21 Best Free Movie Apps for Adults and Children | All You Need to Know

Do you enjoy seeing movies? With just an installation of free movie apps on your phone, complimented with an internet connection, you’ll be amazed at how many films you’re able to access.

Downloading these movie apps makes it a lot easier for you to see your favorite movies at your convenience. Did you know you can stream TV shows? Ouch! I digressed.

The long list of movies you can see on these movie apps comprises comedy, documentary, drama, horror, and several other kinds of movies. So, regardless of age, you can always find something for kids and ones for adults.

A glance at this article will give you a reason why these free movie apps are the best to try out in 2023.

Best Free Movie Apps for Adults and Children in 2023

#1. Crackle

The interface for crackle is actually user-friendly and allows for the smooth running of the movies. Although there is an alternative for you if you desire to sign but, there is no need for that as you can access these movies and your favorite TV shows without signing in.

With crackle, there are lots of movie options to choose from and the best part of this sweet deal is that all the movies have captions.

Interestingly, it works on any kind of device. Again, since these movies are free; you don’t need to sign in. However, the intermittent break due to ads makes it discouraging to view free movies using this app.

#2. Tubi App

The optimization for this free movie app is top-notch, as it provides its users seamless experience. The variety of television programs you would ordinarily not get on other apps, be sure to have them in abundance here.

On Tubi, you can find quality and trendy movies that you can enjoy either as an adult or a child. All of these are without signing up or paying a subscription.

#3. Vudu

Although you can buy movies here, you can see free movies but with ads non-stop. You will be provided with an array of movies that are current or popular according to your specifics.

The best part, you can view these movies from your mobile device as it is installable on iPhone, and Android and works with Chromecast.

#4. Cyberflix TV

This movie app makes films available to you in 4K quality, 1080p, and 720p.

Cyberflix TV supports Google Chromecast, and you can view those movies directly on your smart TV from your app.

#5. Yidio

Yidio is a really useful app that only works on a few devices yet stands out as one of the best free movie apps you can ever find.

You can filter the movie’s vy ratings, premiere date,s, and even genres. But since most of the movies are not hosted on Yidio’s site, there will be a need for you to install crackle as an option.

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#6. Popcornflix

Yet another free movie app that lets you see actionable movies away from your computer system is popcornflix.

Both Android and iOS users can access the popcorn flix app for kids, which has films just for kids.

#7. Pluto

This is an app that lets you stream movies for free and even watch on-demand movies.

These movies range from drama, action, and horror that you can either watch as an adult or as a kid.

The pluto app works best for all devices, such as; Android, iPhone, iPad, Roku, Amazon, Chromecast, Vizio, and macOS.

However, you can’t see a movie that’s not on demand for a second time.

#8. OneBox HD

Another top free movie app that contains a long list of the most recent movies and TV shows and lets you watch them straight from your device is OneBox HD.

You can download videos and watch them at a later time with no subscription.

#9. MovieBox Pro

I can assure you that the smooth interface you meet on this very movie app is second to none.

Seeing movies on MovieBox Pro is a very seamless one as there are interruptions of ads. So, download your favorite movie shows and watch them on the spot as you go.

It has been proven that seeing movies is an effective way to relax.

#10. Megabox HD

Have you wanted a movie app that lets you see movies in all available resolutions? MegaBox HD has got you.

You can also enjoy HD-quality movies with no ads, but it is not available in Google Play.

#11. Freeflix HQ

Here’s another movie app that offers you variety of movies and cartoons all for free!

The combination of a user-friendly interface, a built-in player, and subtitle support for over 50 languages makes Netflix exceptional.

#12. IMDb

For a great selection of movies, IMDb does it better. It offers you box office movie hits and reviews to help you decide on which movie you should see next.

All movies are in high-definition quality and are downloadable at no cost.

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#13. Movie Anywhere

Movie anywhere stacks up movies just for you and your kids every week. So, it is always easy for you to see what movies have the best review ratings.

This movie app is downloadable on both Android and iOS devices.

#14. BeeTV App

This is an easy free movie app that has a plethora of movies that people of all ages can understand.

Although videos can be played with or without subtitles, the movies still show in HD quality.

#15. Typhoon TV

It is one thing to find a free movie app and another thing to be a free movie app and then, offer high streaming quality to your users.

As if the icing isn’t enough, all the ads that come to disrupt your movies in other apps; don’t happen during the typhoon.

You can also enjoy TV series from Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and Amazon Prime but they come only when you’ve subscribed.

#16. FilmRise

As much as you don’t need to have an account before you can see movies on this app, you will find it difficult to sort the movies according to their genres.

Filmrise has a simple and clean app.

#17. Kanopy

In this ad-free movie app, there’s always provision for kiddies’ movies. But you can only access them if you have a library card.

If you do, you won’t find it difficult to see movies directly from your phone, tablet, or any other device it supports.

#18. YouTube

You can access free movies on YouTube with a single search on the icon but one disadvantage of this is that the interface isn’t great as you may be expected.

There is hardly any device that YouTube doesn’t support. The list includes; Chromecast, Android, Roku, Microsoft consoles, sony consoles, Nintendo consoles, TiVo, etc.

#19. MediaBox HD

This movie app is exceptional because it has a feature that comes in form of a discovery page where you can see trending titles and pick any movie of your choice.

This is specifically nice for people who are indecisive.

MediaBox HD is no doubt, the perfect free movie app you should have.

#20. Hotstar

This is a renowned free movie app in India and the like. On Hotstar, you can see movies, TV shows, and live membership.

#21. Roku

The Roku app cannot be found on Google Play, even though it avails you the opportunity to see movies at no cost.

Final Thoughts

These best free movie apps all avail you the opportunity to see movies in the most seamless way ever.

So, get up and catch up on your favorite shows already!



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