21 Legit Sites Like Craigslist To Buy And Sell Used Items In 2023

There are primal reasons why people buy stuff. Primal reasons why people spend money on sites like Craigslist and its alternatives. The reasons why people buy and sell things can range from being liked to being appreciated to just a couple of hundreds of things.

What has always been a challenge for many, both buyer and seller alike has been where to buy and sell. Craigslist is a good option, but Craigslist is congested, and people would like to move to other less congested legit sites.

There are very many fake sites on the web for buying and selling, so it’s better to know where you drop your goods or even buy from before you’re swindled.

This article brings to you 21 legit sites like Craigslist to buy and sell used items. Don’t sleep on this if you have things to put for sale. Catch up!


Changes in the market drive lots of things, and should not be shied away from. Many who seek these alternatives to Craigslist do not do so out of spite but out of genuine concern for their own demand and taste.

Max McKeown says, “adaptability is about the powerful difference between learning to cope and learning to win.”

Craigslist may still be king in certain domains, but a look at the market has revealed that they are slipping and may need to pivot a bit to get the best out of the current market conditions.

A further quote that I feel works best here for the Craigslist team is to remind them of the words of Gary Hamel, which says “you can’t build an adaptable organization without adaptable people – individuals change only when they have to, or when they need to.”

Now may be the time to reassess what works and what doesn’t, but in the meantime, this is a list of legit sites like Craigslist that buy and sell items.

What Is Craigslist?

As one of the most visited websites in the world, Craigslist.org is the internet market for targeted classified ads. Craigslist, based in San Francisco, runs local classifieds for more than 450 cities worldwide.

The site’s main function is to host classified ads that cover practically every category you can think of, including housing, job postings, items for sale, services, and personals.

There’s also a forums section that allows users to discuss topics on everything from gardening to the Linux operating system.

The site has a range of broad categories, and each category has several subcategories, making it easy to navigate to the appropriate section quickly. For example, the “for sale” category features subcategories like computers, books, electronics, sporting motorcycles, and collectibles, among others.

Craigslist essentially enables you to sell that phone in your hands or the desktop computer in your room. It helps you convert the things you want into cash or reality.

The website’s bad PR which recently resulted from reports of women being pulled into alleged sex trafficking schemes while looking for modeling gigs was the talk of the town for a while but has not distracted the website from offering other services which it offers well to its customers.

Why Do We Need Alternatives?

Innovation of any kind is not complete if we do not develop another set of alternatives. If alternatives are not readily available, we should create them.

Alternatives when identified are needed to create situations where we can achieve the same results through other means. It is a way of hedging risk. Alternatives and hedging risk are so important to many spheres of life that some consider it very paramount to the survival of our species.

What Does It Mean To Hedge Risk?

Investopedia describes hedging as “Hedging is analogous to taking out an insurance policy. If you own a home in a flood-prone area, you will want to protect that asset from the risk of flooding—to hedge it, in other words—by taking out flood insurance. In this example, you cannot prevent a flood, but you can plan ahead of time to mitigate the dangers if a flood did occur.”

This means that you make a move that stops you from holding the short end of the stick in deals you make. In this case, it is that of trying not to lose out on deals even after probably paying money for them.

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Why Do People Need Alternatives To Craigslist?

Craigslist’s size as one of the biggest websites for classified ads can sometimes work against its customers, who sometimes feel like they do not receive the best outcomes for their ads.

Some customers in some categories of the websites complain that within a short time frame, their ads are relegated to the second page or just summarily disappear into the dark.

This alone is enough to drive customers to where they can get what they want.

21 legit sites like Craigslist to buy and sell used items

#1 – Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a website that helps people within immediate localities connect. Local businesses, services, news updates, recommendations, and stuff for sale from the people down the block. Nextdoor is right now in 11 countries and offers connections to over 50 million local businesses.

#2 – Offerup

Offerup offers its customers the avenue to instantly connect with local buyers and sellers on offer. Offerup says its customers can sell anything from cars and trucks, to electronics, furniture, and more.

#3 – eBay

eBay is a very popular American multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California, that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. Founded in 1995, it has been a success story and continues to be. Read more here.

#4 – Locanto

Locanto offers free classified that include furniture, cars, apartments, and even guitar lessons. They aim to make buying and selling locally fun. They offer their services in over 60 countries worldwide.

#5 – Geebo

Geebo is available in over 5+ countries, though the USA is understandably its main focal point. You can find everything on Geebo, be it personal ads, real estate, furniture, farming, vehicles and even employment, and more.

#6 – Expatriates

Expatriates is a free community website created by expatriates and open to everyone for finding jobs, housing, and buying & selling.

#7 – Cracker

Cracker offers free classified ads in all cities all over the world. You can post an ad at no cost in any category except Adult Erotic categories, and users can browse the website without having to register to view ads from all over the world on Cracker Classifieds.

#8 – Facebook

Facebook’s collection is large. They have combined their power as a social media giant to create avenues for billions of people to buy and sell things. No extra app is needed. A click on the buy and sell button on the explorer tab will lead you in the right direction.

#9 – Indeed

Indeed strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, upload CVs, and research companies.

#10 – WallClassified

Wallclassified offers a very large category of offerings. Nearly everything is on offer. Neatly presented, classified ads offer a huge host of exciting/comprehensive categories offering everything from jobs, goodies, real estate, and more.

Ad posting is a bit complicated, but you will get a handle on it the more you look around.

#11 – VRBO

Acquired by the Expedia group, VRBO is a vacation rental platform that has performed beyond so many expectations. VRBO operates in over 15 countries and offers the same service.

#12 – Depop

Depop is the fashion marketplace app where the next generation comes to discover unique items. With a global community buying, selling, and connecting to make fashion more inclusive, diverse, and less wasteful.

#13 – Oodle

Available across the globe in all major countries, the Oodle is a fantastic site that’s a bit on the versatile side of things, as it’s an aggregator& not an ad poster – Collecting, compiling& showing ads from other dedicated, top sources.

#14 –Varagesale

VarageSale is a family-friendly app to buy and sell new and used items locally. Trusted by millions, shop with verified people within your community.

#15 – pxsell

Pxsell is the easiest way to buy and sell your stuff. You simply snap a picture, enter a few details, and you are done. When you buy or sell an item, you simply schedule to meet up at a mutual location to complete the sale.

#16 – Reverb

Reverb is the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments. Since launching in 2013, Reverb has grown into a vibrant community of buyers and sellers all over the world. A good Craiglist alternative.

#17 – Zeebubble

Zeebubble is a free classified ad posting website that allows you to post an unlimited number of ads to reach millions of customers all over the world.

#18 – OLX

OLX is part of OLX Group, a network of leading marketplaces present in 30+ countries with 20+ brands. This website is just like Craigslist.

#19 – Zillow

Zillow is an American online real estate database company that offers several features, including value estimates of homes, value changes of each home in a given time frame, aerial views of homes, and prices of comparable homes in the area.

It also provides basic information on a given home, such as square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Users pay a referral fee after each purchase.

#20 – Realtor

Realtor is a website that makes it easy for buyers and sellers of real estate to meet. They help you cut through the thicket.

#21 – Hotpads

Hotpads help urban renters get in touch with the houses of their choice. The company continues to build game-changing features into its rental search website and apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad.


Craigslist’s very large discussion groups made it one of the largest location-specific forums worldwide. Craigslist can be viewed as one of the early purveyors of hyperlocal buying and selling.

This article discusses this supremely popular listing website and suggests 21 legit sites like Craigslist that offer similar services as it does offer.

The aim is to provide options for those who may need more or be unsatisfied with what they currently see.


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