Webuyanycar Reviews: Is It Legit or A Car Selling Scam

Have you ever needed to do something and you could not just patiently wait to do it? If this has been your case at any point in time, then you have an idea of the kind of people and things that webuyanycar deal with.

Webuyanycar is a company that deal with cars. An experience always tells you more in this type of issues than whatever you are told, and there are trailer loads of experiences with Webuyanycar.

This article discusses Webuyanycar, and asks the question of whether it is a legitimate enterprise or a car selling scam.


To get to the root of a matter and settle out the conflict in our minds, w need to understand why sometimes some people feel taken advantage of.

There are two types of sellers: Willing sellers and desperate sellers. Anyone asking for a quote from Webuyanycar can be a willing seller of his car, a desperate seller, or a mixture of both.

Willing sellers have listed their cars on the market and are willing to sell at the right price. They aren’t looking to greatly negotiate their price down and they aren’t looking for low-ball offers from vultures.

Some willing sellers are testing the market, nervous about what they’re reading in the media, the value of their car and wondering if they should get out of the purchase they made some time ago with at least some good money.

Desperate Sellers need to sell. They may have already bought many other cars and feel they need to sell that particular one.

Situations in one’s life can make one desperate to certain things, and this is sometimes perfectly normal. Desperate Sellers are more apt to lower their asking price and negotiate.

Now, this understanding drives some buyers to make outrageously low demands that can be shocking.

The process is not a fair one. But it can be fair, if only you are patient with yourself and allow yourself time to properly evaluate what you are going into.

What does Webuyanycar do?

While I may tell you what I think Webuyanycar does and earns profit from, it’s best to put out their own statement to you and have you read it in their own words.

The Webuyanycar website has it that “Our online car valuation tool works in under a minute to provide an instant valuation for free. Enter your number plate and details of your car’s condition for an accurate valuation today.”

“When it is time to move on to your next car you may find yourself thinking, “What is my car worth?” How much your car is worth will depend greatly on the vehicle’s model, age and condition.

As soon as you have a valuation, book an appointment with your local branch and you could sell the same day.”

“At webuyanycar.com, we strive to provide the quickest and most hassle-free car buying service available.

From the moment you use our online car valuation tool to the moment one of our friendly branch managers processes the purchase of your car, our system is designed to make the act of buying your vehicle quick, easy and incredibly convenient.”

What does Webuyanycar want from you?

The company website says “Our customers often tell us, “I was looking for someone to buy my car quickly and easily and still wanted to receive a fair price”.

If that sounds like you, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Our mission is to give a competitive price for each car we buy.

We guarantee that we’ll make an offer on your car regardless of its colour, age, mileage, condition or otherwise (subject to inspection, price may alter).

All that we ask is that you are able to bring the car to your local webuyanycar.com branch so that we can buy it from you.”

Independent thoughts

There are good deals and bad deals to be had in the world and that is a fact. A wise man one said “The coin is always spinning.We choose with our actions what part (head or tail) we would like to see up.”

The wise man is me by the way, and the saying is valid. Webuyanycar will not force you into selling your car and that too is a fact.

Things happen and you should be prepared for that. Make of that statement whatever you like.

Webuyanycar reviews

For this, I will be releasing a couple of experiences of its customers so you can assess by yourself what you think. Alright so, here we go;

#1 – Patrick Brown says “It’s not a scam, it’s a business. They’ll buy any car from you, but for as low a price as they can so they can make a profit either auctioning it off or parting it out.

If your car has any real resale value, there are better ways to sell it. But if it’s old and practically worthless and you just want rid of it, you can get at least something for it.

If you enter the registration and mileage of your car on their website, they’ll give you a quote. But that quote only applies if the car is in practically mint condition.

Their terms and conditions, which you agree to when you ask for a quote, say that the quote is not an offer to buy.

That is based on a number of assumptions, including that the engine starts and will idle, and the car has no  faults, is not damaged in any way, has two sets of keys, and so on.

Before they make a firm offer they will examine the car and look for excuses to reduce their offer.

Their final offer will practically always be lower, and often considerably lower, than the website quote…”

#2 – Carl Atkins says “I don’t believe that “We buy any car” is a scam. Here in the UK, they have just finished a media and campaign fronted by Phillip Schofield.

I’ve had online valuations for a couple of my cars from them before, and I’ve always considered the offers to be rather poor.

Especially when the small print mentions that the final valuation might be lower depending on the actual condition of the car when you take it to the local office.

From a purely logistical point of view, I would always consider trading my old car in for a newer car, as I would only need to drive to and from one location, without needing to get lifts or public transport.

#3 – Gary Cooke says “My PCP car finance plan was coming into the last year of the finance package. I had 9 months to either save £11,000 or have the car back with nothing.

The dealership were dodgy as hell and I didn’t want to trade for another model as I didn’t trust them. The car had a trade book price of around £15,000 and private sales were around £18,000.

My vehicle had outstanding finance so people wouldn’t want to risk buying it privately and it’s not often people walk up with £18k to buy a car privately.

Still Gary

I was a bit stuck! I’d heard all kinds of horror stories about WBAC, that they’d offer you a price then drop it when you were there and add all kinds of fees on but after a look round that offered me the most money for a motor trade company and were willing to pay me the money even though there was finance on the vehicle.

I took it down expecting to fight my corner but they stood by the £16,500 they had offered, charged me the admin fee that they had been very upfront about and then offered me a lift home.

It felt all a bit easy, bit around 5 days later there was was cash in my bank account and I paid off my adjusted outstanding finance plus the final payment and even had some left over to put towards my next car.”

Don’t get distracted now. This was not meant to bore you. If you actually would like to know what people think then this is a short summary of what people think.

Is Webuyanycar legit or a scam?

Webuyanycar is a legit company that buys cars. While they may have obvious issues with how they run their company’s business model, they are not a scam.



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