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Best Banks In Oregon In 2022 | Rates, Account Types, Min. Deposit

The Covid 19 impact has brought into full recognition that human connection in the banking relationship is still needed and vital to the financial wellbeing of people, businesses and communities.

To this effect, most banks in Oregon are prepared to help their citizens and business owners helm the economic shock of the pandemic through their considerable minimum wage, rates, and minimum deposit.

So, to anyone who wants to invest or save their money, banks situated in Oregon is simply the best.
While you ponder which bank in Oregon to save or invest your money, this article will highlight a full list of them.

What Makes Banks In Oregon Unique?

According to Wikipedia, Oregon has been home to many Indigenous nations for thousands of years. With 4 million people over 98,000 square miles (250,000 km2), Oregon is the ninth largest and 27th most populous U.S. state.

Making businesses promotes market competition among similar service providers. This is great, as it will increase creativity and available options which leads to economic growth.

With the Oregon population, all banking institutes are at the top of their game providing outstanding services that are hard to find in other cities.

Best Banks In Oregon In 2022 | Rates, Account Types, Min. Deposit

Here are the best banks in Oregon.

#1. Ally Bank

If you are not satisfied with your saving account interest rate, the Ally Online Savings Account is a great way to go. Regardless of your balance, your APY (annual percentage yield) will stand at 0.60%, which is around 10 times the national average, according to Ally’s website.

It has a great customer service, also Fee-free withdrawals are available around the world at more than 55,000 Allpoint ATMs. This online savings account is best for those comfortable with online and mobile banking.

Furthermore, Apple and Android users can download the mobile banking app of Ally. This platform is integral to Ally’s banking services, as it’s a branchless financial institution.

By using the app, you’ll be able to deposit checks remotely, view your account statements and transaction histories, find fee-free ATMs, and send money to friends and family.

#2. U.S. Bank

 U.S. Bank offers a range of checking and savings accounts and it’s the best for those looking for simple banking.

However, the bank has other ranges of products and services like credit cards, loans, mortgages, and services to help you with investing.

U.S. Bank is a large, national brand, which you can find if you travel outside of Oregon. There are about 3,000 U.S. Bank branches and ATMs spread across the country. Making the bank a suitable option for businesses and people who travel frequently for work.

#3. Umpqua Bank

For customers who prefer a local bank, Umpqua Bank may be the best and perfect bank. It’s the largest bank based in Oregon and has more than 100 branches in the state.

Also, it has branches and ATMs in other states like Washington, Idaho, California, and Nevada. Umpqua Bank offers a variety of accounts for both individuals and businesses.

Some accounts do require relatively high minimum deposits, but you can open most basic accounts with just $25.

In addition, If you’re looking to save for major life goals like retirement accounts, loans, and college savings plans, Umpqua Bank can help you with that.

#4. CIT Bank

CIT is a savings-centric bank, meaning the vast majority of its products are built to help customers save money. The bank is taking a stab at fixing this issue of strong interest rates.

So, By maintaining an account balance of $25,000 or depositing $100 on a monthly basis, CIT will boost your Savings Builder APY to 0.45%.

If you fall outside of these qualifications will instead receive a 0.29% APY. All you need is $100 to open an account.

In addition, you can download CIT Bank’s mobile app if you have an Apple or Android device. Mobile check deposit, inter-account money transfers, and digital account statements are just a few of the features you’ll receive.

#5. WaFd Bank

WaFd Bank’s Statement Savings account has one of the highest APYs in Oregon. You only need $25 to open an account and you earn an APY of 0.10% as long as you keep your account balance at $100 or more.

Unfortunately, balances below that won’t earn interest.) You can also waive the account’s monthly fee if you keep a balance of at least $100.

Beyond this one account, WaFd Bank offers a few savings and checking accounts. You can also choose from multiple credit cards. So, if you need a mortgage or loan, WaFd Bank can help you with that too.

#6. Banner Bank

The banner bank is one of the best banks in Oregon. It has almost 50 branches in Oregon and has more than 175 branches throughout Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho.

The bank has done well to maintain a high level of customer service, even as it increases its reach.

Furthermore, Banner Bank provides the best customer experience of all the banks in the Northwest. Also, in terms of its products and services, Banner Bank doesn’t always have the highest rates.

#7. Bank of America

Bank of America is also one of the best banks in Oregon. With Bank of American student banking, it solves the problem of you as a college student trying to save but not with a high minimum deposit.

This student account waives the monthly fees for both high school and college students. Also, it has branches and ATMs around the country.

Furthermore, you can still use the bank’s mobile app to handle your accounts. There is also a feature in the app that allows you to send money to others easily.

The other advantage of working with Bank of America is the variety of accounts, products, and services. There are credit cards, auto loans, home loans, and access to financial advisors, who can help you with investing.

So, opening an account with Bank of America as a student and using it for the rest of your life isn’t a bad idea.

#8. Axos Bank

This is an online bank that allows you to take out a mortgage, refinance, qualify for an auto loan, personal loan, invest, and more. It’s known for its checking account options and perks. 

Axos bank has different types of checking account which includes:

  • Reward checking: You will earn up to 1.25% APY, get reimbursed for all domestic ATM fees, and never incur any overdraft or non-sufficient fees. It is a good choice if you always use your debit card.
  • CashBack Checking: Also, you will earn 1% cashback on eligible debit card purchases when you maintain a balance of $1,500. You’ll also be paid for all domestic ATM fees.
  •  Essential Checking: you’ll be reimbursed for all domestic ATM fees, never incur any overdraft or non-sufficient fees, and you will receive your paycheck up to 2 days earlier. Most importantly, there are no monthly maintenance fees. 
  • Golden Checking: Lastly, you will earn 0.20% APY, unlimited check writing privileges, up to $8 in monthly ATM fee reimbursements, pay no monthly maintenance fees, or minimum account balance. But you’ll need to be at least 55 years old to qualify. 

#9. Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo is one the largest and oldest continuously operating banks in the U.S., and it also ranks as one of the biggest banks in the world.

Consumers can get virtually any banking need to be met with Wells Fargo products, which includes: Checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, prepaid debit cards, mortgage and home equity loans, personal loans, student loans, credit cards, etc.

The most popular checking option is the Everyday Checking account, which offers convenient 24/7 access with a low monthly maintenance fee.

#10. Chase Bank

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. bank is one of the best and largest banks in Oregon. It is among the recognized brands in the credit card industry.

The bank offers a full suite of products and services for both consumers and business clients.

On the customer’s side, Chase bank offers these: Checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, credit cards, car loans, Mortgage, and home equity loans.

Chase is really good with their line of credit card offerings. Whether you need a card for personal spending or charging business expenses, Chase Bank has a solution.

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#11. Key Bank

Key Bank is one of the best largest financial institutions in the U.S. by assets. It has all the banking products and services you need to manage every aspect of your financial life.

Also, there are no less than six checking account options, varying from a student checking account to Privilege Select Checking, which is an interest-bearing account that features unlimited foreign ATM surcharge refunds.

#12. Columbia Bank

Columbia bank is also one of the best and largest independent banks in Oregon. Columbia Bank has over 150 branches and ATMs all across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

Columbia’s uniqueness and financial strength lie in the fact that it is actually two banks in one – a full-service “community” bank for individuals and families, and a “commercial” bank for business.


In conclusion, here is the list of all the best banks in Oregon with their account types. interest rates and minimum deposit sum.

BankAccount TypeMinimum DepositRates
1. Ally BankSavingsNone0.60%
2. U.S. BankSavings$250.10%
3. Umpqua BankSavings$250.01%
4. CIT BankSavings$1000.45%
5. WaFd BankSavings$250.10%
6. Banner BankSavings $250.05%
7. Bank of AmericaSavings$1000.01%
8. Axos BankSavings$501.25%
9. Wells Fargo BankSavings$250.01%
10. Chase BankSavings$250.01%
11. Key BankSavings$500.02%
12. Columbia BankSavings$100.15%



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