15 Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch | Ultimate Guide

There is an incredible variety of Apple Watch apps, as new ones constantly launch and old ones are updated or improved. This is a testament to how rich the Apple Watch app market is. 

The market was much different in the past. Until recently, it appeared that the Watch had lost its luster, with many big-name apps either lagging or being pulled from the Watch altogether – but now it seems that the Watch app market is thriving. 

Comparatively, golf apps are affordable and convenient to launch monitors or rangefinder devices. However, in the past, these apps have not outperformed single-purpose golf technologies.

The app developers, like any other business, required time and customer feedback to improve their products, which brings us to the point of this article. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best golf app for the Apple Watch so you don’t have to go down the rabbit hole of trying to find the right one.

What Are The Things You Need To Know Before Downloading A Golf App?

Apple Watches are packed with golf apps, so you can imagine there is not a lot to choose from. 

Because of this, it is a good idea to have an idea of the features you prefer and a budget before you begin shopping.

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down the list of applications that cover all your needs.

Are Apple Watch Golf Apps Cheaper Than A Range Finder Or Launch Monitor?

Golf apps are generally less expensive than range finders or launch monitors. It is however worth taking the time to calculate the subscription fees. 

For example, it is helpful to know if the cost has decreased over time when purchasing a new rangefinder.

You can also get free apps if you don’t want to pay anything. However, the features will be limited.

Why Would You Want A Golf App For Your Apple Watch?

There are many features in Apple Watch golf apps that help you navigate most golf courses worldwide. 

To determine what you are looking to gain by using an app, you have to ask yourself, what are you trying to gain?

Looking for a GPS application that displays yardages to hazards, doglegs, and other green-related points? 

The app may also be useful if you are interested in measuring your shots, tracking your scores, or receiving club suggestions.

Golf enthusiasts can improve their game experience and performance using the best iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch golf apps.

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The Best Golf App For Apple Watch

Our favorite golf apps can help you find nearby driving ranges, track your score, and provide everything from golf tips to full-fledged golf lessons (hello, perfect putt!). 

Here is our list of the best golf apps.

With the golf apps listed below, you can eliminate the stress of keeping score and finding nearby golf courses. 

With the release of the Apple Watch 7, many golfers are looking for Apple Watch apps. As a result, we’ve included a variety of Apple Watch golf apps below.

1. Golf GPS SwingU (Free)

For use with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

This swing-by-swing golf app is compatible with every course in the world. You can find the distance to the center of the green and any obstacles using the Golf GPS SwingU golf rangefinder app for Apple Watch and other devices. 

There are satellite photos available that can be used to calculate distances from you to that point. A digital golf scorecard that automatically advances from hole to hole is also available. 

You can save your rounds for free online, use graphs and stats to track your progress, and play handicapped games and matches. 

This golf course app’s in-app purchases give you access to real-time wind speed, elevation, and “plays like” distance, as well as the ability to track your progress.  

The Apple Watch golf GPS app functionality includes distances, scorekeeping, and tracking shots.

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2. Hole19 Golf GPS & Scorecard (Free) 

For the iPhone and the Apple Watch, the Hole19 app is unique in that it provides distances for over 43,000 courses. This is one of the best golf GPS apps for Apple Watch and iPhone as a golf rangefinder app. 

You can track your and your partners’ scores and view graphs of your driving, greens, short game, putting, and overall scoring performance. 

Shot tracking also allows you to see how far your last shot traveled. 

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3. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie (Free)

This golf GPS app includes distances to the center of the green, a golf scorecard, and an incredible augmented-reality feature that assists you in planning your best shots. 

The Golfshot app’s augmented-reality functionality makes it one of our favorites and possibly the best golf app for the Apple Watch. The fact that it also works on your iPad and iPhone means you have more options regarding which device you bring to the green.

Zooming in on the satellite images provides a more detailed view of each course. 

The golf GPS app includes interactive, real-time distances to all targets and hazards, GPS distances, scoring, tracking on your Apple Watch, and augmented reality with Golfscape, as well as the most recent golf news and statistics such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putts per hole. 

Another feature is 3D flyover previews of each hole and personalized club recommendations based on your statistics. 

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4. GolfLogix Golf GPD + Putt Line (Free)

You’ll like this one if you use your Apple Watch for golf. While the free version is ad-supported, it includes GPS distances on over 35,000 courses worldwide, a yardage book with color 3D images of the course, a scorecard for up to four players, stat tracking, and handicap support. 

Your stats are synced to the GolfLogix website, allowing you to track your progress.

Among the many other features is a large archive of Golf Digest lessons and videos. The Champion upgrade provides distances to the green’s front, back, and center, as well as hazards and layups. 

It also provides video flyovers of each hole and club track, displaying the location and distance of each club you hit. The Club Distance Grid indicates where each of your clubs should land from where you are standing. 

An Official Tournament Mode with 3D fairway maps, green map books, and a Putt Line feature that helps players aim precisely are among the new features. 

The golf app for the Apple Watch displays GPS distances, color 3D course maps, four-player scoring, handicap tracking, and even discounted tee times.

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5. Golf Pad: Golf GPS & Scorecard (Free)

This free golf shot tracker and GPS app include scorecards for four players, a GPS rangefinder, club recommendations, a shot tracker, aerial course maps, and more. This works best as a free iPhone golf app. 

The Apple Watch golf app support was previously only available for a fee, but it now includes free-scoring for four players, aerial maps with flyovers, instant distances, shot tracking, and other features.

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6. Golf Coach by Dr. Noel Rousseau ($7.99)

This golf swing analyzer app is a good place to start if you’re looking for iPhone golf apps to improve your game. 

Golf Coach provides a systematic program for improving your game, including 38 HD coaching videos and a swing analysis suite from Dr. Noel Rousseau, a PGA professional specializing in effectively teaching complex movements. 

All of the major swing and short game principles are covered in the lessons. Furthermore, the app allows you to compare your swing to a model’s. 

To analyze your swing, use the overlay tools and variable-speed playback.

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7. OnForm: Video Analysis App ($4.99/month)

This app is designed to help you evaluate and improve your swing by allowing you to record it in HD slow motion and then analyze the footage frame by frame. 

The app allows you to compare videos of your swing side by side and annotate and record voiceovers to go with them. You can import videos from the Photos app and share them with others. 

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8. Swing Profile Golf Analyzer ($9.99/month) 

This well-known swing analyzer app is a top-rated platform for analyzing athlete techniques. 

You can use your iPhone or iPad to record your swing and then view an instant replay of your golf swing after the shot. 

This is the only app that can capture and playback your shot completely hands-free. 

Slow-motion, importing videos, comparing videos side by side, drawing swing planes on videos, adding audio commentary, and sharing videos are all features of the Swing Profile Gold Analyzer app. 

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9. Zepp Golf (Free) – For use with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

This Zepp app works well on its own and includes a scorecard, interactive leaderboard, training system, swing library, and video swing capture, which allows users to record and edit shots with graphics and voiceovers. 

A swing tracker and real-time metrics are among the free Apple Watch features.

You can attach the $149.99 Zepp Golf 2 Sensor to your golf glove to measure important aspects of your game such as club speed, club plane, tempo, and backswing. 

The Golf Sensor also unlocks a personalized Smart Coach training system with LPGA Pro Michelle Wie’s training plans.

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10. Strava: Run & Ride Training

Strava is one of the world’s top fitness apps for runners, cyclists, swimmers, gym-goers, kayakers, and yoga practitioners. 

The latest version adds proper support for the Apple Watch, allowing you to sync workouts and activities recorded with Apple’s Workout app with the Strava app and its online tracking, allowing you to build a complete picture of your fitness activities.

Strava is constantly updating, so just days after the Apple Watch sync was introduced; there was another update with improved stroke analysis for swimmers and better cadence analysis for runners; two weeks before that, there were new features for skiers and activity sharing, as well as a slew of interactive 3D maps.

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11. Peloton

Don’t be fooled by the name: Peloton isn’t just about cycling, despite being named after a bike race term and being primarily designed to accompany the famously expensive exercise bike. 

It is a fitness aid for running, yoga, and high-intensity training, and it can also assist you with meditation through guided learning sessions.

To keep you motivated, the Peloton app provides a useful combination of streaming video classes, progress tracking, and music playback. 

The most recent app adds a particularly cool feature: you can now use Chromecast to send video from your iPhone or iPad to compatible TVs for that big-screen experience, and you can pre-load the video to avoid buffering during a workout.

The Watch component has much less screen space to work with, but it makes the most of it. It displays run pace and distance metrics, heart rate tracking for all types of exercises, and all the stats you could want. 

It also works with Apple’s Health app to keep track of your vital statistics. The app does not only connect to your Apple Watch; if you prefer Bluetooth-enabled monitors, you can also connect them.

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12. PGA Tour (Free)

The PGA Tour’s official iPhone app includes real-time leaderboards, player profiles, and video, live player scorecards with shot trails and live stats, and access to live video for every PGA Tour event. 

The app also includes video highlights from tournaments in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Round recaps, player features, the most recent PGA News, and push notifications are all available.

Users of the iPad will be able to see shot trails and plots for all players, as well as real-time stats, shot plots, and an 18-hole view that shows where leaders and favorite players are on the course. 

Users can navigate the app while listening to live PGA Tour audio and watching live coverage!

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13. LPGA Now (Free)

The official LPGA app, which was redesigned and improved this year, provides live scores and tournament results, news, photos, videos, player rankings and statistics, tournament information, and course conditions.

Specific tournament information includes TV times, weather, and a course map. You can follow your favorite players, including their bios and stats.

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14. Golf Digest Magazine (Free)

A monthly or yearly digital subscription grants you access to original video essays, columns, commentary, photos, player interviews, equipment and product reviews, and the ability to purchase back issues.

We hope this list assists you in locating the best golf apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to help you improve your form, track scores more easily, and check game rules.

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15.  Headspace

If you’ve ever felt like your life is just a little too hectic or stressful, Headspace might be able to help. 

It’s based on mindfulness, which aims to make you feel calmer without requiring too much effort. Mindfulness is the polar opposite of effort: it is about taking a break from the rush.

The Apple Watch app is part of a larger offering for the iPhone and iPad: it serves as both a reminder and a coach, encouraging you to choose an exercise and focus on it for the allotted time. 

It also has an SOS mode for when things become too much and you require immediate assistance. However, the main app does most of the work, with daily mindfulness exercises and sessions designed to help with everything. 

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It’s incredible to see how far golf apps for wearable devices have come in such a short time. They undeniably improve the convenience of a virtual caddie device, which aids in the speed of play. 

We asked in the introduction, “What is the best golf app for the Apple Watch?” and we now have an answer.

Golf GPS SwingU is at the top of our list because of its robust features and low price when compared to similar options on the market.



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