15 Best Apps For Women Safety In 2022

In this civilized world, we still see and hear stories of women who were victims of various criminal acts. Women’s security has been a delicate issue for generations however with the advancement in technology we can see many solutions to these issues

Since there are various apps today for various needs thank to the invention of the smartphone then why not add an app for women’s safety. Various developers have come up with apps for women and personal safety. With these apps, you can track your location and alert family members about dangerous situations. Let’s take a look at some of those apps for women’s safety.

What are Apps For Women Safety?

Apps for women’s safety are applications that reduce the risk of women becoming victims of serious criminal acts like rape, robbery, sexual harassment, domestic abuse, and assault.

Why are Apps For Women Safety Important?

One of the most important functional use of women’s safety apps is to send emergency messages to their friends, relations, or family members. 

Most apps for women’s safety encourage their users to drop reviews about personal experiences such as securities in some locations. This way the apps could use dark reddish spots to indicate dangerous areas to alert other women. 

Safety apps respond immediately by alerting the nearest local police authorities and through the use of an in-app tracking device you can be rescued. And most of them are based on GPS location which allows your family or friends can detect your location. 

The downside of these apps for women’s safety is that most of them require mobile networks or WiFi to function appropriately. Response from the recuse team could be delayed due to factors like distance and the inability to get the right information. 

Fear could also make many users forget they have a safety app, most safety apps require charged batteries to function properly, and most times alerts can be sent only when the apps are active.

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What Are The 15 Best Apps For Women Safety In 2022?

We’ll be looking at the best apps for women’s safety in full detail. The best apps for women’s safety include:

  • Women Safety
  • My SafetiPin
  • bSafe
  • Rescuer
  • Life360
  • CitizenCop
  • Letstrack
  • Raksha
  • Shake2Safety
  • Smart24×7
  • UrSafe
  • Sister
  • WanderSafe
  • SoSecure
  • SOS

1. Women Safety

Women Safety app is an app for women’s safety launched by the Punjab police in India. This app is very important for women who regularly travel through unsafe locations.

One great aspect of the app is that it sends an email with your location and a link to Google maps to your relations. It requires only one tap to instantly send an alert. 

The app uses three colors to show your condition, a green button to alert your relatives, orange to stay careful, and red to alert others that you’re in danger


  • Ability to add close contacts and their email address to alert them instantly in case of emergency
  • Green, orange, and red means safety, cautiousness, and danger
  • Only available on Android
  • Takes two pictures, a video clip, and an audio clip to send along with an email with just a tap
  • Let’s you send messages with the location for emergencies
  • Over 100,000 downloads and a 4.7/5 rating


2. My SafetiPin 

My SafetiPin is a personal safety and women’s safety app that allows you to make secured decisions about your movement, based on the safety score of the location. It uses GPS location to collect your information and you can also use it to discover alternative routes to avoid unsafe locations.

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You can call close contacts with a single tap during emergencies. This is a great app for women’s safety because it uses features like availability of lighting in a specific location, the areas openness, number of people, visibility, security, walk path, public transport, feeling, and gender (number of women and children around you) to carry out a safety audit.

You can download this app on your Android or iOS.


  • Uses GPS to inform you about the security of a location
  • Capable of detecting the security level of your location
  • Give you an address of the nearest safe location
  • Languages used include English, Spanish, Vietnam, Hindi, and Cambodian
  • Over 50,000 downloads and a 4.0/5 rating


3. bSafe

bSafe is one of the best personal tracker and app for women’s safety with unique features that easily alerts close contacts if you’re in an emergency.

Activating SOS features can automatically trigger the video recording.

It has a unique feature where you only need voice phrases to command the app, you don’t need to touch the phone to alert people if you’re in an emergency.

With over 1 million downloads and a 4.4/5 rating, this app is available on Android and iOS.


  • Live streaming for your relations to see
  • SOS feature lets you automatically record videos
  • Available in 125 countries
  • Automate the voice phrase and use it to command the app
  • Special feature on CNN, Forbes, ABC, NBC, and more
  • Use fake Call feature to avoid uncomfortable situations


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4. Rescuer

Rescuer is a unique app for women’s safety that allows you to add you to 5 contacts for emergencies. In case of emergencies, you can send a text together with a GPS location to the contacts. The app supports voice commands.


  • Send text messages together with GPS location with a single click
  • Send unlimited text messages to other rescuer uses
  • Ask for help during emergencies using the voice command feature
  • Use a special phrase for voice command for easy recognition by the app even if your phone is locked
  • Silently send emergency messages using the volume button


5. Life360

This is one of the best free-to-install apps for women’s safety.

Its features include sharing your location, reviewing two days’ location history, car crash detection that immediately sends out messages to emergency services if there’s a crash, and it comes with three upgrades, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. 

Life360 Gold allows you to see the location history of the last 30 days, crash detection, and more, Silver enables 7 days of location history along with other features, and Platinum offers travel support, disaster response, medical assistant, and more. 


  • Has three upgrades, Platinum, Gold, and Silver
  • Detect car crash and alert SOS
  • The plans have various benefits with Platinum offering the highest
  • Get family driving record to know who and how they were driving
  • Location history allows you to analyze places you or your family members visited
  • Available in 195 countries


6. CitizenCop

Have you ever been in a distressful situation and needed urgent help? CitizenCop comes to the rescue. The personal and women safety app allows you easily connect with the police department in emergencies.

You can also anonymously report a crime you witnessed as well as report stolen articles. The app is also a location-based safety app.


  • Anonymously report a crime you witnessed
  • Send alerts if you’re in an uncomfortable situation and you can’t speak
  • Inform cops immediately in cases of emergencies
  • Find out if a vehicle was stolen by running the registration number
  • Keep track of traffic and news in the app
  • Available on both Android and Apple devices
  • Over 500 thousand downloads


7. Letstrack

Letstrack is an app for women’s safety that allows you to enable real-time tracking and alerts in emergencies. It is one of Asia’s biggest personal and vehicle safety apps.

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The app allows you to chat with friends and family for free. You can also enjoy amazing features like Zone alerts to know if your kids have safely arrived or left school.


With over 100 thousand downloads, Letstrack app has the following features:

  • Deactivate tracking anytime for safety
  • Track vehicles, cars, kids, and more using the tracking device
  • Radar view allows you to discover other Letstrack users in the area
  • Send real-time pictures to assure close relatives of your safety
  • Has multiple map views including satellite maps
  • Available on Android and Apple devices


8. Raksha

Raksha was created to ensure you always have a protective companion with you. The app allows your family to keep track of your mobility, you can send instant alerts to close relatives with a single tap, and it works as a Google map to the nearest police for your security.


  • The app for safety women is free to download
  • A single tap sends emergency alerts to your close contacts
  • Guides you to the nearest police station
  • GPS tracker helps you track a user’s real location
  • Available on Android devices only
  • Over 5,000 downloads


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9. Shake2Safety

Shake2Safety is an app for women’s safety that allows you to send alerts to your emergency contacts through text messages along with pictures, location, and audio clips.

One unique feature about the app is that you can do all this by simply shaking your phone or pressing the power button 4 times.

You can decide to send a text message or call your emergency contacts

You can send text messages as many times as possible to your emergency contacts but only one call can be made to your primary contact. It works even when there’s no connection, on locked screens, and it doesn’t require registration.


  • Send multiple alerts along with your location history to your emergency contacts
  • You will send a 4-second of video recording in emergencies
  • Send pictures of emergencies along with location to a contact using shareable media
  • The siren button allows you to raise immediate alerts


10. Smart24×7

The personal and women safety app was built to be a GPS-based app for women’s safety. You can use it to track caps and their schedules, share and track your real-time location, and the app is free to use.

The app can also be used to track your kids’ safety


  • Records voices and pictures to alert the police in case of emergencies
  • The SOS button can alert the quick response team in emergencies
  • Call responsible authorities in cases of emergencies
  • Track cabs and their schedules
  • If the GPS is deactivated you can use messages to send alerts
  • Panic alerts will be sent to close contact when you press the Panic button during emergencies
  • Use fake calls during difficult situations
  • 24/7 call center to aid you in emergencies
  • Share travel alerts with close friends and family members
  • Basic chat to communicate with friends
  • Available on Android and Apple devices
  • Over 100 thousand downloads

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11. UrSafe

UrSafe is one of the best apps for women’s safety. It is a hands-free, voice-activated personal safety app integrated with 911 to ensure everyone is safe. Users can set unique phrases that trigger different responses according to the level of the emergency. 


  • Allows close contacts to track your location
  • Trigger safety checks when you arrive or leave specific locations
  • Alert your close contacts during emergencies using live audio and video streaming
  • Use fake calls during difficult situations
  • Activate the SOS button and alert your close contacts or responsible authorities during emergencies
  • Voice features in situations where you can’t publicly touch or use your phone
  • Get information on the closest police stations, hospitals, and more
  • Available in over 240 countries
  • Available on Android and has a 5-star rating.


12. Sister

Sister is an app for women’s safety that uses a location tracker system in real-time. The app is female-led and tailor-made to provide safety both at home and outdoors.

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You can choose close contacts to track your location, and more.


  • Choose your close contacts and share your live location with them
  • Activate alarm in dangerous situations
  • Register evidence through automatically recording videos and audios
  • Ask for help from both your contacts and emergency authorities
  • Over 50 thousand downloads
  • Available on Android


13. WanderSafe

WanderSafe is a personal safety app for traveling. It provides location-based maps that let you explore the neighborhood while advising and alerting you if you’re entering a dangerous zone. 

The app has an SOS button that triggers three emergency contacts. It also has an in-app personal assistant that aids you by providing safety advice and alerts. 


  • Shows you where there are reports of incidents you should avoid especially in new locations
  • A personal assistant that provides safety advice and alerts when entering a dangerous zone
  • SOS button that alerts three emergency contacts
  • You can leave location-based tips that help other’s safety
  • Let’s you provide real-time safety information about dangerous areas
  • Available on Android and has over 1,000 downloads


14. SoSecure

SoSecure offers safety and security, it provides roadside assistance, voice-activated emergency call, crash detection, and more.

It has three plans, the SoSecure Basic is free and offers features like location sharing with your close contacts, an SOS response from ADT, SOS chat, etc.

SoSecure Plus offers all Basic features and location sharing, voice activation, and track me, SoSecure Premium offers all of the Plus features and roadside assistance as well as crash detection.


  • Share your location with your family members and friends
  • 24/7 virtual ADT assistant
  • Voice-activated emergency call
  • Features three plans you can choose from
  • Available on Android and Apple devices


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15. SOS Safety app

The SOS app is a very simple app that features a panic button to alert your close contacts by sending them your location or customized messages.

You can place emergency calls, select up to 10 close contacts, send panic messages, and send alerts through whistle and clap.


  • Send panic messages
  • Choose up to ten contacts
  • Whistle detector and clap detector to send alerts in dangerous situations
  • Emergency calls
  • Send alerts by pressing the volume button or from locked screens
  • Available on Android and Apple devices


FAQs On 15 Best Apps For Women Safety In 2022

What are apps for women's safety?

Apps for women’s safety are applications that reduce the risk of women becoming victims of serious criminal acts like rape, robbery, sexual harassment, domestic abuse, and assault.

What is the best women's safety app?

Apps for women’s safety depend on individual preferences. Some great apps for women’s safety include bSafe, Life360, and more

How do apps for women's safety work?

Apps for women’s safety work by sending alerts or messages to close contacts and responsive authorities during emergencies.

Do apps for women's safety have disadvantages?

Yes though these apps provide safety from dangerous situations they’re not perfect. You can’t use most of them when your phone is off or if you don’t have a quality network connection.


These are some of the best apps for women’s safety. These apps though have some downsides have nevertheless contributed to the safety of women.

You can use them to send alerts during emergencies, contact close relatives, get help from responsible authorities, check out the security level in new areas and so much more. Thanks to these apps the future looks safer for women than ever before.



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