10 Most Expensive Water in the World | All You Need to Know

Water is one of the cheapest substances anyone can afford such expensive water must sound absurd, but as strange as it may sound, they are available, and people buy them. These are waters obtained from unusual sources. 

In this list of the most expensive water in the world in 2023, I have included those sold for tens of thousands of dollars and counted only brands available for regular purchase somewhere in the world.

Below are the world’s most expensive waters in 2023

  • #1. Fillico Jewelry Water from Japan – $1390 per liter
  • #2. NEVAS from Germany – $1180 per liter
  • #3. Bling H2O from the US – $219 per liter
  • #4. Svalbarði from Svalbard, Norway – $185 per liter
  • #5. Ô Amazon from Brazil – $110 per liter
  • #6. Uisge Source from Scotland, UK – $94 per liter
  • #7. ROI from Slovenia – $59 per liter
  • #8. MINUS 181 from Germany – $50 per liter
  • #9. Berg from Canada – $46 per liter
  • #10. BLVD from Tasmania, Australia – $27 per liter

#10. BLVD

BLVD is natural mineral water obtained from Tasmania made by the Australian luxury goods company; it costs $27 per liter.

Jon Monsieur BLVD is one of the expensive waters obtained from a unique source that was found in a spring in the pristine antipodean environment of Tasmania.

It is concealed in quality ultra-flint glass, and the brand name is written in bold letters across the bottle. They send only a sparkling version to the high-end hospitality sector and online.

They have experience in sourcing the Finest Australian Products, and food beverages for exporting offering an end-to-end service solution for our clients.

The highest regular retail price is $20 for 750ml at the BLVD website Australia TDS (mineral level in mg): 86.

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#9. Berg 

Berg water costs $46 per liter. It is based in Canada, and it is one of only a small number of currently operating iceberg water companies globally.

It is made from gathered iceberg pieces from the sea in a very manual process just before they would melt and become lost forever. The excruciating way of getting this water makes it expensive.

They are sourced from icebergs that have floated down from Greenland and are melting in the water just offshore Eastern Canada. 

Berg is an ultra-low mineral packaged in a glass bottle. You can opt for the less expensive plastic version.

#8. MINUS 

Made in Germany Minus, 181 originates from a deep artesian well in northern Germany. Sale is restricted as it can only be found for sale in Fine Liquids in Germany, but the website suggests availability in other regional venues. 

It is packaged in a weird bottle at 681ml. The bottle is produced by Reidel, a company founded in 1756 and known for its glassware.

What German Water Sommelier Peter Shropp, Managing Director of the Doemens Academy, had to say about the water available is that it’s too similar to other products and would need to distinguish itself.

The mineral level is small: 320—the highest regular retail price: is £29 for 68ml at Fine Liquids Germany.

#7. ROI 

Sources from spring can easily pass for the most popular in the world. They are one of the world’s highest magnesium water. 

Celebrity Zac Efron who said it was his favorite during a tasting with Martin on the Netflix series Down To Earth, as well as wellness influencer Darin O, lies on the same show had a classic line about the content that says ” it tastes like there’s a coin in there.” 

The water is connected to history, dating back to 1647, and a source bearing the legend that Apollo told his winged horse Pegasus to strike the ground from which the spring opened up. 

ROI water is responsible for the muscular regulation of the overall nervous system. It is in an elegant bottle that gives the beverage the grande It deserves. 

Micheal Mascha of Fine Waters calls it a definitive voice for water connoisseurs and their lifestyles.

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#6. Uisge

It is contained in a small bottle of water explicitly sold for whisky pairing. It is sourced from different natural springs in Scotland to match the region’s famous whiskies.

Uisge comes in three forms; all are sold at the same price to give different whiskey pairing experiences. Highland (225 TDS) and Speyside (125 TDS) come from historic wells, while Islay is obtained from a spring.

A new version named Ally a Maullin Mountain Waters has been introduced at the same price. It comes from a spring fed by water flowing down from the highest mountain in the United Kingdom near Fort Williams in the Scottish Highlands.

It is sold for $94 per liter, a price a little higher but worth it for an experience. The high retail price goes for C $24 for 100ml at Yonge Street Winery in Canada.

#5. Ô Amazon

Ô Amazon captures water midair, and this is done from the Amazon Wilderness, where the trees already filter the humid air. Compared to mist water which gathers water that condenses from the fog on nets or other surfaces.

Ô Amazon filters the naturally humid air and then runs it over a cold coil which causes the water to condense so it can be gathered into tanks for bottling.

The process means it never touched the ground, giving it extremely low TDS. Its uniqueness comes from the environment, aiming for zero negative impact.

They support projects to help local communities in the Amazon sustainably utilize natural resources. The water is exquisitely encaged in high-quality glass. 

The company is located in Brazil. The highest regular retail price is £ 750 ml on the Ô Amazon website.

#4. Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water

Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water is made in Svalbard, Norway, from the arctic nature of Svalbard’s fjords, light as air taste, elegant design, and eco-friendly.

The icebergs gathered just before they melt in the sea around Svalbard next to the North Pole at 78 degrees north is laborious.

Svalbarði is the first genuinely rounded luxury water brand. It is bottled in high-design packaging worthy of the source that requires premium supplier sourcing.

Svalbarði is about allowing people to enjoy a small but precious part of the arctic home to help save the arctic.

The company supports removing projects that help save 100kg of the North Pole ice cap for each bottle requiring detailed certified auditing of our activities from supplier to consumer.

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#3. Bling H20

Bling H2O is a beauty with the brand name embossed exquisitely on the glimmering bottle.

The bottle is designed by a Hollywood producer who grabbed the opportunity to create a new trend by decking out a frosted bottle with Swarovski Crystals.

The spring water is sourced from free-flowing springs located high atop Palomar Mountain in San Diego County, Southern California, that have existed since the beginning of time. The alkalized water is collected from the source and transported directly from the bottling facility in stainless water tanks. 

Bling H2O is the only American water on the list. It was founded in 2005. The highest regular retail price is £139 for 750 ml in fine liquid Germany.

#2. Nevas (Design Edition)

Nevas water is the only water available all over the world. They are aiming at the celebration market as alternative champagne.

Nevas is the first water premium Cuvee water. The water is gotten from a combination of two different water sources.

Sommelier Michael Hemling calls the tea and water a celebratory product and enjoys its bold carbonation. 

Neva’s extreme product is regularly available for delivery, and time orders, which makes it number 2 on this list.

#1. Fillico Jewelry Water

This is $1390 per liter. It comes from Japan. The majestic Fillico is the winner on this list. It began in Beverly Hills, California, in 2005, with its target market being Hollywood celebrities. 

The water is sourced in Kobe, Japan, called the Nunobiki water, which they claim is sourced after by chefs and tea masters. A year after it launched, it began selling in Japan and has been there ever since. It is available globally and online. 

Fillico has a variety of designs that constantly change but are readily available on the website. It comes in the regular and expensive Haute Couture Flapper Edition at 110 thousand Japanese Yen.

The bottle is designed with Swarovski Crystal, gold trim, glitter wings, and other aspects. Its over-the-top packaging is the reason for such pricing.

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Water does not taste the same, and some people’s job is to explain the difference between regular and expensive water so that even more people can understand.

A sommelier is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional who typically works in fine restaurants and specializes In all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing.

A water Sommelier can taste the region and depth from where water comes. 

A connoisseur is a person who has a great deal of knowledge about fine art, someone who appreciates cuisine, fine art, and other gourmet products—an expert judge in matters of taste.


Producing expensive water is ever-growing as different people invent to collect water, showing us that drinking water does not have to be plain and boring. 



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