34 Best $5 Gifts (Or Less!) You Can Get For Your Loved Ones

Thinking of the best gift to buy for your loved one can be tiring especially when you have a tight budget. You will need to search for something affordable but superb as well.

You wouldn’t believe I have been buying amazing gifts for my loved ones under $5. When I mean amazing; I mean they literally scream when I give it to them.

So, I want to share some of these $5 gifts you can give your loved ones, something to cherish – even if it’s not costly.

Remember, not everything that looks cheap is entirely useless or will not last. I’m saying that for you not to buy an expensive gift doesn’t mean the cheap ones are entirely useless or not presentable.

Just relax and read on, you will see the best 34 $5 gift or less you can get for your loved ones.

Before we continue, let’s go through the table of content below to get an overview of what the article entails.

List Of The Best 34 $5 gifts (or Less!) you can get for your Loved ones

Expensive luxury gifts are always nice to receive, but they’re not always feasible if you’re on a tight budget. That’s why we rounded up this list of $5 gifts and gifts under $5. They’re really that cheap and good.

Here are the list of gifts:

  • Natural Neon Beaded Short Necklace
  • Butter Gloss, Angel Food Cake
  • Essential Laser-Cut Hipster
  • Beauty Dust Single Sachet
  • Ionantha Guatemala, aka Air Plant
  • Hand Cream Mini
  • Cat Ear Case for iPhone 7/7s/8
  • Sticker for Water Bottles and Laptop
  • Straw Woven Knotted Headband
  • Color Drip Candlestick Set
  • Multipurpose Soothing Balm
  • Tie-Dye Crew Socks
  • Romance Rectangle Pearl Flip Clip
  • Spiral Shape Hair Ties
  • Shape in a Box Contouring Palette
  • Tassel Keychain for Women
  • Rainbow Pattern Art Print
  • UO Nail Polish
  • Etched Hoop Earrings
  • Ribbed Foldover Beanie
  • Short Camisole Top
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Mad Libs (Adult Mad Libs)
  • Regular 9-Inch Knit Biker Shorts
  • Scrunchie Ponytail Holder
  • Metal Eyeglass Chain
  • A $5 Bill with the Menu from Your Favorite Quick Restaurant
  • A ‘Cup of Coffee’
  • A Hand-Assembled Fruit Basket
  • Coffee Beans (or Ground Coffee)
  • Pyrex Measuring Cup
  • Homemade Cookies
  • Brightly Colored Earbuds
  • A Classic Book
  • Feminism Intersectional Poster

#1. Natural Neon Beaded Short Necklace

Price: $4.99

This is one of the best and cheap gifts you can get for your loved ones. It is a multicolored choker with a faux-pearl in the center is an eye-catching, yet cheap and beautiful piece of jewelry she’ll wear constantly.  Also, It is less than $5.

You can visit this store online to get it.

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#2. Butter Gloss, Angel Food Cake

Price: Formally #5.00, Now #3.39(32% off)

Butter Gloss, Angel Food Cake is an NYX professional makeup product that is known for having good-quality makeup at shockingly reasonable prices.

Even though it is few, but it’ll stack up against even the designer brands, which is what makes it such a good gift. Hence, the lip gloss is a good gift you can give a loved one and it is cheap.

You can get it in this online store

#3. Essential Laser-Cut Hipster

Price: $2.99

This hipster one with a cute kitty print is so fun. The essential laser-cut hipster is a good idea on the kind of gift to get for you loved and is also affordable.

She can have too many pairs of seamless underwear, which is not bad.

#4. Beauty Dust Single Sachet

Price: $4.00

Beauty dust single sachet is a product of moon juice, is also nice as a gift. This tea is an herbal supplement that nourishes the skin, Alma berries and protects the skin from stress and more natural ingredients.

In addition, it can be added to any milk, teas, or smoothies to get the benefit of Goji berries that is added to it.

#5. Ionantha Guatemala, aka Air Plant

Price: $1.95

This gift of a flower arrangement sounds like a good idea and is not expensive. The air plant is so much cheaper, around #2 and cuter (and it’s easier to keep alive anyway). 

#6. Hand Cream Mini

Price: $5.00

This Nice hand cream is a practical yet luxurious gift idea. It has three types with fancy scents (Lait de Coco, Miel Bébé, and Rose Chocolat). However, this is exactly $5, so you can get all for your friends and loved ones.

#7. Cat Ear Case for iPhone 7/7s/8

Price: $3.99

Cat ear case for iPhone is a beautiful gift idea that you can get for your friend. For her to embrace the inner cat lady with a feline-inspired phone case.

#8. Sticker for Water Bottles and Laptop

Price: $4.99 

The sticker for water bottles and laptops is made of high-quality PVC, with sun protection and waterproof. Also, the stickers can stick on different surfaces and remove them without any effort.

In other words, it is one of the best and cheap gifts for your friend and loved ones.

#9. Straw Woven Knotted Headband

Price: $2.59

The straw woven knotted headband is a good gift idea. It is suitable for girls and women to wear on different occasions, such as parties, wedding ceremonies, homecoming parties, concerts, etc.

So, you can get this cute cross-knot headband for you friend, I bet you she will love it.

#10. Color Drip Candlestick Set

Price: $4.00

Decorative candles can be expensive but in this case, it is cheap. It is a set of 2 unscented candles features layers of colored wax for a vivid effect when melting. So, whoever you are getting it for won’t feel bad.

#11. Multipurpose Soothing Balm

Price: $5.00

The soothing balm is a nice balm and the best gift idea. It is a product of Dr, PAWPAW, and a multipurpose balm that can be used for different things. So, whoever you are getting it for will love it.

#12. Tie-Dye Crew Socks

Price: $2.99

Well, I know socks for gifts can be boring but this tie-dye pair is cute, she is to love it and she can wear it all the time. It is a gift under $5.

So, i think is a good gift idea.

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#13. Romance Rectangle Pearl Flip Clip

Price: $4.99

Romance Rectangle Pearl Flip Clip is a perfect gift idea. It is a romantic hairpiece we love, designed with rows of faux pearls for alluring arrangements. In other words, this pearl hair barrette will complete any outfit.

#14. Spiral Shape Hair Ties

Price: $1.59

Spiral Shape Hair Ties is a nice idea of a gift to your friends and loved ones. It comes in different color shade and a cheap gift under $5.

So, you can get this set of neutral-tone spiral hair ties for you friend, she will love it.

#15. Shape in a Box Contouring Palette

Price: $4.49

A perfect idea! This palette is of three contour shades will finish off any makeup look. It is portable and the perfect size for travel. Also, it is a cheap gift under $5, which means it is affordable.

#16. Tassel Keychain for Women

Price: $5.00

This Pendant is made of PU leather and metal, which comes in different colours and is suitable for keys, bags, purses, phones, wallets, handbags, and lanyards. This is a good choice as a gift.

But it is currently not available for now.

#17. Rainbow Pattern Art Print

Price: $4.99

If the person you are getting a gift for loves decorating, then you can get them a wall print in a color scheme that matches their aesthetic. This is a perfect gift for them and it is cheap.

#18. UO Nail Polish

Price: $5.00

UO nail polish is a perfect color-rich, high-shine, chip-free, cruelty-free nail polish! That is made in unforgettable shades and eye-catching finishes.

It comes in more than 23 different shades you can choose from, and the price is #5 for a bottle.

#19. Etched Hoop Earrings

Price: $4.13

The etched hoop earring is a good one but is aren’t real gold, no one (except for your wallet) will know the difference. It is a cheap and perfect gift idea.

#20. Ribbed Foldover Beanie

Price: $5.00

Ribbed foldover beanie is a cute and this affordable one that is knitted well. It is a perfect gift item to can give to your loved ones.

#21. Short Camisole Top

Price: $2.99

A cute top is always a good gift idea for your BFF, and loved ones. This black cami won’t leave you penniless after buying it for them.

It is the best and cheap gift item under $5, so can go for it and your loved ones will like it.

#22. RuPaul’s Drag Race Mad Libs (Adult Mad Libs)

Price: $4.99

If you have a friend who loves RuPaul’s Drag Race? Then you can lit up their day with this fun book of Mad Libs. This is a good gift item.

#23. Regular 9-Inch Knit Biker Shorts

Price: $3.99

Wow! This is a good gift for those of your friends who live in a biker short, you can add another one to the one they have, and they will be so grateful. However, this biker short comes in six different colors, so you pick any color of your choice.

#24. Scrunchie Ponytail Holder

Price: $3.79

You can get this for your friend and loved ones, it is one of the gifts to go for. The headband is a one size fit for all and it doesn’t cause a headache.

The scrunchie ponytail holder is soft, Comfortable, Perfect for Working. While fabrication delivers a supportive fit for all-day comfort. Also, it is a cheap gift under $5.

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#25. Metal Eyeglass Chain

Price: $0.49

Metal eyeglass chain is a nice present to your friend if your friend is all about the trends. It is a high-quality eyeglass holder necklace strap.

The eyeglass chain is simple and fashionable and it is the best partner of your favorite glasses. More so, it is a cheap gift under $5.

#26. A $5 Bill with the Menu from Your Favorite Quick Restaurant

Price: $5

Just look for a restaurant that the recipient might particularly like for a quick lunch, then get a get-out menu and fold it up with a $5 bill and give it as a gift.

However, $5 is often enough to buy a nice sandwich or a small meal from a restaurant.

#27, A ‘Cup of Coffee’

Price: $5

You can get a $5 gift certificate from a coffee shop in your area, and stick it inside a little card and let them (friends) know that their next cup of coffee is on you.

This is an interesting gift idea.

#28. A Hand-Assembled Fruit Basket

Price: $5

This is a good and cheap gift idea, you can give it a try. If you have access to your own fruits you can arrange it in a basket and present it to the recipient or you can still make a nice fruit basket for under $5 if you hit the fruits that are on sale at your local grocer in the week before you present the gift. Fruit like orange, and apple.

#29. Coffee Beans (or Ground Coffee)

Price: $5

You can get good coffee, but it depends on what the recipient prefers either a  ground coffee or whole beans. The thing is that you can get a small bag of genuinely good coffee for under $5.

This coffee can make each of their mornings a bit brighter for a while. So, you give it a try.

#30. Pyrex Measuring Cup

Price: $5

Pyrex Measuring Cup is a perfect gift for someone new to the kitchen, like your friend who has freshly moved into an apartment with a kitchen for the first time.

More so, a Pyrex measuring cup can be microwaved, tossed into the dishwasher, and dropped on the floor and it will keep on ticking

#31. Homemade Cookies

Wow! This is a good idea and is at no cost. A bunch of homemade cookies can turn into a really nice and presentable gift. You need to make and take three or four cookies, wrap them in cellophane, and tie a little ribbon around the top to keep it closed.

Then you are good to go.  Just make sure to keep food allergies in mind! You can click on the button below to view the recipes for making it.

#32. Brightly Colored Earbuds

Generally, every teenager has a phone or other device that plays the music and they are always paired with a set of earphones or earbuds.

It has different sets of colors which are a great and simple way to make their listening to music more fun. Also, you can easily get it for $5 or less.

#33. A Classic Book

Price: #1 to #2

Giving out a book as a gift is a good idea and an educative one. Like the “Dover Thrift Editions” a series of paperback books offers an amazing bargain or classic literature in an easy-to-read format.

#34. Feminism Intersectional Poster

Price: $5

This can also be a gift to your feminist friend. If your friend does not understand the complexity framework surrounding intersectionality. This poster serves as a stark and stylish reminder. The pop-art, colour-blocking, and retro-feel adds an unapologetic feminist flair to any abode.


In summary, buying expensive gifts is nice but if you don’t enough money for that, then you can go for any of the gifts listed in this article. They are cheap but the best and beautiful gifts you can go without much stress and less money.


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