Are Online Wills Legal? 10 Best Online Will Maker

As a lawyer, you will have answered a million and one questions from both intending clients and random legally-amused persons. One of the more serious questions, amidst the many irrelevant ones, will be, “Are online wills legal?”

Some years back, hiring a lawyer was the only way to have a will. It was unheard of that you got a will outside a lawyer. However, in the contemporary, especially with online will builders, you can make your will and other estate planning documents affordable, view or download them instantly 24/7.

In this read, I will answer the question of the legitimacy of online wills and also distill the best online will makers based on some ranking factors we considered.

What is an Online Will?

A final will and testament is a legal document that allows you to decide what happens to your properties after your demise. It is even easier to get one presently with the advent of online will makers.

According to elder advocates, in a survey conducted in partnership with research group YouGov, only 32% of respondents say they have created a will, leaving 68% of those at risk of dying without one.

If you don’t have a will in place when you die, the properties will be divided according to state inheritance laws. Getting a will helps to prevent this scenario and ensure that your assets are allocated according to your wishes.

Are online wills legitimate?

Our answer is a straight yes. However, yes to the extent that online wills comply with federal and state laws.

Also, know that online will companies retain licensed lawyers and legal professionals to delicately draft their estate planning documents professionally so that it legally binds parties.

According to The Balance’s ranking, based on the most comprehensive, affordable, and highly rated among similar services, and distinguishing unique feature, the 8 best online will makers in the contemporary include;

Can I do a will online for free?

Writing a Will doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Sites like doyourownwill offer free and simple ways to build your own legal Will online in few easy steps like; enter basic details (name, address, marital status, children), name a will executor.

Who Needs an Online Will Maker?

You can make an online will if you have children, pets, own a house, and have money in investment accounts that you’d like to pass on.

There are, however, very few to no online resources that can cover certain special or complicated circumstances, including:

  • Getting a partner who isn’t a U.S. resident
  • Children with special needs receiving state or federal benefits
  • Payment of pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, or divorce settlements that require money paid after death
  • Estates worth more than State or Federal Tax Exemption amounts
  • Distribution of a company
  • Paying out to a trust instead of to a beneficiary

How much does online will makers cost?

Online makers will cost anywhere from $0 to $200, with the average dropping from $20 to $100.
Most of the services charge a one-time fee, while others charge a premium to access or upgrade forms.

When you’re looking at online creators, be sure to find out the expense of making changes and reprinting your papers.

A higher fee upfront with no or low-cost access fees could save you money over time compared to a service with a high monthly fee or one that allows you to start a new purchase.

Which are the Best online will maker in 2022

Based on the most comprehensive, affordable, and highly rated among similar services, and distinguishing unique feature, the best online will makers in 2022 include;

1. Quicken WillMaker & Trust

If you want everything for a personalized estate plan in one location, Quicken offers software for the development of a will, financial power of attorney, living trust, and other estate-related documents. All comes in a kit that costs $99.99 to be downloaded for the 2022 version. The questionnaire will direct you through the process of determining which documentation you need.

2. LegalZoom

If you want a professional input when you make an online test, LegalZoom gives you access to an impartial lawyer who is knowledgeable about the law in your state. Legal counsel is available at the outset of the will process. You can also start making a self-guided questionnaire on your own with the web.

If you have any doubts as you go through it you should reach out to a lawyer. Legal advice is also available after you have completed your will to help you make updates or resolve issues for up to a year. Prices are starting at $89.

3. LawDepot

In a rush, LawDepot offers to help you create a document in as little as five minutes. If you have questions, you can call, email, or talk online via the support center of the web. You can start a free trial to buy the will, which gives you free access to all legal documents on the web for a week.

You will also be able to download over 150 templates of legal documents that are available in all 50 states. You’ll pay $33 a month after that. You can cancel it any time you will.

4. Fabric

You can use Fabric’s free online will tool to make a will without having to sign up for anything or build an account. If you have a basic estate or a simple family situation, it might be a good service. After answering a few questions, you can print the testament and make it legally binding.

The method takes about five minutes. Although the service is free, the platform also sells life insurance plans at a variety of prices. Thus, you’ll agree that this is prove that online wills are legal.

5. Do Your Own Will

If you’re trying to invest as little as you can, Do Your Own Will is a free way to make a will. You build a simple will by answering questions. You can download the document as a Word or PDF file.

Other documents on the planning of estates are also available free of charge, including the pet guardian trust and the durable power of attorney.

Although the services are free, the website notes that if you have a complicated estate, it might be helpful to obtain legal advice and use other tools for estate planning.

To set up detailed guidelines for your loved ones, you can build a will via the U.S. Valid Wills, please. The online tool will ask questions about your estate and help you bring together details that your executor will use to better divide the properties.

You can also tap on additional features, such as a mirror capability that lets you exchange data between spousal accounts. You can pay $39.95 for a will, along with additional fees for services such as the creation of a power of attorney or the preservation of documents for more than a year.

7. FreeWill

You can use FreeWill to help you make a paper in just 20 minutes. As you work through the steps, if you know that your estate is more complicated than you initially saw, you will still profit from the site.

FreeWill offers free forms that can be filled out to a lawyer, which can save time and money. The site notes that you might want to pair your services with a lawyer if you have a larger estate, a child with special needs or a complex family dynamic.

8. Rocket Lawyer

If you’re not sure what to put in a will, Rocket Lawyer offers free models of wills that can be personalized to suit your situation. The site will direct you through the process, helping you decide exactly what to do with your will.

It also offers information on other legal documents relating to the preparation of estates. You can pay $39.99 for a will or become a paid member for $39.99 per month to receive additional legal services.

This platform shows that online wills are legal.

9. Trust & Will

You’re going to be able to do the will process in just 10 minutes at Trust & Will. The platform offers personalized, state-specific wills and guidance to direct you through the process. Wills start with $89 for a person or $159 for a pair. You may also set up trusts and guardians with various payments.

Other online will makers

You can complete an online interview with Total Legal to help you understand what you need for your will. After making an online will, you can print it out or choose to receive it by mail. The platform will then provide guidance on how to sign your will in your state. The final testament and testament cost $19.95 and the site provides other documents for estate planning at a variety of rates.

12. Gentreo

For a full estate planning service customized to your exact situation, Gentreo provides a way to build, store and share your estate plan. If you have a mixed family, special gifts or distinct wishes for a pet, the site will direct you through the specifics of figuring out your interests and making a will that fits your needs.

If the testament is finished, you can upload it to your family vault and select which recipients to access it. The platform also provides additional documentation on estate planning, such as a health care proxy and the power of attorney. Membership starts at $9.99 a month.


Nobody really plans to die, but people die on a regular. Thus, creating a sound estate plan is important if you will evade probate and make sure that it fulfils your last wishes.

It is recommended that your documents contain a will and, in some cases, a trust. A will legally bind all parties and distills how you intend your assets to be divided. On the other side, a trust will grant your estate administrators the authority to administer your assets to your beneficiaries.

You should consider making a will now. It absolves all tension among your beneficiaries in the event of your demise.

It is my hope that this read answered the cliche, “Are online wills legal?”


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