rewards and gift cards.

To make money through the app, you have to log in to your free account to gain access to multiple game apps available. There are plenty of several games on the app meaning users always have the opportunity to make money anytime they want.

All you need to do is to download the app and fill out the necessary requirements. Once you are done, you are sure to receive a random number of coins in your account, provided you complete all the requirements successfully.

Once this is done, you can start earning by downloading and using other apps found on applike. Earnings on applike online are in mcoin and after earning many coins, you can redeem your earnings in cash or gift cards.

Is Applike Legit?

Few people have questioned the legitimacy of Applike; well, based on users of Applike reviews, I can assure you that AppLike is legit.

The company does exactly what they stand for, but as with any other app or business, there is bound to be one or two ups and downs.

Aside from a few complaints of delay in payment, I assure you that the app has always made payment as at when due, according to thousands of Applike reviews from users.

How Much Can You Earn On Applike?

Also, a frequently asked question about Applike is the likely estimate users make for using the app for an hour. The answer to the question is covered in subsequent sections below where we discussed the income potential of applike.

Please note that using the app is not a way of making fast money in a day as it takes time to build your earning. If you are searching for ways to make quick money in a day, you may need to read our post on 35 Sure Ways to make 200 Dollars Daily.

Potential Earning on Applike

As earlier stated, Applike is not a get-rich-quick platform, and I advise you not to raise your hope about potential earnings unnecessarily.

After converting your mCoins into real cash, you will discover that the income potential of this mobile platform is not so great. As earlier mentioned, each mCoin is equivalent to approximately $0.0001.

Most games on offer in Applike pay users between 99 and 2000 mcoins. Now, do the computation to see the potential earnings for completing a game. On average, the maximum earning for playing a game on applike is half a dollar, but I hear some users claim they have made $3 by playing a game.

What is mcoin? The app uses a point-based system that pays members in mCoins instead of real cash. mCoin is therefore a form of virtual currency that represents a specific amount of real cash.

After playing and amassing a substantial sum, you can redeem your earnings through PayPal or gift cards.

To maximize your earning on Applike, you must refer your friends to download the app. Once a new member downloads the app using a referral link from you, you are certain to get a reward of 250mcoin. This might not be a lot of money, but it is a way to make more on the app, especially when many people download it using your link.

Secondly, you would make 25% of the earnings of your referrals. So if your referrals actively use the app, you can gain more money.

What is the Minimum Redemption?

Like other money-making apps, Applike has a minimum amount of mcoin a user must have before requesting redemption. The minimum balance a user must reach before requesting a payout is approximately 5,000 mCoins. This equals $0.50 for cash payments and 25,000 mCoins ($2.50) for Amazon gift cards.

Once you attain the minimum balance, you are free to request payment anytime. As I stated earlier, you may choose to get your payment in cash or a gift card.

Some common gift card options available for payment include – iTunes, Amazon, CVS, Burger King, and Walmart, to mention a few. Withdrawals in cash are gotten in the space of 7 working days, while those gift cards are gotten in less than 48hrs.

Visit the site to register:

Pros and Cons of Applike

Applike has its pros and cons, as with other apps, and in this section of Applike review, we shall be treating the advantages and disadvantages of using the app.

What are the Pros of AppLike?

What are the pros of using the app? We deduced the common pros of using the app from users’ applike reviews, and some of the pros include the following.

1) Free to Download – Applike is entirely free to download and use making, unlike some money-making apps that require users to shell out some money when signing up

2) Easy to Use – The app is straightforward as it requires no guide for new users to navigate its features. The interface is top-notch, allowing users to download new games with ease.

3) Low Minimum payout

Applike is one of the apps with a low minimum payout, unlike most apps that require you to make at least $20 before you can redeem your earning.

The minimum payout balance of $0.5 is unbeatable compared to other apps that reward users.

4) Bonus

Applike offers a bonus of 5555 mCoins to new members after completing their registration. When you convert the welcome bonus to dollars, you will realize it is more than the required minimum balance for payout. You are likely not to get such a deal elsewhere.

5) Commission on Referral

The commission for referring new members to download the app is 250 mcoin. When converted to dollars, the commission may not be much but consider the 25% of your referral earning you will earn for a lifetime, and you would appreciate the commission.

These and many more are the pros of downloading and using Applike. Now, let’s look at some of the app’s cons according to the user’s applike review.

What Are The Cons?

1) Geographical Limitation

Although Applike is available to users worldwide, some apps on applike have geographical limitations. This means that some apps may only be used by some users and are available to all.

2) Low Income

Having seen the potential earnings in the section above, you already know the app pays poorly. Applike is one, not one of those survey apps where you can make a large amount of money per day. In this app, you get to spend a lot of time before earning a reasonable amount.

3) Issues of Payment

Delayed or unresolved payment are not as rampant as you would expect. Nonetheless, it is a problem with the app. A few applike reviews from users I have read mentioned issues of payment

4) Device availability

Applike is only available in android devices as the app cannot operate on other devices.

These are the four major issues users have complained about in the app. Aside from these few complaints, applike is a fantastic app to earn money from doing what you love.

Who should Download AppLike?

Applike is an amazing app made for all and sundry. The app contains several new games that would intrigue you. You can download this app if you love to play games.

The app was mainly created for two sets of people, including app developers.

One of the objectives of making Applike is to help developers get an insight into what users think of their apps and search for ways to enhance them.

Secondly, the app was created for users looking to earn money in their spare time. The company rewards its members just for downloading and using the app. This assures developers that people will use the apps they placed inside AppLike.


Do I recommend applike to my readers? Having read so many applike reviews from users, I have mixed feelings about the app. I can’t give my recommendation in one sentence.

I sincerely would advise, If you are looking for an app to make money from immediately, then don’t do it. Don’t download the app as the potential earning on applike is extremely low.

Relying only on downloading and using the app won’t earn that $3 to $5 per hour. This is true if you live in a country that won’t have a lot of new daily apps available.

The only way to earn reasonably from applike is when users have multiple active referrals, which I assume it’s unlikely. But if you are certain to get active referrals, you can make an appreciable amount from the app.

But if you are looking for apps that offer several free games, then applike is what you want to download.


I hope this applike review answers your questions. This applike review was done in light of users’ frequently asked questions and reviews about the app from old users.

If you need any clarification about any section or have questions about the app, please let us know through the comment section below.

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