10 Best YouTube Channels For Learning Hacking For Security Experts

Let’s leave the negativity attached to hacking. It’s a really cool thing to learn. Hackers are often associated with cybercrime, but that’s not always the case. Hackers are a great asset in many fields; even the police need these guys. For this reason, we have put together the 10 best youtube channels for learning hacking.

It might interest you to know that security-based intelligence institutes rely on and fall back on hacking. This is because hacking is vital not just in tech development but in a whole lot of advancements and security.

Therefore, agents of security-related institutes must have a very good knowledge of this to deliver profitable and efficient results at work.

It used to be difficult to learn hacking, but thanks to the internet, YouTube to be precise, you can easily get these hacking courses and just a little cost on your data subscription.

Therefore, here are the 10 best YouTube channels for learning hacking for security experts.

Benefits of Hacking Literacy

Now let us look at some benefits of ethical hacking fetches, especially in the security department of any set up, be it a corporation or even a country.

Here we’ll see reasons for which security experts should be hacking inclined. Some of these reasons may include:

  • Knowledge of hacking makes it easier to take precautions against illegal hackers.
  • Knowledge of this aids in the battle against national security breaches and cyber terrorism.
  • Hacking literacy makes creating a system that guards against all hacker intrusions easier.
  • It aids in locating and fixing the holes in a computer system or network.
  • This also provides banks and financial institutions with security.

Not only these but there are also many more to these, numerous advantages hacking experience has to offer.

Best Youtube Channels For Learning Hacking

The importance of hacking in security cannot be over-emphasized, below are the best 10 youtube channels for learning hacking where interested fellows may subscribe and partake in the knowledge shared therein.


Doubtlessly being one of the best YouTube channels for learning hacking, Hak5 was established on Sept 7, 2005.

And this YouTube channel has so far been able to have a total of views: 62.7M

and subscribers: 802K.

Hak5 was established in 2005 to develop the infosec sector. This Is being brought to achievement through its highly regarded podcasts, industry-leading pentest tools, and welcoming community, where all hackers are welcome.

A global leader in pentest equipment, Hak5 produces award-winning videos about cyber security. Hak5 is a podcast network founded by security researcher Darren Kitchen that features a range of programming on subjects like open source, pen-testing, and security-privacy news.

Hak5, the longest-running YouTube video channel, has influenced a new generation of hackers and cyber security specialists.

On the Hak5 channel, programs are hosted by Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse. One Video is posted each week on this channel.



Created on Sept 27, 2013, Seytonic has views: 21.4M and

Subscribers: 312k.

Initial goals for Jhonti’s Seytonic YouTube channel included showcasing his hardware hacking endeavors (mostly anything and everything BadUSB related). His projects included creating self-destructing SSDs and $1 BadUSBs utilizing digipack development boards.

Later, he switched to producing journalistic articles about cyber security. Although it is by nature a difficult and frequently verbose issue, he adds that cyber security has always been an interesting subject for him. Jhanti sought to create content that makes cyber security news more understandable as a result.

It’s excellent if we all have some understanding of the subject because it will only become a more significant aspect of technology.

Apart from running the Seytonic, He also runs Maltronics, which makes hardware pen-testing tools. Surely you can learn more about that here.

On this channel, one video is posted every week.

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Cyber Yodha

Created on September 15, 2018, with

Views: Over 206K and

Subscribers:10.4K currently.

Cyber Yodha is one of the most beneficial Indian ethical hacking YouTube channels for learning hacking that teaches the best hacking practices and offers cheap training classes.

They offer more than 30 programs, both in-person and online learning, that can advance a student’s career in hacking, data forensics, and cybersecurity.

Their videos focus on the most recent technological developments under the umbrella of the main subject, hacking. They offer tasks that will advance a general understanding of the topic and tutorials on ethical hacking.

Cyber Yodha’s founder, Shivam Giri, is a driven businessman and entertaining influencer. He is a fervent supporter of cyber security measures and ethical hacking. He is a fervent advocate for cyber security and ethical hacking.

They post six videos per month here.

Cyber Yodha can be accessed via this link:



This was established on youtube on January 26, 2015

Views: 2.3M


Total of over 70 posts

A security site called TheHackerStuff offers the most recent technical information about penetration testing to keep you informed and safe. TheHackerStuff additionally offers information about penetration testing.

This platform has a cutting-edge scientific and technological trend. Its channels are experiencing a period of rapid growth, and with a rating of 41% in India, the level of cooperation is typical.

With more than 18.7k subscribers, this YouTube channel is one of the most amusing ethical hacking and cybersecurity YouTube channels.

They offer top-notch screen-shared videos on ethical hacking techniques as well as tips for enhancing any network’s or system’s cybersecurity.

Additionally, they cover topics like Android hacking methods, Kali Linux usage, different security assessment types, and how to prevent the bulk of damaging hack attempts in their films.

Accessing is possible via the link below



Joined YouTube on Nov 2, 2015

Has gained;


Subs: 691K with 453 posts.

HackerSpoilt, one of the most useful and educational ethical hacking YouTube channels, places a priority on cybersecurity training.

This is the channel for you if you’re interested in learning about crucial training for system protection and ethical hacking methods.

To safeguard corporate networks, they offer films and courses that correspond to the best defense strategies available on the market.

For individuals who are enthusiastic about hacking and technology, you should subscribe to this 454k verified ethical hacking YouTube channel.

One of the most informative and user-friendly ethical hacking YouTube channels, HackerSpoilt, focuses on cybersecurity education.

If you want to learn about white hat hacking techniques and critical system security training, you should watch this channel.

For the protection of corporate networks, they provide films and courses that are in line with the best defense strategies available on the market.

This YouTube channel for ethical hacking with 454k verified subscribers is a must-follow for everyone interested in hacking and technology.

For updates, videos are posted here once per week.

The link to the channel: HackerSploit

SSTec Tutorials

Established on April 10, 2016



The host of this channel, Mehedi Hasan Shakeel, is a self-taught white hat hacker.

This YouTube channel is one of the best for learning hacking, as it features video tutorials for computers, Android mobile, operating systems, software, gadget review, unboxing, mobile review, and app reviews.

You will also receive lessons on Kali Linux penetration testing, ethical hacking video lessons, and Github security tools.

One video per week is the routine of this channel.

Accessible through SSTecTutorials

Bhargav Tandel

Bhargav Tandel

Views: 1.4 million

Subscribers: 28.8K

Bhargav Tandel’s youtube channel was created on September 11, 2010.

A capable IT expert, Bhargav Tandel is well-versed in fundamental hardware and networking, information security, penetration testing, ethical hacking, offensive security, and red teaming.

This host is skilled at installing, repairing, and troubleshooting personal computer hardware and software.

He has a very high level of understanding of personal computers, as well as the necessary host system data communications needs and personal computing hardware, software, and systems.

CCNA/CCNP, server security, network defense, penetration testing, and optimal hacking techniques are just a few topics covered in this channel’s videos.

Bhargav Tandel’s channel, which has been around for more than ten years, is among the trendiest and most useful locations to study ethical hacking.

They include everything regarding various software, network complexity, and cybersecurity, from basic tutorials to expert-level chapters.

Bhargav continues to research the present state of technical expertise in software architecture, implementation, and troubleshooting for personal computers.

This is undoubtedly one of the best YouTube channels for learning hacking, and every aspiring person should subscribe to this channel.

And can be accessed via the link:

Bhargav Tandel

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The newboston

Created on February 4, 2008


Subscribers: 2.63million

With over 1.4 million subscribers, this YouTube channel is INCREDIBLY popular. Here, you may learn everything from how to program to how to do basic math and algebra to how to program games.

Although not directly related to hacking, understanding how different programming languages operate and how programs are created is crucial for hackers.

The New Boston YouTube channel, created in 2008, offers over 4000 videos about computer-related topics. Their videos cover a variety of subjects, including SEO, Python, Node.js, Gulp.js, current blockchain, Docker, and Discord.

A great resource for new programmers, The host on the channel Bucky Roberts is an IT graduate and makes the lectures simple to understand.

With the motto “never stop learning” on the channel, Roberts’ videos are undoubtedly a preferred resource to support continuous learning in data science.

Longer tutorials are also divided into shorter films in a playlist so that both beginners and professionals may understand the material.

The newboston


April 10, 2009

Views: 181.6 million

Subscribers: 2.15 million

Computerphile YouTube channel is attainable via Computerphile

This is an initiative of the Computational Optimization and Learning (COL) Lab at the University of Nottingham

There are several films about computer science in general on the YouTube channel Computerphile, which covers a variety of topics, including cybersecurity.

This channel has long been in existence and has been able to gather a good number of subscribers and views and has equally won a lot of references in terms of hacking this as well shows its authenticity.

In addition to cybersecurity, this channel will educate you on a variety of exciting and significant Computer Science topics.

Computerphile YouTube channel is attainable via



Views: 1.12 million

Subscribers: 34.7K

Doubtlessly one of the best YouTube channels for learning hacking, 13Cubed was established on August 25, 2006

The link to the channel: 13cubed

Agents who are in the cybersecurity field learn and practice pen testing, and just a few of them will opt for forensics.

Videos that are of exceptional quality with technical depth explanations are made available for interested individuals on this channel.

This channel offers tutorials, an overview of numerous apps and scripts, and information security-related topics, including digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) and penetration testing.

You definitely have to subscribe to this channel if you want to learn about any type of digital forensics technique, such as Windows forensics or memory forensics.

They release new videos on Mondays at least once every month.



Like any other branch of computer science, cybersecurity is always evolving. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must keep learning, and following such channels is one way to achieve this.

So there you have it, some great channels that should keep you entertained for a while. Ethical hacking is becoming more and more popular, and businesses are spending much to safeguard their software and websites from hackers and exploitation; therefore being well endowed with knowledge of this is of great advantage to such a security agent with it.

It’s much easier now since reliable channels that are very good in the game have been compiled for simpler accessibility for interested fellows.

FAQs On The Best YouTube Channels For Learning Hacking

Who is the best hacker YouTuber?

– Hak5
– Seytonic
– HackerSpoilt

Which youtube channel is best for cyber security?

– HackerSpoilt
– Infosec
– Insider Ph.D.
– The cyber Mentor

Which is the best country for Cyber security?

China leads this, seconded by Russia and then the United States.



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